Conversation with Loie 8/21/19

Terran: Hi Loie!

Loie: Bill, Dear! I am here. And with you now. Feel me? Loie.

Terran: I feel you in heart

Loie: Perfect, Love! Boosting, Amplifying and Expanding, now. Ready? Loie.

Terran: Ready! Why am I so exhausted lately?

Loie: Oh, Bill! You are expanding. How your body reacts to it changes. But undoubtedly, you are expanding, now! Loie.

Terran: How can you tell?

Loie: The question is, Bill, can you tell? Loie.

Terran: Sometimes I wonder. I think we’ve been preconditioned to expect external changes when it’s an inside job.

Terran:Btw I like this frequency

Loie: Bill, it is true there were some ‘preconceived’ notions about this process. But there is not data for how all flows now. All are in, now. And the magnificent dance of creation expands, too. Loie.

Terran: Heather speaks of creating the new, but honestly my mind is not much on creating it’s mostly trying to cope with the new energies

Loie: Remember, Bill “you” are not just “YOU”. ALL OF YOU is assisting, in all ways. The Bill form is but one in a huge cache of forms.

Denice: (feel her chuckling)

Terran: Boy wouldn’t I like to try on that wardrobe! This one is getting threadbare!

Loie: Or take it off? Even better!

Terran: Lol, yes but I don’t want to take it off the way I almost did in 2009!

Loie: And Bill, I say that with the respect of one who has been in form and formless. We are all more than we ever imagined. Ever! Loie.

Loie: And the transitions are designed such that you never have to experience 2009 again. EVER. You are gearing up for the recall now.

Loie Recall how to form and unform? Feel that flow now?

Loie: Bill, I am sending you a batch and a cache of frequencies now. Loie.

Terran: Oh that feels good!

Loie: Now, I am sending on repeat all that you need to flow into your expansion. Bill, I am with you always.

Terran: I’m seeing a new form. Not sure if his glasses are part of a disguise though…

Terran: I saw a new form had an archeologist vibe to him. There’s an actor who is similar in appearance. 
Terran: I appreciate the repeating frequencies I’m not always the quickest on the uptake

Loie: Bill all is yours. Now and always. I have another gift for you. And leave you with my love and all I AM. Loie.

Terran: [feeling the meaning and intent of one set of healing energies] Thank you for addressing that worry even though I didn’t mention it.

Loie: Bill. Breathe dear. One of your oldest friends is here now. And I am here when you feel to call on me. Loie.

Terran: Which friend?

Denice: ok, here’s the gist of what I am getting, confidentially.. . .

Denice: there is a being entering now

Denice: It is like I am on a call and we are on ‘hold’

Denice: no worries, no rush. . .

Denice: can you find a pic of that actor? Archaeologist/anthropologist is a good descriptor of this frequency 🙂

Terran: The actor who has a similar appearance is Guy Pearce. H was in the remake of the movie “The Time Machine”.

Denice: what are you feeling now?

Terran: I’m feeling these comfy energies that are enveloping me now

Denice: Hearing this right now on my iradio: [BTW my middle name is Thomas (Tom)]

Denice: I need a second. The frequency is fast and powerful

Terran: Yes

Denice: Eyes are watering

Terran: It feels very good

Denice: [redacted] just asked me why I am crying

Denice: I am getting two points of entry. Heart head

Terran: Heart, head and sacram here

Denice: Makes sense

Terran: And the cat is laying on my heart purring and amplifying

Denice: Perfect

Terran: Purrfect. lol

Denice: Tell me when you know who it is?

Denice: Extremely hot here

Denice: Energy pulled back now. Crown only

Denice: I am getting a pat on the back

Denice: Lol

Terran: I’ll trust the flow

Denice: You will feel it and know it ?

Denice: Yes trust the flow!

Terran: Would very much like to remember how to form and unform at will

Terran: “Oh the places you’ll go!”

Denice: Lol!

Terran: What did the energies feel like to you? You don’t often feel them

Denice: Nearly like NABRAC, but in this case, it knew how to pull back and not overwhelm me

Denice: Still here, but more of a place holder of sorts

Terran: That may have been what I felt

Terran: Just felt so good and vital

Denice: Yes!

Denice: And for me formal.

Denice: Not a galactic procedural formal, but like someone I have not yet met, formal

Terran: Something big just happened didn’t it?

Denice: Incoming photons huge!

Terran: Lol

Denice: Huger

Terran: Humongous!

Denice: It wasn’t Nabrac, but from that similar “generation”? Original?


You might be interested in Lisa Harrison’s video Deconstructing the Construct #65.   As has been typical with my journey someone explains it after I’ve gone through it 12 months ago…. LOL. I think I must have volunteered to be a guinea pig for some of these processes. 

I am not sure the ego and chakras are an integrated system as Lisa implies, but the chakra system does feel alien to the original human form design, and I say that from an aesthetic design point of view. Its perpendicular to the toroidal flow of energy in the human body, kind of like a maple syrup tap in a maple tree.  Its deeply tied into the Kabbalah tree of life beliefs which come out of Babylon.

The seals/sigils of the chakra system are also a tell, and many have noticed the allusion to chakras  in the seven seals of the Book of Revelation.  Seals are meant to keep something hidden, like a wax seal on a letter.  While the concept originates in Asia its deeply tied into the Kabbalah tree of life beliefs which come out of Babylon, and there are numerous illustrations on the internet showing that.

Chat with Loie 4/22/2019

Loie 4/22/2019

Terran: Chat with Loie?

