FDA says it knew about deadly bacterial contamination at baby formula factory MONTHS before product recall

Image: FDA says it knew about deadly bacterial contamination at baby formula factory MONTHS before product recall

(Natural News) Roughly five months before an official recall was issued, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was already well aware of an alleged bacterial contamination issue at Mead Johnson’s infant formula production plant in Zeeland, Mich.

The agency recently admitted to such, revealing that the facility, which manufactures Enfamil ProSobee Simply Plant-Based Infant Formula, had been identified as containing Cronobacter bacteria.

An initial batch of formula was destroyed at that time, but another 145,000 cans of the stuff were released into the market with the FDA’s knowledge. A formal recall was issued five months later, and none of the recalled cans were found to contain Cronobacter, according to the FDA.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that Cronobacter “can be deadly for young infants.” Symptoms in babies include poor feeding, fever, low energy, excessive crying, seizures, spine swelling, and bloodstream infections.

“As part of the FDA’s oversight to ensure safe and nutritious infant formula, the agency’s more recent engagements with manufacturers through inspections and ongoing meetings has limited the scope of these recalls and minimized disruptions to the market,” an FDA spokesperson said about the recall.

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How come Cronobacter became such a problem during the coronavirus “pandemic?”

In a later statement, the FDA made a comparison to the more well-known Abbott recall, suggesting that the Johnson Mead one and others “are much narrower in scope, only impacting a few weeks of product with no additional facility closures.”


“Under current law, Mead Johnson was not required to alert the FDA of the positive test and choose [sic] to not alert the FDA to the positive test,” the agency also told Fox News.

The FDA also indicated that it is petitioning Congress for greater authority to require that companies report these kinds of things in the future so as to prevent recalls like this from having to occur.

“It was only during an unrelated inspection of the company that FDA discovered the positive test, and was told that analysis to the cause was ongoing,” an FDA spokesperson added in a statement to Fox Digital.

“The FDA has reviewed conditions during recent inspections of powdered infant formula manufacturers, including routine surveillance inspections, for-cause inspections to follow up on consumer complaints, and other interactions with manufacturers.”

As you may recall, 2021 was a really bad year for infant formula availability due to several recalls, including another involving Cronobacter at an Abbott Nutrition plant in Michigan. In that instance, at least four infants got sick from the product and two allegedly died.

The FDA compiled and released a 10-page report following the infant formula shortage that ensued, explaining that a whistleblower had complained about problems at the facility.

That same year, House Republicans launched an investigation into the FDA’s handling of the shortage, calling on FDA Commissioner Robert Califf to provide further details as to the agency’s “poor response” to the situation.

The FDA has since announced that it will not be firing any of its employees over the mishandling of the baby formula fiasco. Instead, the agency will “undergo an overhaul,” according to Fox News, which will include a “new, transformative vision,” Califf added.

The FDA’s regulatory authority will be consolidated under a new food safety plan called the “Human Foods Program.” How this new program will prevent situations like the baby formula recall from ever happening again remains unknown as the FDA has yet to produce any specific details about the plan.

The FDA is corrupt to the core. To learn more, visit FDA.news.

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Western finance is on its last legs: WATCH as the Health Ranger and Bob Moriarty discuss

Image: Western finance is on its last legs: WATCH as the Health Ranger and Bob Moriarty discuss

(Natural News) The Western financial system has created an illusion, or mirage, of wealth and prosperity – and that illusion-mirage is quickly coming to an end.

American Marine F-4B fighter pilot and Vietnam War veteran Bob Moriarty spoke with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, about this final chapter of the Western financial system during a recent Health Ranger Report that you will not want to miss – watch below:

“It’s time for people to educate themselves and make decisions for themselves (because) you can’t count on the government,” Moriarty stated at the beginning of the segment as a prologue to the things he would say after that, which may come as a shock to many.

“There’s a lot of people talking who literally don’t know what they’re talking about,” he explained, referring to the widespread misunderstandings about Western finance that are prevalent in the media headlines.

