Review: Open Your Mind Change – A Guidebook to The Great Awakening

6 Stars – Mind-Altering Book for Good of Humanity I wrote the Foreword, which you can read at the book’s original post (it is also offered free online at the author’s website but I have ordered the hard copy as a collector’s item and recommend you do as well). Martin Geddes, whom I have interviewed …

Review: The Music of Time by Preston B. Nichols with Peter Moon

7 Stars — Cosmic Mind-Altering Book I’ve gone through seven stages in my intellectual development: Truth assumed to be Default Lies known to be Default Consciousness is a Force for Good Everything is Energy in Some Form Stellar Civilizations Abound Frequencies Manage and Manifest Energy Time & Space Travel Achieved by Mind Control Along the …

Review: A Palestinian Theology of Liberation – The Bible, Justice, and the Palestine-Israel Conflict by Naim Stifan Ateek

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Naim Stifan Ateek

5 Star — The Bible As Jesus Intended — for All, Not Some

From the Foreword by Walter Brueggemann:

QUOTE (xv): Thus, almost all of the information (misinformation that we receive in the West is filtered through Zionist ideologicial interest that holds in thrall much of the Christian community in the United States and consequently that holds in thrall US policy as well. In that articulation the current plight of Palestinians is kept invisible and the legitmate claims of Palestinians, ground in historical and social reality, are left without articulation.

QUOTE (xvii): Ateek’s reading of the Christian gospel is a move from “some” to “all,” a rejection of privileged tribalism, and a prospect for a just peace in which all parties may participate.

QUOTE (xix): This book is a venture in truth-telling advocacy.

Robert Steele:

I am fifteen books behind in my reading, so I am going to plow through a book a day until caught up, with my intent being to attract attention to each book,, not read every word or provide a comprehensive summary.

Most of this book is devoted to a proper re-interpretation of the original Bible that has been bastardized — I use the words advisedly — by the Zionists and their camp followers, the Christian Zionists, none of whom are actually capable of independent critical thinking such as is displayed very day by Pastor Chuck Baldwin, a man I admire for his courageous confrontation of the Zionist and Christian Zionist scourge that is as dangerous to America and the Constitution as the extremists on  the socialist fake climate change take the guns left, all of them pawns of the Deep State.

A substantial portion of the book discusses SBEEL, the ecumenical liberation theology movement among Palestinian Christians — an Anglican (not Vatican) led movement, it offers a startling counterpoint to the now-pressed Jesuit (but anti-Vatican) liberation theology movement that flourished for a time in South America until it was viciously put down, financially castrated, by the Vatican.

The greatest value to the lay reader will be chapters one through four, covering in turn:

  1. Liberation Theology Worldwide
  2. History of the Palestinian Christians across Islam, Crusades, Protestants, and Zionists
  3. The Three-fold Nakba of pain: human, identity, and faith agonies
  4. Other Historical Events including the Holocaust, the 1967 war and the rise of religious Zionism, and the First Intifada

I myself am increasingly skeptical of all religions, and increasingly skeptical of the authenticity of many — not all — religious foundation documents. I find myself believing that we are all God particles, that we are all One within a cosmos that is God manifest in all forms of energy and consciousness, and that religious are by and large a psychological operations tool for dividing and controlling naive publics, distracting them from the reality that the 99% are being screwed by the 1% every single day in spite of the fact that we could create a prosperous world at peace, a world that works for all, simply by being authentic, inclusive, and truthful.

My bottom line: we are all Palestinian, Zionism is not Judaism,  the restoration of Palestine is “root” for world peace and any religion that opposes that worthy goal is Satanic in some form, whether acknowledged or not.

