Hurricane Irma “Inspired” (?) MacDill AFB UFOs… 4 Articles by Dr. Michael Salla (or, “How many Exopolitics pieces can you handle??”)

Well, this “Salad of Salla’s” (could not resist that phrase) is in reference to what one of Dr. Salla’s insiders has been releasing to him (photos, that is) of UFOs seen flying around near MacDill Air Force Base, near Tampa, Florida. It’s pretty likely, it seems, that the insider is being given “permission” to release these as a part of disclosure of the Secret Space Program. And today I was just speaking to a couple of “ex-military” types about MacDill, and they were expressing how they sensed a quite “dark” flavor about that place.

Anyway, enjoy these article highlights!!

Photos of Antigravity UFO Near MacDill AFB support claims of USAF SSP (9-1-17)

“Yesterday, I received a series of six photos of a triangular shaped UFO taken near MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida. The photos were captured at approximately 8 am on August 31, by JP (pseudonym), someone I have been communicating with since 2008. These are not photoshopped or created by CGI, but genuine photos of a UFO that informed analysis suggests has design and technology characteristics similar to the TR-3B that is part of a USAF secret space air wing operating out of MacDill.

“According to JP, he has a “friend” at MacDill AFB who claims to be part of the USAF Secret Space Program (SSP), and has passed along sensitive information to him. I believe this friend is JP’s handler, and/or someone feeding him information for public dissemination.”

More Photos of Antigravity UFO near MacDill Air Force Base (9-4-17)

“Three more photos of a triangular UFO taken near MacDill Air Force Base were today sent to me for analysis. The photos were taken around 9:50 am, on September 4, about 10 miles from MacDill, which is the home of US Special Operations Command… The three photos appear to show a different type of triangular craft to that photographed by JP on August 31 in a series of six photos.”

As Hurricane Irma Approaches More Photos of Antigravity UFOs near MacDill AFB (9-6-17)

“On September 5 and 6, more flying triangle shaped craft were photographed in the vicinity of MacDill Air Force Base… JP said he was prompted to look in the direction of the UFO by a mysterious figure driving an unmarked black car, who appeared to want him to see what was happening, and take photos… On September 6 (today), from 7 to 7:15 am (EDT) JP took a series of nine photos, which very clearly depict a triangle shaped craft that appears to be the famed TR-3B antigravity craft.

“The possibility that Tampa, Florida may turn out to be where Irma makes landfall on the Florida coast raises an intriguing possibility. Is Hurricane Irma linked in some way with the triangle UFO sightings, which appear to be sanctioned by US Special Operations Command as a means of disclosing the existence of a USAF secret space program?”

More Triangle UFO Sightings as MacDill AFB is Evacuated due to Hurricane Irma (9-9-17)

“On September 8, a mandatory evacuation order was issued for MacDill Air Force Base in response to the imminent impact of Hurricane Irma, which is now projected to make landfall in southern Florida on Sunday morning. As most MacDill military and civilian personnel begin the evacuation, sightings of flying triangles allegedly from MacDill continue to be sighted and photographed, this time with a military helicopter nearby. This raises the possibility that the USAF is conducting classified operations related to the incoming Irma.

“Given the approach of Hurricane Irma, it appears that Special Operations Command is conducting surveillance and possible mitigation operations. The evacuation orders for MacDill AFB exempts those involved in “mission essential” activities, which would include these piloting and maintaining antigravity flying triangle vehicles.

“It’s highly likely that Special Operations Command is conducting covert operations in relation to Irma, but for some unknown reason they chose to alert JP to photograph their craft in operation. Are they sending a public message, and if so, what does Special Operations Command want people to know in this time of impending chaos?”

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