Michael Hudson, whom Moriarty described as the “best economic writer of today,” recently published a book called “The Collapse of Antiquity” that talks all about the parallels between what is happening to the United States and Europe today, and what happened to the debt-based systems that served as the foundation of finance in the Greek and Roman empires of times past.

“The dynamics of interest-bearing debt led to the rise of renter oligarchies in classical Greece and Rome causing economic polarization, widespread austerity, revolts, wars, and ultimately the collapse of Rome into serfdom and feudalism,” reads a portion of that book. “That collapse bequeathed to subsequent Western civilization a pro-creditor legal philosophy that has led to today’s creditor oligarchies.”


It turns out that the U.S. and Europe rely on this same flawed debt-based system whereby all “money” is created by banks that lend it into existence. Moriarty explained to Adams that banks create money by writing mortgages – and as long as there is interest charged, there is always more debt in existence than actual money.”

“At some point in time, you have to balance the books,” Moriarty explained about what we are now seeing happen as the debt bubble nears its inevitable burst.

(Related: A chief economist at Moody’s recently warned that “things are going to start to break” all across the financial system.)

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is all about money: the Western debt-based system versus the Eastern resource-based system

Just like in Babylonian times, today’s “kings,” i.e., presidents and prime ministers, are coming to the stark realization that if farmers lose their property because of the debt bubble bursting, then there will be no more food even for them to eat.

“You go back to Babylonian times, the kings realized that they couldn’t afford to have all farmers lose their property because they would starve and there would be nobody to grow food. We are in the exact same situation today,” Moriarty warned.

“The world is washed in a sea of debt, and when the Federal Reserve and the EU lowered interest rates to zero or even below zero, they created a ticking time bomb that as soon as they increased interest rates, the value of bonds plummeted.”

Not just banks but also the pension system is now at risk, as are insurance companies because they took on an asset that Moriarty says “should have been the safest and the most stable, which is government Treasury notes, and made it very unstable, which will lead to a total crash of the entire financial system.”

With civil wars now erupting in France, where Moriarty lives, as well as in Israel and elsewhere, he made sure to emphasize that it is “all related to money.”

“The Ukraine-Russian conflict isn’t about Russia and Ukraine; it’s really about the debt-based system of the West and the resource-based system of China and Russia,” Moriarty explained.

The latest news about the breakdown of the Western financial system can be found at Collapse.news.

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To stave off a potential Russian invasion, the UK would need “10 years warning,” admits top general

Image: To stave off a potential Russian invasion, the UK would need “10 years warning,” admits top general

(Natural News) Great Britain’s military is in such bad shape that it would take “five to 10 years,” according to a former top general, for the country to build up the resistance it would need to ward off a potential invasion by Russia.

General Sir Richard Barrons, who served as commander of the Joint Forces Command (JFC) – JFC has since been renamed to Strategic Command (StratCom) – from 2013 until his retirement in 2016, had a few choice words to say to the United Kingdom’s poor leadership about the matter.

“During the Cold War, the Army, at all times, was ready to fight at four hours’ notice,” Barrons told the media about how the UK used to be in terms of it defenses. “When the Cold War ended and there was no sense of existential risk to the UK, all of that was dismantled.”

“Now we would need five to 10 years’ notice of a Russian surprise attack to manage to deal with it. That’s not a cool place to be … It’s deeply disappointing.”

(Related: Last fall, we reported that British spies have been busy secretly building a “terror army” in Ukraine.)

The UK would run out of ammo in just one day, were Russia to invade

Currently, the armed forces of the UK have just 137,000 active military personnel, 5,015 armored vehicles, and 227 tanks. Compare this to the Russian Federation, which has nearly a million-and-a-half soldiers, more than 30,000 armored vehicles, and approximately 12,500 tanks.

As for the two nations’ naval assets, the British Royal Navy has just 70 vessels left in operation. Russia, conversely, has 605, or nearly nine times as many vessels.


Great Britain is no match, in other words, for Russia, the latter of which would easily trounce the monarchy and dash it to pieces, if it decided to do so, at a moment’s notice.

“Russia is clearly angry and rearming so their capability will be restored and when the shooting stops in Ukraine, Russia will blame the outcome on us,” the former commander further warned. “We are already in confrontation with Russia. Right now, we have chosen to do very little about it.”