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53 Zionist Strikes (Zionism is Not Judaism)

Review: The Shadow War – Inside Russia’s and China’s Secret Operations to Defeat America by Jim Sciutto

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Jim Sciutto

2 Star Crap Book, Deep State Party Line

Some books just make me want to puke. This is such a book.  It is a “made for TV” party line crap book that spins the very tired and very false narrative that China and Russia (and Iran and North Korea and Cuba, armed with beaches) are our enemy. This book is explicitly designed to perpetuate the lies that cover up the real enemy: the  Deep State 1% and their agents including the Zionists, the Satanic side of the Vatican, the City of London and Wall Street, Central Banks, and secret societies. This book is disinformation.  It will engage those who have not learned (as my myself have only learned after the age of 60 and after reading over 2,000 non-fiction books reviewed on this blog) that everything we are being told by the government and the media is a lie. This book is a lie.

For a proper appraisal of who our enemy really is, see:

Review: The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald – BANNED by Amazon in Violation of the 1st Amendment

For the big picture, my top 25 cosmic books with 25 runner-ups, and the other 2,000 books described in 26 categories, see:

Steele on Books & America: Love it or Lose it! VIDEO ++

It merits comment that until the American public understands the degree to which the USA has been the war criminal, committing atrocities around the world in our name and at our expense, it will not be possible to appreciate the restraint shown by China and Russia and others. Certainly they have  taken advantage of us on trade, because that is what the Deep State wanted and that is how US corporate leaders increased bank profits at the expense of the American worker — but in terms of elected wars based on lies, drone assassinations, rendition and torture, election interference and more, it is the USA — and particularly the out of control rogue elements of the FBI and the CIA collaborating with the Mossad, that have been running pedophilia entrapment operations to blackmail US legislators, judges, prosecutors, politicians and others; it is the Zionists, not the Chinese, that have  taken over all our communications and computers; and it is our own American-born traitors, elite pedophiles, and white collar criminals, that are the real enemy.


Robert Steele: Rigging Elections – and Worse! The Americans Rigged Our Election, Bribed Our Government, Stole Our Gold, Killed Our Men, Raped Our Women, and Poisoned our Air, Water, and Earth – and You Want to Blame Something on the Russians? (Trump Revolution 25)

53 Zionist Strikes (Zionism is Not Judaism)


Review: Hate Inc. Why Today’s Media Makes Us Despise One Another by Matt Taibbi

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Matt Taibbi

5 Stars — Totally Brilliant

Let me begin with my 7-Star regard for Matt Taibbi — he is one of just three authors who have TWO books in my top 50 cosmic life-changing books lecture, the others are Will Durant and Edgar Morin and that is Nobel-level company. His two are Griftopia and The Divide.

There are three take-aways:

1. The media is no longer fact-based nor seeking to be of universal value. It is fear-based and seeks to profit from a chosen demographic (i.e. it aligns with one of the two parties and then focuses on a narrow demographic it can “own” within that alignment) to which it will lie with impunity so as to keep the eyeballs on and the clicks going.

2. The media is no longer dominated by blue collar “beat” reporters who talk to people and seek to both discover and to educate, and who are fired when they get it very wrong; the media today is part of the coastal elites, the “upper” class, eschews research for demagoguery, and is never fired for being wrong — about JFK, 9/11, WMD, or most recently — an entire chapter — RussiaGate.

3. Donald Trump has succeeded in leveraging the media because he has been using the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) playbook for audience engagement, has been playing the media for fools, and they never caught on in part because their audiences have grown and their profits restored because of him.

Here are some of the points and a few quotes that I marked for inclusion in this summary review:

He was inspired long ago by the book Manufacturing Consent, and was for a time going to call this book Manufacturing Discontent.

Partisan politics is a con — the two parties are really one, and they are, as he documents in Griftopia, not here, totally melded with financial crime.

The media is anti-intellectual and anti-values

QUOTE (6): There will come a time, guaranteed, when Americans pine for a powerful neither-party-aligned news network, to help make sense of things.

He’s learned that there is a great deal of deception baked into every aspect of American life, and the media is not the truth-teller or sense-maker one should hope for — it is instead stocked with C- brains devoted to groupthink. This resonates with me because the secret intelligence community is the same — the A levels and most B-levels leave within five years, they cannot stand the toxic repressive bureaucracy that focuses on budget building vice mission.

