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This is one meditation I fully support.   No appeals to named and nameless goddesses, no talk of chimeras and toplet bombs and 144,000 sacred geometry.  Just a direct appeal to SOURCE.  Well done CATS!!!  I am in awe.  AND YES SOURCE HAS ENERGY IN ESCROW FOR HUMANITY, Heather’s work has addressed that many times, “Pre-paid, Pre-approved”.  

But I’d add the qualifier to the end of it “in body”. lol, but don’t overly fret about that Source knows your intentions.  I AM DONE!



…with SOURCE. ~AM then did the following session last night for EVERYONE WHO WANTS IT — for today — to take advantage of the current eclipse/sun-moon energies. And if our dreams last night are any measure of its efficacy, it’s working. So, if the following is something you want, all you need do is go into meditation and think that you want it. You don’t have to tell us. In the Supersession, ~AM said:

We, and others of like mind, are done with the old world and ready to move on, and we’d like SOURCE to help us do this as soon as is possible. 

That’s it, we tried to keep it simple and broad. If this is something you’d like ~AM to have done for you too, just close your eyes, G+P+C, decide that that’s what you want too, and briefly meditate on it sometime today, 5/26/21. The energy is being held in escrow by SOURCE for you. We have no idea what the result will be. You can also of course do it the Allison Coe way, too.

The above quoted from

And also this short video from Allison Coe referenced above… for the more ritually inclined folks…


Make this Practice during May the 14th and 15th. In preparation to the your Ascension.

At midnight previous to Ascension Day, ask the “Presence” to take you into the Heart of the Great Central Sun, and charge you with the full Ascended Master Consciousness of all the Ascension means to you.

At noon (12:00 o’clock) the following day, be quiet for half an hour or an hour, and give conscious recognition to your “Presence.” Ask It to see that you make your Ascension in this embodiment if possible. Ask your “Beloved I AM Presence” to give you the feeling of the Ascension.

  • During the time of giving recognition to the Beloved Master Jesus’ Ascension—from noon of the preceding day, Ascension Day, to noon on the day following—for three days try to live in the constant Call for the Cosmic Christ Victorious Accomplishment of the Ascension of every individual, the Nation, and the world. Demand the Cosmic Christ Power of the Mightiest Love in Creation, and call the Angelic Host who direct the Blue Flame to spread that Flame everywhere. Then mankind will feel the pull toward the Light; and thus raise the attention, until once again the Magnetic Pull from the Great Heights of Creation from whence all Life comes, draws upon the outer self, and it turns away from the misery of its own limitations through the centuries.
  • At the moment of the Ascension and just previous to It, as the Love is continued from your outer self to your “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,” your “Mighty I AM Presence” lifts the struggle and the pressure of the outer self by consuming the discord. As It pours Its Love in the Violet Consuming Flame to the outer self, every vibration of discord is dissolved and consumed. The impurity fades, the Light within expands; and the Love from above joins the Light from below, and draws It up until It becomes that Greater Love also. And I assure you, it is not strenuous!
  • As you enter into the Great Great Silence, demand before you go into It, the Ascended Jesus Christ’ Knowledge and Use of all the Powers of the Sacred Fire during this time and until after Ascension Day.

Ask for the full Understanding and Use of all the Powers which He used when He produced certain Manifestations—which it was not wise to explain to the outer world at that time.

Ask Him to reveal to you the things which He did which He could not explain to the outer world at that time.

Ask Him, by the Power of the Sacred Fire which He directs, to teach you to do the things that He did.

You will have great Illumination! You will ?nd yourselves having Mastery over world conditions which will surprise you.

  1. If at any time you want to know more about the Ascension, and in the anticipation of your own, you begin to wonder how you would feel, call to  [David Lloyd]. He anticipated It and lived It, My Dear Ones! He desired that for more than ?fty years. It is a very deep Record in His Feeling World; and if you want to know how deep his Feeling and Desire for It were in his Life Stream, ask him to illumine you and make you feel his Desire and the Joy of Its Victory!
  2. The Protection of your Nation, the Protection of yourself, the Manifestation of the Incoming Golden Age, the Manifestation of your Ascension, are all contained within your Acknowledgment of the Sacred Fire Control in you and the Sacred Fire World around you the Sacred Fire’s Possession and Control of you unto your Ascension!

