MRCtv 3-12-20 VIDEO… “Media Says ‘Chinese Coronavirus’ Term Is Xenophobic- Is That Why They’ve Used It?”

Well, I’d not heard of MRCtv (Media Research Center) before, but Dr. Steve’s video started out with it. In the accompanying MRC article they have the following data:

Watch: 35 Times The Media Said ‘Wuhan’ Or ‘Chinese Coronavirus’ – But They Blame The GOP

“The leftist media are claiming President Trump and the GOP are up to something sinister if they’ve ever referred to the Coronavirus as the “Wuhan or Chinese Coronavirus,” but they seem okay if they say it.”

Pardon, but I LOVE seeing the (deep state) media channels being called out for the propaganda machine that they (usually) are.

Enjoy this one. Short and sweet.

Do as we say – not as we do. The media just knows better, right?

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