This is the stuff that puts the “for profit” medical establishment, out of business.

Q:What is it?
A: ClO2.
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The Universal Antidote

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The Universal Antidote Reference Guidebook
The Universal Antidote Reference Guidebook (mirrored on Eddies)

Outstanding Video Documentary – The Universal Antidote

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Download the reference guidebook:

The Universal Antidote Documentary
The science and story of Chlorine Dioxide. NASA proclaimed it a universal antidote in 1987. Since that time thousands have recovered from illness using this substance and now many physicians and scientists are saying it is powerfully effective for many applications. The Universal Antidote Documentary scheduled release is for February 1, 2021
The documentary explores the history, safety, and efficacy of the universal antidote and provides interviews with physicians and people who have used it.

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A Humble Journey: A film by Sacha Stone – The True Story of Reverend Jim Humble & MMS (chlorine dioxide)

Filmed on location in California, Sacha Stone in dialogue with one of the greatest pioneers in health sovereignty and a true 21st century hero: Jim Humble. Compiled & Edited by Guille Soto (NewEarth Media).

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