New Moon In Aquarius: Proceeding With New Ideas

We are having a New Moon in Aquarius on February 4th in the West which will be February 5th in the Eastern part of the world. This is initiating a 29.5-day Lunar cycle and a new wave of energy for the coming month. This cycle will peak at the Full Moon in Virgo on February 19th.

This New Moon follows a Lunar and Solar Eclipse which was part of the previous lunar cycle. It’s important to keep in mind that the energy of the eclipses we had in January will continue to play out over the coming months. You can read more about them here.

Aquarius season began on January 20th, one day prior to the last Lunar Eclipse. However, this New Moon accentuates its energies even more so. It is also occurring right in the middle of this sign, which is also the middle of winter. Traditionally, pagans celebrated this period as ‘Imbolc.’

Aquarius is associated with idealism and innovation, as it tries to figure out how to do things in a better way and takes the future into consideration. Although it can be idealistic, it applies itself intellectually and rationally, yet can also be overly theoretical. Being a fixed sign, traditionally ruled by Saturn, it can also be stubborn and unyielding when it comes to the ideas and perspectives that it has already decided on.

Aquarius is also about friends, social networks, the group, the team, and the collective. However, it can also be detached socially and likes to spread itself out with regards to relationships. In more modern approaches to astrology, the planet Uranus has been assigned as a ruler of Aquarius. Uranus reflects the inventive, revolutionary, unconventional, and even rebellious potentials of Aquarius. I personally view Saturn as its primary ruler and observe Uranus as a sub-ruler or representative of certain qualities of Aquarius.

Over the last year and a half, we have had Eclipses as well as Mars Retrograde occurring in Aquarius. This has been a period of shifting and changes in regards to how we incorporate Aquarian themes in our lives, with the previous Lunar Eclipse in Leo being the final instalment of this process. Therefore it is possible that this Lunar cycle (and the previous weeks) could trigger themes that have already been playing out since 2017.

New Moon Conjunct Mercury and Sextile Jupiter, Mercury in aspect with Mars conjunct Uranus

This New Moon is aligned with Mercury in the same sign, six days after it was in its ‘superior conjunction’ with the Sun. This is a period in which we can proceed forward with greater clarity in regards to things that have been seeded in the previous months. We can better implement our ideas in a way that is more aligned with our true wants. This combined with Mercury in aspect with Mars, can signify a period of increased Mercurial action such as thinking, planning, communicating and writing.

Mercury is also moving towards a sextile with Uranus which is strongest on February 9th. This can stimulate the inventiveness of Aquarius, and can be a time of insight, new ideas, or thinking in a unique or unconventional way. Mars is aligned with Uranus which will be strongest from February 12th-13th yet will be building up in the days leading up to it. This can reflect taking action in a way that is different, liberating, rebellious, but it can also be impulsive and erratic. It is possible that some changes could come up that could alter how we apply ourselves.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is also connected to this New Moon and Mercury configuration. This can be good for learning, teaching, exploring, and considering the big picture. Philosophical thinking could also be a theme. This can also be good for plans or actions connected to media, marketing, or even travels. This combined with the Mercury-Mars aspect can also manifest as short trips and moving around a lot.

Saturn Sextile Neptune, Chiron in Final Stretch of Pisces

Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius, is in a sextile with Neptune in Pisces which peaked in the previous week and will still play a role over the coming weeks and in different periods throughout the year. This is a great influence for taking a structured, disciplined or committed approach when it comes to ideals, dreams, inspirations, creativity, spirituality, or even anything that involves selflessness, compassion, or healing.

Chiron is finishing up its process in Pisces before returning to Aries on February 18th. It began its journey in Pisces in 2010 and the last time it was there before that was from 1960-1969. Known as the ‘wounded healer’, Chiron triggers both wounds and the potential healing of those wounds. It also serves as a bridge and helps to facilitate holistic awareness and approaches towards healing and empowerment.

Chiron has been influencing Piscean themes which is about spirituality, oneness, compassion, psychic potential, creativity, and inspiration. This energy could also trigger wounds, blockages, or negative traits of Pisces to help facilitate healing, awareness, or transformation. This can include escapism, intoxication, delusion, and deception. Pisces can also easily drift from light to dark, either consciously or by lacking discernment. .

Since 2010 we have seen a major spiritual shift in the collective, with many people become more spiritually aware through personal experiences as opposed to the influence of organized religion.  Last time it was in Pisces it had a similar effect. However, this was before Chiron was discovered and seeded into the collective consciousness and therefore its influence in Pisces in the 60’s was not as strong as it is during its recent passage.

During this final stretch of Chiron in Pisces over the next few weeks, we could experience some sort of concluding factor of this process. This combined with Saturn sextile Neptune (mentioned above), can indicate a period of making constructive and beneficial progress around these themes.

Making Intentions and Things To Consider

What has been coming up for you over the last month and how should you take a different approach based on this? Did you have any insights, conversations, realizations, or increased clarity that came up around January 29th-30th? In what new ways can you approach your friendships or social networks? How can you assert yourself in new ways?

What realistic steps do you need to take to help make your dreams, visions, and ideals a reality? What areas of your life are calling for some sort of expansion? What aspect of your life wants to healed? What do you need to overcome in order to help you become a more whole and spiritually embodied version of yourself?

These are just some examples of what to consider or focus your intentions on at this time, however, it is good to reflect on anything else that is coming up for you. It is generally best to make any intentions within the first 24 hours following a New Moon. It will be occurring at 9:04pm Universal Time, you can click here to see what that is in your time zone.

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