The Sacred Fire is the Power which gives you the Ascension! Not one imperfection can remain within that Sacred Fire. It is the Love which is the Mightiest Power at the Heart of the Great Central Sun. It is the Power which sustains the manifested System of Worlds—this System. It is the Power that gives you embodiment. It is the Power which sustains you in anything that is constructive.

It matters not whether It be the Sacred Fire of the Violet Consuming Flame, the Unfed Flame, or the Blue Lightning Purity. Whatever you call forth is controlled by and is the Manifestation of Love’s Perfection to Life, and you cannot fail.

The Cosmic Law stands Supreme; and Its Demand of Life is that the Ascension be attained by the Power of the Ascended Masters’ Love, because unascended beings cannot generate enough Pure Love and keep It pure long enough and be constructive enough to hold the Guard until the attainment of the Ascension. That is why unascended mankind must have Our enfolding Flame of Love in order to hold the Protection and be the Strength to take individuals to their Victory of the Ascension!


Form the habit of constantly qualifying your world with Perfection. The old habit of thinking imperfection has filled your world in the past. Now the important thing is to be Self-conscious that you are filling your world with Perfection all the time. Stand on your feet the first thing in the morning and say with feeling: “ ‘I AM’ the Presence filling my world with Perfection this day.”

The first thing in the morning, say: “I qualify everything in my world this day with Perfection, because ‘I AM’ Perfection. I qualify this mind and body with Absolute Perfection and refuse acceptance of anything else.”

 “ ‘I AM’ the Miracle, and ‘I AM’ the Presence compelling its manifestation through Divine Love, Wisdom and Power.”


The Benefits of Meditation for Children and a Steiner Education – Sade Lyn

Prepare for Change will be regularly featuring reposts from our Nature Restoration Website. Our Nature Restoration Group is a group of Earth Loving humans who are passionate about healing humanity and the planet. We meet every two weeks on Sundays. Our members share ideas and solutions at our meetings, as well as post on our website and facilitate workshops and classes.

Our next meeting will be taking place this coming Sunday, May 16, 2021 at 11:30 AM EDT (New York) time.

For more information about our group and to receive an invite to our next meeting email Shari at

To visit our website go to

Our Feature Author for this month is Sade Lyn.

The Benefits of Meditation for Children

Several studies have been conducted that suggest children who practice mindfulness develop positive traits such as increased self control and better attention in class. They also tend to have more empathy for others.

Many children have a natural feel for meditation. Here are some more benefits:

• Enhanced focus
• Fostering compassion/self esteem
• Boosting confidence Building happiness.

Some schools are actually replacing detention time with meditation in the USA. Suspensions decreased by 70% over a 4 year period.


Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety. Teaching children to focus on their breath can benefit them in order to come back to a calm state. Outdoors is a good way to help children experience the calming beauty of nature. A few minutes of meditation a day can have excellent benefits. Doing this on a regular basis can change the brain. Brain centers for emotions and executive functioning can be changed and help children in a variety of ways.



Find a quiet location.

Be in a comfortable position such as sitting or lying down.

Focus of attention and open attitude.

Allow the child to take deep breaths and focus on something that brings the child happiness.

Encourage them to imagine good things such as being with family and friends or enjoying themselves in the sunshine. They can think about their favorite holiday destination with the beautiful sea and sand or maybe a tree house where they can create magical things in the tree house. Guide the child to create anything they want with their imagination and put feeling into their thoughts. Guide the child and ask them how they feel when they are imagining all these wonderful things. Use words such as happiness, peace, and joy.

Visualize light all around the body and hum the mantra UMMM which is the sound of light and resonance which will restore harmony. You can do this for 1 minute.

Take deep breaths and end with the code word Namaste.

