Endless Savings on Precious Metals from Mint Builder

Who is Paul Stramer
From Paul Stramer

First I want to thank everyone who helped us get to the Endless Bonus in Mint Builder.
Only two made the grade. Pete Olsen and I both qualified for the full increase and several others made the grade for a partial increase. The bonuses have been turned on and we are continuing to help people build their Mint Builder business with advertising placed on our server for anyone that wants to build and has a subscription running, even if it’s the free subscription. So if that is you, just send an email to pstramer@gmail.com and ask me for your ads.

I continue to hold the record in the whole company for personally sponsoring the most people, at 637 to date. What would it do at these new rates if everyone just got on the lowest priced subscription, which is just $39 per month called the Income Platform. This already gives you the best prices in the industry, but watch what happens with the Endless Savings below.

Second, there has to be something for the loyal distributors and customers who are helping us, and Matt Barkes has once again listened to his member base and has introduced the Endless Savings promo that runs until the end of March, and will lock in super savings on precious metals for those who are taking part with a subscription.

Watch this video to find out how low these prices are and how you can make serious money with this.

Not only do you get the MintBuilder website system which includes the Marketing Funnel with videos and free silver leads capture systems, and includes autoresponder emails to your prospects, but it also includes 10 pages of advertising that I create on my own server which create curiosity and put the visitor in the driver’s seat right from the start.  This is the system that has allowed me to sign up more people than anyone else in the company by far in the two years we have been involved.

And all you need is to start up a subscription, either retail or wholesale, to make it happen.

https://mintbuilder.com/296110 is the link if you are not yet a member of Mint Builder.

If you are already in, just go login at https://mintbuilder.com and  click Get Started to see what’s available, including a free retail only subscription.  If you already have a subscription running just leave it alone. You will already get the Endless Savings prices. If you don’t have a subscription running you have until the end of March to lock in the Endless Savings.

If you are not making any money in the precious metals business, and accumulating silver for your own stash, this system solves both problems. We operate on the premise that “People love to buy, but they hate to be sold.” and I rarely talk to anyone on the phone that hasn’t already seen the system, watched some videos, and likes what they see. That is a really great way to do business.

So if you want to get the best prices on precious metals in the industry, and you want to earn free silver every month, just start a subscription and refer a few people using our automated systems.

Here is the front door to one of my ads. Go ahead and click this ad and watch what happens.

If you have any questions about any of this, just call me or send an email.

Paul Stramer  406 889 3183 (office)  406 253 4257 (cell)  pstramer@gmail.com

Thanks and God Bless you All for your loyalty and help.

Update on the Endless Bonus offer we were given by Mint Builder

Please help us make this Endless Bonus offer work.

We have the rest of this month to sign up about 10 more people, or re-activate 10 who are already members of Mint Builder who don’t currently have a subscription running for one of the collector coins.

When we announced this promotion for Mint Builder distributors on December 10th, it had already been running for a while, and I have asked the company to let me know how many we have at this point out of the 25 we need to make this happen.

If you have not been following this and you are member of Mint Builder please read this original article. Why? Because this could really help me, and Anna and the Living Law Firm with the work we all do for Freedom and Peace for all of us.


We are extremely grateful for the support you have all shown for the cause of Freedom by helping us continue our work to educate our fellow Americans. May God richly reward you both in this life and the next.

Even if you renew your subscription as a temporary thing for a couple of months it will help us with this bonus from the company.

And if you don’t know what Mint Builder is, and you want a way to get precious metals at prices like you owned your own mint, take a look at this:


If you are a member of Mint Builder and you know your ID number you can just Log In to your new website and enter a subscription order at the Get Started button in the upper right corner.

The website is  https://mintbuilder.com/296110  You can use your own ID number instead of mine if you have one.

If you don’t see a couple of orange buttons at the top right corner but you do see 3 bars above the cart button, just click on the bars and you will be given a menu.

You can then log in.  If you don’t have your ID number call me at 406 889 3183 and I will try to find it for you.

Thanks for paying attention to this critical project for us. We really need your help on this one.

