Michael Jaco 3-17-21 VIDEO… “Gene Decode breaks down the DUMB situation and isolation of Antarctica before the final assault”

This was one that “impacted” quite deeply, for myself. Particularly, Gene goes through the number of small earthquakes noted around the Antarctica plate boundaries, all at 10 km depth. He says they are closing off all potential escape tunnels of the cabal. Michael also adds his viewpoints from his remote viewing perspective. MedBeds are discussed around 39 minutes, and around 47 minutes they talk about a formula for nanobot inhibitor (using borax).

This may very well be taken down by YT, so here are links to download/play: AUDIO MP3 (31 MB); VISUAL MP4 (360p, 127 MB)


Charlie Ward 2-16-21… Five (5) VIDEOS… “Medbeds, Gesara, Humanitarian projects, Peace (not attacks), and a Thank you to Patriots”

Well, there’s a lot of data here, in short bits. These are videos about various things that may be of interest to many. One of the keys to all of this is the “switching on” of the Quantum Financial System.

My suggestion for these, there’s always 2 minutes of intro, so suggest going to 2 minutes to hear the message topic.