He identifies three revolutions that have changed how we get news:

  1. Explosion of conservative talk radio
  2. Introduction of twenty-four-hour cable news stations
  3. Development of the Internet

He says that the media sells anger and its primary focus is ensuring you come back again and again while remaining isolated from reality and one another.

He subtly but without equivocation points out two fake aspects of the news  today: first, that the two “sides” are, as in wrestling, playing at being opposites, they are not actually; and second, their “arguments” are narrowly confined to allowable topics such as should we or should we not invade Iraq, and NOT allowed to discuss either the lies being told by either side, or the consequences of our misbehavior (millions killed, trillions spent).

QUOTE (21): We manufactured fake dissent, to prevent real dissent.

He spends a chapter on the absurdities and insanities of the media “beauty contest” (for politicians) and how irrelevant the media is to most of the country.

Ten Rules of Hate (buy the book, this is chapter 2):

  1. There are only  two ideas
  2. The two ideas are in permanent conflict
  3. Hate people, not institutions
  4. Everything is someone else’s fault
  5. Nothing is everyone’s fault
  6. Root (cheer), don’t think
  7. No switching teams
  8. The other side is literally Hitler
  9. In the fight against Hitler, everything is permitted
  10. Feel superior

QUOTE (65): Non-voters are the single biggest factor in American political life, and their swelling numbers are, just like the Trump phenomenon, a profound indictment of our system.

Chapter 3, The Church of Averageness, but throughout the book as well, is both articulate and ruthlessly demeaning of all the posers who are generally script kiddies and intellectual lightweights with many — many — personal flaws covered up by the theatrics of the business.

QUOTE (78): If you back and look, you’ll find many of America’s highest-profile media figures are not only wrong very frequently, but absurdly so.

QUOTE (84): We don’t cover child labor, white-collar crime, environmental crises involving nuclear or agricultural waste, military contracting corruption (the Pentagon by now cannot account for over six trillion dollars in spending), corporate tax evasion and dozens of other topics.

I would observe that the same is true of the US secret intelligence community. They cover (actually they invent and instigate)  the two red dots below, and ignore everything else — and even if they did not, they are incompetent as multi-lingual open source research, hate humans who are not either “cleared” or taking money to commit treason), and process less  than 1% of what they collect.

Click on Image to Enlarge

Heaven forbid we should ask the media — or the intelligence community that is supposed to be in the business of decision-support — to do holistic analytics and true cost economics, what that looks like is below:

Click on Image to Enlarge

Matt Taibbi makes it clear that most journalists are lazy and when pressed, will “just make shit up” (91).

QUOTE (93): We also systematically removed issue politics from races and gradually degraded the office, training voters to think of presidential candidates as boooks who would do whatever reporters asked of them.

On page 99 the author makes it clear that Obama failed to live up to his promises and did some spectacularly heineous things while in office — while the author makes it clear throughout the book that the thinks President Donald Trump is one step up the evolution chain from a slug, his disdain is at least non-partisan.

Chapter 5 focuses on pollsters and my primary take-away is that the system is so rigged  that people don’t vote as they should because they have  been indoctrinated to think that their vote will not count if they don’t go with one of the “approved” or “electable” candidates. #UNRIG, which I started, outlines 12 specific things shown below that would make both the media and the pollsters largely irrelevant to American democracy done right.

Chapter 6 outlines the invisible primary among donors and leaders of the two-party tyranny that excludes 70% of all voters from meaningful participation, and is excellent. Jeb Bush was the pre-selected winner for the  Republicans, Donald Trump is an indictment of just how wrong the donors and leaders can be. The times they are a changing.

Chapter 7, “How the News Media Stole from Pro Wrestling” is really more about how Donald Trump shlonged the media and turned them all — from both sides of the two party system — into his unwitting allies.  This is the heart of the book and is alone worth the time and cost of acquiring the book.  This chapter is a hoot, and I am surprised that Matt Taibbi does not recognize the combination that Donald Trump has mastered: audience engagement skills, and business skills. On the latter point, let me just insert this quote from Team of Vipers (132), the words are those of Jack Welch as he was leaving the White House from a meeting with President Donald Trump:

“They can say what they want about him, but I don’t know if any president has been more prepared to sit in that room and talk business. It was like talking to a peer, not a politician. Hell of a meeting.”