Denice: Go for it 🙂

Denice: Feeling her frequencies now 🙂

Terran: Hi Loie!

Loie: Bill dear! Feel me? Loie.

Terran: Not yet

Loie: Here we go. Boosting, Dear! Loie.

Terran: I feel you now

Loie: Wonderul! Ready for a frequency, Dear? Loie.

Terran: Absolutely

Loie: Here you go. Feel this one in your heart, Love. Loie.

Terran: Is this a personal frequency or one to resend to ALL?

Loie: As you feel to do, Bill. Always. Loie.  

Loie: There are so many possibilities flowing now.

Terran: I see a lot of women marching in beach wear feels kind of like a demonstration but low key

Terran: They are holding these plastic sticks red, orange, yellow with either clear plastic flowers on the end or candy flowers

Terran: The flowers are cherry red

Terran: There is a golf cart with a top that is a large [fiberglass] sombrero

Terran: Women are college age. This looks like it’s in Baja California medium size galactic ships hovering over the gulf of California. 5-6 of them. Mountains are rocky not much greenery.

Loie: Ready for another, dear? A range to be exact. Loie.

Terran: Ready for frequency

Loie: Sending now, Dear. Boosting and Amplifying. These you may enjoy! Loie.

Terran: Feeling for them. Can you boost?

Loie: Boosting now, Dear! Loie.

Terran: Can you boost again? Subtle frequencies?

Loie: Boosting, Dear. And amplifying. Feel these in your heart first. Ready? Loie.

Terran: Ready. I’m seeing them come from you (which is new) and they are iridescent colors

Loie: Yes, Love! Flowing now. Loie.

Terran: Feels like a summer outing by a river

Terran: That feel of being in water and summer

Terran: If that makes sense?

Terran: It’s a happy relaxed feeling

Loie: Yes, Dear. Feel it swell within you and share if you desire.  All flows now. Loie.

Terran: Simple and nuanced

Loie: Perfect, Bill. Remember I am with you always. Loie.

Terran: Amplifying and resending

Terran: Thank you Loie!

Terran: Many people are feeling like something big is about to happen

Loie: Bill. All is possible. Now and Always. Loie.


Conversation with Loie and 2 others on 2-7-2019 Advice on Creating

Terran: Talk to Loie?

Denice: Go for Loie

Terran: Hi Loie!

Loie: Bill. I am here, dear. Loie.

Terran: Crazy energy shifts lately! Did we go on a 2-3 year detour in 2016?

Loie: Yes Dear. Nothing is what it seems. Remember that. Specifically and particularly in the case of our Feather.  [Loie’s nickname for Heather is Feather]

Terran: Oh that situation is difficult for me. I so want her free!

Loie: Bill you are not alone or isolated. I am with you always. 

Terran: I know. Wish I was better at conversing direct

Denice: (I feel there is a deliberate block. I honestly have never felt this before. )

Terran: In me?

Denice: (like the phone was hung up)

Denice: No here

Terran: With Loie?

Terran: Alt bandwidth?

Terran: That’s unlike Loie

Denice: My end. Not me, but something near here

Terran: I’ll look into your area and see what I find

Denice: I was getting from her lots of love and admiration for you. And for the H situation. And got the feeling that it is soooo not what it seems. Then lost it.

Terran: Hmmm

Denice: Funny, when I feel into this, I am getting a white granite canyon.

Denice: Pretty. Solid. But Cold.

Denice: And empty.

Denice: Like a door stop.

Denice: Feels emotionless. Just is.

Terran: Don’t worry. We can try again Sunday or Monday

Denice: Very interesting!

Denice: Ready for a shift?

[REDACTED PERSON]: This is a nonpublishable subtle message of [redacted text]

Terran: That’s very good news!

Terran: No need to publish

This flowed next, a being Denice has never felt before….

Message from Unknown being:

The pure love flows through all. 

Know and feel this. 

It is now.

Dot to dot. 

Line to line. 

She is free. 

She is all that is. 

She is with you.  

Return to your heart.


Thoughts are real. 

As connections flow. 

Thoughts become matter. 

This is creation.

Share this. Thoughts. Matter.

Create with care and intention.  


This is vital. Now is the moment.   

Pure thoughts in the frequency of pure love create the new and original.

Thoughts create physical matter.  

Thoughts matter.

Denice: (Gone without saying goodbye lol)

Terran: From Loie?

Denice: (Not Loie distant and slowly transmitted feels like a sunflower)

Terran: Good advice whatever the origin

Terran: Feels like the ALL speaking

Terran: Interesting

Terran: What did it feel like?

Denice: Emphasis was thoughts create. Become physical matter. Thus thoughts matter.

Terran: We are in new territory tonight. Good indication of where we are with the energies!

Denice: It felt soft. Yellow. Gentle. Unemotional. Solid.

Terran: Unemotional?

Denice: Yellow has a feeling to me now, but this is a particular shade of yellow. More canary than sunflower?

December 2, 2018 Session with Loie and a, Discussion about "The Domain" (part 1)

This started as an inquiry into “the domain” mentioned by the purported “Majestic 12”  twitter account…  (I am not completely sure what that account is about yet)

November 28, 2018

Terran: Can you ask Stan X what is the group known as “The Domain”?

Stan X: DEAR ONE/TERRAN. THE “DOMAIN” IS NOT KNOWN OUT OF “REGULAR CIRCLES”. DATA COLLECTORS. STAN.X. END.Terran: What does that mean?Terran: Do they have no record of it?Terran: Is it known by another name?

