Moroccan Students Build Off-Grid ‘Hemp House’ Made Almost Entirely from Hemp and Solar Panels

(Phillip Schneider) The building was erected as an entry into the SUNIMPLANT project’s ‘Solar Decathlon’, a competition organized by the United States Department of Energy and Morocco’s Centre de recherche en Energie solaire et Energies nouvelles to encourage construction of solar-powered buildings.

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MIB International – #HATJ Message 6/20/19

RE: MIB Intl
Jun 20, 2019 at 1:21 PM

lol, the movie trailer looks cute… 
yes, THAT particular medina was chock full of “wizards”, “magicians”, and “other” the last time i was present….LOL! …even the local police were confused and flabbergasted at the unknown, yet uniformed, military presence….

we sat in the roof top cafe watching the so-called “lower rungs” trying unsuccessfully to inter/inner act with the so-called “higher rungs”…caleb would say, “good times!” 🙂 

hugs, love, and celebrations ??
—–Terran  on 6/20/2019 11:06 AM wrote: 
Saw [the movie] Men in Black International. The guy who plays Thor in the Thor movies is an MIB agent in London, in one scene he throws a hammer, some hints in the movie Thor is MIB, and there are references to Andromeda. 
Also much of the movie takes place in the Medina of Marrakesh

Our Favorite Local Souk in Marrakech. Fix the World Morocco. (Video)

Come along with HopeGirl and Tivon from Fix the World for an interesting visual journey as we walk through our favorite local souk (market) outside of Marrakech Morocco. This is Souk Sept where the locals set up their stalls every Saturday to sell their wares. Today we traveled through with our friend Dan Easton who’s holding the camera and doing most of narrating. You’ll see the crazy hustle and bustle of an authentic market. Bit of a warning for any vegetarians, we pass through a meat market that is far from your neat little western deli aisle.  We also buy honey and share in a Moroccan chicken lunch.  Such a rich and cultural experience to be here in Marrakech!

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Clean Tech Chats from Fix the World Morocco (Video)

In this chat live from Morocco HopeGirl and Tivon Rivers from the Fix the World Organization speak with Dan Easton, formerly from GEET Life Technology.   This is a casual chat around some more obscure forms of technology both new and ancient.  Dan shares his perspective around something called ormus and its ancient Egyptian origins.  We also touch on GEET technology, basic project management around such technology as GEET and the QEG projects and a plethora of other interesting commonalities between our projects. We’ve waited over a year for Dan to come join us in Morocco where he is establishing his own community of people up in the mountains to develop lots of great eco projects.  It is a pleasure to know we have such great neighbors, and we hope you enjoy getting to know Dan Easton. If you would like to contact Dan with any Questions, you can do so by emailing him at

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