It is disconcerting to me to have Matt Taibbi be so very good at what he does, in contrast to most of the media, and yet miss the core value of Donald Trump to the country.

Chapter 8 focuses on the news as a consumer product that will kill you if you keep eating it. The media sells identity and “safe spaces” in the sense of spaces that do not require thinking or questioning one’s deeply-rooted biases.

Chapter 9 discusses scare tactics but is intellectually flawed.  The author has not read Herbert Marcuse’s “Represssive Tolerance” and really appears to believe that it is important to tolerate all forms of deviancy.  This chapter ends with a powerful insight: whereas in the past we used external threats to manufacture consent, today we are turning ourselves against ourselves, demonizing all of the demographics, becoming our own worst enemy.

Chapter 10 discusses leaks and loopholes and should be used in journalism classes everywhere. Bottom line: if you did not find the source, if the source comes to you, there is a con in the leak.

Chapter 11 explains why the media is now indistinguishable in class and bias from the elites that are looting the public.

QUOTE (187): The irony of 2016 is that it was the ultimate example of what happens when political leaders stop listening to the voters. They’d been turning them out for a generation, sticking them with the costs of pointless wars and dramatic economic changes like vast wealth transfers caused by a succession of exploding financial bubbles. Ordinary people were told, not asked, how to deal with things like the NAFTA-sped export of the manufacturing economy. Finally, voters hit back with a monster surprise.

QUOTE (187): The media was supposed to help society self-correct by shining a light on the myopia that led to all of this. But reporters spent so long trying to buddy up to politicians that by 2016, they were all in the tent together, equally blind. Whis is why it won’t be a shock if they repeat the error. You can’t fix what you can’t see.

Chapter 12 is very short, and talks about how we turned news into sports, with the bottom line being that we took out all the facts and turned it into a game intended to keep the audience engaged, not educated.

Chapter 13, “Turn It Off,” may be a genuflection  to Jerry Mander (In the Absence of the Sacred and also Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television). is a very compelling discussion of the toxicity of what we have now and the author comes to the point with the following:

QUOTE (205): There is a terror of letting audiences think for themselves that we’ve never seen before. This is a profound expression of political instability at the top of our society. [sentences switched in order]

Chapter 14 is a case study of the lies and the liars that led us into Iraq.

Chapter 15 does the same for RussiaGate.

QUOTE (256): We’ve become side-choosers, obliterating the concept of the press as an independent institution whose primary role is sorting fact from fiction.

Precisely. The same is true of the intelligence community, and the academy, of non-profits and governments. Keep the money moving, never mind the facts.

The below preface to my book ELECTION 2008: Lipstick on the Pig, and the graphic which follows, are an extension of what Matt Taibbi is telling us.

2008 Paradigms of Failure ELECTION 2008 – Lipstick on the Pig (Full Text Online for Google Translate)

Click on Image to Enlarge

And add these two:

Review: 935 Lies – The Future of Truth and the Decline of America’s Moral Integrity

Review: The Cheating Culture–Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead

America hit bottom under Obama, who may be indictable for leading the use of the CIA and  the FBI and NSA against candidate Trump. How far we get on our back back to America the Beautiful remains to be seen.

Review: Before Our Very Eyes – Fake Wars and Big Lies from 9/11 to Donald Trump by Thierry Meyssan

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Thierry Meyssan

5 Star Brilliant and unique truth telling from three points of view: Arab, French, US — an Indictment of Empire

I have been a deep admirer of the intelligence and integrity and local knowledge as well as strategic acumen of  Thierry Mayssan ever since he accurately understood 9/11 as an inside job, long before I did.

In a nutshell, Mayssan is the anti-thesis of what we have today in the secret intelligence world that relies on a combination of corrupt policy consumers who could care less about intelligence (decision-support) while caring more about the bribes and blackmail that Zionist Israel (and Qatar and Saudi Arabia) put on them; young ignorant analysts, poorly educated with little time in the real world and especially little time in the countries  they pupport to study; and excessive reliance on technical collection that is not processed and hand-outs — more often than not lies — from foreign intelligence services with their own agenda.

