Murad Gazdiev, RT 3-25-19… “‘How could they let Trump off the hook?’ Crying, rage & denial as Mueller report results revealed”

In case anyone has not heard, on 3-22-19, the Mueller report was submitted to AG Barr, and his summary said, “No collusion” (not those exact words, but close enough). There’s tonnes and tonnes of videos out there, but I just saw this one yesterday and it rather summed things up nicely, I felt.

Note 1: For a more “powerful” “No collusion” message, try David J. Harris’ video (especially funny starting at 2:16).

Note 2: another video sent to me (thanks, Elana) says that the submission of the Mueller report was the “trigger” for starting the GCR (Global Currency Reset). We shall see.

Published on Mar 25, 2019
With a summary of the long-awaited Mueller report published at last, the #Resistance’s media-political axis are doing their best to spin it as proof that Trump is guilty of SOMETHING – and that the full report will vindicate them.