Full Moon In Pisces: Tapping Into Our Magic

We are having a Full Moon in Pisces on August 26th 2018. This is the peak of this Lunar Cycle which was initiated by a Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th. The energies of a Full Moon may start to become noticeable in the days leading up to it and in the days following, however, it is strongest in the 12 hours before and after. It can also reflect how things play out over following two weeks.

This Full Moon is the first lunation since June 28th that is not an eclipse, however, the energies of the previous eclipses are still in the backdrop of what it is happening at this time and in the coming months as well. Mercury also ended its retrograde one week prior to this, with Mars ending its retrograde the day after this Full Moon, and Saturn getting close to ending one as well.

Considering all of this, now and in the coming weeks is a period in which things can begin move forward after a process of re-orientation and potential changes. For everybody, it can be in different areas of your life depending on how these energies correspond with your natal birth chart. You can read more about the general themes of these eclipses and retrogrades here.

Full Moon In Pisces Opposite Sun In Virgo

At every Full Moon we experience a push-pull or integration between the energies of two opposing signs, in this case it is the Sun in Virgo opposing the Moon in Pisces. We recently began Virgo season on August 23rd, the sign of physical health, duties, efficiency, purity, perfectionism, and service. It is a sign that is detailed, discerning, practical, realistic, productive, but can also be critical, nit-picky, and cynical.

The opposing sign of Pisces where the Full Moon is located is quite different. Pisces is more of a flowy and easygoing energy associated with compassion, creativity, spirituality, and oneness. It is dreamy, imaginative, idealistic, sensitive, and empathic. Pisces can also be elusive, flaky, deceptive, intoxicating, escapist, and delusional.

Virgo, as a Mercury ruled Earth sign, it has strong orientation around the physical and mundane world. Pisces being a Jupiter and Neptune ruled water sign, it is more invested in the spiritual and emotional aspects of life. Both signs are adaptable and are also associated with health in their own ways.

Full Moon Aligned With Fomalhaut and In A Kite Pattern With Earth Signs

This Full Moon is aligned with Fomalhaut, a prominent star which was traditionally one of the four royal stars. Fomalhaut shares many of the same traits as Pisces and somewhat amplifies them. It highlights the magical, artistic, and otherworldly qualities of Pisces. It also can amplify escapism tendencies and lack of being grounded in the real world.

This Full Moon is connected to a Grand Trine in Earth signs, forming what is called a ‘kite pattern’. Even though this Full Moon has many of the Piscean-Fomalhaut energies mentioned, there is still a lot of energy to keep things grounded, practical and realistic, especially considering that the Sun is in Virgo challenging the Moon, both in aspect with Saturn in Capricorn. This is a great energy for making things happen in the real world which also channels the creative, spiritual, imaginative, compassionate, and magical qualities of Pisces/Fomalhaut.

There can be some new developments or potential excitement connected to our careers, duties, and matters connected to the physical/material world. This can be great for original and innovative approaches to these areas, or even regarding our routines, tasks, and structures. In some cases, this could have something to with health and lifestyle.

Some people can be building something in a new way which can have lasting results. This can also be good for integrating more technological, scientific, metaphysical, or even astrological approaches towards these things.?

Mercury In Leo Square Jupiter In Scorpio

The rulers of both Pisces and Virgo, Jupiter and Mercury, are in a square aspect during this Full Moon. It will be strongest from August 27th-28th. This interplay between these two planets began in the second week of July and was also part of Mercury’s retrograde and peaked at the last Solar Eclipse. Due to these planets being the rulers of this Full Moon, it can add more tension to the opposition of Virgo-Pisces.

Around this time we can be more easily scattered. Their can be a clash between facts and ideals, as well as with details and broadmindedness. However, this can also be a great energy for learning and expanding the mind.

This is the post-retrograde and final square which may bring about some sort of a conclusion process to how this energy has been playing out throughout this summer. This may have to do with an adjustment or developments connected to your beliefs, ideals, faith, and understandings. Perhaps it can be about having realizations of our blind spots or deeper truths.

