Man or Human Self-Test

By Anna Von Reitz

Many have been asking, okay, well…. I can accept based on my observation and experience that there are at least two different kinds of humanoid beings here on Earth, but which one am I?
Mankind comes from the Ancient Builder Race. As the name suggests, they built the Earth and it is their nature to build and nurture. To the extent that they destroy things, they destroy to make space, to remodel, to improve, to build something new. It is never destruction for the sake of destruction.
Humans destroy simply because they enjoy the release of energy and sense of power it gives them. There is no particular rhyme or reason, and no specific intention to do anything beyond destroying something.
Mankind enjoys “the journey” of life and the whole process of “getting there” with various activities, because they understand the necessary steps and the “un-foldment” of creative processes. Thus, each step in a long process is fulfilling, quite apart from the ultimate result. This gives them the patience to nurture others and the world around them.
Mankind are good gardeners, for example, because they enjoy the process of preparing the ground, selecting the seeds, planting, weeding, watering and whatever else needs to be done to bring forth the harvest.
Humans are “instant gratification” junkies. They want the harvest results, but have no patience and take no satisfaction in all the steps it takes to get the harvest. It’s all wham, bam, thank you, Ma’am. They don’t know how to nurture themselves, much less anyone or anything else, with the result that they always feel needy and cheated and are prone to blame others for this —-not knowing how to give what they need to themselves.
Mankind takes delight in the Natural World and is easily thrilled by the thunder of the surf, soothed by the sound of falling rain, entranced by the smell of a pine forest, touched by the beauty of a single flower. They are aware of the beauty of all the colors and textures of the Earth and Heavens — able to drink in and appreciate the blooming tapestry of the forest floor in spring time and the palette of the sky. Even without any intention to do so, they notice everything about the Natural World — dandelions growing in the cracks of a sidewalk, the sound of a dog barking.
Humans are relatively insensitive to any of this and are more attuned to geometric relationships –lines and shapes instead of textures— and tones rather than colors. They have an ability to close themselves off from the Natural World and live in relatively colorless stone and cement and metal environments.
Mankind feels a distinct loss when cut off from the Natural World and will often bring the Natural World with them in the form of aquariums and table top gardens, window boxes, potted plants, etc. Humans use fake potted plants as “harmonious design elements” — again emphasizing their sensitivity to visual patterns and form, but not any deep connectivity to life and the nurturing of life.
Mankind is poetic and their use of language is poetic. They are sensitive to rhyme and meter, sound and balance of language, quality of sound, and frequency of sound. Humans notice different things about sound and language — they see language as a means to achieve ends and exert power, but don’t show any natural poetic proclivity or appreciation.
Mankind is naturally unassuming and straight-forward, seeing no need or value in falsehoods, ego, or deceit. Mankind is self-accepting. Their viewpoint is turned outward most of the time, with their inward-turning devoted to self-discovery and spiritual contemplation.
Humans by contrast are obsessed with lies, deceits, secrets, and issues of power and pride. Most humans do not accept their nature, which leads them to feel alienated from themselves as well as the rest of Nature. Their viewpoint is turned inward most of the time, to serve their sense of isolation and separateness. Their inward-turning moments are not for the purposes of self-discovery or for any deep spiritual contemplation, but rather to calculate the odds of outcomes and the best means to achieve their ends.
Mankind is inclined to nurture and to share everything. Humans are inclined to mindlessly hoard whatever they have, even if it is junk. Nurturing, even nurturing their own children, is foreign to them, and they often look at their children in terms of something to satisfy their own needs — which can range from sexual needs, to need to feel power over someone else (bullying), to needs to excuse themselves for bad behavior (blaming), to needs to find-fault (shaming).
Mankind accepts differences of skin color, temperament, religion, ethnicity, language, culture, and other factors as part of nature of things — and not any aberration or breaking of any rigid pattern of sameness. It delights Mankind that there are hundreds if not thousands of different kinds of grass, trees, flowers, fish, insects, gemstones and other manifestations of Creation, so they readily accept all the different colors and kinds and variations among people, too, without assigning any particular “value” to one over another.
Humans have rigid pecking orders in line with their predilection and affinity for patterns. Everything and everyone has to fit in a rigid pattern and if you don’t fit their pattern, you are “bad” or “suspect” or “uncivil” or “sub-human”. They encourage herd behavior to reap the benefits of manipulating it and use labeling and name-calling as a means to establish their pecking orders. As such, “political correctness” is a human manifestation foreign to Mankind.
