Here are some beautiful views of the Minnesota Lake house, where I (Kp) have stayed many times (posted 9-1-21)…

The owners, who have “permitted” me to stay there several times, had this Zillow listing created. The property is called “Rockwell Estate”. The Zillow link (below) has a collection of wonderful images of the house, the property, and the lake, so you may see what it is really like.

I have always enjoyed my stays there. In my case, I’ve been there in the summer and late autumn, so snow is sometimes included.

A primary reason I’ve been at Rockwell is because of it’s proximity to the Mississippi Headwaters (Lake Itasca), which has been part of several missions up there. Rockwell was the “mission central” for those missions. The property possesses (for myself, at least) very High Vibration nature energies.

I felt that this was to be the 1st post on this day, 9-1-21.

Enjoy viewing the views.