With Mercury in Leo, there can be some sort of expansive energy around our self-expression or in the way we think. Maybe this can be connected to plans or developments around education, travel, marketing, teaching, and publishing. With Jupiter being in Scorpio, it could also have themes around with financial matters, deeper understandings, transformation, or sexuality.

Venus Square Pluto, Mercury Sextile Venus

Venus in Libra is in a square with Pluto in Capricorn which is strongest the day of the Full Moon and the days surrounding it. This can playout as power struggles, possessiveness, intensity, manipulation, or changes amongst friendships, in social situations, or amongst lovers. Fears around these areas can come up or hidden matters may surface.

For some people, this could manifest as challenges around financial matters, however, it can even play out as financial gain. Even with any of the potential challenges mentioned above, this can be a passionate energy romantically or even socially. It can also be good for some sort of aesthetic transformation.

Venus is also in a sextile with Mercury in Leo which will peak from September 2nd-4th after the Pluto energy (mentioned above) fades. Although this isn’t a strong aspect, it still favours social interactions and communications which can be more graceful, diplomatic, and loving. This is great for developing or working on creative idea and it even manifest as financial benefits for some.

Mars About To End Retrograde Followed By Saturn

At the time of this Full Moon, Mars is in its final day of being retrograde which began on June 26th and peaked in late July and early August around the time of the Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. This has been a time of re-orientation and even a release of how we apply Mars in our lives. It is associated with assertion, drive, aggression, physical action, sexuality, motivations, and desires.

In has been mostly in Aquarius while aligned with the South Node and square Uranus. Its themes may have been oriented around the collective, groups, colleagues, friends, social media, as well as humanitarian and social issues. It may even be connected to how we assert ourselves with our intellect or how we apply our innovative selves.

Mars finishes its retrograde at the end of Capricorn which can bring themes connected to our goals, ambitions, careers, responsibilities, and perhaps apply ourselves with better structure, resourcefulness, and in a more solid way. Also, Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) is getting close to ending its retrograde there on September 6th. All of this combined is an indicator of moving forward in new ways in regards to the Capricorn themes mentioned.

Things To Consider During This Period

What developments have come up for you over the last few months and what are the solutions in how you need to proceed? How can you achieve real and tangible results using your creative expression or spiritual awareness? How can you integrate innovative, technological, or unconventional approaches towards career, duties, health, or lifestyle? Is there anything coming up that is asking you to balance the spiritual with the physical? What do you need to be learning at this time? How can you make your dreams a reality?

These are just some examples of what may be coming up for you, however, there may be other variations of this energy playing out as well.  If you wish to do any sort of intentional release connected to what has come up at this Full Moon, it is best to do so anytime over the two weeks following, when it is waning. The exact moment of this Full Moon is on August 26th at 11:56 am Universal Time. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone.

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Solar Eclipse In Leo: Evolving Our Authentic Self-Expression

We are having a partial Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th, 2018 which will be the third and final eclipse of this Summer. This is a supercharged New Moon which influences a longer-term period. It will be visible from Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Northeastern Quebec, Greenland, Iceland, and Northeastern Asia.

Prior to this, we have had a Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12th/13th and a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 27th/28th happening in the same eclipse season. Solar Eclipses influence the following 6 months while Lunar Eclipses influence the following 1-3 months. However, they are part of a process that began in May 2017 when the Lunar Nodes entered the Leo-Aquarius axis which will last until this November. (Read more about the previous eclipses here).

The Eclipses and the Nodes in these signs are part of an evolutionary process in how we work with these energies. What results from this period will have longer-term effects even beyond this 18 month period.

The North Node has been in Leo, and this pushes us towards new directions in how we express Leo energies, while the South Node is in Aquarius which is more about what we need to let go of in how we express the areas represented by that sign. However, we can experience both beginnings and endings with both.