Recommended time frames for meditation:
Pre school children: A few minutes per day.
Grade school children: 3-10 minutes twice a day.

The Magic of Waldorf and a Steiner Education

Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect, esotericist and clairvoyant.

Waldorf education provides education that allows children to become free human beings and help to incarnate their spiritual identity as beings of body, soul and spirit.

The first Steiner school opened in 1919 for children of workers at the Waldorf Astoria cigarette factory. The schools benefactor was Emil Mott, a managing director who asked Dr Rudolf Steiner to found and lead the school in its early stages.

Steiner schools take children from 3 years to eighteen years of age.

Steiner education works for all children of any class, ethnicity, religion and academic ability.

The core subjects of the curriculum are taught in thematic blocks and all lessons include a balance of artistic, practical and intellectual content.


Waldorf schools by continent:

• North America- 202
• Africa- 21
• Central America- 17
• South America- 62
• Asia- 65
• Europe- 803
• Oceania- 69


• North America- 180
• Africa- 18
• Central America- 17
• South America- 90
• Asia- 146
• Europe- 1355
• Oceania- 51

It’s time to Co-create The New Era

By Vanessa López De la O

March 31, 2021

It is time…

Humanity is at its most critical crossroad in known history.  In global terms, it basically has two scenarios to choose from.

One consists of deepening differences and divisions by focusing on:

  • The material and the technological,
  • Hierarchies and competition,
  • Being in service to self -or a single group or nation.

The second one is to imagine a reality that equals us in dignity and rights by focusing on:

  • The intangible and the spiritual,
  • Human relations and collaboration,
  • Working in service to others and universal justice.

Granted, technology indicates progress.  But spirituality is also a measure of civilizational growth.

Technology without humanism and wisdom is void of meaning.

We should ask ourselves, what motivates us to develop in every area of our lives?

Is it profit-making and the accumulation of material things for the few, or is it the thrill of creating and contributing to satisfy unmet needs for the many?

What goes first, ethics or profits?

Why not imagine a future where profits are practically irrelevant; where only ethics, rights and universal satisfaction of human -and the rest of life- needs matter?

A truly evolved society like the one depicted in Star Trek. Where we can aspire to peacefully explore the Universe and Consciousness, once we have solved the essential problems in our home: planet Earth and the Solar System. Namely, the differences in dignity and rights.

Where food, clothing, housing, energy, transportation, communication, knowledge, and healthcare are basically free and accessible to all… And where we all contribute with our work to the general well-being, and at the same time, to the satisfaction of our individual self-realization.

It is time to decide.

Either we head for the maelstrom of the technological singularity / transhumanist agenda, or we ascend to a universal fraternity where values govern as the compass of progress in all areas of our lives.

The creation of a New Era is your choice, as well as our collective choice.

It is born out of our God-given free will and consciousness.

The time to co-create the future is here and now…

Choose wisely,

Vanessa López De la O



Urgent meditation for peace in the Middle East and Ukraine

Source: Cobra

The situation in Ukraine keeps escalating:

Therefore the Light forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to join our peace meditation for Ukraine:

Goddess wants peace and peace it will be!

Here is another link explaining the seriousness of the situation:

We suggest every one who feels guided, to do the Meditation for Peace in Middle East and Ukraine as often as possible, or every 4 hours at the following times:

12:45 AM UTC
4:45 AM UTC
8:45 AM UTC
12:45 PM UTC
4:45 PM UTC
8:45 PM UTC

The following table shows the times of the meditation for various time zones:

Instructions for this meditation: (Suggested time for this meditation is 15 minutes):

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness

2. State your intent to bring peace and healing to the situations in the Middle East and Ukraine.

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.

4. Visualize a pillar of pink Light, emanating from the Galactic Central Sun and then descending down through your body and deep into the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize this Light flowing through your heart and then through your hands directly to everybody involved in the Middle East and Ukrainian conflicts, harmonizing everyone and bringing peace. Let the pink Light then flow onwards, healing all other conflicts worldwide.

