Bringing the Light Through

From starlight432.blogspot:

In my personal experience, I notice that when I’m in a state of harmony, negative confrontations are greatly reduced in intensity, or are much less likely to manifest.  I can handle negative situations much more effectively, and I have a stronger layer of protection.

However, where damage has already been done regarding planetary affairs through tyranny because not enough Light came through, the question comes to mind, “What is the net result of retaliation?”  For example (purely hypothetically – this is not a death threat), suppose someone physically shot an experimental drug pushing politician in the head in the United States.  What would the resulting sequence of events be?  Would this result in a massive push for gun control, causing matters to dramatically escalate into an open civil war?  Would the outcome be a net negative or net positive?

It’s probable that certain instances of violence will yield positive net results, and other instances of violence will yield negative net results.  This is an extremely complicated matter.  I don’t have enough knowledge to be able to say for certain which possible future instances of violence will cause positive or negative net results.  I can, however, look at past instances of violence to know the net results.

In the US, the net results of the capitol 6 riots were very negative.  The results were censorship of free speech on a level never seen before.  Those standing up to the experimental drug campaign were more easily defined as “domestic terrorists.”  The capitol 6 riots were definitely used to enhance tyranny.

There are peaceful ways to resist tyranny.  I’m reminded of Rosa Parks, who refused to give up her bus seat in 1955, which caused a massive positive net result for civil rights.  Similarly, people could go into a restaurant that requires a vaccine passport, and sit at a table or even on the floor and refuse to leave.  If Rosa Parks instead shot the man who wanted her seat, the net results would have been negative, just as the net results of someone shooting restaurant owners requiring a vaccine passport would be negative.  The mainstream media would have a fun time using such a scenario to further stigmatize “those dangerous anti-vaxxers” and to push gun control.

Again, it depends on the situation.  There are situations where the only way to stop a tyrannical corporate government is to violently overthrow it.  Although the way forward in the United States probably needs to be from a legal standpoint, Australia and Austria may require violent uprisings.  There may be no other way for those two countries, and others like them, to be liberated.  If enough light came through in totalitarian countries though, perhaps there would be enough of an awakening for officers/military/officials to refuse orders to enforce tyranny.  Matters may have escalated to a ‘point of no return’ in these countries though, requiring drastic retaliation from their populations.

In summary, there needs to be great foresight to be able to see the full results of violence.  A victory for freedom using violence could yield positive results in the short term, but negative results in the long term.  It’s very ‘context specific.’

The light needs to be brought through, but there may be specific instances where violence is necessary.  It’s… complicated… the light needs to come through to finish clearing the anomaly, but this can manifest in many different ways.

Ascension Connection Call Thursday – Meeting Our Goals For The New Year

Ascension Connection Call – Thursday, December 30, 2021

Meeting our goals for the new year

10am PST/ 12 Central & Canada / 1pm EST World Time converter

Do you wish to have a more consistent meditation practice?  Eat cleaner?  Have better boundaries?  This Thursday we’ll be having a discussion on how to form new habits that will assist us in reaching our spiritual goals for 2022.  We can’t expect to become the best versions of ourselves overnight, but we can certainly set the intention and plan for success.

If you would like to participate in the upcoming meeting, or if you have questions, comments or an idea for our next topic, please send an email to


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5D Ascension: Mars Energy and Transforming the Subconscious


Powerful energies infuse the planet as the shadowstate attempts to draw a new veil across society. Mars moves into Scorpio and my strong sense is that if we embody and ground these powerfully transformative energies, then the new mandate machinations could well be a sting too far for the Scorpion. But these are difficult energies to integrate. It will need courage, commitment and focus. Rest assured the work will be deeply beneficial for humanity and the planet. What’s likely triggering and how best can we work with it?

The Shadow becomes Blatantly Grandiose

The new mandate machinations were timed (supposedly) to perfection – just as we approach Christmas there’s a clear attempt to further break down the will of the population and render people more susceptible to the control narrative. The new “Amacon” variant is clearly pretty mild (assuming there even is one!) yet the fear propaganda has gone into overdrive. Only the proverbial turkeys with heads in the sand could still be harbouring the notion that it’s about the pandemic. The system has become blatantly grandiose in its latest round of imposed mandates. But will they succeed?

