One in Four Vaccinated Children in Chinese City Got Measles

(Rishma Parpia) A recent study published in the journal Vaccine revealed that, despite having a vaccination coverage rate of over 97 percent with two or more doses of measles containing vaccine (MCV), 8.5 percent of cases in the surveillance dataset and 26 percent in the case series dataset of vaccinated children in Tianjin, China still became infected with measles.1

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Silent Carriers of Measles Are Never Diagnosed or Reported

(Kate Raines) The concept of transmission of measles infection by fully vaccinated, asymptomatic carriers is a topic that merits careful attention, given that it effectively pulls the rug out from under the mainstream insistence that it is the unvaccinated who threaten the health of the nation. With measles hysteria ongoing, state governments like in New York have taken previously unheard of measures such as changing vaccine exemption laws without due process,1 closing schools and threatening vaccine refusers with steep fines or jail time.23

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Vaccine Flaw: Than 1 out of 4 Children Who Get Jabbed with Measles Vaccines Still Develop Measles, Study Finds

(Ethan Huff) Did you know that China had more than 700 measles outbreaks between 2009 and 2012, despite the fact that more than 99 percent of the communist country’s population is fully vaccinated in compliance with government mandates? That’s because the measles-containing vaccine (MCV), in case you didn’t know, doesn’t actually work.

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The Historical Facts on Measles and the Measles Vaccine Censored by Mainstream Media

(Barbara Loe Fisher) This year, the fear mongering about measles has reached epidemic proportions in America. A day doesn’t go by without media outlets publishing angry articles and editorials spewing hatred toward a tiny minority of parents with unvaccinated children, who are being blamed for measles outbreaks.

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Why Didn’t California’s Vaccine Mandate Stop the Measles?

(Ethan Huff) On June 30, 2015, then-California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the infamous Senate Bill 277, an authoritarian legislative bill proudly sponsored and aggressively pushed by Senator Richard Pan of Sacramento that eliminated all vaccine exemptions throughout the Golden State, save for those considered to be medical in nature – meaning only licensed doctors are allowed to sign off on them.

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Genetic Sequencing Science Breakthrough Just Proved That Measles “Outbreaks” Are Caused by the Measles Vaccine

(Mike Adams) The entire fear mongering campaign surrounding measles outbreaks in the United States centers around a “big lie” that’s pushed by vaccine propagandists. All measles outbreaks, they falsely claim, are due solely to unvaccinated children. Thus, the answer to outbreaks is more vaccines, they say.

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What’s The Difference Between Vaccine Immunity & Natural Immunity?

What do you do when the laws of the land require you to vaccinate your children and where failure to comply means no child care,  kindergarten and no government family payments or rebates?

Allona Lahn is the leader of the Natural Immunity Community group, which is a supportive group for parents who do not choose to vaccinate their children and are finding other ways of child rearing and schooling out of the mainstream.

Lahn  proudly wears a T-shirt which clearly explains why she is a vaccine refuser. It reads:

I have Auto Immune issues, Anaphylaxis, Eczema and Severe Allergies and you want ME to Vaccinate MY child without ANY Genetic or Allergy testing?!…

In Anti-vaxxers establish own social services after No Jab, No Play policy crackdownJanel Shorthouse writes:

A network of anti-vaccination families on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast are creating their own social services, including childcare and schooling, in a bid to counter the Federal Government’s landmark No Jab No Play policy, implemented in January.

If you have a pre-school child and you happen to live in the Australian states of New South Wales or Victoria and unless your child is up to date with the national vaccination schedule, they are unable to attend child care services such as long day care, preschool/kindergarten, family day care and occasional care. While in the sunny state of Queensland the No Jab No Play policy allows for early childhood education and care services to cancel or refuse the enrolment of an unvaccinated child. In Western and South Australia, Tasmania, and the Territories, no such vaccination policy applies to child care services.

Such is the state of our punitive vaccination laws in Australia which also include loss of family benefits/rebates and family tax benefits for failure to comply with our strict vaccination schedule. It’s no wonder that Allona Lahn’s network is growing stronger and at present, numbers 800 members.

“We’ve been forced out of the mainstream,” Ms Lahn told Shorthouse for the ABC.  She explained that they have established the community network to protect themselves and provide support for the increasing numbers of people who choose not to vaccinate their children and find themselves fearful and isolated.

“The policy and crackdown targets us, our beliefs and discriminates against our families, our children,” she said. And so, the network have organized their own childcare and are in the process of setting up homeschooling. They have also turned away from mainstream medical services choosing to use health practitioners from the wider anti-vaccination networks.

It’s a great name for the network: A Natural Immunity Community, a support system where there is no need to comply with forced vaccination because there are alternative structures in place such as schooling and care which are not dependent on having been vaccinated, and where the opportunity is granted for children to acquire permanent immunity as opposed to transient immunity gained via vaccination.

As more vaccines are rapidly added to the vaccination schedule it is vital that we understand what is happening to natural immunity.

In Vaccination Illusion: How vaccination compromises our natural immunity and what we can do to regain our health, Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D. discusses how,

“Vaccination does not lead to permanent immunity.”

She explains how before the practice of vaccination,

“Infants were protected from these diseases by maternal immunity, whereas adults were protected by their own life-long immunity, which they had acquired in the childhood. The use of vaccines changed this.”

Before the measles vaccine was introduced into the U.S in 1963, the majority of children were naturally immune to the infection by the age of 15. By then, most children had experienced a case of measles and recovered. Then when the females grew up and had their babies, they were able to pass on this natural immunity via the placenta and through breast milk. This maternal protection lasts 6 months but is extended by breast-feeding hereby lessening the mortality associated with very young infants getting the measles infection.

Nature is wonderful!  But what have we done?

Now that mothers are vaccinated with the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine, they no longer pass this valuable natural immunity and protection on to their babies. This not only applies to measles but to other childhood infections such as mumps and chicken pox. Take the case of chicken pox, a mild infection. Before children were routinely given the chicken pox vaccine, immunity among adults was regularly reinforced by the young around them who had the natural disease. In this way, elderly people, often susceptible to shingles, were protected from the painful and debilitating disease. This naturally acquired immunity is disappearing now that children are vaccinated for these mild childhood infections and everything else – even against influenza.

This is tragic!

As Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D states:

“Mass vaccination undermines maternal immunity.”

How can we not see this as a tragedy? The situation is really grave and benefits no-one but those who profit from the vaccine industry. Vaccination has only been around for over 200 years. It is time to admit the mistake that it is.

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