#QAnon #Q Post #1830 (8-9-18)… “THE CLINTON FOUNDATION. (888) 373-7888? (which just happens to be the number for the National Human Trafficking Hotline)

[Update: according to one Twitter follower, “The hot line was a trap to send the slaves back to slavery no help just a beating so it would never happen again. The Clinton foundation was a Slavery foundation”. Perhaps that is why the number was put out as “connected” to the CF.]

This looks to be a strong message to the Clinton Foundation, which has been rumored to be and/or have been involved with human trafficking. I did a search for the phone number in this post, and it led to https://humantraffickinghotline.org/.

There was also a report today that a Boeing 757 cargo plane was being loaded with document boxes in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here’s a Reddit link, and a link to an included composite image.

No matter what this is all about, I do suggest we hold the light for all involved in this, and yes, I mean including the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, and all who have connected themselves, in whatever way shape or form, to and with them. I know I am.

As with all of these Q postings, feel free to continue to “Use that Higher Discernment, baby!” (namely, see what resonates). BTW, the https://qanon.pub/ link now redirects to https://qanon.app/.

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(888) 373-7888