I’ve been seeing Scorpion medicine a lot in the weeks building up to December and the entry of the red planet Mars – a very powerful energy – into Scorpio. It began back in mid-November, with storms in Egypt, that unleashed a plague of Scorpions from their underground burrows. It felt Biblical, an omen to pay attention to, so I took myself off to Cornwall and the cliffs overlooking Camelot to gain some insight and guidance – a good deal came through. The infusing energies were indeed very strong, speaking through the weather patterns, clouds and nature. In the dreamtime I was reminded of the story of the Scorpion and the Frog – I’d been wondering what the “sting in the tail might represent?”

The story tells of the Scorpion happening across a river and needing to get across, whereupon, he encounters a frog and so asks for a ride across to the other bank. “Are you crazy?” replies the Frog – “you’ll sting me”. “Think about it for a moment”, says the Scorpion, “why would I sting you, we’ll both drown!” The frog thinks about it for a moment and being the benevolent being that he is, offers to take the Scorpion on his back. Half way across the unthinkable obvious happens – the Scorpion does indeed sting the frog who then begins to sink. “Why did you do it?” asks the frog as he starts to perish. To which the Scorpion replies, “Oh well, it’s just in my nature!”

Where’s Your Line in the Sand?

It’s a simple story that tells us a lot about the nature of the subconscious, but also the soul buried within it. I strongly maintain that there is no such thing as absolute good or evil – even with the machinations happening on the planet right now. Actually, there are varying degrees of alignment and misalignment – people behave according to the landscape they hold in their consciousness. And the soul is always working to break through. The shadow sometimes gets so misaligned, and gross, that subconsciously it will do something to derail itself to make it look really obvious. I believe that’s the place we’ve reached in society right now with these extreme (and outright ridiculous) enforced jab mandates – especially since they’ve been announced first in Austria and Germany, from whence global dictatorial fascism reared its ugly head immediately prior to the Second World War.

It’s as if the Universe is asking us all…
How far will you let this continue?
Where’s your line in the sand?

Appeasement bit the dust when Hitler marched into Poland. The Scorpion couldn’t help but sting the frog. And so here we are again, at a very fascinating juncture, because Mars, traditionally known as the God of War, is entering Scorpio. It’s a very powerful energy that I have definitely felt coming into the earth and wanting to ground through the lower chakras – to help humanity. The ideal is that energy and lightworkers can integrate it in a strong but peaceful way, and thereby help it mediate wider afield through society – it will bolster sovereignty and peaceful, but determined and willful, pushback. A hefty storm of non-compliance – that’s my sense of what’s been called for right now.

What are you likely to experience and how can you work with it?

Integration in the Lower Chakras

In the Openhand community we’re gaining a deep understanding of how to embody and work with the Universal Torus – this is essential to deep spiritual transformation, because it is the engine that drives it all. When you’re sitting in the Torus and able to amplify it, powerful metamorphosis in the field with waves of awakening become possible. The more you can embody it, the more you can channel it.

Right now I’m feeling the infusion of this strong Mars energy activating the lower densities in the Torus, which is impacting mostly in the lower three chakras. Here’s what I’m experiencing coming into the field. Bear in mind that for a field energy worker, the chakras become the transmission, so where the going is tough, then it reverberates through your own field…

1) Solar Plexus: there’s a lot of fear coming up in the field right now, which is totally understandable due to the dark turn of society. But it also happens where confrontational action is called upon – it stirs up any reticence. It’s crucial to work into any fears and break them down by illuminating internal resistance to the soul’s invitation. Stong push-back and non-compliance is necessary. Express and illuminate any fears, work into them, breakthrough, and let them go…
Here’s Openhand’s Approach to Spiritual Breakthrough to help You

2) Sacrum: plenty of energy will be coming through the sacrum and into the emotional body. If there’s any toxicity still from old relationships especially, then this energy will get stirred up. If this is the case, it’s essential to regress into the relationship situations, work to let go of any attachments that still might be lingering, and flush the energy through with strong expression – including plenty of tears if necessary.
Explore this chakra attunement mediation to open and cleanse the chakras

3) Base: as the energy grounds in the base it’s likely to stir up any existential fears including poverty consciousness. Remember, there will always be enough to express the soul. We chose these exact circumstances not to be put off – to recognise true abundance comes from our connection with the source. There’s also the invitation to stand strong in your boundaries, your line in the sand. Work to process out anxiety about this. It’s a great opportunity to bring the willful warrior aspect of the soul active
Here’s how to deal with fear in 5 steps

Change of Guidance Mechanism

You may also find how you’re internally guided will change. If you work with the influx of Mars energy, it will likely lower your vibration. That’s necessary, but the consequence is you may feel guidance through the higher chakras less. Be prepared for this to happen. Rather than looking so much for external guidance, work to pick up more on the subtle intuitions and let the outer landscape pick up these – changes in totem creatures that appear in your landscape for example or colours and numerology. This will help you with the new alignments and to stay connected.

