More Reminders: For the Generals, the Popes, and the Monarchs:

By Anna Von Reitz

We are aware of the issues crossing your minds and the arguments that some people are trying to make as excuses to deny the lawful government of The United States of America [Unincorporated] and the rightful claims of the American States and People.  We are also aware of your concerns about who we are and what our intentions are. Read on.

1. Probate never closes.  The lawful owner of an “abandoned” estate can be “missing” for hundreds of years, yet if the lawful heir returns, it is the obligation of the court to return their assets unharmed and free of debt or encumbrance.
So the fact that the sovereigns of this country have been misinformed and defrauded in breach of trust and counted as “absent” for a century and a half is of no consequence when it comes to their right to inherit, possess, and enjoy their birthright and heritage.  Once they come forward and prove their provenance and basic competence– as we have– there can be no further issue or obstruction.

2. This circumstance is most inconvenient for certain grossly irresponsible governmental services corporations and their creditors who have been counting on us not showing up to claim our assets and who have been in anticipation of claiming our assets as “abandoned property”. These corporations need to work with us as their Priority Creditors and as the only people competent to forgive their debts and settle their problems with their Secondary Creditors. 

3. With regard to Anna Maria’s Offices: 

“Private Attorney” for Pope Benedict in the matter of giving Notice to his many erring employees, was an unpaid, voluntary favor done to assist the Pope in his efforts to end the gross criminality of taking title to babies and enslaving entire countries via legal chicanery. That Notice Process went through several stages and levels and occurred on a worldwide basis in concert with shutting down the Pontificate (2011) and securing Final Judgment (2014) in favor of the States and People. 

“Fiduciary” of The World Trust (Unincorporated) and of The United States of America (Unincorporated) is a terrible responsibility that nobody would want, yet it has fallen to Anna Maria to do.  A Fiduciary Officer is accountable and obligated to act according to The Prudent Man (or Woman) Standard and in Good Faith to administer the financial affairs of others, so as to protect and enhance their interests.  She serves everyone on Earth in this capacity.

The Roman Curia will note that in all the centuries since the founding of The World Trust nobody but Anna Maria has presented the Bills of Lading to turn over the International Jurisdiction of the Sea – the Kingdom of Satan – to the lawful owners: The Kingdom of Heaven.  This should be a sign to them that indeed The Kingdom of Heaven is come upon the Earth and once again, the woman sent to them as the harbinger and grandmother and fiduciary—- is, as it has been since Old Testament times: Anna.

An old woman from a remote corner of the world has been sent to overthrow the Kings of the Earth and clean His House. With the Living God, all things are possible.

What she has begun in America is only the beginning of a much greater re-structuring and expansion of finance, law, and education worldwide.  The People who have seen The Great Light will now live with that Light, and it will not be the false, dim glow of Lucifer.

The Armed Forces of the world will be re-tasked to fight the true enemies of mankind: disease, pollution, greed, ignorance, poverty, dishonesty, famine, and all the other factual problems we face. 

You will be building and installing high tech that saves lives instead of high tech that takes lives.  This is a simple concept and we trust you all got it. 

Any questions?

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