US intelligence is, in two words, both corrupt and stupid.

It is in that context that this book and this author are priceless. If I were President, I would place more value on this one man than I would on the entire $100B a year secret intelligence world.

The book could be improved with presidential-level executive summaries for each chapter, necessary in part because the chapters are deep and complex and culturally nuanced and you really have to read every word or miss half the points.

Here is the publisher’s official description that is better than anything I could devise at this point in  time:

In “Before Our Very Eyes” he chronicles the onslaught against Syria and Libya, from the viewpoints of three camps: the foolish ambitions of the French neocolonialists, the fanaticism of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the lust for world domination of the Anglo-Zionist-American Empire. We see how the Anglo-American axis (the US, UK, and Israel discreetly behind the scenes) deployed their iron grip on the world’s money and media to propagate a fake scenario of human rights violations. This was the cover story for the real scheme — to utterly disable the Muslim world by bringing it under the sword of fanatics like the Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Vassal regimes like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and the Emirates were assigned to do the heavy lifting. For public relations purposes, the US pretended to fight half-heartedly against ISIS – which in fact it had intentionally created in Iraq, to divide and conquer the insurgency. The US then covertly ferried the terrorists into Libya and Syria. It continues to prop up ISIS by devious means. Thus the wars on Libya and Syria were based on treachery and fakery from start to finish – but the suffering of millions of innocent victims is all too real. A most murderous masquerade!

The author himself provides a compelling overview in his article on his own book, “Right Before Our Eyes,” and that is recommended as an introduction. I particularly like his reference to peeling the onion. CIA does not peel onions or do nuanced holistic analytics with true cost economics.  They put salt and pepper on shit and serve it to the President claiming it is a filet mignon. Our President — and Mike Flynn — are absolutely right to be interested in a radical reconstruction of our over-priced under-performing intelligence community.

This book is in many ways the modern counterpart to my much simpler Burundi Exercise for the Aspin-Brown Commission, in which I defeated the entire secret intelligence community with six phone calls to open sources; and this man and this book are in many ways an icon for what an Open Source Agency — long fought by the CIA — would offer the President: the truth at low cost, shareable with Congress and the public.

BRAVO ZULU. Thierry Meyssan is an ethical, historical, and intellectual giant.

Review: Triggered – How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us by Donald Trump Jr.

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Donald Trump Jr.

5 Stars – Authentic, On Target, Reconciles with His Father

From the early use of normal language, calling a moron a moron and using the vernacular as in “I don’t give a shit,” this book is authentic, charming, and informative. It is also well-crafted in terms of hitting most but not all of the core issues facing America today, including class warfare; the role of the Democratic Party (which the author points out was founded by, among others, the Ku Klux Klan) as the front for the Deep State (along with Never Trumpers and Republicans in Name Only or RINOs); the illegitimate definition of competing opinions as hate speech; the censorship of conservative voices; the passive-aggressive censorship across most universities seeking to coddle rather than challenge, to censor rather than teach critical thinking; the use of gender including many variations of perversion as a form of identity politics; the unlawful prejudice against and demonization of Christians (as well as white straight males); the hypocrisy of the criminal left “leaders” including the Clintons and Bidens and the hypocrisy of staging hate crimes and getting away with it – Jussie Smollett and more; and finally, a concluding chapter that previews 2020. The book ends memorably with the phrase “We’ve got a lot to lose.” I agree.

The early biographic portion of the book is helpful in understanding the man who wrote this book, and particularly valuable for documenting both his own childhood experience of what it was like to live in a communist state (Czechoslovakia), and the importance of his grandfather, the root influence on his becoming – unlike his father – an avid sportsman and outdoors-competent adult.

Early on we also gain insights into the father that complement those already provided by other books I have reviewed at “Understanding Donald Trump and the White House – A Few Books.” Very explicitly and credibly, the author discusses his father’s hands-on, in the field, on-site approach to the construction business, his attention to detail, and his commitment to be precise but flexible, and to promote street smart people – including retired NYPD officers – rather than Ivy League diplomas.