Out on the cliffs of Cornwall for example I was witnessing a tremendous amount of Black Dragon energy, especially in the clouds, which I know that although might appear forboding, is actually a strong feminine energy, working from the 5th density, and bridging between lower and higher realms. You may feel the throat chakra wanting to expand further. Know that you are not alone!

Have Courage. Dig Deep. Connect with Kindreds.

Earlier there was a time when we could focus more on the lighter vibrations of joy and love. These are still important, but right now something else is called for: the embodiment of willful consciousness – strong but peaceful pushback through the field. As energy workers, recognise the impact this may already be having on you. It’s essential not to fight the energies nor to block them out. Let them express through, with strong dance, drumming and chanting for example – let the energy come through you and ripple further afield. Have courage. Be bold and strong in your boundaries.

I believe we have a 2-3 month window with this, to work with it, which I believe has the strong possibility to expose the Scorpion and sink this round of the energy. Let’s connect as kindreds, encourage and support one another. Be brave. Dig deep. Know that you are loved and cherished by benevolence beyond measure. A great cosmic hug out to you all.

I shared the essence of this message in LiveStream recently, which is recorded here below…

Watch here:

Trust your inner guidance, your intuition.

Humanity is awakening!  There are signs of this all across the world as awareness grows that the old ways in which people have become accustomed to interacting with each other are now totally inadequate in the modern world of high technology.  Technology can be used for healing and evolution, or for destruction.  It has, for far too long, been mainly used for the destruction of enemies, whether of a personal, local, national or international nature, and with disastrous consequences.

The realization is finally dawning on masses of people that giving your power away to those who enjoy and seek authority over others nearly always leads to conflicts that cause great suffering for many, conflicts in which the vast majority most certainly do not wish to take part.  Consequently the motivation for enormous change in the ways that individuals, through to nations, deal and interact with one another has become very strong, and worldwide many people are now engaging in discussion groups to create ways in which to achieve this outcome.

Be of good cheer because a massive release of “STUFF” is happening now!  It is an absolutely essential aspect of your awakening process, because as you each allow this release to occur, both individually and collectively, you are clearing and opening your hearts to Love, and to knowing yourselves as divine beings who are awakening from an insane dream.The dream has been ongoing for far too long, and your dissatisfaction with it has reached the point where you are no longer willing to engage with it, either individually or collectively.

Yes, some of you have had moments – even lifetimes – of happiness as humans, but mostly it has been a nightmare rather than an enjoyable dream.  To experience true separation from God would terminate your existence permanently, but this could never happen because it would mean that God would also cease to exist, had in fact never existed, a total impossibility!  Nevertheless, as humans you have apparently been separated, and apart from the terror of believing yourselves separated from your ever-loving Source, imagining it, which is what the dream is all about, has caused you all immense suffering.

An enormous amount of that ancient suffering is arising now as karmic ‘stuff,’ seemingly very real and painful but in truth totally unreal, for you to release collectively so that you can once again know yourselves as the divine beings that you always are in every moment of your eternal existence . . . right NOW! It is arising for people as feelings of intense, but non-specific, fear, anger, anxiety, resentment, depression, unworthiness, unlovableness, and causing them extreme discomfort and suffering, which can lead to them behaving in ways that are either self-destructive, or very damaging to others.

Have enormous compassion for those who are undergoing these very traumatic and painful experiences, because they are mightily assisting in the collective awakening process by those very behaviors – even if it appears to you that their behavior is utterly intolerable.  Only people who are in great pain – emotional, physical, or psychological – attack others, it is an egotistical reaction to the world around them, the world that is treating them so unfairly and causing them to suffer that intense pain.  It seems totally real to them, despite its unreality, because they identify completely with their physical bodies which, because of their physical nature, can suffer inordinately.