Solar Eclipse Conjunct Mercury Retrograde In Leo

Similarly to last summer, we have both a Solar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde occurring in the same sign of Leo. This really emphasizes the re-working and adjustments of how we apply its energy in our lives. It is about how we want to shine in the world, our creative energy, and how we self-express from the heart.

Leo is associated with affection, children, courage, leadership, generosity, and playfulness. It is also about our vitality, passion, and being in alignment with what really lights us up and gets us excited. It is about how we seek praise and attention. The best way to approach that is to be our authentic and heart centred version of ourselves; whether it be in our creations, how we perform, or how we express other Leo traits previously mentioned.

The negative expressions of Leo can be egotistical, authoritarian, dramatic, stubborn, jealous, and hot-tempered.  It can demand respect without earning it and be too loud and boisterous without considering or caring about how others respond to that. However, the more we are working with Leo energy positively, we will attract a more positive and supporting response from those on the receiving end.

This process is about really tuning in to how we shine and express ourselves at our best. It is also about considering how we want to be seen in the world, yet, without being overly occupied with ideas of how we can get the most attention and praise. It can be good to take actions towards how we want to stand out, but it’s important to balance that out with our true authentic higher expression of who we already are.

On August 8th and 9th, Mercury retrograde made its exact conjunction with the Sun which is an important part of the retrograde process known as the ‘inferior conjunction’. Certain things that occurred during this period can help you have a realization in how you need to apply yourself over the coming months.

Reflect on your thoughts, conversations, insights, circumstances, and any other messages or realizations you received from the Universe at that time. Perhaps there was something that triggered you or got your attention? Whatever it was, it is partly connected to whatever shifts that this eclipse is triggering in your life.

Solar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde Square Jupiter

Both the Eclipse and Mercury retrograde are in a square with Jupiter which ended its retrograde in Scorpio a month prior. Some of the Leo themes mentioned above, and what occurred on August 8th/9th, could somehow be connected to Jupiter ruled areas. This may have to do with an adjustment or developments connected to your beliefs, ideals, faith, and understandings. Perhaps it can be about having realizations of our blind spots or deeper truths.

There can be some sort of expansive energy around our self-expression or in the way we think. Maybe this can be connected to plans or developments around education, travel, marketing, teaching, and publishing. In some cases, it could have something to do with financial matters or sexuality. Whatever it is, it may be connected to something that was initiated in March, July, or sometime in between them.

This energy can also scatter our minds and communications. Mercury is also in a quincunx with Neptune which triggers confusion, distractions, and miscommunications. Our thoughts and conversations might also be at odds with our ideals, dreams, fantasies, illusions, or an expression of escapism.

Jupiter is making its final trine with Neptune in Pisces which began late November/December and was also strong in mid-late May. This can be great for any growth and expansiveness around spirituality, creativity, as well as selfless and compassionate pursuits. This can also be good for anything that involves visual arts, video, and photography.

Some people could have mystical experiences and perhaps some learning can occur through our dreams or connections to spiritual realms. This can be a time of heightened sensitivity. Considering that Mercury is in the process of changing motion when this energy is strongest (from August 14th – 23rd), it’s likely that the potential manifestations of this period will play a role in any clarity that we receive in how we need to move to proceed as Mercury begins moving forward after August 19th.

Mars Retrograde Going In Capricorn

As discussed in previous articles, Mars has been retrograde since late June and will last until August 27th, just after the next Full Moon. Most of it has been occurring in Aquarius, however, less than 2 days after this eclipse it re-enters Capricorn. Over these coming weeks, there could also be adjustments and developments in how we apply ourselves within the Capricorn realm.

It could be connected to our careers, responsibilities, goals, and overall ambitions. Perhaps revisiting how we can assert ourselves in a more orderly, practical, productive, conservative, masterful, structured, and disciplined way. Aquarius is about our social connections, while Capricorn is about resourcefulness, therefore this retrograde can be about how we utilize our social network and teamwork in pursuing our shared goals.

