Thor: The perceived ‘need’ for ‘justice’ has ‘hammered’ the ‘universe’ and ‘multiverse’

This is a partial transcript… I’m not even sure I understand the prior unsolicited one I got from a different person.  I think this captures the essence of it, without the complications/presumptions/storylines/embedded beliefs. I asked Thor for his perspective for clarity of the situation.

If you want rapid Earth changes, be careful what frequencies you attach to.  Judgement and retribution are lower frequencies and are are felt by other realms.   As I have said since 2012, you don’t get out of duality with more duality.  It’s kind of an addiction really. 

We all want change, we all want the awful things on this planet to stop. We’ve all been pushed to the wall financially, emotionally, and just plain sick and tired of the status quo. Observe, but don’t attach to the themes of judgement and retribution.

Thor is using his first name in this particular communication, the prior speaker was in an official capacity.  Thor is speaking personally here not in an official Alliance capacity.  He’s also using my Earth nickname Bill.

Terran: Can I speak with Thor?

Thor: Bill. I am here. Adrian.

Terran: What is going on???

Thor: Bill. “Nothing” is going on. As you know and feel. Adrian. 

Thor: We are are all in ‘stasis’. Adrian.

Thor: Chambers or a standstill?

Thor: Bill. Standstill. Complete standstill. The perceived ‘need’ for ‘justice’ has ‘hammered’ the ‘universe’ and ‘multiverse’ and more. Adrian.

Terran: Which was my concern with the entire [redacted] mindset.

Thor: Bill. This is not about any one forum. There are many. More than are presented. This is about working together through this next ‘hurdle’. No more RV, GCR, NESARA, GESARA, EVENT, SHIFT, MERGE. all of these ‘thoughts’ and creations are causing blocks. 

Thor: We are ready to be visible. We need the creators of the present reality [you and I!] to garner support to allow the new to flow.

Terran: By creators you mean [redacted]?

Thor: ALL of you all. Not just [redacted]. There are too many creations flowing now. Too many ‘ideas’ of what comes next. And not enough peace and congruity flowing. Adrian.

Thor: Bill. Remember, this next experience has never flowed before.

Thor: In all of the experiences of all of creation there has always been a beginning and an end. An ALPHA and OMEGA. There is no OMEGA coming. 

Thor: There is only a new flow and we all are prepared for that flow now. Adrian.

Thor: Bill. We are with you. And in complete support. Adrian.