Mailing List Migration!

By Anna Von Reitz

Mailing Lists around here migrate in the summer and winter, unlike the busy birds and butterflies that use their common sense and do it in the spring and fall.  No, I had to choose a propitious and obvious annual housecleaning date (so I wouldn’t just plain forget to do it).

So….. if you are used to getting updates from me when I publish news blurbs and articles and they suddenly stop (for some unknown and probably unknowable reason) and you want them to continue, simply drop me an email at  with “Add Me” as the subject line. 

I am putting together a master list of bloggers and news link managers and organizations to help communicate better with everyone. 

Conversely, if your name migrated onto the popular Mailing List and you don’t have time for reading my meanderings and the almost daily scuttlebutt, don’t feel bad or be shy about telling me that, too — just use the address and the subject line “Drop Me” and I will be sure to do so….   

Anyway, that odd sound you hear in the distance on this Fourth of July is not a bunch of impossibly tardy Canadian Geese.  It’s all my mailing lists and email sorting lists migrating from here to there and back again.  

Hope you all are enjoying a day off, blue skies, and blueberry pies, watermelon and lemonade and BBQ and firecrackers and waving flags and concerts and speeches and parades all the things that sink into your soul and become part of this very special day in America.  

Drink deep of this day—what it is and what it means– and remember all our loved ones near and far, those who live and those who lie sleeping under the green turf of this beautiful country.  Notice that John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington are all with us still.  Notice that The Declaration of Independence still rings true and I suspect it always will. 

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