Malawi Orphanage Summer Update

This is an update for our sponsored humanitarian project in Malawi, Africa.

Our team leader Keyason has managed to get the village through the floods and shortage of food. He continues to be a guiding light with his team that works so hard to feed, clothe, educate, and inspire several hundred in Chickwawa, Malawi.

With the limited support we offer, somehow he’s managed to find more donors that have provided to their mission. Please consider a donation to Prepare For Change to continue our main mission in Malawi.

Not only is the Malawi Orphanage covering the needs for the 530+ that are housed at the Nova Gaia Orphanage – Malawi, but Keyason and team are doing work for neighboring villages as he shared with us on June 15.

“Today we are very happy to have an opportunity of sharing and distributing some small gifts to people, orphans, widows, old aged and disabled. But our aim is to reach more people with support of food, building house, building church buying bicycle, as well as bibles and drill wells to community areas where there are no good water.”

Here’s a message given to the group. Please forgive the audio quality, it was very windy there this day.

Keyason has put trust in several orphans that now assist as team members in their ongoing mission. Here’s a video of one making an announcement to the villagers. Though hard to hear at moments, the overall impression is that the team is glad to be of service and offer gifts to share with the others. They also make mention of the need to help the orphans there. He sums up that in order to continue to help that they need encouragement.

Over the years, the team’s faith has gotten them through many difficult situations.

Keyason’s growth and leadership is an amazing example of true service-to-others. Just remember that their own village is severely underserved and in incredible need, yet, they would give of their very limited supplies to assist others. Where there is such need in this part of the world, it’s a stark contrast to people’s own actions in the US that see many recently looting for discretionary or non-essential items.

As always, it’s through the generosity of our community that we are able to provide constant financial support to the orphans, elderly and infirm. What the village really needs says Keyason is religious support. They need to be able to buy bibles and really desire to be put in touch with a faith-based outreach. Please, reach out to if you have any inroads in the country or this African region.

Our Malawi friends constantly encourage us. They face adversity all the time and keep a positive attitude. Though we are often world’s apart, we are joined in our hearts and mission.


For those of our members who’ve supported Prepare for Change over the years, know that the vast majority of your donations have built strength and heart in this part of the world.

To donate to our Prepare For Change/ Nova Gaia Orphanage, please find the donate button on the website, or if you prefer just donate via PayPal directly to We are a 501(c)(3) charity, so your donations are a tax write off.

Thank you.

Malawi Orphanage Assessment & Website Launches -God Is Love!

On April 20, 2019 the Prepare For Change Council sent a team to visit the Nova Gaia Orphanage in Malawi in order to complete a detailed assessment that would allow us to develop a future budget and overall support plan. The team was a gracious and dedicated husband and wife who work with a charitable organization in another part of the region. Acting as unbiased observers, the assessment team provided an objective perspective on the immediate needs and general status of the orphanage. With the information they gathered, we are now able to establish a suitable and prioritized plan and fundraising effort to help this desperate part of the world. First on our list: build a new website so we can get the word out.

L-R: Our assessment team on the day of the visit. With Pastor, Keyason and Baba.

New Nova Gaia Foundation – Malawi Website

The new website is and is created as with the purpose of providing support and resources to humanitarian projects around the world. We intend to become an open sourced collaborator and reference point for sharing information, funding options, and management planning assistance to all things humanitarian. As Prepare For Change’s initial and primary charity, the Malawi Orphanage will be the first project highlighted on this new website. You may see the full site assessment report at under the “Orphanage” tab by clicking here: Nova Gaia Orphanage – Malawi.  It describes the plight of the Malawi Orphanage in greater detail and raw truth.

As always, our community can donate to the orphanage through PayPal. The following link goes into that fund.


Following is a short summary of the assessment as provided by our team of assessors.


Chikwawa Village is in the South Eastern part of Malawi in Africa. It straddles the western borders of Tanzania and Mozambique, which are coastal nations along the Eastern seaboard.  The country is the 6th poorest in the world according to the CIA database.

Roads were rutted but they were able to travel there from their town which was a few hours away. The orphanage is in a community of about 2,000 people that is one of a few small villages in the area.

?In early April 2019 Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwae. Luckily, Nova Gaia Orphanage is located on high ground. It is difficult to get resources to the “House of Hope” and the cyclone only made matters worse.


