After destroying American society, the CDC admits natural immunity works better than COVID jabs

Image: After destroying American society, the CDC admits natural immunity works better than COVID jabs

(Natural News) After two and a half years of weaponizing public health messages and destroying the very fabric of society, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has decided that natural immunity works better than the COVID jabs. The CDC is now promoting an “anti-vax” message that they aggressively censored, disparaged and attacked since 2000. The CDC updated their guidelines in August 2022, asking for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated to be treated equally throughout society.

Since the beginning of the covid-19 scandal, the CDC lied about the immune system, natural exposure and available treatments, while declaring the unvaxxed “public health threats” and threatening their very participation in society.

Good people, from teachers and nurses, to police officers and service members, lost their jobs for not taking a fake vaccine or submitting to coercive bodily mandates. The oh-so unifying Biden administration ridiculed, mocked and fired Americans, threatening their body autonomy rights and their individual beliefs every step of the way. The Biden government even worked with social media companies to censor Americans. Now the CDC admits these people were right and along.

Due to the unlawful actions of the CDC, the fearless pure bloods have had to endure significant attacks against their livelihoods, their careers and their education. With each passing day, as natural immunity proves superior to COVID jabs, the enduring pure bloods find solace in their spirit and a greater sense of self-respect, purpose and dignity.

Social distancing, masks and isolation were a useless waste of time, harmful to society at large

The vast majority of the population was better off exposed to their natural environment and one another. The asinine six-foot social distancing rule that pervaded society did nothing but traumatize and impart mass mental illness, misleading an entire swath of the population into a state of germaphobia, hypochondria psychosis.

All of the CDC’s isolationist mitigation efforts turned out to be ineffective and harmful, but even worse, the premise for implementing these behavioral controls and mandates was built on lies about human immunity. The CDC should have been promoting a strong immune system from the start, so that a vast majority of the population would have lived normally and garnered natural immunity.


Instead, the CDC focused on the germ theory, making people afraid of something that was always going to be out of their control. The CDC gave people the illusion that they were in control over pathogens, and this neurotic control was pushed onto others who did not consent to these diseased mindsets and abusive edicts. The truth is, no one was saved by shutdowns, travel restrictions, asymptomatic testing or masks. People were only harmed, as church assembly was shuttered, as God was mocked in the streets by rioters, looters, murderers. People were killed by hospital protocol, as families were separated, as holding hands and praying was barred, as deadly protocol was pushed onto patients. Children were mentally and physically harmed, as parental rights were subjugated. In the war against natural immunity, the CDC forced masks onto children’s faces while delaying their learning and destroying team sports. All this was done to rush an experimental vaccination program into existence, one that wrought more health issues on the population.

From the very start of the covid-19 scandal, the CDC was an immune system denier and consistently attacked any behavior or lifestyle that promoted a healthy immune response. Thanks to the CDC’s malicious guidance, families were torn apart, individuals were locked down and did not receive proper treatment for a variety of illnesses and chronic diseases. Thanks to the CDC, businesses were shuttered, education was made into a mockery of mental and physical abuse, depression, anxiety, and suicide became acceptable side effects while efficacious, antiviral treatments were withheld from patients — all to push an experimental jab that has failed and turned out to kill more people than all other vaccines combined.

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Biden declares water emergency in Mississippi as heavy rain leads to total failure of entire municipal water system

Image: Biden declares water emergency in Mississippi as heavy rain leads to total failure of entire municipal water system

(Natural News) President Joe Biden’s administration approved an emergency declaration over a water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, ordering federal assistance to supplement state response on Tuesday, August 30.

The White House statement said emergency protective measures, including direct federal assistance, will be provided at 75 percent federal funding for 90 days. The administration also authorized the Department of Homeland Security‘s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to coordinate all disaster relief efforts.

Jackson has been grappling with multiple water issues in the last week, with too much water on the ground due to heavy rainfalls and flooding, and not having enough safe water to drink as a treatment plant broke down.

Mississippi activated its National Guard to help distribute water to tens of thousands of Jackson residents after a treatment plant broke down, leaving most of the state capital without safe running water that could go on for days.

Governor Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency for Jackson and surrounding communities, warning the area’s 180,000 population to avoid drinking tap water.

The breakdown occurred on Monday, August 29, when floodwaters seeped into the O.B. Curtis treatment plant. An emergency team had the plant working at 40 percent capacity on Tuesday, according to the state’s health officer, Jim Craig.

The shutdown created havoc for businesses and public schools, affecting nearly 21,000 students who were forced to move classes online. Officials said they could not estimate how many homes were cut off.


Consumers bought bottled water in bulk, leaving supermarket shelves empty. Volunteers had to apologize to people when they no longer had water to give, urging them instead to return the following day.