The UK only has enough ammo on hand to last about one day in the event that Russia invades. It would be an easy win for President Vladimir Putin, in other words.

Over the next two years, the government of UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is planning to spend an additional £5 billion (more than $6.17 billion) on the country’s defense apparatus. This is well below the £11 billion (about $13.58 billion) that was requested by Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

According to General Sir Richard, £5 billion is not nearly enough to reverse the planned cuts to the British army, which is expected to further decline in number by about 3,000, leaving just 73,000 troops in total.

Reports indicate that nearly all of that £5 billion in cash has already been assigned to pay for the upgrade of the UK’s nuclear-armed submarines, as well as to restock the country’s ammunition stores, which have been massively depleted due to arms shipments to Ukraine.

“It probably suggests the heart of government doesn’t really get it,” the former commander lamented. “The risks I and others see are not accepted by the prime minister and chancellor. They are content to spend our money on a whole range of other things and then worry about defense later.”

“We’re still working on the old model to sort out the NHS (National Health Service), migration, and potholes then, if we really must, we will keep defense bubbling along.”

The latest news about the situation between Russia and the West can be found at Chaos.news.

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The disaster in East Palestine, Ohio was politically motivated, warns Department of Transportation official

Image: The disaster in East Palestine, Ohio was politically motivated, warns Department of Transportation official

(Natural News) Benny Johnson of Newsmax set up a demonstration at the Department of Transportation (DOT). Benny Johnson set up a fake refreshment station at the DOT, offering bottles of water that were allegedly from East Palestine, Ohio. The demonstration got the attention of a 25-year DOT veteran who came clean about the government’s lies and the “politically-motivated” attack on rural East Palestine, Ohio.

Department of Transportation allocates resources to BLUE states, prioritizes disasters for Dem-run cities

The DOT is responsible for securing and safely transporting hazardous chemicals that are derailed. In East Palestine, Ohio, the Department of Transportation allowed Norfolk Southern Railroad to release 1.1 million pounds of vinyl chloride into the environment. Instead of securing the hazardous chemical, the DOT allowed the tanker cars to be drilled out, so the chemical could be burned in pits, releasing carcinogenic plumes of dioxins into the environment. Government officials said the water there is safe to drink.

An unnamed source from the Department of Transportation (DOT) responded to Benny Johnson. He said the DOT did not take the 50-car train derailment seriously. “I’m in federal railroad,” the man said. “Nobody panicked. Nobody scrambled. And it’s, like, why? Why aren’t we taking this seriously?”

The source revealed that DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg allocates resources based on a state’s political leanings. He said Buttigieg ignored East Palestine, Ohio because the region voted for Trump by a 70 percent margin.


“They’ll step in—well we want this project because it’s a blue state, no matter how bad it is,” the DOT employee said. “They appoint these leaders of each group, and then they make sure the money will be directed.”

“That it goes to a blue state, not a red state?” Johnson asked.

“Right,” the man said.

“Do you think this was politically motivated in East Palestine?”

“Yes,” he replied.

According to the whistleblower, DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg is an elitist who rarely shows up to work unless the department is “having a party or something.” He said Buttigieg “has his own dining room.” It’s “an elaborate production,” he said. “And then what they do is they come around and they want to make sure there’s enough people are in the office that day so that he has people to greet.”

DOT intentionally reroutes hazardous chemicals through rural America

When the government instructed residents to return home after an evacuation on February 9, they came home to a chemical odor lingering in the air, to dead fish accumulating in rivers and creeks, and to burning sensations in their eyes, mouth, and nose. Johnson visited East Palestine during that time and said his mouth was “stinging” from the lingering chemical burn.

The DOT whistleblower gave further detail on the inner-workings at the DOT. “Years ago, they made a big fuss about trains carrying these chemicals that go through these urban areas. And now they reroute them through all these little towns.” He said, “I was here 20 years, I know that they made it a point to reroute these trains so all these little towns get a shaft.”

This administration does everything in their power to keep oil pipelines shut down in Alaska, but when trains that are full of hazardous chemicals derail into the countryside, the administration does not bat an eye.

