Mark Dice VIDEOs 11-24-20… “Homer Simpson Tried To Warn Us!” (plus one more with msm “freak out panic”)

The first one is a quite well put together overview of past revelations about the “hack-ability” of voting machines. A couple of documentaries (from the NYT and others) are highlighted. And the Homer Simpson clip is right on the point.

The second one I’ve set to start at 5:14 where one can view the current msm “freak outs”. I believe they (the msm) know fully what is in store for them.


More msm “blowups”, from Dr. Steve Hurley and Mark Dice 3-31-20… “HUNDREDS of Journalists FIRED as Liberal Media IMPLODES During Coronavirus!!!” & “Wrong again, Rachel”

These were fun to watch, and see how the msm is falling apart, one step at a time.

Hundreds of journalists are being laid off as the coronavirus is causing the liberal media to implode; that’s what we’ll be talking about on today’s video. You are not going to believe how the mainstream Marxist media is collapsing as we speak, and we’re going to find that that implosion is happening all the while conservative alternative media is growing by leaps and bounds; I think it’s going to make your day!

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Mark Dice VIDEO 11-5-19… “[Donald J. Trump] Jr. Is On Our Side”

Although many of the Dice videos are mostly parodies of deep state players, this one connects many dots in the exposures of the deep state that are ongoing right now. Even those in the ddep state are admitting that it exists.

So there, people who’ve put down those “conspiracy theorists” who have “theorized”, quite correctly, that there is indeed a thing called the “deep state”.