Monetary Education For Millennials, and everyone else also

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Crisis coming in dollar bubble. You are better off seeing this and doing something now while you can.  Will gold go to $10,000  per ounce? If so what will silver do?  At today’s ratio of gold to silver, which is 82 to 1, silver would be worth $121.95 per ounce overnight.

Have you got any better answers, or better information than what he presents here?  I don’t!

We have been helping people for years and trying to get our own family ready, because this is coming and we would rather be ready, and not need it, than be caught short and lose everything.

There are many ways to get silver. We have been doing this for 12 years now.

This man and his company used all their algorithms and personal experience and expertise to reach the same conclusions we did over 25 years ago that there is a tremendous crash of fiat currencies coming like a freight train going down a 20% grade at a hundred miles per hour with a thousand freight cars behind it. It’s absolutely unstoppable.

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Paul Stramer