He said the department is lying about train derailments being down 15 percent since covid. “We know the derailments are up,” he confessed. “They’re trying to paint that picture so as not to bring the harsh light.” He said the Department cherry-picked derailment numbers from 2020 and 2021, when fewer trains were running, so they could push a false narrative that the DOT is protecting the public. The truth is, the Department discriminates against rural America and currently prioritizes states that vote predominantly for Democrats.

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'Hero' Ukrainian 'volunteer' soldier promoted by Trump-hating Adam Kinzinger, far-left MSNBC contributor, turns out to be a fraud

Image: ‘Hero’ Ukrainian ‘volunteer’ soldier promoted by Trump-hating Adam Kinzinger, far-left MSNBC contributor, turns out to be a fraud

(Natural News) There is so much fakery being perpetuated these days, thanks in large part to the proliferation of social media that it is difficult to tell what is real — including so-called ‘hero’ soldiers allegedly fighting for Ukraine.

A Newsweek article published in 2022 featured an American man who volunteered to fight alongside the Ukrainian Army. The man, James Vasquez, boasted in March of that same year that he had destroyed seven Russian tanks. The article portrayed Vasquez in a positive light.

Former Illinois ‘Republican’ Rep. Adam Kinzinger previously advocated for Twitter to verify the account of Vasquez, but he was left embarrassed after it was revealed that the story of Vasquez joining the Ukrainian Army was fake.

Kinzinger had even posed for pictures with Vasquez.

“Kinzinger’s favorite Ukraine hero just deleted his account after it came out he is a fraud,” conservative pundit and Human Rights editor Jack Posobiec observed.

Kinzinger’s favorite Ukraine hero just deleted his account after it came out he is a fraud pic.twitter.com/nZ1Ouc4xiv

— Jack Posobiec ?? (@JackPosobiec) March 22, 2023

MSNBC‘s Malcolm Nance, who had also supported Vasquez, responded to the allegations against the fake soldier, which were revealed by a current member of the Ukrainian armed forces. Nance stated that he and others had advised Vasquez to “get off Twitter, get his life in order & come back to support [Ukraine] in a legal construct,” adding: “He took that advice.”


“James was NOT fake, he was troubled. He did a lot for Ukraine but has challenges to face. Respect what he did do,” Nance said, according to The Post Millennial.

Nooooo, don’t tell me everyone’s favorite “Mercenary” has really just been hiding out and ducking the real action while collecting money and pretending to be fighting in Ukraine on their behalf.


Guess that explains why he got pieced up on a Subway in the US.… pic.twitter.com/xTT5TnmA02

— Malcolm Fle? – ??Amoral Mercenary?? (@Malcolm_fleX48) March 22, 2023

Kinzinger said last year regarding Vasquez that “he’s legit and too many folks are tying to create fake acts with him. I have a bill in congress to deal with this… Since this was happening to me for so long,” the outlet reported.

Vasquez actually works with Ripley’s Heroes, a group that claims to “provide critically needed non-lethal and humanitarian resources to qualified and experienced heroes who have interrupted their own lives, and put themselves in harm’s way, to help save others.”

Heroes is not currently a not-for-profit organization, but they are accepting donations. They have filed for 501(c)3 status with the IRS, but this status has not yet been approved. Therefore, donations made to the organization are not currently eligible for tax deduction, The Post Millennial added.

The outlet said that Vasquez “decided to pack up and make his way to Ukraine to fight as a volunteer soldier within the Ukrainian Military” after Russia invaded its neighbor in February 2022.

“After spending months fighting alongside the Ukrainians and documenting the war through his verified @JMVasquez1974 Twitter account, James’ impact was more profound than he realized. Amassing more than 400,000 Twitter followers, James was not only fighting on the front lines, but he was also reporting the war through an unfiltered lens,” said a release from Ripley’s Heroes.

Vasquez’s LinkedIn says he’s with Ripley’s Heroes and that he is the company’s “Chief Strategy Officer,” as well as listing him as “fighting in Ukraine.”