Their outdoor kitchen above and the livestock pens below.

Food, Agriculture, Livestock

Due to the recent floods 90% of the crops were wiped out. The orphanage therefore needs to purchase even more food for storage this year. Transporting food to the village itself is already quite a challenge.

The orphanage maintains livestock such as guinea fowl and chickens. There are several goats and a rabbit pen. A storeroom keeps purchased grains dry.

Regular meals consist of rice, beans and a starchy root vegetables similar to potatoes called cassava. Along with doughy bread called fu fu.

The primary woman’s dormitory.


The facility has three major structures, one for housing boys, one for housing girls, and a church building. The dormitories were only meant to house about 300. We are now caring for over 500 children so they are very crowded with many children sleeping on the floor.?

The sanitation conditions are acceptable (by their standards). Our leaders there hope to improve the structures and acquire beds (mats), and an updated infrastructure for the toilet and bathroom facilities.

Better structures would automatically improve the state of hygiene.  One of their most immediate needs is a proper means of transportation, such as a truck and/or a bus.  This would assist in transporting supplies and goods from larger neighboring towns.  Their village has no shops or stores.  They also need to build several larger dorms, an extra fully equipped kitchen and several bathroom shelters with proper showers.


The children go to distant government schools for primary and secondary school education. Approximately 130 children are old enough to be attending secondary school. ?

Although there are hundreds of school aged children, they are taught with only a handful of textbooks as the school cannot afford books for each student.

The Apostle’s Church – Easter service.


Apostles Church was founded at the orphanage. It recognizes all denominations as a Christian church.

Daily morning devotions help to instill faith in the children. A church hall made out of reeds is their meeting space.

?The church is led by a bishop and several pastors.

Rest rooms.

Electricity, Water

Regarding electricity, currently they are lighting and charging phones using one solar panel. A small transformer is located about a kilometer outside of the orphanage but it is too small to be of much service to the orphanage. Investing in solar power would make a huge difference there.

The water is clean but quite saline. It’s only real purpose is for washing, not drinking. A well was provided by funds, but its location was not optimum. The next well at the village would need to be located at a clean water source. This is possible but needs the right surveying technology to facilitate.

Needs for Donations

Based on the results of our assessment, Nova Gaia Orphanage – Malawi has several primary and immediate needs. They are as follows: Food, Dormitories, Vehicle, School Fees, Textbooks, Medical Care, and Apostle’s Church (what is needed?). Learn more about these specific needs here: Nova Gaia Orphanage – Needs

The full assessment report was several pages long.  Sarah and Aubrey, our wife and husband assessment team followed up their visit via teleconference call with the Prepare For Change council members and the Humanitarian Project team.  As it has been a years long vision to get a “first-hand” and on the ground visible site report with our Malawi friends, the entire Prepare For Change team was greatly inspired and motivated to continue our work.  We give many blessings and thanks to our wonderful assessment team for performing their tasks to the fullest.

Children of the Nova Gaia Orphanage – Malawi.

Please contribute a monthly or recurring donation, if you can, to support our cause and aid us in continuing with our vital mission. You can easily donate in a variety of ways via our website by clicking here or directly using PayPal to You may also send us checks or money orders via snail mail to: Prepare For Change Foundation address: 1441 Huntington Drive. #1110 South Pasadena, CA USA 91030. Being a 501(c)(3) charity your donations are 100% tax deductible.


How It All Began

Prepare For Change began their involvement with our Malawi Orphanage thanks to our oldest Prepare For Change Los Angeles Event Support Group member, Cashimir Milosh.  Our beloved late friend Cashimir presented the plight of the people to us during our early meetings and thus garnered initial support and donations.   Mr. Milosh was a missioner in Malawi during the 80’s & 90’s.

In 2015 Prepare For Change started communicating with two gentlemen in Malawi, Africa who were in charge of an orphanage founded decades ago by Milosh and his late wife  (who unfortunately had died of Malaria in Malawi during their mission period) while they were caring  for and supporting over 400 orphaned children. A severe drought hit while they were there which caused widespread starvation and challenging many. Help was desperately needed as the orphanage could not take any more orphan children and the ongoing newly arriving orphans were now being left outside to fend for themselves. The situation turned critical and Prepare For Change was able to forward them a small amount of funding to get them some immediate relief.