6. Ask the Goddess presence (the divine feminine) to direct energies of peace and harmony to all unresolved situations regarding the Middle East and Ukrainian conflicts and everyone involved in it. Let these energies then flow onwards and heal all other conflicts worldwide. Allow these energies to continue to flow through your heart and then through your hands into these situations for a few minutes.

Those who feel guided can help supporting the healing of the Syria pentagram by visualizing the piece of ancient Halafian pottery rotating over the whole Syria pentagram, strengthening the Goddess vortex there and removing all darkness from the region.

This piece of Halafian pottery, made 7000 years ago, contains sacred geometry codes that activate Goddess presence and remove darkness from all four directions.

Here the guided Meditation for peace in the Middle East and Ukraine on YouTube:


April 17, 2021 Healing Group Meeting – Surviving the Fall Down the Rabbit Hole

Prepare for Change is happy to announce that our Healing Group is planning another group call to offer support and means to assist those seeking healing.  The Zoom call will be held this Saturday at 10:00 am CST USA.  Information on the topic is directly below.  To request participation please scroll further down and read the protocols for attending the call.  You will find instructions on how to receive an invitation there (towards the bottom) as well.  Thanks so much.

Digital Detoxing from Information Overload and EMF

By Rev Kat Carroll

It is hard to believe that 50 years ago we were using land lines with phones you had to dial by putting your finger in a hole and spin the dial multiple times to make a call. Back then, we had important phone number of friends and family  memorized. Today, we just flip the phone and scroll through the contact list.  We are no longer tethered to a building; you can make calls or connect to the internet from almost anywhere on the planet.  It is nearly impossible to find a location without wireless technology on the premises. The computing power of our smart phones is greater than the banks of computers used to get the astronauts to the moon and back, and you carry it with you everywhere!

These technologies give us mobile, 24/7 access to friends, family, and information but that convenience has health consequences that you should be aware of.  Your television, cell phones, computer monitors, tablets and PCs all emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).  Let’s discuss some of the problems associated with long term exposure to electronic smog.

Information Overload – Your brain does not know the difference between a real threat and the bad news you are reading about or watching in a video. The body responds to threats by producing stress hormones normally reserved for fight or flight situations. Those stress hormones can eventually break down your immune system leaving you tired and vulnerable to disease if the cause of stress is not removed or at least reduced.

  • Constant exposure to EMF radiation causes oxidative stress, an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants which can damaging DNA, cell membranes and proteins. Oxidative stress can bring about chronic inflammation, pain, and more serious health problems such as genetic damage, reproductive defects, cancer, neurological degeneration and nervous system dysfunction, immune system dysfunction, and many others.
  • Blue light from electronic devises interferes with your body’s natural circadian rhythm which disrupts restful sleep by interfering with the conversion of serotonin to melatonin (sleep hormone). Radiation from TV, computer monitors, and device screens is bad for our eyes. According to the Mayo Clinic, studies have shown that blue light causes a risk factor for the onset of age-related macular degeneration, which is a progressive condition that can lead to vision loss over time.
  • If you find yourself spending more time on the internet than the time required to care for your family, pets, house, or your own health, you may have addiction to the internet to consider.

What can you do to protect yourself and detox?

If you don’t think your exposed to frequencies other than in your home, try looking for available Wi-fi connections near you on your cell phone. No doubt you have 4 to 6 or even more near your location.

Thousands of peer-reviewed studies link the EMF from wireless devices and cell towers to heightened cancer & fertility risks.  Studies on the latest release of 5G are highly controversial as despite the known dangers, cell towers have gone up in nearly every state and in most countries. One of the first locations to roll out 5G was Wuhan China in 2019.

