Earth Catastrophe Cycle – Suspicious0bservers

Sun and earth magnetic fields graphic

Suspicious0bservers YouTube channel has compiled a fantastic collection of videos that go into detail the history of the Earth’s cataclysmic history and how Earth goes through these period of chaos and destruction over the span of millions of years.

They look at the Magnetic Polar Reversals, Crustal Displacement and even Micro Nova that are produced from our own star, the Sun.

Earth is well over due another cycle and currently scientists are seeing increasing changes within the magnetic field of the earth and the north magnetic pole  has been erratically changing direction and speed over the past few decades.

Interestingly much information on the topic has been buried by the powers that be, and with much research and plenty of digging some of these earlier texts are coming to light. They also present interesting evidence of these events in the past.

I highly recommend watching this series of videos if you are inclined to know more about solar and earth physics. Cobra recently posted about this upcoming event in his follow up from the recent mass mediation on the 20th January.

Cobra Meditation Update 1/21/19: Bubbles of Heaven

This information isn’t being posted to cause fear, however, it is appropriate to understand the truth and not keep our heads buried in the sand. Personally for me ignorance is not bliss, however, if it is for you then you might not want to watch this series.