With the help of a former orphan from that orphanage who was now assisting as the right hand of the original orphanage chief, we decided to start a whole new orphanage in that area to be able to help the orphans being left out and to tend to those with the most need. This was the start of the “Feed Malawi Project.”

Our relationship has grown such that the Malawi Orphanage is our sole charitable organization and a primary focus of our Humanitarian Projects initiative: Nova Gaia Foundation. The Nova Gaia Orphanage – Malawi, or Malawi Orphanage, is also called “House of Hope” by the locals and has become extremely popular.  They continue to grow at the rate of an additional 100 new orphan children every year reaching just over 500 children in 2019.

We have been seeking charitable donations for the Malawi Orphanage via our website ever since and your donations have supported our efforts to forward them a consistent monthly contribution of several thousand dollars. This small amount is saving many lives and is so greatly appreciated. Funds have allowed them a new water well, a kitchen, school supplies and fees, clothing, food, various infrastructure systems – and so much more.


If the Malawi Orphanage Project resonates with you and you know of a way to help – such as how they could be provided with their own vehicle – please reach out! Perhaps you know of a freight shipping service that will deliver bedding, kitchen utensils or clothing? Get creative! All donations are tax deductible.

If you have time to help us coordinate donations, then please consider contacting us. All of our work with the over 500 people of Nova Gaia Orphanage- Malawi is done on a volunteer basis. With our network of awakened and supportive members, we should be able to make it manifest!

Thank you and many blessings.

By The Prepare For Change Council.


Flood Hits Nova Gaia Orphanage Malawi – Help Needed


Aftermath of Cyclone Idai has left many homeless and in dire need.
African floods after Cyclone Idai washed out roads and left over 2.5 million people affected in 3 countries including Malawi.

This is an emergency appeal for our Prepare For Change team in charge of our Nova Gaia orphanage in Malawi Africa. Floods throughout the southeastern region of Africa have displaced hundreds of thousands in the Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe area and have caused heavy damage at our orphanage and surrounding areas.

While over 200 have died in Malawi, Thousands have died nearby in Mozambique. We have had deaths at the Orphanage village due to the floods.

The floods resulted from Cyclone Idai – a devastating tropical storm – that swept across the Mozambique city of Beira leaving it almost totally destroyed. The storm hit on Thursday the 13th of March.

Homes, schools, businesses, hospitals have been destroyed and the whole region has seen roads wash away and thousands stranded by the flooding.

Here’s what Keyason has to report on the precarious situation:

“Well, things are getting better now but big problem is food, clothes, cooking utensils and others. Since in our area many things (have) happened – more especially damage of houses and death of people. Many people (have) lost their relatives because of floods. While am speaking to you, many people in area of Chikwawa and Nsanje are living in (homelessness), people are sleeping in schools and the like.

In those places people are facing many challenges more especially in term of daily needs and diseases. Because many people are sleeping in one house, as (an) end result many people are suffering from cholera and many more disease(s). We are very far from hospital, that I why I was asking for (a) vehicle.”

Children having a meal at Nova Gaia Orphanage Malawi
Nova Gaia Orphanage Malawi

While Keyason has seen devastation before in his life, we in the west don’t see it or experience it the same way. Where we have decent roads, theirs are washed away. Where we have many resources, theirs are very few. Where we have relief organizations, they have each other. Where we have communications and cell phones, they haven’t the same level of service and few phones among the entire village. Where we have first responders, they don’t have a vehicle in the orphanage. Where we will declare an emergency that will release funds, they will struggle with medications to combat disease.

The flood is only the start of a serious humanitarian crisis that’s unfolding for the three countries involved. Many areas are without electricity and they risk losing their food harvest all over the area. Cholera has just started to spread in the area.

We have to step up and seriously help in any way we can. Please help us by donating today!

Children gather at Nova Gaia Orphanage Malawi
Nova Gaia Orphanage Malawi – note the shelter at the right made with simple sticks

As most of you may already know Prepare For Change has created and funded this humanitarian project, an orphanage, in Malawi, Africa because of the great need there – we are compelled to assist the people of the region. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. It is also one of the smallest countries in Africa.

Getting help to our 460 little friends will be difficult, if not impossible, but we need to try to assist them in any way we can. Our community of Light Workers heals the planet and Prepare For Change made the decision to help the world starting where help is needed the most.