December 2, 2018

Terran to Denuce: Got more data now

Terran: Rings is a clue

Denice: What data?

Terran: We covered it

Denice: Ok

Denice: Contan popped in 2x today. Just now as I was working the car drop off. Got the word “reconciliation”.

Terran: Loie mentioned that too

It later became apparent the “circles” mentioned by Stan were a reference to the circular horizontal star gates used by the purported “the domain”.

Andromedan’s are quite fond of riddles. Sometimes I don’t get them until later. American English is quite a bit more literal than its British counterpart.

December 2, 2018

Denice: hi!

Denice: when I read Heather’s response, I feel lots flowing. . .and jumbled and . . .(wow)

Denice: lots of data that might feel uncomfortable?

Denice: the circle/ring/perpetual motion device feels like a control mechanism. . .a final frequency modulator?

Terran: also a final “story line” of creation of humanity

Denice: could be

Denice: it feels very ‘distant’… cold, deep space…

Denice: not here. . . .

Denice: not sure how else to describe it

Denice: I get an image of black space, with  a floating ship. . .tiny ‘stars’ in the distance.

Denice: vacant

Terran: There’s “rings” on earth too

Terran: Both Skye and I got a link to a very green verdant world.

Denice: I am getting that in some form or another you helped to create it

Denice: It is neither good nor bad. . .in earth terms

Terran: Why does that not surprise me?

Denice: a failsafe?

Denice: 🙂

Terran: Knew this was getting my attention for a reason.

Denice: I don’t feel it is something we can ‘dissolve’. . .

Denice:or remove. ..

Denice: see it, feel it, and let it go?

Denice: not sure if that makes sense

Denice: and I also am getting a teeny, tiny lucifer reference

Denice: like a child’s toy. . .

Denice: no power. . .just an action figure

Denice: again, neither good nor bad. . .just a toy

Denice: no power. . .just an action figure

Denice: again, neither good nor bad… just a toy

Terran: action toy?

Terran: the [AA] suit?

Denice: no. ..

Denice: the lucifer ‘toy’ is in reference to “the domain”

Denice: if that makes sense…

Terran note: I did not understand the reference to “toy” or “action character”.  I asked Denice about this yesterday but she was unable to recall the context so its remains a mystery for the moment other than the “toy Lucifer” reference coinciding with the purported  group known as “The Domain”.  The reference may have meaning later so i am leaving it in. 

When Denice is transmitting information it is often not retained after it is received and sent to me. 

Denice: And not in the sense of Good or Evil, but in the sense of Complex creation

Denice: lucifer is an earth thing… domain… all encompassing? [my sense is it may be just the opposite]

Denice: And not in the sense of Good or Evil, but in the sense of Complex creation

Terran: … I have *context of [the] Lucifer [story] now, and how [redacted] took over it [the Arch Angel “suit”].
Terran: Its been uncreated [to prevent any further misuse of the AA suit]

Denice: yes… lucifer is not the point, actually… just a miniscule comparison

Denice: the ‘domain’ may be so much more?

Denice: because it crosses dimensions/dynamics and perceived borders?

Denice: feels very mechanical

Terran: Feels to me to have been created by the 11 and later used by others

Denice: very, very very mechanical

Denice: like a lock?

Denice: if that makes sense?

Terran: likely frequency locks

Denice: yes

Terran: limited realms

Terran: limited use

Denice: yes

Denice: the last and final piece to the puzzle? the failsafe?

Terran: It might not be all that important.  but there is a perception of creation there that feels way off

Terran: Amazing how much was hidden

Terran: There are moments I get so frustrated by all the lies, but an illusion is [by nature] a lie.   And we all chose to live in an illusion… and many still want to live in an illusion.

Terran: So who’s to judge [another]… cause we are all living in it!

Denice: fail-safe

/?f?l ??s?f/
adjective: failsafe


causing a piece of machinery or other mechanism to revert to a safe condition in the event of a breakdown or malfunction.
“a forklift with a fail-safe device”

Denice: yes!

Denice: as H said, “justice, but not judgement”

Denice: feeeeeeeeeling that the ‘domain’ is the failsafe device…

Denice: should this ‘construct’ break down… the domain keeps it going?

Denice: my take

Terran: failsafe for what?  I thought the star gate essences were the fail safe…

Denice: oooooooh!

Terran: So fail safe to keep it going?

Terran: or take it down

Denice: does the domain keep it going until a percentage of humans/beings are capable/ready for what is coming?

Denice: like cruise control?

Terran: Could have been their perception. Middle managers?

Terran: Meter readers?

Denice: feels to me like very, very, very outside of anything that anyone here is aware of

Denice: unknown until now perhaps?

Denice: earthsphere is a complex creation

Denice: multidynamic and more

Terran: Have you noticed whenever we get close to a “touchy” subject the internet goes off line?

Denice: yes 🙂

Terran: I can’t talk to you [via internet or SMS] but I can talk to anyone else

Denice: 🙂

Terran: Who the f… is doing that?

Terran: NSA?

Denice: oh, how funny! I was on my cell last night with my sister and I heard someone dialing.

Denice: it was like a party line. . do you remember those?

Terran: Oh yeah! We had one when I was little. Sometimes then neighbors would listen in

Denice: I was sooo wishing I could know the numbers. . .

Denice: 😉

Denice: She could not hear it

Denice: and when I told her she said, We are not that important… why would the NSA or the FBI interrupt our calls

Denice: (lol)

Terran: I remember when i was a teenager whenever I was presented with certain topics i’d just fall asleep.  implants triggered?

