Mint Builder doing a complete reboot, simpler, lower cost, much easier to do.

Mint Builder is right now turning on a brand new system.

There will be major announcements soon from the company.

Here are a few points I want to make.

Once the announcements are made this will be a very good time to take another look.

New lower prices on both graded Mint State 70 and bullion coins.

You won’t believe how low these prices are.

Bullion for as low as just 60 cents over spot price for members.

MS70 Silver Eagle Graded Coins for just $37.95 or lower,  for members.

Live pricing instantly that moves with spot price so you always get the best deal.

Be a wholesale buyer or a participant in the compensation plan, Your Choice, for a low monthly fee.

No binary plan, no point system, no qualifiers, straight percentage commission structure.

Qualify by just being a member, and get paid right from your first sale.

Monthly matching commissions through 5 levels, all calculated by dollar volume of your sales.

No having to move up in rank to get paid.  No qualifiers of any kind once you are a member.

Unlimited width uni-level pay plan. Refer as many people as you like and get paid your percentage every time they buy anything, including per month automatic purchases.

RIGHT NOW:    Log in to your back office and start studying the changes.

The main presentation website should be on line this week. Keep checking your own page.   with your ID number where the xs are.


I was invited to a round table leaders call yesterday with about 8 other top leaders in the company.
Matt Barkes, the CEO of Mint Builder introduced me as the top recruiter of personally sponsored people in the entire company.

My system of advertising, which I now duplicate for every downline member that wants it, brought in over 400 people in just 2 months when we started in November of 2017. Since then I have used that system to sponsor another 170 for a total of 570 personally sponsored people, and my downline members have sponsored another 198 people for a grand total of 768 members now in the downline.

Many of you are still active with an autoship. I want to thank you for being so loyal. We have accomplished a lot of advertising for Anna, and have sent her about $9900 through PayPal over the last 5 years from donations through our websites, and profit from Mint Builder. You and I and the Good Lord made that happen, so God Bless you all for that.

Many of you have stopped your auto-saver, mostly because the prices were high enough that one had to be very active in the business to make sense of being a member. That is all about the change.

In fact just one sale every 12 weeks, or 4 sales per year, and teaching others to do the same, will create a very nice supplementary income.

Look for all the exciting details when this goes into launch mode soon.

As always, we are doing all the hard work of creating the systems and advertising for you up front.

In the meantime check out the new changes in your existing back office. Log in here:

Paul Stramer  406 889 3183