Tankers distributed non-potable water, while drinking water was distributed at several sites.

The state also trucked in 10 tractor-trailers of water and is expecting another 108 trucks in the coming days, according to State Emergency Management Director Stephen McCraney.

Water problems not new in Jackson, Mississippi

Water issues are not new in Jackson.

In February 2021, a pair of winter storms caused Jackson residents to lose running water. And also a year ago, the Environmental Protection Agency issued an emergency order saying that water supply in the city could contain E. Coli. In 2016, there had been reports of high lead levels in the city’s water supply due to recurring faulty water treatment techniques. (Related: Pharma company cashed in on Flint water crisis, raised lead poisoning drug prices 2,700 percent.)

At a news conference on Tuesday, Jackson Mayor, Chokwe Antar Lumumba welcomed the state aid, but exposed a rift between the Republican state officials and the Democratic administration of a city whose population is more than 80 percent African-American.

The governor alleged that the water treatment plant suffered from years of city mismanagement, but the mayor said the state has been absent in its efforts to maintain and update the plant.

“We’ve been going it alone for the better part of two years. And now we are excited to finally welcome the state to the table and all the valuable resources that they bring,” Lumumba said.

Each side had been offering differing accounts of what happened, although they came to an agreement by Tuesday afternoon.

The governor, who previously blamed pump failures, affirmed what the mayor said: that the floodwaters entered the treatment plant, altering the chemistry of the water and rendering the existing treatment inadequate.

But even before the crisis, the city had been under a boil water notice for the past month due to “elevated turbidity levels” that made the water appear cloudy.

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More Americans rely on food banks amid record-high inflation

Image: More Americans rely on food banks amid record-high inflation

(Natural News) Recently, long queues of cars lined up outside North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) waiting for care packages. Two years ago, at the height of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the same demand for food banks was observed as thousands of locked down hungry and unemployed people needed support.

This time, it was due to the continued record-high inflation hunting American households. Many are now depending on food bank supplies.

NTFB CEO Trisha Cunningham told CBS News that demand for her food bank “is worse than a couple of years ago. “We are serving now at higher levels than we even did at the peak of the pandemic,” she said

Most of the people who lined up their vehicles outside NTFB said the reason they are there is that “they can’t afford groceries.”

Dallas resident Dana Carpenter, who was waiting in line told a news reporter: “It is just the basics: flour, sugar, egg, and milk prices that have spiraled out of control. We don’t buy cookies and cakes because we don’t have that luxury anymore.”

The network’s evening news reported that 53 million Americans relied on food banks in 2021, compared to 40 million pre-pandemic (2019). This is a whopping 13 million new Americans who can’t afford essential items at supermarkets.

Retailers also notified that less-affluent consumers aren’t in great shape this summer despite President Joe Biden’s administration publicizing that there’s been zero inflation last month and everything is wonderful ahead of the midterm elections in November.


Food banks face challenges as they try to feed America

Feeding America, a nonprofit network of 200 food banks, found in the latest pulse survey that 65 percent of member food banks reported an increase in demand for emergency food assistance in June compared to the previous month.

Ninety percent of all responding food banks reported seeing increased or steady demand for services amid record food price increases.

“Inflation is devastating to the budgets of families, seniors, and people just barely getting by, driving more and more of them to food banks and food pantries,” said Katie Fitzgerald, president and COO of Feeding America.

Food banks are not immune to these inflationary pressures. While they’re dealing with long lines at distributions, they face soaring costs and other challenges to their operations.

In addition to the increase in demand at food banks, Feeding America is facing supply chain issues that are blowing up operating budgets and forcing food banks to operate at deficits. (Related: Food banks struggle to meet increased demand for food aid, may not have enough resources for the fall and winter.)

A prior food bank survey found that around 70 percent of the members say food donations are down and around 95 percent say food purchase costs are up, paying more for transportation and food.

The increase in people seeking help from food banks is also taxing pantries’ own resources. In the past, Tehma Smith Wilson, who runs a food pantry in Baltimore, said her pantry typically received 700 boxes of food to donate but now the number is around 100.

“This is not a sustainable situation,” Fitzgerald continued. “Hunger in America is a problem that can be solved. There are 66 billion pounds of food that go to waste every year. We need everyone to be a part of that solution – the government, private sector, food donors and folks who can contribute and raise awareness about this solvable but really difficult problem.”

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Watch the below video that talks about how inflation is causing the global food supply to collapse.

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The food shortage crisis due to pandemic lockdowns and economic warfare may prove deadly for many.

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Chinese hacking group targets private companies, gov't agencies linked to wind farms

Image: Chinese hacking group targets private companies, gov’t agencies linked to wind farms

(Natural News) A report revealed that a Chinese hacking group is targeting private companies and government agencies linked to wind farms in Australia and several countries in Southeast Asia. The group has been operating under the guise of a news website.