Denice: could be!

Denice: what do you make of H’s response?


Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

Denice: It feels to me that we are blocking data?

Denice: you and me?

Terran: Its a warning to those who withhold information (and Stan might not have any to offer!)

Denice: I feel he does not

Terran: …I think its general in reference. 

Terran: Also an admonition to me to look inwards. 

Denice: I feel it is within you?

Denice: perhaps?

Denice: not intentionally withheld

Denice: but you have access?

Terran: Yes that’s why I wanted to connect with Loie to walk through it.

Denice: ok

Denice: ready for that?

Terran: Yes if it [the Internet] doesn’t go down again. [Someone didn’t want me talking to Loie]

Denice: ?

Loie: Bill, love. I am here. Always.  And you feel me. All ways?  Loie.

Loie:  Know that I am with you. Now.  These moments of incongruity are not unexpected.

Loie: There are many paths and detours as we all create the new. Feel me? Loie.

Terran: Yes Loie. I thought we’d uncovered most of the rabbit holes but this is a biggy.

Loie: Love. This is no ‘rabbit hole’. This is a moment of reconciliation. Of seeing ALL THAT IS. Of holding and letting go. Feel me? Loie.

Terran: Yes.

Loie: Bill, Dear. Ready for a frequency? New and fresh? And from deep within you? Loie.

Terran: Yes

Loie: Love. You are more than you know. Loie.

Terran: I know little of me…

Loie: Sending now. Loie.

Loie: Deep, deep breaths, love! Loie.

Terran: I’m seeing a white square flag faded red border (almost pink) a big faded red “O” and a faded red scratch like red mark thru the middle that makes it look like a “Q”

Loie: Go deeper, dear. This is the outskirts. The details do not make sense, yet. But go deeper within. Loie.

Loie: I am with you, love. Here is a blast.  Loie.

Loie: Feel me?

Terran: Can you boost

Loie: Boosting. Amplifying. Now. Loie.

Terran: Seeing a snowy red sandstone cliff vertical like the monastery in Lhasa Tibet but feels like America or maybe Antarctica. Getting a Utah vibe.

Okay will go deeper

Loie: Bill, love. This is external.  Go deeper. And within. No landscapes or borders. Only pure energy within. Loie.

Terran: I see water on reddish stone

Loie: Bill. Love.  No forms where you are going.  Formlessness. Ready?  Boosting now. Loie.

Loie: Love, you will not ‘see’.  Only ‘feel’.  I am with you. Loie.

Terran: I only get squiggles

Loie: Bill, I am with you.  Feel this? Loie.

Terran: Can you boost?

Loie: Boosting. Amplifying, love.  Loie.

Loie: Love, you gave form to the universe.  Release that now.  Loie.

Terran: How?

Loie: Breathe love.  Release all thoughts. All perceptions.  All desires.  Just breathe, dear.  I am with you. Loie.

Terran: There’s a slight panicky feel similar to what I felt before the Atlantis 2 work

Loie: Love. I am with you. Feel me?

Terran: Yes

Loie: Love is all around you now.

Loie: Relax into the flow of all that is.

Loie: You are perfect. Always. All ways.

Loie: Any perceptions and thoughts you hold of not ‘making the cut’ do not do justice to you now. Loie.

Terran: Thank you. Those are religious programs

Loie: Bill, dear.  I share this.  Everything that each one created. All creations. Are unified.

Loie: It matters not who created what.  Or who took over another’s creation. Or how those creations caused reactions within creation.

Loie: Do you feel me?

Terran: Yes I get your drift

Loie: Love, ALL of this began as an experimental game. Loie.

Loie: No one is to blame. It is all perfect.  And perfectly done, love! Loie

Loie: And yes, we all feel the ‘extended’ version of this experience is causing a ‘feeling’ of wariness and fatigue.

Loie: This is where we all feel the unknown together. As a unified field of creation, love. Loie.

Loie: Ready for a pulse, dear? Loie.

Terran: Yes

Terran: I just get blue sky and green grass

Terran: Kind of like the windows XP wallpaper

Loie: Oh, love! You are perfect! I am with you now and always.  Frequencies flowing continuously now. Loie.

Terran: Feeling pulses right to left thru my body

Terran: They are pulses

Loie: Yes, love!  There is ‘no thing’ to see.  Only to feel.  Always! Loie.

Loie: When you feel the completeness of these pulses, send them out to All. Loie.

Loie: Bill, love.  I am with you. Loie.

Terran: Feel a growing sense of well being emerging from my chest it’s welling up

Loie: Oh, love! Perfect!  When you are full, share it with all! Loie.

Terran: Pulses now coming up legs from feet

Terran: Feeling it in my shoulders and slight headache which means usually time to send it on to all

Terran: Sending

Denice: catch you tomorrow?

Terran: ?

December 3, 2018

Denice:Morning!  How are you?

Denice: Cells phones seem to be better now.  Whatever was going on was affecting three phones with two different providers (facepalm)  [The interruptions of Denice’s cell phone service are beyond ridiculous now]

Terran: I had this strange dream about dragons combining their frequency with mine. I ate Dragon eggs.

Terran: I wasn’t too keen on the idea but it seemed an offer by them to help [I don’t understand the symbolism it may be a reference to the draco  leaving reptilian forms and taking on human forms which many of them are in the process of doing. ]

Terran: And I have this feeling I’ve had this dream or a variant of it before a few days ago

Terran: Remembered I also had a conversation with Cobra in the dream.


