A Note on the last Q post (2639) that had the comparison image…

Thanks to SL who sent these links that connected with the phrase “Trump can’t do anything right – We don’t need troops in Syria”, from this image, addressed in this Kp blog post.


They all reference an article by Daniel Larison. This article was ont written by Max Boot. It was written by Daniel Larison, who quotes (references) Max Boot. Boot never did write the article with that title.

Enough of this. I’m done with fooling around with this.

I will note that if you view a list of Max Boot’s articles, they are notably strongly and consistently anti-Trump.

#Q #QAnon 12-20-18, post 2639… “Q used an image that appears to be ‘made up’”

Yes, I’m sure many are convinced that the msm is largely about either “fake news” or “pushing a deep state agenda” news. Fine.

But in this post by Q, an example of “fake news”, shows up displaying this image, which is a construct of two WaPo articles by Max Boot. Only problem is, the second article shown (posted on 4-19-18) does not exist (apparently).

I searched and searched (including the Wayback Machine), and all WaPo articles from Max Boot, and the only thing that showed up on WaPo on 4-19 was this one, entitled, “Trump thinks we can replace U.S. forces in Syria with Arab troops. He’s wrong“. Max Boot validated this on his Twitter.

Not sure why this happened, but any disinfo / misinfo deserves to be “called out”… even from Q. Maybe it was just a mistake.

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Why do people trust the FAKE NEWS media?
Anons can play this game all day long.
Compare & Contrast.