Native Leaders — Use Your Heads

By Anna Von Reitz

If I had gone along with the “deal” Chief Fasthorse was promoting, I would have been signing your death warrants instead of welcoming you to the table.  Most likely, I would have been signing my own death warrant, too. 

You have to think things through and not just from your own perspective. 

There is no way for 15 million Native Americans from at least 100 different tribes to come in and establish a superior claim and take away the land rights of 350 million other Americans without a bloodbath.

Such a thing would create a reason— that otherwise doesn’t exist— for the final decimation and destruction of the Native Nations. 

About the time you swaggered up some guy’s driveway and told him that you were the new “owners” of his property, the same old war would begin, and there is no reason to think that the results would be any better or different. 

Instead, you get to come home to the land and soil jurisdiction and get out of the “Second Class Citizen” status you were all stuck in, and are now able to live and stand on the land again as free men and women.  

There are other reasons, too.  

The United States of America is the established lawful government of this country. We have contracts and agreements with these “High Contracting Powers” that we can exercise —- and not only treaties, but commercial contracts and trusts that we are heir to already.   We don’t have to recreate any wheels, fight any wars, or cause any problems.  All we have to do is invoke what already exists and operate the General Government already owed to this country. 

Any sort of new Native Super State would have none of that in place and would be prey to any number of foreign alliances coming against it and all sorts of  traditional tribal squabbles and internal power struggles, on top of having 95% of your neighbors mad at you.

What chance would such a new “Indigenous Nation” have?  

Not much.  

You cannot hope to address injustices that occurred in the past by creating new injustices against other people in the present.  Number One — that doesn’t work.  Number Two — all it does is create more injustice. 

Injustice against anyone is a form of violence and violence just begets more violence.  So if you want peace and plenty in your lifetimes, give justice to others who have paid their dues to be here, too, whose bodies have come from this land, and whose bodies will return to it when they die, just the same as yours. And stop fighting a war that ended 150 years ago. 

You have a rich heritage and thanks to the work of The Living Law Firm, it can finally be a happy and abundant heritage, too.  

As for me, I have always valued the great compliment that the local Winnebago Tribe, the Ho-Chunka Nation, gave to me as a youngster.  It’s an honor to be considered a member of the tribe, but we all know that I will never be a Winnebago by blood and so, we would be building a new nation on another “fib” of sorts, an honorary title “as” a Winnebago.  That’s not good enough to form the foundations for a new start for a whole country. 

Finally, I want to point out that I have retrieved the “Natural and Unalienable Rights” our forefathers fought for from the dust bin of history, and if I were to turn my back on The United States of America [Unincorporated] I really would be committing treason against this country and its people—-all of them, of every color and creed — who have fought and died and suffered for it. 

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