Mankind feels natural compassion for suffering and disease of any kind. This is because they have empathy — an extra sense that allows them to substitute themselves into the other person’s situation, know how they would feel, and that then prompts them to help and assist others and even other species.
Humans do not, generally speaking, have this ability to “bi-locate” their sensory perception or “walk a mile” in anyone else’s shoes. This is critical in that it undermines their ability to feel sympathy and also their ability to “step outside themselves” to observe their own behavior. They are limited to a focus on themselves and their own benefit and condition in the same way as a single-focus lens is limited to one depth of field, compared to a zoom lens which can move from one depth of field to another with ease.
This limitation — some would say a “hobbling of their hearts” — also leads to Humans having little natural sense of conscience. Mankind feels what is right and what is wrong instinctively and has a natural sense of justice, but Humans learn these things by rote, by rules that are externally imposed, and can only be held to moral behavior by a continuing application of rewards and punishments and definitions.
You could sell a Human the proposition that it is okay to eat dog dung, or murder people with red hair– but it is impossible to similarly influence Mankind.
Humans are comfortable letting someone else do their thinking for them, and if anything is too complex, they will actively seek commentators to tell them how to interpret things. They will also actively seek group opinion — the larger the group the better — because they lack the critical thinking skills to form and justify their own opinions for themselves.
Humans are the original “group think” sources, the ones who make un-examined generalities, like “everybody does it” and “everyone knows that” and “everyone wants a Lexus”.
Mankind insists on thinking for themselves and making their own evaluations and does not regard the opinions of others as any determining factor.
In the same way, any wildly immoral behavior can be introduced into a Human population and they will have no internal moral compass to prevent them from adopting practices that Mankind would immediately recognize as insane.
This makes Humans very malleable and open to suggestion compared to Mankind, which is desirable from the standpoint of those who created Humans to function as slave laborers.
Finally, Mankind is possessed of more graceful and fluid and yet, also substantially weaker body forms than Humans. Mankind has less muscle mass, less bone density, smaller teeth, less sheer energy, less hormonal activity, and lives longer on average than Humans. You might call Mankind “late bloomers” as they mature more slowly in all respects and have slower metabolic systems overall.
Humans tend to physically mature early, to have abundant, thick hair, and proportionally, big feet, big sexual organs, and big hands. These are all consequences of genetic engineering to create laborers that reproduce fast, are built to do physical work, and survive in difficult climates and conditions.
Mankind is most comfortable and happy living in relatively small communities close to Nature. Humans are more comfortable and happy living in cities and are not greatly bothered by population density.
Are you a Man or a Human? If you have read this, you probably already know.
If you are Human, it won’t immediately bother you to know the truth.
The loss is something you won’t truly comprehend, because you have never known any other way of being, and if the rulers of this world have their way, you never will know any different or better condition.
If you are one of Mankind, you are probably feeling a combination of relief and alarm— relief because you finally know that you are different and why you are different, and alarm because you now realize for sure that you are living in a world heavily populated by comparatively crippled slave laborers.
Crippled mentally and crippled emotionally, Humans are victims of a Master Plan promoted by adherents of Eugenics and Master Race ideas— ideas that are as harmful as poison and easily connected to their modern source — Nazism and False Aryan narratives.
The truth is that Humans and Mankind both occur in all kinds of colors and variations.
There is no “Master Race”, there are only beings aligned with Ego and those aligned with our Creator, those who have been mentally and emotionally castrated to serve foul masters–like Tolkien’s Orcs, and those who have to put an end to the mad dreams of David Rockefeller, Prince Philip, and others who have purposefully created these horrors.
The Holy Roman Empire is now rising as the Fourth Reich. As Voltaire observed, it isn’t holy, it isn’t Roman, and it isn’t an Empire. It is a crime syndicate formed around a base of false ideas and evil sentiments, implemented via institutionalized and carefully compartmentalized crimes against “humanity”.
And what is “humanity”? Both Mankind and Humans are included in the moniker, “humanity”, because Humans came from Man. They were developed using our DNA and our energetic templates.


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