A Video I found “Fascinatingly Illuminative”, with Juan O’Saven 7-28-19… “Interview with Juan O’Saven! Q Anon! Operation Poppycock! Subfud & Fuddy! CIA Supergirl!!!”

Well, I’m not posting videos unless they really “hit”… This one definitely did. I discovered this in an RMN article, and it’s one of those videos that really “sucked me in”, and I found I could not stop listening to it (even at 1 AM).

The RMN article implies that the speaker in the video (Juan O’Savez) is JFK, Jr. Whether it is or not, the information is absolutely mind blowing. This guy certainly knows a lot about deep state operations. He says “The Farm” refers to the CIA farms around the world that “grow” assets… just like crops.

He then goes into all sorts of things.

One is the importance of Hawaii as a “CIA Farm” location. People who are trained here don’t want to leave, and are much easier for the CIA to keep an eye on.

Another is that Loretta Fuddy, who was brought in to fudge Obama’s birth certificate, was a CIA asset, and did not die in the supposed plane crash, but rather was taken in by the CIA to a safe location because she’d finished her job successfully.

Finally, he states that the “Loretta Fuddy removal” operation the CIA deep state carried out is the most important piece to exposing those CIA assets and taking them out. They (CIA, deep state) exposed themselves via that operation.

He also noted that When Q wrote, in post 3525 (which had an image of Comey in a cornfield):

Was the corn ripe for harvesting?
It is now.

[ 93 dk]

…this refers to the “harvesting” of the CIA “Corn” (CIA Farm assets) is about to occur.