Here are some things you can do to reduce your exposure to EMF:

  • Store your phone in a faraday bag when not in use. It also prevents tracking of your location.
  • Resist the temptation to keep cell phones, tablets, and iPads by your bed at night.
  • Turn off the Wi-fi router at night.
  • Look into protective clothing to shield your brain or your belly if pregnant.
  • Utilize protective paints known to block EMF on the outside and/or inside of your home.
  • Fix wire mesh frames to windows to block EMF from power lines.
  • Plant trees and bushes as they can help block or reduce EMF from the power lines.
  • When possible, bury power lines.
  • If you have an addiction to social media, set healthy time limits and use apps that help you keep track of your use.
  • Invest in blue ray glasses and or screen protectors to limit blue light or log off a few hours before bed. Try some light stretching or read a book as an alternative to being on the internet.
  • Place EMF blocking stickers on your router and wireless devices
  • Orgone and shungite detox the environment of harmful EMF and you can place them in your office or home space, wear jewelry made of these materials or place them directly on your devices.
  • Your physical, emotional, and spiritual detox should include some combination of the following:
    • Get grounded… Walk in nature, through parks, on the beach or near water for its healing effects. Spend time gardening.
    • Exercise to get your brain producing “feel good” endorphins. A neurotransmitter called anandamide, sometimes known as the bliss compound is produced after exercise. Go and find your bliss!
    • Clear your mental/emotional state through meditation and breathing exercises. Focus on positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions to calm your nervous system.

Can you think of other ways to protect or heal yourself from the constant bombardment of negative information and harmful EMF? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


For a deeper dive:


Mike Adams Filmed Xylitol crystal morphology vs. 4G mobile phone energy  Must watch!

Six potential risks and effects of 5G on human health

Everything You Should Know About Oxidative Stress

Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)

PubMed – Adverse health effects of 5G mobile networking technology under real-life conditions

Orgonite and EMF Radiation

Orgone Energy: The Greatest Discovery SUPPRESSED by the FDA

Shungite EMF protection: how it works, proof and science study

5 Ways to Protect from Blue Light Effects on Sleep & Eyes

10 Ways Meditation Can Help with your Detox

Detox Your Mind in 5-Minutes: The Power of Quantum Cleansing

The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Protect your eyes from harmful light

7 smart buys that protect your eyes from harmful blue light — from computer glasses to screen protectors

Internet Addiction

Rev. Kat Carroll

Prepare for Change Media and Healing Team


Prepare for Change Healing Group Protocols

Welcome to the Prepare for Change Healing Group.  We ask that you take the time to read and consider the following introductory information and protocols prior to attending one of our healing calls.

From the Constitution of Prepare for Change:

Prepare for Change (PFC) was formed to serve others in loving and peaceful support towards a new and prosperous society. All actions and commitments will be pursued with the Laws of God, the Laws of Creation, and the Galactic Codex as our supreme guidance. 

We are charged with organizing Light Warriors & Light Workers who work at this etheric level to bring about change and assist others through the Event. 


Despite how you may define The Event, the circumstances and challenges of the past year make it quite clear that we are on the threshold of monumental change.  This is causing various levels of awakening processes in humanity, each with their own unique challenges.  Those with clarity to sense both the subtle and obvious signs around them know that something just does not feel right.  When the truth is exposed, it can be a critical and shocking experience.

Nobody plans how their awakening process happens, and when it comes, most of us know even less about how to deal with it, or even what it is.  Our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, relationships, careers, and everything we thought was our life can be suddenly in question.  The ego mind has a hard time dealing with these traumatic realizations.  Hence the need for compassionate understanding and healing from those who are familiar with the phenomenon.


There are many types of healing methods and practices.  Our primary intention is to focus on emotional and spiritual healing, rather than physical ailments.  How can we create clarity for self-awareness and self-love and to find peace within ourselves?  How can we feel safe and calm when faced with so much stress and disruption?  How can we find compassion and support for others when we are struggling with these same issues in our own lives?

We hope to offer multiple techniques to assist in the healing our followers seek.  Please understand that no healing can occur if the subject is not ready to receive it.  Nor will it occur when one believes that the healing comes solely from outside of themselves.  They must believe all things come from within and accept that.  Others can act as a conduit for a healing process, but they are not the source of the healing.  All lasting and true healing can only be done by the person seeking it.


As important as it is to understand that healing can only occur by the seeker, the healing agent must acknowledge they are only directing the healing, not providing it.  Healers surrender their ego and respect the energies and higher intentions that come through them from Source.