Making Intentions And Things To Consider

What is your heart calling on you to create? How can you express yourself as authentically as possible? What are you passionate about and how can you share that with the world? What has come up for you in the days leading up to this eclipse? What adjustments do you need to make in order to help you fulfill your heart’s desires?

What can you do to bring more joy into your life? How can you be a better leader and/or lover? What are the practical considerations at this time to help you fulfill your passions? What adjustments need to be made with your social network to assist you in fulfilling your goals?

These are just some examples of what to consider during this time. However, keep in mind that the energies of this eclipse will also be a part of the backdrop over the coming months. If you wish to make any intentions, it is generally best to do so within the first 24 hours following the New Moon. However, with this one specifically, it is most ideal to wait 18 hours after the exact moment of it when it occurs. The exact time of this New Moon will be at 9:58am Universal Time on August 11th. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone.

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astrology, astrology readings, carmen di luccio

Looking for insight on how this period is affecting you? Or perhaps looking to better understand your life and its potentials? Get a personalized astrology reading with Carmen (author of this article) specific to you based on your exact birth date, time, and location. Click here for more information or to order.


Total Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius: Major Changes & Release

We are having a Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27th, 2018 which is also referred to as a ‘Blood Moon’. This specific eclipse will be the longest Lunar Eclipse we will have until 2123, lasting almost 4 hours. This is because it is a total eclipse at a time of year when the Earth reaches its furthest point from the Sun in its orbit while the Moon will be at its furthest point from the Earth. Therefore it casts a larger shadow over the Moon.

This eclipse will be visible from South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. In North America, a small part of it will be visible in Eastern Newfoundland, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and other islands east of there.

Eclipses happen every 6 months and reflect changes and shifts that influence the following 3-6 months. This is the 2nd of a series of three happening back to back, with the previous and following ones being partial Solar Eclipses. However, this one is the most significant of the three because it is closest to the Lunar Nodes which is where the path of the Sun and Moon intersect. When this occurs, it is then a ‘Total’ or ‘Annular’ eclipse,  similarly to the ‘Great American’ Solar Eclipse that occurred in August 2017.

The previous Solar Eclipse occurred on July 12th/13th in Cancer. I wrote a separate article about it which you can read here.

Mercury also began its retrograde less than 2 days prior. This time occurring in Leo where the next Solar Eclipse will also occur. This combined with the eclipses and Mars also currently retrograde really emphasizes the changes and re-orientations occurring this summer. You can read more about this Mercury retrograde here.

Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius On The South Node

We have been experiencing eclipses in the Leo/Aquarius axis since last year. The eclipses in Leo are close to the North Node and the ones in Aquarius are close to the South Node. The changes reflected by these eclipses lean more towards new beginnings with how we incorporate Leo energy and endings around Aquarius energy. However, endings, beginnings, and different types of changes connected to both polarities can still occur.

This specific one being a Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) really close to the South Node emphasizes more endings and release, but again, it is part of a process that began over a year ago. Aquarius is connected to how we approach friendships, acquaintances, colleagues, groups, and the collective. It is also about the intellect, humanitarian efforts, and social constructs. It can be aloof, overly objective, too scientific, dispassionate, impersonal, and detached.

This Eclipse Is Aligned with Mars Retrograde, Square Uranus, Sextile Chiron

Mars has been retrograde also in Aquarius since June 26th which will last until August 27th when it is in late Capricorn. This Full Moon and Eclipse will be occurring at the peak of this Mars retrograde and will also be aligned with it. During the days around the Eclipse, Mars is at its brightest point which occurs every two years, and if the Moon wasn’t full it would appear even brighter. This is the halfway point or peak of its retrograde and it is very rare to have a peak Mars next to a Full Moon, especially an eclipse. It will be a great sight to see.

