181105-8 Minnesota Headwaters Mission HI DEF VIDEOS playlist

I just realized I’d not done this, so here it is. Perhaps one or two may wish to review the videos again, just as I did.

For those in Hawaii, with all the snow and frozen lakes visible, you may wish to put on a jacket.


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Here’s what I wrote in this prior Kp blog post:

“The Mission today [11-6-18] was all about Unification in Enlightenment, primarily for Turtle Island (North America). No matter what it looks like, the old paradigm (aka “not working anymore”) Energies are being exposed and released. There appears to be “division” and “lunacy” everywhere.

“However, today’s mission changed all of that. The dipping of the amethyst 8-point Star Crystal into the Headwaters sent a spark of Higher Consciousness throughout the Turtle Island consciousness collective and has set the New Light Grid for Unification.

“Don’t know if anyone “gets” this as I do, but to me it was very clear. Aloha to all who participated, in their own way(s). Kp”