Some healers and channelers work with beings that produce good work, but some get trapped within their ego by convincing themselves that they are performing miracles.  They are not.  Of course, there are also dark beings that attach themselves to healers to create a trap for the ego which could lead to temptation and corruption.  If you feel at any time that any of our healers are coming from a place of ego, we would appreciate knowing this so it can be addressed.

Emotional attachment to an outcome is another trap to avoid during healing.  As an example, Reiki practitioners have principals they abide by which are useful for any practitioner. Prior to the session they take time to prepare themselves. In a light state of meditation or prayer, they call in Universal Life Force energy from Source. They ask that all that occurs be for the best and good of everyone concerned and that their body be used as the clean clear channel for which the energy flows and is directed. By invoking these intentions, the healer accepts the outcome without fear of guilt of causing harm as it is up to the higher self of the recipient to accept or decline the energy.  Another important aspect to consider that comes directly from the bible is having a gratitude for the outcome and feeling what the person needs has already been granted. It is a state of grace or surrender to the will of a higher power (not our own) and the results may not be what we expected, but what the individual needs.

Those requesting healing must approach the process with an open mind. Once you have convinced yourself of one outcome or another, your ego could be limiting the best possible outcome for you.  Do not assume that a healing experience is the defining or end moment of your issue as there is usually more work to be done of a psychospiritual nature. This requires releasing buried trauma and fear and forgiving the people or situations that created them (including yourself).

Shadow Work

The awakening process is a mind-expanding experience.  Shock and awe are not harsh enough words to define it.  Knowledge is power.  The eagerness to absorb as much information as possible is a common reaction, once the minds’ door has been opened.  It is easy to find oneself wanting to dive deeper into the history and reasons for the matrix that is now being revealed to you.  Although a normal response, a person can find themselves on an endless search that leads down multiple rabbit holes. You need to stay grounded lest you find yourself experiencing anxiety and more trauma.

While the mind is busy with such contemplations, the subconscious and ego minds are simultaneously reacting at warp speed by stirring up emotions and triggers that have been suppressed yet lying in wait for release. Without a strong and stable foundation, a person can quickly be drawn into a mental quagmire with dire consequences.  The same predicament can occur with a well-grounded person if they do not understand that dark entities thrive in the lower dimensions of the 3D world you wish to explore.

Battles with the ego and subconscious are often lost in the third dimensional realm.  The only way out is to perceive and act in the higher dimensions for yourself and others by responding with compassion and reviewing your observations from a position of love rather than judgment or fear.  Your actions should be for the betterment of the whole and in service to others, rather than in service to self.  Taking steps toward understanding what makes you feel fear, anger, jealousy, and the many other 3D judgmental reactions in your reality is an important and difficult task in reducing your ego mind.

These are a few examples of what is referred to as Shadow Work.  You can spend each day focusing on a different healing practices but until you start to address your own shadow work, you may find little progress in your awakening process.  The point to make is that your shadow work should become a habit and never assumed to be over but rather, an ongoing process.  Once started, it is something that should be worked on every day.  Afterall, for now you are still living in the 3D world where the Dark energies and lower vibrational frequencies rule unequivocally.

Participation in a Prepare for Change Healing Group Session

If you have read the above and understand how important this background information is to the mission that the Prepare for Change Healing Group portends, then you are welcome to join one of our sessions.  If you are not, then we kindly ask that you respect our vision and join a session when you are ready and willing.  Acceptance to participate in a healing session is contingent upon you including the following statement in your email request. “I have read and agree to the PFC healing protocols “ Please send your request to

Creation of a safe space

It is critical that all sessions create a safe place for compassionate communication to flourish.  The ability to establish a warm and receptive atmosphere where people can openly share personal beliefs, stories and experiences without fear is paramount to the healing process.  Behaviors, reactions, and words that do not promote a safe environment are simply not acceptable.  Failure to comply will cause immediate removal from the session.