If there is no way you can have a subscription running in Mint Builder please consider making a small monthly donation by using the orange PayPal Subscribe button on the right on this blog.

Anything you can do is greatly appreciated.

Paul Stramer  406 889 3183  pstramer@gmail.com

What is this coin worth, and why?

Collectible Coins. 
Why are they worth more than the same coin that has not been graded?
What makes collectible coins valuable over and above other government minted coins, and why should you collect them in addition to bullion rounds?
The MS 70 graded coin on the left has great value. What makes it so valuable?  What is it’s current value?
What are bullion rounds? Why should you be saving them?
Get the answers to all these questions at the links below.

Here are the links that will not only answer your questions, but allow you to accumulate both collectible coins, and bullion rounds, coins, and bars, at prices like you own your own mint.

Gold and Silver have the same buying power now that they had when the Federal Reserve was started in 1913, while paper money has lost 97% of it’s buying power since then.

Isn’t is time you started a real savings account?

For the answers.   http://www.mintbuilder.com/edge.asp   

To get your collectible coins.   http://mtbus.com/mintbuilder/111111ad1.html

To get bullion at mint pricing.   https://quicksilver.me/?296110

Paul Stramer   pstramer@gmail.com    406 889 3183

Free Lifetime Membership and Free First Month Auto-Saver

If you missed out on the free for life membership for Mint Builder, here is another chance for you to get in for $2 to activate your account.

Just watch this video and go here:  http://www.mintbuilder.com/296110  and get your lifetime membership for free and a basic Auto Saver first month free.

This is your chance to be able to buy silver and gold at cost, just like you owned the mint!

This offer only lasts for the rest of 2018. It goes away at Midnight Eastern time on Monday night.


This offer helps support the work of Anna Von Reitz.

Paul Stramer   pstramer@gmail.com   406 889 3183

The Residual Gold Mine 30 day promotion with FREE Lifetime Membership

Mint Builder has brought back the FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for 30 days until October 13th.

Take advantage of the opportunity to get qualified for“The Residual Gold Mine”!  You can Earn up to $20 Residually on EACH & ALL of your Personal Auto-Saver referrals moving forward… But you have to ACT NOW!
You only have until October 13th to Qualify!! New Affiliates who join from Sept. 14th and beyond have their 1st 30 days to qualify.
Here is the Webinar recording from last Thursday evening.

The 30 days is to lock in your qualification level for your lifetime in the company. Listen to this video above to get the details. 
I have never seen a promotion this good in any company in the last 25 years.

Those of you who don’t know anything about Mint Builder start here:


This company is giving away their profit for 30 days to build your business!

If you are already a member of Mint Builder you already have a Lifetime Membership, and now can give a Free Lifetime Membership to anyone who starts up a monthly Auto Saver. There are three possible Auto Savers to pick from, and each is a tremendous value. Watch the following video to get the details.


So the company is actually running two separate promotions at the same time until the end of September, and then the Residual Gold Mine promotion goes until October 13 at 12.59 PM 

If you are already a Member you already have a Lifetime membership. Everyone was upgraded to Lifetime status last month.  Now is your chance to give away FREE lifetime memberships to build your business for your entire future in Mint Builder by locking in a higher payout for each new member or Auto Saver you bring in forever. 

If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact me at 406 889 3183 or pstramer@gmail.com

You can help finance Anna’s work by doing this.  Get your Free Lifetime Membership now!

Then pick your Auto Saver from 3 different levels and we will send a percentage after advertising to Anna.

If you can’t do this and get some silver each month, please consider clicking the PayPal button on Anna’s website at www.annavonreitz.com,  to set up a monthly small donation to finance the Fall and Winter advertising campaign for Anna’s work.  

Here are some examples of the many ads we are running:

http://www.annavonreitz.com/bannerads.html   Just click on the first ad to see what happens.

Paul Stramer

February Report on Advertising and Fundraising using Mint Builder

Who is Paul Stramer

From Paul Stramer

I am looking at the statistics from our efforts in February to fund this whole educational operation for Anna and the advertising budget.  Mint Builder has allowed some increase in activity in promoting our Internet presence by our participation in their pay plan.