Separately my friend and retired NYPD detective Jimmy “Boots” Rothstein (a German Catholic) has told me that our President is known to be a man of his word, and pointed out that you do not advance in New York construction unless you are trusted by everyone including the mob (which dominates both cement and waste).

The author has probably shaken more hands and done a mind-meld with more people than anyone else with one exception: his father. The author is PRICELESS to all of us because he has connected with the blue collar and down-trodden white collar classes both black and white as well as red and yellow and brown, and he gets, perhaps more than anyone in the political class, that the 99% want a “fair” America, not a “fat cat” America.  Inclusive capitalism and inclusive democracy are not what we have had since the Great Depression, and that is a core issue for the President to focus on.

QUOTE (45): Democrats have almost completed abandoned the principles of capitalism and democracy. Instead, they’ve begun embracing some of the worst ideas in the history of mankind: socialism, collectivism; class warfare; and the politics of fear and resentment.

The author demonstrates the same lack of knowledge I had before I read the 2000+ books I discuss in “Steele on Books & America: Love it or Lose it!” and particularly the perfidy of FDR in conspiring with the banks that contrived the Great Depression to destroy the growing middle class, as well as the perfidy of the modern banks that have willfully eaten our seed corn and destroyed the heartland. The author has a great deal to learn – he is right on the ills of the left, but naïve or ignorant about the ills of the right.

The author shines on the difference between legal and illegal immigrants, and in this chapter he appears to have received adequate research support. I am a white Latino immigrant born in the USA to a mother who was Colombian at the time, and I believe the author has insights into this critical demographic that includes American blacks who despise Caribbean blacks like Kamela Harris and Obama Muslims such as were imported illegally, in the dark of night, from Africa and the Middle East, to increase future extreme leftist votes including illegal votes, 3 million of which have been documented for 2016.

QUOTE (100): Today, the Congress of the United States is the last real obstacle to full border security for our country.

I join the author in celebrating the election of Donald Trump – an election I have called “accidental” in as much as the London odds against were at best 20 to 1 and at worse 200 to 1 – and I agree that the on-going coup against our President is treason.

QUOTE (116): Only in the world of fake news can someone get something so wrong, such as the 2016 election, come back the next day, and pretend nothing ever happened!   . . .  Trump exposed the supposed experts for that they are: full of shit.

QUOTE (118): They got it wrong because they didn’t get out and talk to the voters.

Where the author disappoints in this section is in not recognizing that the two-party tyranny (one bird, two wings, same crap) has disenfranchised 70% of the eligible voters, and his father is being badly advised by everyone including the GOP “leadership” against engaging with #UNRIG. If the President introduced electoral reform legislation covering all twelve of the #UNRIG recommendations, in time to give Independents, Libertarians, and others a fair shot at Congressional seats in 2020, not only would this give him the Mother of All Landslides in 2020 but it would be his legacy for all eternity.

On pages 124-125 the author brilliantly and humorously (but also with some pathos) provides a checklist for when you are allowed to speak in America’s politically-correct repressive tolerance America:

  • If you are white, straight, male, Christian or comfortable with your existing genitalia, SHUT UP.
  • If you are disagreeing with anyone who is any shade of color, female, Muslim, a Democrat, poor, transgender, a snowflake (stressed for any reason), or an illegal alien, SHUT UP.

I join the author in believing that all of our institutional have collapsed and become shadows – insanity and a lack of integrity now characterize almost every institution of note. Our President’s challenge is to restore integrity, intelligence, and imagination into every part of America the Beautiful.

The chapter on election night is deeply moving for me at multiple levels. It documents what some GOP experts have told the President but I am not sure the President gets this: other than the President himself, there is no other person in America who can pull a crowd and connect at the gut level with the Heartland, than his son Donald Trump Jr. This chapter documents the intensity, the commitment, the authenticity, the pure golden gift that DT Jr. gave to his father and to America in the months that led up to victory. I have goose-bumps as I write this.  NO ONE ELSE gave of themselves so totally to the cause.

