Mark Dice VIDEOs 11-24-20… “Homer Simpson Tried To Warn Us!” (plus one more with msm “freak out panic”)

The first one is a quite well put together overview of past revelations about the “hack-ability” of voting machines. A couple of documentaries (from the NYT and others) are highlighted. And the Homer Simpson clip is right on the point.

The second one I’ve set to start at 5:14 where one can view the current msm “freak outs”. I believe they (the msm) know fully what is in store for them.


More msm “blowups”, from Dr. Steve Hurley and Mark Dice 3-31-20… “HUNDREDS of Journalists FIRED as Liberal Media IMPLODES During Coronavirus!!!” & “Wrong again, Rachel”

These were fun to watch, and see how the msm is falling apart, one step at a time.

Hundreds of journalists are being laid off as the coronavirus is causing the liberal media to implode; that’s what we’ll be talking about on today’s video. You are not going to believe how the mainstream Marxist media is collapsing as we speak, and we’re going to find that that implosion is happening all the while conservative alternative media is growing by leaps and bounds; I think it’s going to make your day!

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Mark Dice VIDEO 11-5-19… “[Donald J. Trump] Jr. Is On Our Side”

Although many of the Dice videos are mostly parodies of deep state players, this one connects many dots in the exposures of the deep state that are ongoing right now. Even those in the ddep state are admitting that it exists.

So there, people who’ve put down those “conspiracy theorists” who have “theorized”, quite correctly, that there is indeed a thing called the “deep state”.

Mark Dice and David Harris talk about the WhiteHouse Social Media Event of 7-11-19

I actually watched most of the full event yesterday (a bit long and winding). But the two short Mark Dice and David Harris videos tell what they each got from the conference, and I found informative and entertaining.

The main thing is that the msm is failing, and now falling, and as Q has stated several times, “You [we] are the news now“.

As the full event video below says:

President Trump’s White House summit aims to air our grievances over political bias on social media platforms. Invitees are mostly comprised of prominent, and sometimes controversial, online right-wing pundits.

Mark Dice VIDEO 6-7-19… “Well, Um, I Think, Maybe, Ahhh…” (about a new propaganda book being called out… even by msm)

Well, not too much to say about this one, and Mark rather calls it like it is. Also Mika (Brzezinski) of MSNBC seems rather “fed up” with this guy’s books, which she feels has no substance (and she kicks him off the show!).

Sorry, folks who have TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), he is getting the job done, and remember, it’s not just him, it’s him AND the Alliance. The planet is indeed being “cleared of the dark cabal”.

Mark Dice 3-23-19… “IT’S HERE!” (re: Mueller report filed; no new indictments)

Well, this one was quite funny to me, and remember, it’s a Mark Dice, so the language used is his. But it does illustrate how the “fake Russia collusion” house of cards’ first card has now been removed, so the rest will be falling soon. And it appears the MSM will not be safe from karmic consequences, as illustrated by this recent Q 3168 post :

Their only defense is to play ‘dumb’ (shocked & surprised) to avoid ‘collusion’ claims.
Nobody walks away from this.


Mark Dice Video 3-4-19… “MSNBC Is Scared” (and two examples of how an “anti-DJT” has turned more “Pro-DJT”)

One “example” is with Van Jones (of CNN) who pointed out at CPAC that President Trump has done more for prison reform than others have (at about 1:17).

There is also an excellent example of attempted mind control by msm MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch. This fear-creating happens all the time on msm, and it’s why I don’t watch any of them anymore… ever.

There’s also a quip from Jon Stewart, who has been standing up for 911 victimes for years, about how the Trump justice department has been doing a great job at administering the program (at 3:15).

Published on Mar 4, 2019
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A couple of 1-25-19 videos illustrating how some msm outlets are starting to fall apart…

Q 1794: “Re: MSM… Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself”… That may be what’s going on here.

These two examples give some indication of how the MSM agenda is falling apart (perhaps slowly, but at least it’s happening), one step at a time. They’re doing it to themselves. Several msm media outlets have been laying off employees. We’ll see what happens.

And please note that I do not necessarily align with all the language in either of these, but at least they’re illustrating how “blowback” (aka, “karma”) is occurring with the msm-ers.

Some may also wish to check out the beginning of x22Report video which illustrates some possible reasons why “Covington” may have been “targeted”.

This x22Report video (at the beginning) also sheds some light on why the “Covington” name may be what’s being “targeted”, and how it is related to an “anti-Trump” theme.