Astrologically, however, this can be intense for some people. This eclipse amplifies and really highlights the Mars retrograde energy (read more about it here). The themes of release will be very much connected to certain aspects of how we apply Mars. It could affect the way apply action, assert ourselves, anger, aggression, desires, sexuality, competitiveness, force, violence, courage, survival instincts, and how we use physical energy. With Mars travelling over the South Node, it is possible that people or issues from the past may come up which ultimately could help with this process.

This eclipse and Mars will also be in a square with Uranus. This can make us overly reactive, impulsive, rebellious, feisty, and trigger separative behaviour. Considering that Mercury is also retrograde, we need to be cautious about doing something that we regret, but at the same time, it is still important to do what feels right at the moment.

This can be a period of doing things without careful consideration, but in many cases, some of what might occur could have been brewing up for a while, and if so, the timing may be right to make a bold move. This energy is also particularly strong August 1st and 2nd but builds up as we get closer to those dates.

Uranus is also slowing down to go retrograde on August 7th. The fact that it is changing motion really amplifies many of the themes mentioned. We may be considering things to do with our individuality, freedom, innovation, technological or metaphysical pursuits, as well as separation from something.

This eclipse is also in a sextile with Chiron in Mars-ruled Aries. This could potentially bring themes connected to old wounds, negative patterns, and blockages. The release process of this eclipse could coincide with some sort of healing and/or holistic awareness/application towards any issues we are dealing with.

Venus Trine Pluto and Saturn Trine Uranus

Venus in Virgo is in a tight trine with Pluto in Capricorn. This can help to facilitate important changes or some sort of deepening around friendships, lovers, or values. For some people, this can have a positive effect on finances or value connected to the workplace or career. However, considering the energies of this eclipse, it can also help to facilitate a purging process regarding our relations or negative behaviours connected to money or values.

Saturn in Capricorn gets close to an exact trine with Uranus as it transitions to retrograde. This is something that began last year in Fire signs, now occurring in Earth signs. This is a great energy for new, innovative, and authentic approaches towards career matters, responsibilities, structure, and building something in a new way. This can also be good for integrating more technology, science, metaphysics, or astrological approaches towards these things.

To Consider During This Period

What do you need to release yourself from? Is there an area of your life calling for some sort of separation or liberation? What changes do you need to make regarding your friends, groups, and your overall social network? What do you need to change about the way you assert yourself or apply your physical body? What are you being shown through the developments connected to issues or relationships from the past?

Do you have issues with anger and aggression that you need to change? Do you feel like you need to shift something around the way you pursue your desires? Is there something about the way you approach sexuality or relationships that need to shift? How can you express yourself in a more authentic way?

These are just some examples of what could be coming up, but not limited to them either. If you decide to use this energy to intentionally release something from your life, it is best to start that after the Moon starts to wane after the peak of the Full Moon, or even over the following two weeks.

The exact moment of the peak will be at 8:22 pm Universal Time on July 27th. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone. If the eclipse is visible in your location, remember that it begins almost two hours before the peak and two hours following, and also depends on what time the Moon rises and sets in your location.

astrology, astrology readings, carmen di luccio

Looking for insight on how this period is affecting you? Or perhaps looking to better understand your life and its potentials? Get a personalized astrology reading with Carmen (author of this article) specific to you based on your exact birth date, time, and location. Click here for more information or to order. You can also follow me on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, or join my MAILING LIST for more astrology related content.

Mercury Retrograde In Leo: Reorientation Of Self-Expression & Aspirations

Mercury began the latest edition of its retrograde process on July 25th/26th, which will last until August 18th/19th. In the weeks and especially days leading up to it, known as the ‘pre-shadow period’, we start to notice its influence as Mercury slows down and comes to a stop before moving the other way. This specific retrograde is happening during Mars Retrograde and during eclipse season with a very potent Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius occurring less than 2 days after this retrograde begins. You can find my content about those here.

If you have read my previous Mercury retrograde articles, the first two sections of this article are nearly the same and you can skip to the third section if you don’t want to re-read all the general themes associated with these periods. The other sections are more specific to this edition of it.

