Charlie Ward Show 4-12-21 VIDEOs… “Mel K… Walking Eagle; Message to Constables; CDC comes clean”

Very apparent from these videos that “things are happening”, people are waking up, and standing up.

Charlie Ward show 3-30-21… “Mel K & Charlie Ward Talk RV, QFS , Evergreen”

This one I listened to a couple days ago, and they address several items, including recent attempts to denigrate CW (here’s a link to a video about that). In the end, each needs to use their own Higher Inner Discernment with this, and in all things. My “get” about it is that parts of CW’s videos maybe are being used as part of a “calling out the deep state” operation.

Nicholas Veniamin 2-2-21 VIDEO… “Mel K Discusses Latest Updates” (in particular, Myanmar) (and Clin!on/So~os/DS connections)

Yes, when I heard about the Myanmar events of the last couple days (Myanmar = Burma, right next to Thailand), and saw a couple pics of the current State Counsellor, Aung San Suu Kyi, along with hugs and hand-holding with HC, BHO, et al., I knew something more was afoot. Mel K and Nicholas discuss this at the beginning of this video.

Things that will be exposed via this event, it appears, are a) planet-wide DS vote manipulation, b) same as a) but with the 2020 US election, c) the huge human trafficking DS connections in SE Asia.

Here’s a couple of articles I just found, maybe of interest to one or two, with a quote from each:
Burmese Military Arrests Government Over Election Fraud, Connects to Clinton, Obama, Smartmatic, etc. (2-1-21: Stillness in Storm)

“It appears the Burmese military understands very well who their real enemies are. We seem to share enemies. So, who are these now arrested government officials affiliated with? None other than Hillary Clinton, Obama, and George Soros.”

The Myanmar Story Is Completely the Opposite. The Media Lies About it (2-2-21:

“It has been more than five years that the media continues lying about Myanmar. Aung San Suu Kyi, now the leader of the liberal National League for Democracy (NLD) party was arrested by the military. She was the joint production of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Goerge Soros in 2012. The hunger for power triggered the Clinton-Soros machine to “puff” her and rose her at the top of the political ladder to install her. A medal here and a prize there, from 2012 to 2016 the process of building her political resume continued.”


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Dr. Charlie Ward 10-24-20 VIDEO… “Bombs on the Journey with Cirsten W, Mel K, and George Webb” (AND Charlie Ward)

Well, this was a quite “illuminatingly informative” discussion. Several items “stood out” to my mind, at various points (pardon, some of these I’m not sure the exact points where these were mentioned):

  • George Webb (at 43 min.): Columbus, Ohio, maybe being used as a “testing ground” for a “smart city” (aka, “You’ve got to be vaccinated before you may enter”) CCP type scenario (Charlie: won’t happen if (when) Trump is reelected).
  • Charlie (at 58 min.): this whole “second lockdown, wave”, etc., is a coverup (smoke screen) for the financial reset to occur and startup of the Quantum Financial System (QFS).
  • Charlie: all monies in bank accounts will be okay when the financial reset to the QFS occurs. All monies will move up to the QFS. No one will lose anything.

I will note one thing, that is it is very important (to me, at least) to remain free of any “doom and glooms” one or two occasionally brings out. We are moving through this, rising out of the chaos, and above the chaos.

This is also available via the website.