Operation Disclosure 7-16-19, Mauna Kea update… “The Cabal are at it again in Hawaii”… “OHA leadership demands halt to TMT construction”

This is likely something that will continue to come up as the telescope corporation tries to get its equipment up the Mauna. I just noticed this and felt the desire to post it. OHA = Office of Hawaiian Affairs, which (sort of) represents Hawaiian interests. “Sort of”, because they are a State of Hawaii office. But it does represent some type of “push back” against what they are attempting to do on the Mauna.

As I walked by a newspaper dispenser yesterday, West Hawaii Today had a headline and a big picture of the proposed telescope on the front page. This is (in my view) an example of the years and years of predictive programming propaganda that the msm in Hawaii have been putting out. And if you look at the poll below (that says 95% support starting the telescope construction), it is only 1000 people, and very likely most are not at all connected to the Mauna like those who are currently up there protecting it. And so many are commenting from the “3D only” perspective, which never includes the Higher Energetics of the situation.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting about this, but a couple ways to stay connected are Big Island Video News (YouTube page), and Stand for Mauna a Wakea FB page.


The Cabal are at it again in Hawaii

Cabal illegal private corporation, does what ever it wants in Hawaii, hides the truth about laser telescope….

‘Private Cabal Corporations Sacrilege’: OHA Leadership Predicts Violence at TMT Construction Site

By News Release @ 4:22 AM

OHA leadership demands halt to TMT construction to avoid harm to Native Hawaiians and the public until steps are taken to ensure public safety

News Release from OHA

HONOLULU (July 13, 2019) – OHA Chair Colette Machado and OHA Trustee Dan Ahuna call on Gov. David Ige to halt all planned construction activities for the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) to avoid harm to Native Hawaiians and others until four material steps are taken to ensure public safety.

OHA Chair Colette Machado and Trustee Dan Ahuna, chair of the OHA Board’s Ad Hoc Committee on Mauna Kea, sent a letter late yesterday to Gov. Ige noting that TMT construction is moving forward without the state sufficiently addressing the Native Hawaiian community’s longstanding opposition to the state’s decades-long pattern of mismanagement of Maunakea, one of our island’s most sacred spaces.

In their letter, Chair Machado and Trustee Ahuna said:

[I]n light of the ongoing neglect and mismanagement of Maunakea, the clear and unwarranted bias against those concerned for this sacred space, and the continued and reaffirmed commitment of many Native Hawaiians and others to protest the TMT unless and until their ongoing concerns have been addressed, it is highly likely and clearly foreseeable that the commencement of construction activities for the TMT will result in bodily harm and psychological trauma to OHA’s beneficiaries and others at the hands of the State. In the interests of peace, justice, and public safety, we therefore implore you to place a halt on all TMT construction activities pending the identification of solutions to more meaningfully respect the cultural beliefs and well-founded concerns of Native Hawaiians and others, and ensure the safety of those wishing to practice their culture and express their concerns.

Chair Machado and Trustee Ahuna’s letter demands a halt to TMT construction until the following steps are taken by government officials to protect Native Hawaiians and the public:

Condemn and prohibit, unconditionally, any further government action to provoke or intimidate Native Hawaiian cultural practitioners or Protectors, including through the dismantling of culturally or spiritually significant structures or the issuance of unfounded allegations or statements that mischaracterize or dismiss cultural and environmental concerns;

Coordinate with all relevant state and county agencies, UH officials, OHA representatives, and Native Hawaiian community members to meaningfully alleviate tensions within the Native Hawaiian community and recognize and respect all cultural beliefs regarding the sacred Mauna, as necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of OHA’s beneficiaries;

Prohibit, unconditionally, the use of any and all unwarranted force against nonviolent protestors and Protectors, including the use of any Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) or “less-than-lethal” weapons and crowd control devices capable of inflicting bodily or psychological harm; and

Ensure the safety of all who wish to exercise their cultural practices and right to peaceful expression and opposition, including through the mutually agreed-upon establishment of sufficient spaces where Protectors and practitioners may safely assemble, rest, monitor, and voice their opposition to any government-sanctioned activities that may occur on Maunakea, including near or on its summit and near any cultural features or sites.

