Govt Won’t Force You to Take the ‘Messenger 33’ COVID-19 Vaccine – Amazon, Airlines, and Banks Will. You Won’t Be Able to Buy, Sell, or Trade Without It.

We showed you yesterday how in the UK they are saying the ‘vaccine won’t be mandatory’, but the immunity passport absolutely will be. So what you will have is a ‘not mandatory’ mandatory Messenger 33 vaccine, because it will be the only way to get the immunity passport. That’s how the snow blows. In Israel, […]

Michigan Bill Could Make It Illegal for Companies to Forcefully Implant Workers With Microchips

Many employers across the globe are moving towards microchip technology to keep track of the employees. They often forcefully microchip employees to track their activity, and inactive, hours. Michigan House passed a bill in June, which makes microchipping a voluntary option for employees. Lenawee County’s Representative, Bronna Kahle, sponsored the bill. Kahle said that technology is […]