The floods have put a damper on our communications with the delegation that we hope to send to the village. Right now, we need to provide additional aid in addition to our steady and regular support. Please listeners, heed our calls and continue your generous support.

Nova Gaia Orphanage Malawi will prosper after the floods caused by Cyclone Idai
Nova Gaia Orphanage Malawi friends gather around for water and each other’s company

Your Donations are needed

To donate financial support that is making a significant difference in the lives of 460 orphans and in so many other people’s lives, like battered women & elderly that we also tend at the orphanage – please go to our website and click on the “donate” button on the right side of the home page.

For PayPal donations use the email or just send us an email if you feel like participating in other ways to help our orphanage project. If possible, we ask you to look into your hearts today and instead of making a one-time donation only, to please make it a recurring contribution by donating monthly to be able to continue this amazing project. We desperately need your help at this time.

All your donations are 100% tax deductible because Prepare for Change is a non- profit 501 (3)(c) charity organization based in Los Angeles. You may also send us checks or money orders via snail mail Payable to: “Prepare For Change Foundation” at 1441 Huntington Drive. #1110, South Pasadena, California 91030 USA.

Rains like what Africa is experiencing is almost biblical. An equal response is needed to provide relief to our loved ones there. Please do all you can. “TOGETHER” we can change the world!

Thank you.

Prepare for Change Council

2019 Malawi Orphanage Update – Jan

New Year Affirms New Spirit and New Calls for Assistance

Our orphanage in Malawi celebrated New Years with renewed hope and smiles as they danced and sang together as a group rattling the walls of their village gathering hall. While there’s plenty of things that are needed at Nova Gaia Orphanage – Malawi, good spirits are in big supply.

Picking up shakers and drums, woman danced in the middle of the room and men held down the rhythm. Prayers were spoken and everyone enjoyed their brief respite.

Listen to the songs they sang:


Malawi orphanage children enjoy a day at the Nova Gaia orphanage

Children eating food at Nova Gaia orphanageNova Gaia village members singing at new years

Now it’s back to the business of day-to-day activities. This week, students have returned to school and they have the need for buying school bags, shoes, uniforms and school fees. Keyason, who continues his wonderful role of supervising the needs of the orphanage, also asks for clothes and blankets for the orphans as it is the rainy season and cool in Malawi.

Sometimes children as young as 2 and 3 years old who were abandoned had been found wandering with no place to go. These defenseless children have fallen into Keyason’s care. Keyason was quickly looked upon as the “one who helps orphans”. He has a big heart and even though he doesn’t have adequate income, he will take in these little ones.

This year Keyason wishes to start small businesses to create a source of other revenue within the village. Things are always tough but optimistic among the 460 orphans, widows and few men there. Still, Keyason has recently purchased chickens & ducks which will help produce eggs that will provide needed protein for their diet. The vegetable farming continues with the various pest problems to deal with.

Our Malawi orphanage leader Keyason is a vital organizer of the community
The Malawi Orphanage leader Keyason

He passes along his thanks to all members that have supported them and their mission. “I am very thankful because of that but orphans will be waiting for school supporting. But tell the team that I appreciate the effort and everything they are doing (for) us because every week we are receiving weekly support,” he says.

We’ve done well in our efforts recently in replenishing the funds that get distributed weekly to the group. We are hoping that we can provide more for them if the donations provide for it. We stay ever hopeful in this regard. We humbly ask for YOUR financial support. We are a 501 (3)(c) charity based in Los Angeles.

In the future we’d like to be able to cover all their needs in healthcare, formal and informal education, food and security, suitable accommodations, safe transportation and worship. Again we ask if there’s a volunteer who can provide bibles or booklets please contact us at:

The Prepare For Change wishlist for the future of the orphanage:

  • To send a container with donated clothes, blankets and basic equipment
  • Building the Dorms for the boys and girls
  • Heating
  • School Teaching resources and equipment
  • Personal Development Programs
  • An active fundraising program to train volunteers
  • Transport for the caregivers to transport kids safely to school and local health clinics
  • The building of a community centre with an information centre and IT equipment to educate and help the orphans develop into good leaders

This photo shows how food is prepared at the village by womenThe children take time out to have their meal

We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Victory to the Light!