PDF: OHA Letter to Governor Ige Dated July 12 2019 — “Inappropriate and borderline sacrilegious activities by extreme sports enthusiasts and visitors….”

Big Q: Do you support work on the Thirty Meter Telescope starting Monday? (95% — YES)

Flashback: Telescope: For OHA, it’s all About the Rent Money

SA: OHA demands TMT halt until Native Hawaiian concerns, safety issues resolved
HNN: OHA sends letter to Gov. Ige demanding ‘immediate halt’ of TMT construction

Mauna a Wakea (Mauna Kea) update 7-15-19…

Kupuna Elders protectors of Mauna Kea, 7-15-19

I have not been posting anything regarding the Mauna Kea situation, but basically, the state and committees have pushed through this affair for the last several months, and the TMT corporation was eventually given the okay to begin construction on the telescope. Today was supposed to be a day when equipment was moved up the Mauna. Apparently the protectors are coming out and holding their line. Here are a couple updates.

From Diresha

Latest news from Lori Halemano @ We are Mauna Kea
The Sheriff excused the 8 kia?i that chained themselves to the cattle grate. Said we’ll see you tomorrow. The kupuna line held vigil since 3am this morning. The sherrifs refused to arrest us. No machines went up the mauna today. It?s a big win for Mauna Kea today. Tomorrow is another day. We?re here for the long haul. #onedayatatime #kukiaimauna – Aunty Noe Noe Wong-Wilson

So grateful!! Mahalo to the K?puna who held the line and all of the Protectors there!!

From Lori Helemano:

Our k?puna on the frontline, at the base of Mauna Kea. These brave elders are willing to put their lives on the line, to protect the younger and future generations…for the love of our land, our culture, our people. I have never been more proud to be a Hawaiian!

Please lift them up in prayers of protection.

Ua mau ke ea i ka ‘?ina i ka pono o Hawai’i

As many know, I am very much opposed to any more telescope construction on Mauna Kea. It is a very sacred space, particularly for Hawaiians who have grown up here and known the Mauna as part of their family.

In doing my own work on the Mauna, it has become clear that it should be there, not to be used as a platform for technology, but as a home for sacred practice and connection with the Higher Cosmos.

Suggest for all those who feel the calling, to send a blessing to all protectors and hold the Sacredness of Mauna Kea in the Light.

The 9-30-17 Mission Point…

This was where I was moved to stop to do some kind of ceremony. I wasn’t sure where it was going to be, then suddenly it “showed up”. Not all way up to Mauna Kea, not even to Pu’u Huluhulu, but here. You can see the blue dot with the direction blue, pointed right towards Mauna Kea.

Not sure exactly what was done. I did see a dome of light over lighting the Mauna.

Yesterday’s decision by the BLNR to approve the TMT permit was likely connected to this (ref. 1, ref. 2).

There’s still several hurdles that are in front of the TMT people, though. I am continuing to send Light and Love and Aloha and all that to the Mauna and her protectors.

Suggest following one’s Higher Guidance about what to do and how to BE with all this.

Aloha, Kp

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Mauna Kea TMT BLNR Contested Case Final Argument videos, 9-20-17

I’ve been watching a few of these in the last couple days, and felt the desire to place them here for others to get a flavor for what is happening regarding the TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) situation. Here is a link to a prior Kp blog post about this which some may wish to view. There are three pro-Mauna Kea videos and three pro-TMT videos.

2015 was the year when Mauna Kea protectors prevented the beginning of construction of the telescope, and there was a continuing pressing of the issue that there had never been a contested case hearing (before the BLNR = Board of Land and Natural Resources). The efforts of various local groups and their attorneys eventually led to the presentation of their case before the State of Hawaii supreme court. The court decided that the contested case should have been held, and invalidated TMT’s permit.

So now there have been final arguments before the BLNR, and they will then make a decision whether to grant a Conservation District Use Permit (CDUP) for the TMT (hopefully I’ve got those details right).

I have watched these videos, not using the intellect, but rather with my na’au (solar plexus), from the depths of connection with the Mauna. I know who I am connected with. See what you connect with here.

Thanks to Big Island Video News for these excellent videos.







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