According to a report by Proofpoint and PwC Threat Intelligence, the TA423 group backed by Beijing sought to infiltrate government agencies, news media and industries involved in wind turbine supply chains to the South China Sea. TA423, also known as the Red Ladon group, had been active since 2013 and was even indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice.

“Australian targets regularly included military academic institutions, as well as local and federal government, defense, and public health sectors,” the report’s authors said. “Malaysian targets included offshore drilling and deep-water energy exploration entities, as well as global marketing and financial companies. Several global companies were also targeted that appear to relate to the global supply chains of offshore energy projects in the South China Sea.”

The authors also expounded on TA423’s latest cyber espionage campaign, which ran from April to June 2022. It involved emails from a GMail or Outlook address to unwitting targets that had subject headers such as “User Research” and “Request Cooperation.”

According to the report, the email claimed to be from a “humble news website” that was soliciting feedback from readers. It had a link to a fake news outlet called “Australian Morning News” that delivered malware to computers when clicked.


“The campaign has an international reach, but [has] a heavy focus on the Asia Pacific region, Australian governmental entities, and companies and countries operating in the South China Sea,” the authors pointed out.

They also noted that TA423 had been targeting “entities directly involved with development projects in the South China Sea closely around the time of tensions between China and other countries related to development projects of high strategic importance, such as the Kasawari Gas field developed by Malaysia and an offshore wind farm in the Strait of Taiwan.”

Another hacking group targets governments, steals IP

TA423 is not the only hacking group working to spy on other nations at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party. Another group called APT41 has also launched cyber espionage and cyber attacks against different entities.

Back in May 2021, APT41 – which also goes by the names Winnti, BARIUM and Blackfly – hacked into the networks of at least six U.S. state governments. A March 8, 2022 report by Reston, Virginia-based cybersecurity company Mandiant expounded on this breach. Tech giant Google acquired Mandiant the same month the report was released.

According to the Mandiant report, APT41 hackers took advantage of a previously unknown vulnerability in a commercial web application used by several states for animal health management. Two U.S. state governments earlier victimized by the hackers were breached once more in late February 2022, it added. (Related: China hacking and penetration of critical U.S. infrastructure systems worse than previous thought.)

APT41 was also involved in Operation CuckooBees, which involved the theft of intellectual property (IP) worth trillions of dollars from more than 30 companies. The operation, which began in 2019, targeted technology and manufacturing companies located in North America, Europe and Asia.

Boston-based cybersecurity company Cybereason wrote about Operation CuckooBees in a May 4, 2022 post. According to the firm, it was made aware of the malicious operation in April 2021 after a company flagged a potential intrusion during a business pitch meeting.

Analysts from Cybereason then reverse-engineered the cyber attack to determine how the client’s network was compromised. They found that APT41 hackers “maintained full access to everything in the network in order for them to pick and choose the right information that they needed to collect.”

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Watch this video about Beijing-backed hackers targeting humanitarian groups.

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HILARIOUS: The “amazing” 4-SECOND TEST of “renewable energy” in California did NOT include city of Los Angeles and DID include use of fossil fuels

Image: HILARIOUS: The “amazing” 4-SECOND TEST of “renewable energy” in California did NOT include city of Los Angeles and DID include use of fossil fuels

(Natural News) After California’s “green energy” grid completely collapsed last summer in the middle of a heat wave, they began implementing the non-user-friendly-policy of rolling blackouts. Expect widespread power outages for the next five years, the politicians have warned all Californians. Sounds like a very promising play book so far, if you want to travel back in time to the Dark Ages. But wait. Now California has almost done the impossible. They shut down all fossil fuel power for 4 seconds, and proved they can run on only green energy. Except, not really. For even those brief seconds of “proof” they could do it, fossil fuels were still running the show, the gimmick, namely natural gas, behind all the smoke and mirrors.

Fake record set for California‘s main power grid, excluding Los Angeles, while burning natural gas, and lasting only 4 seconds

Step right up and witness the impossible. Democrats are trying to turn California into a 100 percent “green energy” state, but it can’t be done. Not even close. In fact, it can’t even be done for 4 measly seconds. Still, mainstream media and the hucksters that run the state and cities of ‘Cali’ might have the heavily-polluted minds of the populace there believing (pun intended).

While burning natural gas, a fossil fuel, the state of California, minus its biggest city, was able to stay “lit” during a 4-second shut down of other-than-gas non-renewable energy. Politicians said it sent a “chill” down their spines, especially since the rich gurus were sitting in their mansions running the air conditioner on high during the staged event.


Making ZERO dent in the state’s carbon emissions, politicians are trying to cover up the fact that their state’s contribution to global pollution is horrendous, regularly.

