Hilarity with Memes… (or, “CNN Karma is a Bit–” (feel free to fill in the last two letters!)) (update: added an RT video)

Trump portrayed as Karate Kid, taking down CNN…

[Update: I added a short RT video at the end, which explains a bit about “doxing“.]

These were just hilarious… CNN has been trying to “threaten to punish” the creator of the “Trump takedown of CNN” wrestling video, and look what’s happened… The meme has exploded, all to increase the number of similar CNN takedown videos, gifs, and other images that are now flooding the internet.

First, a Mark Dice. Second, a Luke Rudkowski (WeAreChange.org). The exposure of the “Fake Stream Media” is coming out in FAM style (Full Apocalypse Mode) right now. And, as the last video shows, even the cats are singing about it!






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