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, a soldier in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, accused Vasquez of “stolen valor” in a tweet. Stolen valor refers to the act of falsely claiming military honors or valor for oneself, despite not having served in the military.

TPM also noted that she wrote that while she “won’t release private texts,” Vasquez had “confirmed to [her] in writing that he does not and has not had a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

Prior to that, she wrote: “As a soldier in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who has to live by the rules of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who has fought and fights at the front for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, I’m done w/ lies. James Vasquez is not and has not been in ZSU. @jmvasquez1974 please get help.”

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GOP senator warns Biden admin to take Chinese purchases of U.S. farmland seriously

Image: GOP senator warns Biden admin to take Chinese purchases of U.S. farmland seriously

(Natural News) A leading Republican senator from Oklahoma is the latest to sound the alarm on China’s increasingly frequent purchases of American farmland as he warned the Biden regime to make sure Beijing understands the U.S. is not to be “trifled” with.

According to Sen. James Lankford, foreign entities currently own over 1 million acres of farmland in Oklahoma, with countries such as China utilizing the land for drug production to the fullest extent, Fox Business reported.

“These are Chinese criminal organizations that are moving in, and you’re not going to move in and move that much money without some awareness of the Chinese Communist Party and setting up. Just in the last year, China has doubled the number of acres that it has in the United States. They’re buying up hundreds of thousands of acres across the country, and they’re moving in criminal operations into the country,” he explained in an interview with the network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Following the shooting down of a Chinese spy balloon that flew from Alaska to South Carolina, foreign acquisitions of U.S. farmland have become a highly contentious issue. The multi-day flight of the surveillance aircraft across the country has reignited concerns among experts and lawmakers regarding China’s ongoing attempts to purchase land throughout the U.S. Some have noted a suspected pattern of espionage activities occurring in proximity to American military installations, the network reported.

Lankford is advocating for legislation to address the “gap in federal law” that allows foreign entities to purchase agricultural land easily. He is also urging his colleagues in Congress to remain vigilant regarding China’s ongoing efforts to acquire land within the United States.


“What are we doing as a country to stop communist China from moving forward on all of these goals to overtake the United States as the number one superpower?” Bartiromo asked Lankford Wednesday morning.

Lankford has reassured the American public that the U.S. government is working on fixing the issue “piece by piece.”

“We’ve got to be able to do our military work. We’ve got to make sure that we have what’s called ‘hard power’ on this, to be able to make it very clear that we are the United States of America, and we’re none to be trifled with,” he said.

“The second thing that we’ve got to do is deal with economic issues. Every corporation in America needs to look at the business that it’s doing currently with China. If their supply chain comes from China to the United States, know that the communist nation will, at some point, cut that off. And so they need to be attentive to that in all of their investment strategies and all of their logistics tail — that if they have China anywhere in that logistics tail, that’s a major problem,” he noted further.

“We’ve got to take world leadership back again, and to be able to say we’re the United States in foreign policy and in economic power,” he urged.


According to the US Department of Agriculture, Chinese companies currently own less than 1% of foreign-held acres of US farmland, which amounts to 383,935 acres. However, this has still raised concerns among some members of Congress who are looking into ways of preventing Chinese ownership in US agriculture.

On Tuesday, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall disclosed the most alarming event he has witnessed during his 50-year career, expressing concern over China’s growth of their nuclear weaponry, which he finds to be equally alarming as the former Soviet Union’s drastic expansion of their nuclear arsenal during the Cold War.

During a hearing on Tuesday before the House Appropriations Committee, Kendall, a veteran of 50 years in U.S. military and defense, stated that China’s emergence as a top-level nuclear power is a significant concern.

“I don’t think I’ve seen anything more disturbing in my career than the Chinese ongoing expansion of their nuclear force,” Kendall told the panel.

“For decades, they were quite comfortable with an arsenal of a few hundred nuclear weapons, which was fairly clearly a second-strike capability to act as a deterrent,” Kendall continued, according to Fox News. “That expansion that they’re undertaking puts us into a new world that we’ve never lived in before, where you have three powers — three great powers, essentially — with large arsenals of nuclear weapons.”

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