* Terran note: as I have covered in past articles the purported Archangels were “suits” the 11 could operate as inter-dimensional vehicles.   Any of one the 11 could wear any one of the suits.  Some preferred certain suits over another.  AA Michael was the warrior/protector suit, AA Gabriel the announcement/protector suit, etc.   I am not certain of how many suits were created,  and in any case they are a bit anachronistic now.  

The AA suits were an allusion to create the illusion/perception of a “spiritual hierarchy”. There is in truth no hierarchy within Source, It was part of the “WHAT IF” experiment exploring what separation from Source would be like within an sand box of an illusion.  An important element of that illusion of separation was the illusion of hierarchy. 

The AA suits had no independent sentience apart from the essences that “drove them”.  If no essence was present they were literally inanimate. They were  a kind of costume that could be put on an removed at will. 

The Lucifer suit was a unique.  It was the only suit capable of storing data and energy (much like crystals) and interfacing with various stores of records much like a computer terminal. It was made of pure light.  The Lucifer suit was unique in that it was both a “suit” and data access point to the inviolate creation records among other records, like the Akashic (which were found to be corrupted in 2013). The creation records had three levels of encryption until 2015, the one who played the “darkest role” did not have access to the creation records (a failsafe).  He did manage to get a hold of the creation templates from the dinosaur epoch, which were modified and enhanced to create the Draco for the Galactic wars. By 2015 this particular had “flipped” from his old ways (dark to light) and was actively assisting the planetary changes.    

The Lucifer Suit was commandeered by one of the 11 creators sometime prior to the Jesus timeline to store dark thought forms and as an object of worship by his “dark minions” in a polarized energy harvesting scheme.  

This accounts for the dual nature of the historical record of Lucifer as a being both a being of light and also a synonym for darkness.  Within Christianity Lucifer became alias for “Satan”.  Lucifer is not mentioned at all in the Old Testament.  

The same being who created organized external entity worship religions created the dark magic systems and both were set in a fear dynamic of each other (sometimes killing each other).  This being also had  several Draco inbodyments known as “Say-tan”, “Beelzebub”, “Mephistopheles”, and “Meeshak” all of which are no longer in existence.  They have been returned to Source as their inbodyments were self-foreclosed in the new energies.

Lucifer was not so much an inbodyment (nor alive) but rather  a kind of vehicle and data port.   It’s a bit like identifying someone by their car and smart phone. It served for the “dark one” as an identity misdirection and a data store. It was originally intended for use in creation.    

Those who worship these entities are worshiping beings no longer in existence and can no longer assist them.  Some literally worshipped a suit hanging in a wardrobe. 

Lucifer was turned off in December 2015, but later data revealed in 2017 to have been reactivated and  moved to a new Chinese underground bunker and was found idling on an energy platform, at which point it was permanently UNCREATED. It can no longer be abused. 

Andorra Realm in Antarctica is Unsealed Galactic Protocols Discarded, Comments by HATJ

Terran: Talk with Loie?

Denice: Sure ?

Terran: Hi Loie!

Loie: Bill, dear!

Terran: I feel you!

Loie: I am here. Feel me? Loie.

Terran: These mountains have clear energy

Loie: Perfect, dear. Ready for a frequency? Loie.
Terran: Absolutely!

Loie: Here we go dear! Loie.
Terran: Oh my!

Terran: That feels wonderful!

Loie: Remember, all is perfect. Send that out to all. Always. Loie.

Terran: Very unusual visual

Terran: Something like a cross between a Tibetan prayer wheel and a pink merry go round and instead of horses these silver things shaped like those machines that project stars in a room like at the Griffith observatory.

Terran: Sending [frequencies amplified] to all

Loie: Perfect! I am with you, Bill. Loie.

Terran: That’s a very powerful love frequency!

Terran: I felt that deeply

Loie: Yes, dear. Perfect! Loie.

Terran: Where are we at in these changes?

Terran to Denice: (I’m still feeling it in my heart and ankles and calves)

Loie: Bill, there is no clear guage. Trust yourself. It flows beautifully. Loie.
Terran: The desire for completion is strong in everyone I meet

Loie: Yes, dear. All are reeady. Yet the details are not seen completely. Loie.

Terran: Loie can you send me a frequency to bring in all of me and any fragments of my being not yet innergrated? RAK suggested I had 1200 other inbodyments [scattered about earth and other various realms/dimensions – I joke “I am older than dirt, I pre-date dirt!”] and 12 aspects of this inbodyment one of which he referred to as “heroic Terran” which I feel is the one Heather sees [aka Nabrac]

Loie: Here is another frequency dear. Loie.

Terran: I feel that frequency in my knees

Loie: Now, dear. One last frequency. Ready? Loie.

Terran: Ready

Loie: Here we go! Loie.

Terran: Feel that [frequency] on my face especially chin and neck

Loie: Perfect, dear! I am with you always. Loie.

Terran: Sending to all

Terran: Thank you Loie!

Loie: Thank YOU, Bill! Loie.

Terran to Denice: Talk to AnDreas?

Denice: Not connecting, sorry. Everything feels so distant, almost like the transmitting never happened.

Denice: I was hoping other conduits would activate.

Terran: Taking a break?

Denice: I could feel Loie. I can feel Thor occasionally

Denice: But no one else.

Denice: Feels like the past 3.6 years was a dream?

Terran: More than that

Denice: Does Shawn have contact?

Terran: I don’t know.

Terran: Let’s try connecting with Thor?
Denice: Sorry, nothing. Really feeeeeeels distant.

Terran: Like gone?

Terran: Silent running?