The chapter on a deadly form of hate is a six-star offering and the heart of the book as well as – not yet recognized by the GOP or the President – the heart of the 2020 battle for the soul of America. On the one hand, the President and his surrogates must make it clear to one and all that 2020 is a civil war between those who favor pedophilia, bestiality, transgenderism, and transhumanism, and those who favor faith, family, and community. The conservatives are losing that war because the Zionists – our worst enemy – control entertainment, the media, and the communications and computing networks that they use for espionage and insider trading.

The President knows that the Zionists planned and executed 9/11 with the active complicity of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, the heads of the FBI and CIA at the time, and Robert Mueller after the fact – a man who spent his entire tenure as Director of the FBI obstructing justice and being complicit in murder after the fact. If the President does not do 9/11 as well as full Epstein disclosure before Election Day, he is missing the opportunity of a lifetime, because such a disclosure will drain the swamp in one night, including all the media personalities that have been deliberately covering up both 9/11 and Epstein.

QUOTE (166): Why do liberals go out of their way to apologize for or excuse radical Islam while at the same time they condemn Christians, masculinity, family values, and the American way of life?

On the other hand, the author has failed to properly document the full extent of the censorship (the Anti-Defamation League is the chief censor across all platforms including MeetUp which waived fees for 1,087 #RESIST meetups at the same time that it closed down a $77,000 paid #UNRIG network of meetups, one in each Congressional District), and the author also fails to point out the obvious: that the Department of Justice under Attorney General William Barr is doing absolutely nothing to protect the 1st Amendment and enforce Title 7 across all the platforms that are not just censoring but also digitally assassinating conservatives, deplatforming tens if not hundreds of thousands of conservatives with impunity.

In discussing his father as an alleged enemy of the people the author does a fine job of calling out the media for its hypocrisy but is less effective at pointing out that they are in violation of the law at multiple levels including illegal undeclared in-kind campaign contributions to the Democratic Party and its band of misfit candidates for the presidency.

QUOTE (203): In my lifetime, the press has gone from Walter Cronkite, “the most trusted man in America,” to Jim Acosta and Fake News.

The chapter on Smollett, who I would have liked to see in jail for faking a hate crime with national impact, is excellent and the author uses this to speak to the manner in which the Democratic Party is fostering both pernicious and perverted (my word) forms of “identity,” and the pervasive lies that are necessary to keep this sick, demented, sacrilegious, and anti-American cultural defecation going.

QUOTE (232): Democrats have built an entire platform around victimhood and oppression. Radical liberals believe that the more labels you have – Lesbian, bi, trans, gay, black, Hispanic, etc. – the more “woke” points you have.   . . . More important [the Democrats claim], you cannot gain an understanding of what it’s like to be black, transgender, or gay by talking to people, reading, or doing your own research on the subject. In fact, it’s racist of you even to try.

The chapter on the opposition is fairly conventional and on target but could have been strengthened had the author had better research support and been able to make this chapter relevant to Senate and House races as well as state and local positions.  George Soros is in the process of bribing county level officials (whom I am certain are also being blackmailed as needed by pedophilia entrapment networks that the FBI is refusing to close down). Below is the single greatest quote in the entire book:

QUOTE (254): Donald J. Trump single-handedly pulled American conservativism back from the brink of extinction, and he did it by ignoring every single rule of American politics.

Quite right. All signs point to the President winning re-election but all signs also point toward the Democrats possibly re-taking the Senate while keeping the House.  This is one reason so many Republicans are resigning. I personally believe that the President has a number of cultural, economic, legal, and political “surprises” to offer up, perhaps including a student debt jubilee since college educations today are scam, and ideally including the end of the federal income tax – I have listed 14 such initiatives at “Q Anon What Next? Marshall Masters on The Drip, The Filth, & The Noose — Salute to Sidney Powell & Mike Flynn, Comment on Epstein Case’s National Implications, List of 14 Presidential Initiatives.” Regardless of whether the President can win re-reelection or not, he will fail to be the greatest president ever if he does not, prior to Election Day, do three things:

01 Defend the US Constitution especially the 1st, 2nd, and 4th, by shutting down BigTech, challenging all 27 anti-BDS laws, and creating a truth channel; by doubling down on open carry and outlawing “red flag” laws that confiscate guns on the basis on anonymous complaints from snowflakes; and by ending both NSA mass surveillance and TSA unlawful search inclusive of electromagnetic “naked on demand” machines in shopping malls and bus and train terminals.