Always make a point of remembering that the real You is Love, and so is everyone else.  When you do that you can truly feel love for those anguished ones, allowing it to flow through you freely and abundantly as you engage with the task for which you incarnated, enormously assisting in the collective awakening process as it nears completion, by being and showing your true selves – Love – to all with whom you engage.  The Love that is You, and which you allow and enthusiastically encourage to flow through you is a very powerful healing energy that comforts and embraces not only those with whom you interact in any manner at all, but also, of course, you yourselves.

You incarnated to do this, and this is the now moment of allowing and awakening that you are on Earth to participate in extremely effectively.  No one can replace you!  Only you can do what you took on human form to do, and it is essential that you participate fully and enthusiastically by engaging joyfully with life, that God-given gift that is the eternal joy-filled You.

You are Love, and, as you know, there is nothing else.  You incarnated to show others that the same is true for them.  Do not concern yourselves with thoughts about how to change the world or about what is occurring upon it, that is just egotistical distraction from your real task – Being!  You are the perfect divine creations of your infinitely loving Father, so just being is a far more effective way to assist others to awaken than you can possibly conceive of as humans in form.

Trust your inner guidance, your intuition, listen for it and to it as you spend quiet time alone each day marveling at the miracle that is your life.  Life is the miracle that you have all been seeking, but you have allowed your egos to distract you from living it as you believe the stories they tell you of your unworthiness and inadequacy as they compare you very negatively to others who seem to be far more valuable beings than you could ever be.

You are Love, and you are on Earth at this point in time to be who you are.  It is a very simple mission that you chose, with divine guidance, to undertake because, just like God, you are Love, and your only desire is to assist all to awaken into Reality, your eternal Home.  However, once you found yourselves in form, the task you had chosen to undertake no longer seemed simple, in fact at times you have been overwhelmed by the seeming enormity of what you had agreed to undertake.

I just want to remind you that your support team in the spiritual realms is constantly watching over you, ready to assist you instantly when you call on them.  They cannot assist you unless you call on them – free will – but as soon as you call they are instantly there with you.  Do not use your human mental abilities to resolve complex relational issues rationally, because that is just your ego trying to prove you right and others wrong, and it never works.  Ask your team: “What would Love do?”  And then wait quietly listening for their guidance.  It may take a few days, or even longer, so be patient.

You will resolve any issues perfectly with their help and guidance, or they will just miraculously dissolve.

Miracles are always available, let go of expectations, and just allow them to manifest, and they will.  Sometimes you will not realize that one has occurred until some time has passed, and then amazement and joy will fill your hearts.

So, be yourselves, allow miracles to happen, and then rejoice!

With so very much love, Saul.


Ascension Connection Call Thursday – What’s Your Human Design?

Ascension Connection Call  – What’s your Human Design?

Join us this Thursday with guest presenter Ann-Marie

Human Design, a multi-faceted system drawing on Eastern and Western astrology, the Hindu chakra system, the Kabala, the I Ching, and quantum physics.  Like the human beings it describes, Human Design is a mutative knowledge – constantly changing, developing, and adapting as it meets all kinds of new minds who test it and shape it.  It is essentially a mapping of our energy bodies.  We each have a unique design, just like snowflakes.  It contains simple truths that can be very helpful to any human being in the world at large to understand both themselves and those around them.

To prepare for this discussion, please watch this short video that explains the different types of auras. (6 minutes long). For more information, you can also watch this introduction to Human Design by Ra Uru Hu, the man who “received” knowledge of this system in 1987.  Ra passed away about five years ago. He was a Manifestor. (17 minutes long)

Meet us this Thursday at 10am Pacific, 6pm GMT, 1pm Eastern. You can show up 15 minutes before so we chat before starting. To make it easier to determine the time (and date) in your area we’ve provided this time converter link for your convenience.

If you wish to attend this call, please send an email to

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Leave a comment Full Moon Reading 19 Nov 21

By Katharina Bless


The very powerful full moon eclipse with moon in Taurus and the Sun in Libra is a very special one because it’s not the usual opposites. The emotions try to hold on to the old and are pretending that every thing will be fine… just hold on!

But the Sun is talking about balancing together with Mercury and Mars also in Libra. You can see from the aspects, that the emotions are high and the lot of tension everywhere is palpable! Many people say they can’t sleep or are so tired that they want to sleep the whole day.