Mercury retrograde is known for the problematic effects it often has on communication technology, transactions, motor vehicles, anything with moving parts, and commuting in general. Some people even get headaches near the beginning of it. We could experience some challenges, misunderstandings, and errors around our communications, numbers/details, and commerce, as well as changes, cancellations, or delays in our schedules. We may also feel more challenged when we are doing excessive analytical work without using our internal guidance.

Although there is a higher probability of experiencing more of these problems during this time, they won’t necessarily apply to every situation. Some people may not notice these energies as much, depending on what types of things they are doing and how the astrology is playing out unique to the person’s astrological blueprint.

Mercury Retrograde can also be a good time to revisit or redo tasks, projects, ideas, or anything else that was initiated in the past. It can give us a different perspective or shift in thinking that can help us to approach these things in ways we wouldn’t have done so before. This may also be a period of reconnecting with old friends, family, sometimes lovers, or others you haven’t seen in a while.

The Deeper Purpose of Mercury Retrograde

Ultimately, Mercury Retrograde is a time for us to recalibrate our minds and certain areas of our lives. It is a period in which we may receive important insights and see things in a new light. In most cases it can be mildly transformational, but in some cases it can facilitate more major transformations depending on how it corresponds to your personal astrological chart.

During and following the retrograde, certain areas of our lives can go through changes or shifts, or we can experience a reorientation of some sort. In the 2 weeks afterwards, known as the ‘post-shadow’ period, we move forward with some sort of new awareness and adjustment.

The things that you have been doing or circumstances in the two to three weeks leading up to this period could determine how and where this energy plays out. It is also possible that there could have been changes put in place at that time which may go through a sorting out process during this time. Perhaps in that period there could have been unknown variables, both positive and negative, that were either unseen or hadn’t been conceived yet, which may become apparent over the coming weeks.

The sign(s) and element(s) in which Mercury retrograde travels shows the energy we are re-orienting ourselves with. Also, to go with that, if you are more familiar with your natal astrology chart, your house(s) or any planetary placements being affected will show more specifically what areas of life you will be experiencing its energy in. For the astrologically literate, it began at 23 degrees of Leo and will retrograde all the way to 11 degrees of the same sign, before turning forward again.

This One Is Occurring In Leo, Part of A Series In Fire Signs

Mercury retrograde always occurs in one element for more than a year. It is currently occurring in the Fire element which is about passion, creativity, instinct, inspiration, assertiveness, courage, confidence, and spirit.

This Fire period is about re-aligning ourselves with these themes and expressing them in new or revamped ways. This ‘Fire process’ began in the spring of 2017 as it was transitioning out of Earth signs, with the first Mercury Retrograde to be completely in Fire occurring last December.

This one is more specific to a reorientation around Leo themes, which is about heart centred self-expression, creativity, radiating love, and influence. It is the performer, the leader, the creator, and seeks to find joy in expressing itself in those ways. It is about vitality and also rules children, fun, and romance. It can be courageous and generous.

Expressed negatively, Leo energy can also be egotistical, dramatic, and demanding of attention or respect. This sign at its highest expression is about shining in our own authentic way and inspiring others. The North Node, the next Solar Eclipse (and previous eclipses) are also in Leo which emphasizes a push towards the themes of this sign.

Mercury Retrograde Square Jupiter In Scorpio

One of the most prominent aspects of this specific Mercury retrograde is its square with Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter recently began moving forward on July 10th after being retrograde since March 8th. Since then, we may have begun to move forward with Jupiter themes which could include education, travel, exploration, beliefs, or anything to do with marketing, publishing.

