A NEW, PARADIGM-SHIFTING FREE DOCUMENTARY that can literally transform your entire reality in just 3 hours!  Awake-umentary “Deconstructing Sentience:  From Chaos to Coherence” brings to life the forgotten power of healing through feeling…for yourself, humanity & the planet! 

As we find ourselves at the precipice of a self-induced global emotional emergency, the need navigate our way through these turbulent times is at an all-time high.   Maybe our feeling mechanism, our capacity to be self-aware, consciously sentient beings, is the bio-encoded, built-in GPS we’ve been looking for as a Guiding Light.
Not a moment too late, this activating documentary deconstructs pseudo-separation, escapism, programming, nihilism, epigenetics & the emotional system to uncover the multi-layered facets of conscious connection as the antidote to self-destruction.
Using her personal journey overcoming addiction as the microcosm, Writer/Director/Producer Kristin Gillespie takes you on an epic journey beyond the macro that has the power to transcend humanity’s shadow for a Heaven on Earth for us all! This unprecedented marriage of science, spirituality & intuition is a true portal to collective healing…. Look no further than “Deconstructing Sentience: From Chaos to Coherence,” starring the world’s leading pioneers of SENTIENCE, to usher you through  this tectonic shift in consciousness.
Antonio Damasio –
Bruce H. Lipton, PhD –
Dr. Celestine Star, DD –
Dawson Church, PhD –
Elaine Griffiths –
Her Grace the Duchess of Rutland, Emma Rutland –
Francis Xavier Aloisio –
Gavin Andrews – –
James Malins –
Jovanny Varela Ferreyra –
June-Elleni Laine –
Katherine Peil Kauffman –
Lynne McTaggart –
Peter Granger –
Dr. Richard Miller, PhD –
Dr. Rollin McCraty, PhD –…
Dr. Rudy Schild –
Dr. Sue Morter –
Suzi von Mensenkampff –

Milton Erickson: How Changing Your Language Can Change Your Mind

(Exploring Your Mind) Milton Erickson is considered a creative genius. Perhaps this is due to the fact that other psychiatrists found his therapeutic approach so difficult to replicate. This American psychiatrist and psychologist was a pioneer in hypnosis therapies to the point of achieving legendary status. Milton Erickson developed, among other tools, therapeutic strategies based on how changing your language can “change” your mind.

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Wim Hof Breathing: 6 Benefits for Body and Mind

(Dr. Edward F. Group) From running a marathon in the snow — barefoot— to climbing part of Mount Everest wearing shorts, Wim Hof, “The Iceman” is no stranger to the extreme. Hof, a Dutch athlete, trained himself to withstand very cold temperatures using a unique breathing technique. Wim Hof breathing has been featured on TV shows and researched in labs. More importantly, people around the world now use it to boost their immune systems, feel more energized and less stressed, improve focus and athletic performance, and release endorphins — happy hormones. This method can be an important part of your self-care tool kit, too!

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Good Food = Good Mood: The Nutrition and Mental Health Connection

(Ocean Robbins) As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are also experiencing another health challenge: an assault on our mental health. Anxiety is high, and many people are cooped up at home and knocked off their normal routines. Plus, many of us face a loss of control, financial stress, increased social isolation, or even the specter of too much time with family members or roommates, who may be easier to get along with when we have more breathing room.

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