First, The Mint Builder company sent us $1000 in February from residual commissions for having over 80 people on autoship for their MS70 coins. We now have 701 of Anna’s supporters as members of Mint Builder.  If you don’t know what Mint Builder is click this link:


We also received $2905.90 in donations from Anna’s readers for the support of the Anna Von Reitz website and the LCW Blog.  This is something of a record for one month from many small donations, and kind of a fluke compared to some previous months which ran far less than that. Thank you and God Bless you all for donating.

Now let me tell you where that all went.

In February alone we spent $1394.72  on direct advertising for list building using traffic exchanges, autoresponder systems, and banner ads on various ad systems, including Boost My Online Biz where we have almost 50,000 people now that we can send email to once a day, with about 160 new people coming in to just that one system every single day.

In February we have added another 168 new people to the mailing list of people who want the announcements of each new article when it comes out from Anna.  That list is now 4521 people receiving those announcements.  We started that list out of pocket about 3 years ago, using the AWeber email system with NO advertising budget for the first two years. That system now costs us about $800 per year. So part of your donations go to that every month.

We also have ongoing expenses for phone, electric power, office supplies, server costs, and local internet service provider fees, not to mention normal living expenses.

Lately I have been spending 10 to 12 hours per day in the office weekdays, and about 5 or 6 hours on Saturday. My office is in my home, in a separate room, with my Ham Radio Station.

The new super-computer that Anna’s readers bought for me last spring continues to amaze me every day with it’s speed and ease of operation. What used to take an hour or better, now takes about 15 minutes, as I get better at operating this beast. I could never have done this without that fabulous tool. Again, God Bless you all for that.

Just moderating the comments on the blog now takes a significant amount of time each day, so the old machine is relegated to almost nothing but email, and this new one, to things that I need to browse on the Internet for. They are hooked together on a local area network so I can load files from the old machine on this one for presentation on line.

We also spent $335.00 on the phone last month, mostly helping people with their Mint Builder business that generates some of this budget, or trying to answer your questions. I need to remind everyone that I am not any kind of legal scholar, and mostly contribute to the internet part of this, so I am not the best one to ask those kinds of legal questions of.

I promised to send Anna 25% of everything that Mint Builder generates and once the advertising budget is taken care of up to 50%.  We will get there, and Monday I will send another $250 from that funding. I can envision a day down the road when we have several thousand people participating in Mint Builder and generating lots of financing for this effort.

Once again, thank you for all your support.  If you can’t do Mint Builder and help that way, perhaps you can consider using the PayPal button on either website, this one or www.annavonreitz.com
to donate.  We are expanding our advertising every day now to build this educational effort.

We include you in our prayers every day.

Thanks again,

Paul Stramer
Eureka Montana
406 889 3183 office     8 AM to 2 PM and 4 PM to 8 PM  weekdays mountain time.
406 253 4257 cell/text

Buy Silver Right Now not Gold. Here is why.

The ratio of ounces of silver to ounces of gold for equal value is very important.  For decades that ratio was 16 ounces of silver to one ounce of gold.

At today’s prices of gold at $1324 per ounce, and silver at $16.50 per ounce that makes the ratio at over 80 to 1 so now is definitely the time to buy silver rather than gold.

Get your silver at your Mint Builder website. If you don’t know what Mint Builder is just go watch the movie here:  http://mtbus.com/mintbuilder/933297.html

Subscribe to Mike’s newsletter here: https://goldsilver.com/blog/   bottom right corner on the first screen.

Lifetime Membership Offer Ending for Mint Builder Wednesday Jan 31st at Midnight Eastern Time

You can still be a Lifetime Member of Mint Builder.

Our team has put 690 people in this company in less than 3 months, and we are generating financial support for Anna and her legal team including hundreds of dollars in advertising for Anna’s whole program, while at the same time making it possible for members to get gold and silver and fine graded mint coins at great pricing like you owned your own mint.

Watch this movie, and don’t miss this rare opportunity of a Lifetime Membership that would ordinarily will be an annual fee after tomorrow night at midnight Eastern time.

Register now 

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