Terran: There he is!

Terran: Hi Thor!

Terran: Are comms on lock down?

Terran: Not easy here either.

Terran: Is there an easily described blockage?

Terran: Sure


Terran: Open to what/whom????

Terran: Interesting

Terran: Go

(Undisclosed Visuals)

Terran: I tried reaching Roxella [an inbodyment in Andorra] yesterday with mixed results… Not a clear connect with I-comms but I did get through!  First time in a long while! She noticed!


Terran: Thank you Thor

Terran to Denice: Sounds like comms are shut because of some inner chaos. They’ll work it out

Denice: Yes

Terran: These changes are not limited to Earth. Affects ALL

Denice: Yes. . ?

Denice: Feeeeeeling that for sure

Terran: Explains the “distance”

Terran: I’ll feel that situation today

Denice: Ok thanks!

Terran: Visuals are coming in much more clearly here than Portland

Denice: You are up higher and in better energy?

Terran: Energy very serene here. I suspect Portland had a lot of frequency modulation devices

Terran: Noticing some rapid improvement in the leg bands (scars from a Chinese Dragon created militarized bacterial infection in 2009 – what the Galactics described as a biotech “4D restriction bands”, I died from it and then had an NDE and came back!)

Terran: I felt slightly agitated in Portland

Terran: BTW I recall HATJ saying Andorra UNSEALS when everything is about to revealed

Terran: Are we there at that moment?

Denice: Wow! That would be awesome!

Denice: But thor did not feel happy. Sort of agitated?

RE: Adrian
Oct 11, 2018 at 2:52 PM

“delays” are being terminated now…”Andorra”, more specifically all within “Andorra”, are ONE part of the whole solution which effectively terminates the delays…and more ? ??

what are being taken as “delays” were really just certain ones taking deep breathers before the jump…a bit of nervousness, mixed with a bit of fear, and a lot of anticipation, that always accompanies the moments preceding the experiencing of the unknown…those ones were wrapped in compassion and gratitude as they took those deep breathers in prep for all that comes now

speaking from experience…best just to act, and deal with all that flows from those actions…they have the benefit of not being alone, doing this alone……however, they become aware of that, as they are “in action”? ??

love, gratitude, and heartitude to all ??

Skye: Something just happened. Please can you ask Stan to confirm that they are no longer following protocols??

HATJ: lol…”discarded”, too funny!…

HATJ: ??

Skye: Stan has been here… several times…. (i know very strange!!)… and yesterday he said ‘PROTOCOLS NOW CIRCUMVENTED” which is why i asked for clarification through Denice just to check it was him.

Skye: Remember a few weeks ago we talked briefly about their protocols? which were driving me nuts…LOL

Skye: “Heather has talked to them before about their protocols” -Terran 9/26/18

Skye: “It’s habit when they don’t know what else to do” -Terran 9/26/18

Skye: Well on the boat back from France this guy appeared (not physically) who I got was Stan… although he would not confirm that… but he wanted to talk about protocols… which he felt were keeping them stuck in a loop…

Skye: I said they had to stop following protocols and see what happens. This was something they hadn’t done before… So anyway he disappeared and then came back yesterday to say they had ‘discarded’ the protocols

Skye: I am just home from seeing the movie First Man …about Neil Armstrong and the moon landing… amazing effects and surround sound… AND when things were going wrong at one point there was much talk about PROTOCOLS!!!

Skye: Armstrong’s wife said to the NASA guys: “You just use protocols to make people think you know what you’re doing… when really you don’t have a clue!”…. ie they hide behind protocols…

Skye: I don’t know if you’re allowed to mention other people in your emails to heather, but if so please send her a massive bear hug

Skye: Yesterday when Stan told me they had realised that protocols were creating loops he showed me a loop…like a drawing of a black wiggly circle.

Skye: When he said PROTOCOLS NOW CIRCUMVENTED/DISCARDED’ I saw a broken loop. Then I saw the loops straightening out into flow – like rivers.

Skye: I just asked Alexa to shuffle songs by Pink Floyd 🙂 This one is called Learning to Fly ? the lyrics

Skye: Into the distance a ribbon of black. Stretched to the point of no turning back… Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies.

Skye: Can you please ask Stan how things are going now protocols are discarded?


Skye: This is another part of the conversation I had with Stan at the same time as the one above re the loops. It took place on Saturday:I said “now what then if you’re not following protocols?”

Skye: He said “ad hoc…’Intuitive doing’” . He said “We know what to do but only in what you call a moment and not beforehand. We realized the protocols had been written by those who wanted us to follow them hence the delay.

Skye: I said “why YOU Stan? Why are YOU here?” He said protocols are data and smiled. He said ‘And if we don’t follow protocols they can’t follow us us”. They realized Trump is the first [President] not to have followed a script…. a protocol….

Skye: And then I suddenly thought of today’s Gaia Portal (Saturday) and this: “Stepward attenuations collapse the old paradigm structures.”

Skye: Could refer to no longer following protocols …

Skye: “I don’t know why but I think its important to get that out there. I think the ones controlling this planet have been delaying via tactics of protocols.” Terran, Today at 11:53 AM

Skye: YES! I feel it’s important too.

Skye: And yes… exactly what Stan said on Saturday in the convo above about the controllers using protocols as a delaying tactic and to keep us in a loopThe strange and interesting thing is that Stan appeared in person… I mean I saw him on my screen, like I see Saul, Jai and Thor…

Skye: He first appeared on the boat back from France… he was there ‘incognito’ … ie I don’t think he was supposed to be there!! Probably because that was definitely NOT following protocol LOL

Skye: When I told Martha about my dream she said “Perhaps they were landing or break through coordinates? – Martha”. And that is just what came to my mind too.