Though China and India are polluting the world on a scale the US can’t even compete with, California politicians want their voters to still believe in the whole “green energy” conversion head-fake, while everyone goes broke from inflation and dies from the drought, rolling blackouts, and the heat wave.

Oxymoronic: Natural gas still a major emissions pollutant burning to support the “green energy” movement

Natural gas produces fine particulate matter that can lodge in lung tissue, according to scientific research. This kills more people than burning coal, yet it’s part of the foundation of California supposedly going completely 100 percent green for 4 seconds as of late. Is this “climate justice?” The entire “green energy movement” is based on lies. You can’t run a million electric cars without fossil-fuel-powered charging stations, and you can’t run Los Angeles on solar and wind power alone.

Once all fossil fuels, including gas and diesel, are banned in California, there will be no agriculture sector and most of the populace left breathing will be homeless and begging for food and shelter. That’s “climate justice” being inflicted on Californians by the communist-led politicians who know it’s all coming apart, and fast.

Follow the bouncing ball. They couldn’t even go green for 4 seconds. It’s a farce. A hoax. A Ponzi scheme where every Californian pays a hunk of their paycheck in taxes for the politicians to embezzle, while the whole state cracks apart and eventually floats out to sea. Maybe that’s what they really mean by “going green.”

Will “green energy” be able to keep the nuclear power plants from melting down, Fukushima style, and killing millions in California and their neighboring states? Only time will tell, and more staged events. Here’s Tucker Carlson blowing the lid off the entire “green energy” scheme of the embezzling Democrat politicians and energy sector gurus in California.

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Michelle Svensson and the Sherwoods discuss Big Gov, Big Pharma collusion to ban effective covid treatments

Image: Michelle Svensson and the Sherwoods discuss Big Gov, Big Pharma collusion to ban effective covid treatments

(Natural News) Michelle Svensson, one half of the Resistance Chicks, talked to Drs. Mark and Michelle Sherwood about the conspiracy between Big Government and Big Pharma to bar truly effective treatments. This prohibition, she added, facilitates money being funneled into the pharmaceutical industry.

Svensson, who hosts the Brighteon.TV program “Headline News: The Resistance Chicks” with her sister Leah, sat down with the “SherwoodTV” hosts during the New York City (NYC) leg of Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour.

According to the Sherwoods, governments have instilled fear into people for two years under the guise of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Vaccines and drugs such as remdesivir were touted as the solution to the pandemic, but they did not address the fear instilled into people. This fear, they claimed, is even more detrimental than the disease itself.

Moreover, this fear of “real evidence” – which turns out to be fake – will take people out of the roads as they buy into the COVID propaganda. (Related: Vaccine-induced “herd immunity” DOES NOT EXIST: German government admits that 95% of omicron cases are in fully vaccinated individuals.)

The “SherwoodTV” hosts added that there are large numbers of people who suffer from complex, chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and mental illnesses. Conventional medicine practiced by most physicians focuses only on the symptoms. Furthermore, specific prescribed treatments such as drugs or surgical procedures only aim to treat the immediate problem and not the root cause.


“Today, we understand the whole system is flipped,” Mark said. “Doctors are trained by pharmaceutical-driven funds that drive the business.”

Mark revealed to Svensson that he had two big things in mind: Get rid of all self-imposed chronic sicknesses and diseases, and eradicate the overuse of medications.

“I didn’t say medications are bad, but you know, the body doesn’t have a medication deficiency. [We’ve] got to fix the foundational issues and really get to the root of the problem, which is what helps people heal,” he said.

Functional medicine follows holistic approach to treating diseases

Mark shared that he was removed from the traditional medical system as he was getting people well. This led him to establish the Functional Medical Institute (FMI) in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife Michelle.

“I opened a clinic where our main mission is to walk people down that pathway of healing,” he said.

According to the FMI website, the clinic “focuses on complete healing instead of disease management, with an emphasis on healing the root cause and preventing disease recurrence. “Our view of health emphasizes the state of the entire being and its ongoing development and continual change,” it added.

The Sherwoods explained to Svensson that functional medicine is still a science-based medical practice, but with an emphasis on the patient instead of the disease. This patient-centered approach allows functional medicine to address the whole person, not just the symptoms of the disease they have.

Functional medicine practitioners, they added, listen to their patients and their stories. They then help their patients to delve into the discovery process, with a view to helping them take ownership and control of their health.

Adhering to the patient-centered approach, medical practitioners then provide treatments based on their patients’ unique needs. For the Sherwoods, they work through seven foundational principles that start with nutrition, exercise and sleep.

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Watch the full conversation between Michelle Svensson and Drs. Mark and Michelle Sherwood at the ReAwaken America Tour’s NYC leg below.

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