We are here to help those that participate in raising their vibration to assist and receive in the healing process.  The calls will not be recorded, and we ask that participants not record them either.  To honor this safe space, all participants agree to not share information and statements made by individuals during the session after its conclusion, unless each person has given specific approval to do so during the call.

Meditations and Healing Activities

Sessions may include short meditations, prayers, or other healing exercises.  Clearing the space and a group cohesion exercise may be part of the opening or closing activities.  To get the most out of these sessions we ask that you participate with an open heart and loving attitude to allow healing to occur as needed.  Thoughts that remain on the self are counterproductive as noted above.  Group activities and focused thought are extremely powerful and will yield the best results when we are all concentrate on the task at hand and work together for the desired outcome.

Healing Group Moderators

Please know that all Prepare for Change moderators in the healing sessions are volunteers willing to donate their time for this work.  They are not professionals, nor will they ever charge for any service.  Each have own personality and/or training experience and therefore each has a unique way of presentation and style.  Please allow your mind to be free of judgement and expectation as the goal is to participate and receive what your higher self needs the most.

Personal Healing

Prepare for Change Healing Group does not exist to offer instantaneous personal and deep emotional therapeutic sessions.  We are primarily here to provide solace and calm through the awakening journey.  At this time, we will not be offering personal healing sessions as part of the group sessions.  Participants may request attention to a specific issue they are facing however it will be addressed in a general manner to manifest the best possible outcome for the situation at large.  The outcome may not immediately benefit the primary person involved if it is not meant to occur.

That said, many participants do benefit from the positive energy and intentions shared in group sessions and you will likely leave the meeting better off for the experience. With practice and perseverance comes progress and changing world situations begins with a change within each of us. We at Prepare for Change seek to be the change we want to see in the world!

Liability Statement

Any information, statement, advice, exercise, practice or teaching method presented or offered in a PFC Healing Session is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The Prepare for Change organization and its volunteers do not present themselves as medical professionals, professional therapists, professional healers, or any other practice that requires a professional license or certification for services rendered.  All participants join the session of their own free choice and without an expectation for any outcome other than to dedicate their own time to the experience.

The Purpose of Mass Meditation and Why it is Needed NOW!

Conscious Retreat There has never been more isolation than 2020. Already, we were collectively shifting into the 4th dimension of digital space, leaving 3D behind. Molecules were steadily getting replaced with pixels, and physical bodies by selfies and avatars. However, this year really passed the tipping point into full-blown, solitary confinement where the ‘real’ and […]

Cobra: Planetary Situation Update – 31st March 2021

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have managed to clear practically all Chimera space fleet and most Chimera underground bases.

Chimera underground bases that are still remaining are much more difficult to clear, as they are connected to the Cabal infrastructure on the surface. The main Chimera underground base under Lake Kivu in Congo with the spider king and queen has not been cleared yet.

The Light forces are also rapidly clearing quantum primary anomaly around the Earth. Quantum primary anomaly is a random quantum field which is preventing Ascended beings from manifesting into the physical realm and thus preventing them directly assisting humanity. The amount of this quantum primary anomaly around Earth was simply enormous, much bigger than expected, and it encompassed the quantum timeline potential for all negative events that might happen. Most of this general anomaly has been cleared in the last two months and most negative event potentials canceled out.

Very small amount of that anomaly extends beyond lunar orbit throughout the solar system and even throughout the whole universe, as until the last planet of darkness is liberated, none of the universe can be completely free. Even one cancerous cell in an otherwise healthy body is too much, and healing needs to happen.

Due to the huge amount of anomaly that needed to be cleared, the Age of Aquarius meditation last December did not lead to bigger physical breakthroughs in the months following the meditation, and many people were disappointed, myself included. However, we need to understand that we are clearing millions upon millions of years of cosmic darkness and we can not expect results overnight.

Therefore I would also appreciate if people posting comments do so in a benevolent and meaningful way, as negative and meaningless comments will not be approved, there is more than enough anomaly and negativity elsewhere already. It would also be beneficial if people reread old articles from this blog as then they will be able to put fresh situation updates into a broader context.