This has to do with the different frequencies that interfere with the light that is becoming stronger the deeper we move into the photon belt. The endgames are always very difficult but if you look at how desperate they try to get that jab into people, you see that we are very close to a break through!

If you look at the natural laws, you can see that every thing has to be balanced at one point. Every thing is connected to a rhythm with a beginning and an end in the physical dimensions. Since this is the first time humanity survives the end of a cycle without a global cataclysm.

It is the time, as we can see in this chart, where the major balance acts are happening and many are not seen by the world. Even though we are in midst of a war, and not just a war that includes a couple countries, it encompasses the whole world. The dark cloud of fear that cause the imbalance is the result of the many decades of preparation for this moment in time.

Now in this chart we can see that Venus in Sagittarius connected with a karmic aspect to the moon and a square to Chiron show the resistance and lethargy of so many. From this Venus position we can also see how much the brainwash through religion has programmed people to not trust themselves and give their power away. The same is confirmed by Jupiter, even though direct now, but still in Capricorn the energies of expansion are still blocked.

But for those who seek clarity, it might be the perfect timing to start to do some research. Many have more time at hand and this is also a very important aspect.

The (orange) karmic aspect urge human beings to stop to give their power away and start in balancing one’s own life, to look what is near and needs to be resolved… balanced… talked about etc. The aspect from Chiron to Saturn shows that the main topic is about clarity. You have to be able to “unlearn” the past negative programs and move into a better one. One that is friendly to human life and not wants to destroy it.

Pluto indicates with the trine to the moon that if you are wiling to look at the hidden things, the things that might not look like their “yours” but are the shadows – the collective shadows – that we need to face.

Now is the time to become creative and start to go and do research on all kind of alternative topics including energy, healing, living, building etc. and get your second (or third or forth…) education. We need to be ready when Uranus turns direct in Aries in January …. This will be a very “loaded” time and several tidal waves on many level will crash over humanity.

As a very practical advise I see in this chart the very strong intuition that if we sort though our old stuff and look where our beliefs and habits come from we can achieve a lot. You can start yourselves questions like: why do I eat …. in the morning? Is it because I grew up with it? What if I would try something else? And if you have the courage to do it, you break a habit that has caught you on the material level… and it has a lot of “tentacles” connected to other habits that might be easier to let go of if you try it with the breakfast!

This coming two weeks will bring up emotional attachments with other people or things, all kind relationships around us. Be awake and observe if you act or REact.

This looks like we are in a soul training “intense” to learn to see what we are doing!
– finally –

Blessings, Katharina



For those new to my readings, please check ou the latest Introduction because it is quite different from the Western/Tropical Astrology:

A guide to Life’s Pilgrimage and the Soul’s Path of Evolution

You can follow my Silver Dove Network at Telegram: or you can reach me there: @KatharinaBless
My energy updates and pearl of wisdom 3-5 posts per week:

Ascension Connection Call Thursday – Message From Another Dimension

On this auspicious day 11/11, we will be continuing the discussion we had last week on the interview summarized below.  Hope you can join us!


Message from Another Dimension

By PFC volunteer Roger Guttridge


Since 2010, English out-of-body channel Janet Treloar has been channelling Zac, an aspect of the ascended master Djwal Khul, who lives on the 26th dimension. Janet moves her consciousness aside from her body to allow Zac to directly deliver his insightful and humorous messages on all things spiritual. For this week’s Ascension Connection Call, PFC has been granted access to an illuminating, hour-long interview in which astrologer Pam Gregory questions Zac about the frequency shift leading to Ascension and the contribution of heavenly bodies in the Kuyper Belt to this process. Please watch the interview here and we will then discuss it at our weekly meet-up on Zoom this Thursday, November 11th.

Please note that we are back to our regularly scheduled start time – UK time (GMT) 6pm and European Central Time 7pm. Start times in North America will be 10am Pacific and 1pm Eastern. The meeting will start promptly at these times but if you’d like to hop on 15-20 minutes earlier for an informal chat and to connect further with like-minded people, please do!


The purpose of the Ascension Connection call is to connect with others and create a cosmic community of like-minded individuals. The calls provide a safe space to share opinions and experiences on higher dimensional topics and are intended to empower people to create a new, harmonious society with love, well-being, unity and balance.

If you’d like to join us, please email with your request for the zoom information and it will be sent to you.  Hope to see you there! Also, if you have suggestions on topics for future calls, we’d love to hear them.


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