With Mercury retrograde in a square to Jupiter, some of the Leo related adjustments could be connected to any of these things. For example, we could be sorting out some of this stuff or making plans, adjustments. Perhaps following your hearts desires around travel, education to help you be a better leader in your field, or using your creative expression for marketing or publishing. These are just some examples. We need to be cautious that this aspect can also make us scattered and more easily overlook details. However, it can also be a time of tremendous learning which can aid in the insightful process of Mercury retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde Timeline

*Below, are some of the dates and information for some of the major astrological configurations during this retrograde. However, I also regularly post about other astro energies happening on my social media via Instagram and Facebook, you can follow those platforms for more forecast content.

Earlier dates are for those in Western part of the world and later dates for those in the East.

July 25th/26thMercury begins its retrograde at 5:03 am on July 26th Universal Time. The days surrounding this period are a time in which complications may be amplified, but you may also start to get a better sense of the themes for you which may have been building up since July 7th.

July 27th/28th Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius conjunct Mars and Square Uranus. This is a bit of an intense eclipse which could come with surprises, anger, impulsive or rebellious actions, or perhaps things breaking apart. At best it can be liberating. However, not everyone will notice its energies right away, and parts of it it could even manifest in the weeks/months following. Some of the stuff connected to this eclipse could be about letting go of what is not serving us to help us step more into the Leo energies that we need to embody more as pointed out by Mercury, the North Node, and next Solar Eclipse.

August 1st/2ndMars retrograde square Uranus. We may notice the Lunar eclipse energies mentioned above very strongly at this time.

August 4th/5th Mercury quincunx Pluto. Circumstances around power, control, desires, deep issues, secrets, or shadow qualities of ourselves or others may create challenges at this time.

August 7th/8th Uranus goes retrograde. The weeks surrounding when Uranus goes retrograde is when we notice its energies the most, and especially in this case with the Lunar Eclipse and Mars triggering it. Issues and developments surrounding originality, freedom, innovation, technology,  along with some of the stuff mentioned above are strong at this time. Instability can also be a theme for some. It is in Taurus so we may notice some these energies or perhaps other shifts around possessions, money, physical things, food, and values.

August 8th/9th Mercury conjunct the Sun, with Moon in Cancer forming a grand trine with Jupiter and Neptune. This is that halfway point of Mercury retrograde and can be a period of increased insights yet complications can also be stronger at this time depending on how you are applying yourself. Ideas and thoughts that are seeded now may develop over the coming months. This can be a time of heightened intuition, compassion, increased passion, emotional connection, spiritual growth, and expansive developments.

August 9th/10thMercury quincunx Neptune. Confusion, delusion, deception, flakiness, and in some cases tiredness or lack of energy may create challenges at this time.

August 10th-12thSolar Eclipse in Leo conjunct Mercury, both Square Jupiter. The energies of this eclipse accentuates the Leo themes and ‘Mercury square Jupiter’ themes mentioned earlier in this article. The effects of Solar Eclipses influence the following 6 months, however, we have been experiencing Leo eclipses since last year and has been almost a process lasts in a total of more than 1.5 years. I will be putting out more content about it when we get closer to it. You can join my mailing list here to be notified when I release new work.

August 18th-20thMercury sextile Venus, Jupiter Trine Neptune, and Mercury Goes Direct. Mercury ends its retrograde with a few pleasant aspects happening simultaneously.  Firstly, Mercury is in a sextile with Venus in Libra which excellent for developments or enjoyable occurrences around relationships, love, social lives, money, creative expression, or any aesthetic applications. Jupiter is in a sextile with Neptune which has been building up in the week leading up to this and is still present in the week following. This may accentuate the creative energies of Leo, and also has similar themes previously mentioned under ‘August 8th/9th’. With Mercury beginning to move forward now and Mars also ending its retrograde 8 days later, things will begin to move more smoothly and with greater clarity over the coming weeks.

astrology, astrology readings, carmen di luccio

Looking for insight on how this period is affecting you? Or perhaps looking to better understand your life and its potentials? Get a personalized astrology reading with Carmen (author of this article) specific to you based on your exact birth date, time, and location. Click here for more information or to order. You can also follow me on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, or join my MAILING LIST for more astrology related content.