In a week or two the Light forces will begin to clear quantum primary anomaly directly related to human implants. It is impossible to predict what will happen when they begin to clear that, as the amount of that anomaly is enormous also.The only thing I can say is that the Light forces will begin to clear all akashic records stored in layers around the planetary surface to effectively clear energy imprints from all negative events from the past of humanity.

On the etheric and astral planes close to the planetary surface, the Light forces are also clearing negative entities that are still oppressing humanity. There are still trillions upon trillions of those entities present, and they need to be removed along with their negative etheric scalar technologies before any meaningful breakthrough can happen.

On the planetary surface, the dark forces still control the energy grid through wars and through animal slaughter:

To help restoring the energy grid into the hands of the Light forces, regular Flower of Life meditation every 4 hours is still needed:

On the physical plane on the surface, the Chimera group is still present within DARPA, from where they exert considerable amount of influence on the surface Cabal through Orsini, Torlonia, Theodoli families and other black nobility families. Through top Jesuits they control the rest of the Cabal:

Through DARPA, they are planning to develop a new generation of biochips to be put into vaccines, as they want to upgrade old Siemens biochips that the vast majority of humanity has now:

Those biochips would be based on a cushion of hydrogel a few milimeters in diameter which the body would recognize as its own tissue and would not reject it, with the actual chip between 50 and 100 micrometers in size embedded into the hydrogel.

The biochip would monitor biochemical activity in the body and could detect Pleiadian stardust technology and counteract it with its own negative stardust technology, similar to this one:

It could also connect with the already existing main Siemens biochip in the frontal lobe of the brain, which most of humanity have received with vaccination campaigns from late 1940s to early 2000s and through soft drinks. The purpose would be to control and monitor brain activity and emotions:

This biochip would use ultrasound for communication, as old Siemens biochips do:

This technology is still in development and is currently not present in existing Covid vaccines. Our team has checked some current Covid vaccines in a lab and did not find any microchips larger than 50 micrometers (which is the smallest practical size of a working microchip) in either Astra Zeneca or Cominarty vaccines, but they did detect lipid nanoparticles in Cominarty vaccine.

Although Covid vaccines may have side effects, they are not a tool for depopulation of humanity, as many people are afraid. Nevertheless, the Cabal is using the vaccine passports as a tool for population control, and this is one of the main reasons why Alliance forces have arranged mysterious sabotages and delays in vaccine distribution.

More evidence has emerged that the Coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan:

The Overwhelming Evidence of the Origin of the COVID-19 Pandemic Was Covered Up by US Government Officials, US Scientific Authorities and Their Chinese Counterparts

And everybody responsible for the pandemic and for lockdowns will answer for their crimes in Nuremberg-style trials:

With the pandemic plans slowly falling apart, the Cabal wants to engineer a new world war:

Two weeks ago, the Pleiadians have again contacted top brass within Russian Space Forces and have given them strategic intel for Putin. Surprisingly, intel about that contact has leaked into alternative media:

Pleiadians have communicated that if a full war escalates in Ukraine, they may trigger a release of full disclosure files through Russian mass media and even risk showing a small part of their fleet publicly.

Despite that, urgent meditation for peace in Ukraine and Middle East is still very much needed to help preventing the situation spiraling out of control:

Mass media are deliberately censoring all intel about the situation in Ukraine because the Cabal wants to surprise everybody with a sudden war coming out of nowhere. Yet, the story is leaking out:

Dragon families and Alliance forces within BRICS countries are making some covert geostrategic moves that will ultimately lead to the fall of the Cabal. The only hint I can give is this:

For those who are interested, reliable sources from Trump’s innermost team have said that they have indisputable evidence of election fraud, but now is not the time to present it.

Although there are no bigger positive breakthroughs on the surface of the planet happening yet, much preparatory work is being done.

If you feel so guided, you can experience the healing energy of the Tachyon chambers:

Please be aware that Tachyon chambers are NOT med beds. Med beds were developed by the Resistance in the late 1970s and early 1980s with the assistance from the Andromedans and will only be available to the surface population after the Event.

Victory of the Light!