Mark Bajerski 6-15-21 VIDEO… “Shedding Spike Protein! Can it affect YOU? Energy Attack – Emotional attack & Physical Attack”

Somewhere along the line this person’s approach to the CV19 vaqqine side effects situation came into my field. I’m not recalling any memories of his work, but I found the short video quite illuminating, and I feel others may find his approaches useful and helpful.

One simple tool he demonstrated was a sea salt saline spray to use to balance and cleanse one’s energies. Having lived where I could be in the ocean almost every day, I can strongly attest to the healing and balancing effects of the ocean waters.

See the video description for more about him and his products.

Note… the video volume is very low, so I processed and saved as up-volumed mp3 which may be downloaded here, or feel free to use the audio player below the video.