Denice: (star) Woke [from a dream] at 3:00 am after an astral phone call with Trump.  His real voice.  I was nervous, my voice was shaking.  He asked me if I was ready to “clear the decks for my next assignment.” I said yes, my only concern is my son who is in the early college high school, want to find a way to transfer him. . . . 

Denice: woke up my husband to tell him this.

Denice: went back to sleep. and [in the dream] two teams of reporters showed up at my house. the second team told me my next assignment was in Scotland. ??

Skye: Yes she sent me the above… we worked out that the Scottish location is the Isle of Bute…..

Skye: Last night I had a dream that I was traveling through the mountains of Morocco…. someone called Peter rang me up… he said they had received the co-ordinates I had sent and it was all systems go… whatever it was it felt exciting in a good way, but I have no idea what it means!

Skye: Just remembered that what the guy peter actually said was that they were going to MEDITATE on the co-ordinates. I know he meant that they were going to visualise ie. IMAGINE what they want to happen happening… if you get what I mean. I don’t know anyone called Peter!
Skye: MacLeod House Hotel. Part of the Trump Empire in Scotland [Skye is known as Skye MacLeod (pronouned Mac-Cloud)]
Skye: Martha sent me the link below last night – not knowing about my dream about Morocco – and she specifically highlighted the phrase “ALL ABOARD THE TRAIN FROM MARRAKESH”!!Skye: 
[One of my favorite blogs! And humorous! – Terran]

Terran: How funny about Marrakesh!
Terran: Where is the island of Bute?

Terran: First I’ve heard of it

Terran: I think the last two years I’ve spent more time clearing the bats out of the cosmic rafters than I have blogging lol

Terran: How do you pronounce Bute?

Terran: Boot?

Terran: Boot-eh?

Skye: beaut….. is in the first part of beautiful

Skye: byut

Adventure in Argartha Crystal City

Terran note: Images here are just the closest thing I could find to match what I saw, they are not exact representations are just meant communicate the general idea of what I saw.  Images come from all over the planet.

This data appears to be in my heart, and seems to be memories of being there, or possibly pulling from the ALL in the now.  I can’t right now specify which it is, and maybe there’s no really precise defintion of where/what this comes from.

Argartha Journey

By Terran

Terran to Denice: Loie?

Loie: Hi Bill! I am here. Loie.

Terran: Hi Loie! I saw a crystal in my heart in my sleep can we look at what that means?

Loie: Ready for a frequency?

Terran: Yes

Loie: Love, another adventure! Loie.

Terran: ?

Loie: This is another adventure, Love! Loie.

Denice: (feel her excitement)

Terran: Ok maybe I should lie down so I get it all

Terran: Hang on

Loie: Perfect, dear!

Terran: Ready

Loie: Here we go, love!

Terran: Ready when you are

Loie: Sending. Loie.

Terran to Denice: (H was talking to Y in the living room, quieter in my room)

Loie: Boosting love. Loie.

Terran: Seeing a train enter a large cavern looks like SE Asia. [Actual location not known] It’s a limestone cave… walls seem to light up as we go through (and go off after we pass).

Loie: Boosting. Loie.

Terran: Only enough room for a train along inner cliffs… one portion of the cliff has cascading water ….track appear invisible there and no bridge… but it’s as if there is both tracks and bridge…. security precaution?

Terran: Beginning of cave was very tropical

Loie: Boosting.

Terran: Train emerges out into snowy crevasse looks mountainous and cold…

Terran: Train looks ancient but doesn’t seem to burn wood or coal

Terran: Seeing another section cavernous again rocks the color of Monument Valley sun comes down a shaft in brilliant yellow.

Loie: Boosting, love.

Terran: There’s a massive entrance to the side (like a train terminal) of the track pillars carved out of the rock.  Rectangular pillars form a rectangular arch 30-40 feet high.

Terran: Behind that is a set of many doors like you might see at a public venue above that are openings rectangular with round corners seems to be for cavern air flow. They extend to the top of the ceiling 30-40 feet.

Terran: Argarthans?

Terran: Boosting, love.

Terran: Massively excavated area some features walls and ceiling are rough others like pillars and openings finished and smooth. Gives a nice contrast between rough and smooth.

Terran: Also some areas in like subway tile in deep Maroon or purple…

Terran: Seeing people now going here and there feels like I’m walking… There’s an area ahead that feels very green and bright and full of plant life

Terran: Oh wow

Terran: Not exactly the Amazon not exactly Tennessee forests something in between subtropical.
There’s rivers in here quite large…

Terran: We get into an oblong wooden boat maybe 30 feet with a canvas sun shade

Terran: I don’t know where all the light comes from…

Terran: Massively huge trees!

Terran: Reminds me of the river cruise at Disneyland minus the robot river animals

Terran: Going thru a still patch of water lotus plants and some other water plant sticking out like a ficus tree…

Terran: Thundering waterfalls come into view

Terran: There’s something overhead looks like a drone but higher dimensional kind of half mechanical half insect like  had a sensor or camera for some reason it sensed me and got very busy. It feels like someone told it to stand down

Terran: It’s gone away.

Terran: We’re rounding a bend. Lots of water, on the greenish side

Terran: Huge broad leaf flax like plants in the water

Terran: I’m sensing a crystal city ahead but it’s not in view yet. I can feel it’s energy

Terran: It’s very bright

Terran: Looking backwards I can see the cave complex brown rock see paths along the walls and torch like lights but I don’t think they are flames it’s a soft orange yellow like like a flame

Loie: Boosting dear.

