Martial Law Schmartial Law

By Anna Von Reitz

Hate to break it to everyone, but technically, “the United States”
–as opposed to “The United States”– have been under “martial law” since 1863, and they have illegally and unlawfully intruded upon the rest of us, seeking to involve us in their commercial mercenary “wars”.

If Mr. Trump needs elbow-room to go after the worst of the criminals in their corporations, let me be the last one to raise a finger to prevent him. It is long overdue.

At the same time, let Mr. Trump and the rest of the world be aware that people identifying themselves as “American Nationals” who have reasonable evidence of their provenance and who are not directly employed by the federal “government” or offering to harm anyone should not be endangered or overly inconvenienced by federal housecleaning activities on our shores.

As large as the number “51,000 indictments” sounds, and is, it’s not all that overwhelming. We deal with more cases than that every day in this country; the only difference is that this time, actual criminals will be brought to trial instead of “offenders”.

And if, for example, Hillary Clinton or other known shysters attempt hide themselves in our jurisdiction, it is already established Public Law that Mr. Trump and the U.S. Army can come reclaim their own vermin. They just have to be very careful not to harm or unduly impose upon our people or property in the process.

As for us, none of this federal frou-frou-rah is our business and should not concern us. We should be more than happy to sit tight in our homes and snug in our beds and play pinochle for a few days. Let the Army and the National Guard come rule the streets for a few days and flush out the worst of the vermin.

Go pack in some extra food, water, fill up prescriptions for yourselves and pets. Extra pet food. Toilet paper. Tampons. Some gas for the grill and sterno to heat water. A few extra gallons of drinking water and some tap water for flushing the toilets manually. Considering the time of year– extra firewood and blankets might be nice.

Consider it a mini-vacation. Time with the family.

Turn off the television and radio. Leave your cell phone on, in case there are any important announcements. Watch a movie. Read a book. Play indoor “fetch” with your dog. Cuddle your kids. Get around to reading that dusty Bible on the shelf.

These are the “Last Days” of the old system.

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