02 Put America First, not Israel First, beginning with 9/11 and Epstein disclosures and then firing all US-Israeli dual citizens and all Christian Zionists whose first loyalty is to Israel, while creating a special task force to eliminate all Zionist back doors into US communications and computing systems.

03 Embrace #UNRIG with its twelve electoral reforms including paper ballots, and do so in time to elect a whole new Congress with at least one third of our new Members being Independent, Libertarian, or other than Democratic or Republican.

My other wild and crazy ideas for making Donald Trump the greatest president ever can be found at If I Were President – they include the removal of the media scum from the White House, and the conversion of that area to provide the President with a Trump Studio, a strategy advisory group, a truth channel control room, and the President’s own fact-checking and open source intelligence (decision-support element, the latter capable for providing the 96% of the intelligence the President cannot get together from his treasonous as well as incompetent intelligence community.

All three of these are epic legacy matters and all three of these impact on local, state, and national non-Presidential election integrity and the restoration of the rule of law to how we govern ourselves.

The book has a few flaws. Chief among these are his obsequiousness toward Zionist Israel. The author is clueless on false flag operations and mind-controlled patsies, and does not understand that Amazon was bringing to New York a few thousand minimum-wage jobs, not 25,000 “six-figure” jobs.

Administratively, and I blame the publisher for these two mistakes, the book does not have an index and it does not follow the convention of having the book title in one header and the chapter title in the facing header. The author also did not get proper research support, or each of the chapters would have been 25% stronger, and the book as a whole would have been better crafted as “the battle for the soul of America the Beautiful.”

Still and all a superb book, and I want to end with a tip of the hat to author for keeping his beard and featuring it on the cover slide.  His father hates beards and is wrong to do so. The American male has been under attack since the assassination of JFK and the Deep State / Zionist / CIA campaign to destroy America by eradicating morality, the family, community, faith, and patriotism, and as God is my witness, Donald Trump Jr. – and his beard – have emerged as the necessary complement to his father in representing all that is good about a straight, hard-working, love the flag America. Add Dr. Cynthia McKinney to this mix and I am certain of the Mother of All Landslides.


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Review: Ben Garrison’s Big Book of Editorial Cartoons

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Ben Garrison

6 Stars — A Most Extraordinary Collection of Culturally Important Cartoons — Unabashedly Pro-Faith, Pro-Family — A Patriotic Celebration of Sanity

This was a LIMITED EDITION of 1,000 copies, copy #001 of which has gone to President Trump.

There are TEN COPIES left at $200 each, I will say that in my view these books are $500 collector items and Ben is underpricing them.  Contact Ben Garrison using the Contact Form if you want to buy one of the ten copies remaining.

This book is PRICELESS.  As I went through it in growing wonder my first thought was that we need a national Ben Garrison Museum with large size prints so that one could walk through the book in  lifesize form.

I read a lot and have appreciated many political cartoonists over the years,  but there is no one, anywhere, that can compare to Ben Garrison, not only in terms of trenchant cultural and economic and political commentary in cartoon form, but in terms of his patriotic pro-faith pro-family stance.

If the extreme left and the Deep State and the Zionists and Satanists are everything that is evil in this world, then Ben Garrison and his hero Donald Trump are the epitomy of everything that is good in  this world.

Praise the Lord and pass the cartoons — this is a KILLER book!

At Amazon Today [Collectibles, Oldest Worth Hundreds]:

2016: The 2016 Presidential Election Collection

2018: Lock Them Up! A Ben Garrison Cartoon Collection

2019: Orange Man Good! Cartoons from President Trump’s  First Term