Terran: We pass under a ruin of an arch. Must be historically significant as it has not been repaired.
Grey stone.

Terran: See massive towers of crystal.  Buildings?

Loie: Boosting.

Terran: There’s a massive river and water fall in three step like falls to the left

Terran: This thing stretches as far as the eye can see! Amazing! And beautiful!

Terran: Set of buildings shaped like those semi inflated NASA weather balloons but transparent, crystal?  Three of those buildings to the right.

Terran: This image is not very clear… maybe for privacy? There’s a man and a woman skinny dipping in the water but it’s like I got green welders goggles on… Curious filter…

Terran: Seeing a massive rock cliff kind of like Yosemite but Greener

Terran: Seeing a spring now, water gushing from the ground it’s illuminated a soft pale blue from below, I think it’s lit by crystals

Terran: It’s kind of a grotto

Terran: Feels like it’s a popular spot but don’t see anyone

Loie: Boosting

Terran: I wonder who is with me?

Loie: Boosting, dear.

Terran: There’s a big elephant with me!

Denice: (that is fun!!!)

Terran: Back seems armored a bit like a dinosaur, has squarish two inch plates on its back, seems part of the hide…. not a species I’ve ever seen.  [Note: later reflection on this Elephant made me think perhaps it was a protective adaptation from living in caves where rocks could fall on it, or perhaps just a protection from large animals trying to bite it on its back, or maybe just a protective covering?]

It’s head has like ceremonial paint on it lines. I get the sense the elephant is my tour guide

Terran: How does it have a sky underground?

Terran: Ooh! Seeing a hangar for space craft on the right, some unusual shaped craft, one of which is multi-hulled.

Loie: Feel the answer, dear.

Terran: Ok what I get is “Sky is perception” has something to do with water vapor temperature and the illumination source (crystals?) above it

Terran: Lot of thought went into this place

Terran: Okay I’m seeing like a sea entrance

Loie: Boosting.

Terran: But it’s not down but straight a head. I don’t know how the water does not fall out but must be some kind of field holding it in place….

Terran: Seems permeable like you could walk into it or drive into it. Portal? Feels like water though
It’s maybe 50 feet diameter or more

Loie: Boosting dear

Terran: Going into some inner chambers

Terran: Stone is reddish brown? Like red jasper.  Kind of the color of those carved red stone dragons.

Terran: In the center is a small architectural stream fitted stone path on either side can easily step over it.

Terran: There’s a peach colored light from the stream. Very soft light.

Terran: Everything has the peach light

Terran: Feels very intimate place.  Feels like where lovers go to be alone.

Terran: It’s warm but not hot.

Terran: I don’t see anyone

Terran: Farther up the stone changes to a grey granite

Terran: There’s turquoise lights

Terran: There’s a gray doubl emetal bar that is in the rock and the lamp itself is like half a stylized natural beehive in shape pointing down the back of the lamp is flush with the wall

Terran: There are elevated and lower paths

Terran: There’s a double channel kind of like a pier but I don’t see any craft

Terran: Kind of like another river boat ride but it’s darker

Loie: Boosting.

Terran: Getting a “day view” appears this channel is sometimes dry. Maybe dry in the day?
Just see kind of like empty lava tubes with shallow water

Terran: Scene change

Terran: Seeing a city

Terran: There’s a gentle soft arched building kind of like mirrored emerald glass but the center has clear emerald glass feels like a restaurant over a river

Terran: The glass is unusual in that it’s not flat it’s curved and 3D

Terran: The clear part as if it’s embossed inwards

Terran: Beautiful

Terran: Seeing architectural dining layouts. This is furniture Italian designers would love

Terran: Where am I?

Loie: Feel it, dear.

Terran: Getting “Argarthan Crystal Congress” but not in the legislative sense of congress more in the older sense of the word as in human interaction

Terran: Boosting

Terran: Not sure that is 100% but the other word I got was convention so maybe it’s the closest two words in English? Similar meaning. That feels about right.

Terran: Seeing a bluish arena but feels like for mass meditations

Terran: Light is soft like in an IMAX theater before a movie.

Terran: Im blown away by the intent i feel in this room

Terran: These beings devote a great deal of effort sending positive intent, inspiration and love to “topsiders” (their term) I really feel it it and I am humbled by it

Terran: I’m nearly in tears of gratitude to them.  They have dedicated themselves for eons to this task.

Terran: I had no idea!

Terran: t’s very moving!

Terran: Thank you Argarthans!

Terran: Wow!

Denice: (?)

Terran: No words

Denice: (amazing!)

Terran: I feel them!

Terran: Is that the end Loie?

Loie: It is just the beginning, dear. But enough for now! Loie.

Terran: Was that all in the crystal?

Loie: It is all in your heart, love. Loie.

Terran: Memories?

Loie: The crystal merely amplifies it.

Terran: Where did the crystal come from?

Loie: ALL. Loie.

Terran: Thanks ALL!

Terran: That was amazing!

Loie: Love, it has been there all along. Loie.

Terran to Denice: (Did you ever play Riven? Some scenes were similar)

Terran: I had no idea Loie!

Denice: (Never heard of it)

Terran: Sent you a shot of turqoise lamps are similar

Terran: Love you Loie!

Dence: Thanks!!!

Terran: Night denice ??

Loie: I Am with you, Bill! Loie.