Toxic wastewater from East Palestine train derailment to be dumped in Baltimore

Image: Toxic wastewater from East Palestine train derailment to be dumped in Baltimore

(Natural News) The remediation plan for the Norfolk Southern train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, now includes sending all the contaminated wastewater from the site several states away to Baltimore, Md.

We are told that contaminated water from the wreckage will be treated and discharged in Baltimore. In a March 25 statement, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, a Democrat, announced that Clean Harbors Environmental Services has contracted with Norfolk Southern to:

“… accept, treat, and discharge the wastewater collected from rainwater, collected water, and stream water above and below the cleanup site.”

The Baltimore city-run Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant in Dundalk will be tasked with doing all this, according to the company.

“The facility is one of a number of facilities in locations around the country selected to process this material,” Scott said about the situation. “Both the city and the county teams have been in touch with the governor’s office as well as with the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency].”

Strangely, the Back River plant in Dundalk that is slated to receive contaminated wastewater from East Palestine exploded last week, tearing holes through three walls and triggering a fire. Officials claim they do not know what caused the explosion and fire, but they insist that the incident will not impact the facility’s waste disposal capabilities.

(Related: Area residents who breathed in chemical toxins from train derailment are now developing “chemical bronchitis.”)


Oklahoma attempting to block transportation of toxic waste from Ohio derailment site within its borders

Due to obvious public concerns about the dumping of toxic, albeit treated, wastewater, Scott further emphasized that his office has instructed “local teams” to “do their due diligence to be certain that there is no risk to the health and safety [of] our residents and our environment.”

What this actually entails remains unknown. However, Scott explained that the city is seeking a legal opinion from the attorney general’s office concerning the city’s “requirement” to discharge all the waste stemming from the Norfolk Southern train derailment.

A March 22 letter written to the Baltimore City Department of Public Works, Clean Harbors claimed that the site in Baltimore that was chosen for dumping is an “optimal wastewater treatment site” for the treatment and processing of all the wastewater.

As soon as it receives approval, Clean Harbors plans to start receiving shipments of the wastewater. Its first load will contain 675,000 gallons of the muck, which ironically enough is scheduled to arrive by train.

“The proposed treatment scheme will be carbon adsorption using 4×12 mesh reagglomerated carbon followed by inorganic metals removal as needed,” Clean Harbors wrote in the letter. “The primary constituent of concern is vinyl chloride.”

Maryland is not the only state now in the crosshairs for the dumping of wastewater from East Palestine. Efforts to also dump the stuff in Oklahoma are also in the works, though the government there is attempting to block it, as well as all transportation of contaminated wastewater through its borders.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan stated publicly that Oklahoma has no valid reason to block these shipments, further suggesting that the state does not have the authority to even impose a block.

“This is impermissible and this is unacceptable,” Regan complained about Oklahoma’s proposed ban.

Some of the contaminated wastewater has already been sent to Indiana for further transport to Michigan and Texas in the coming days. So far, according to a March 23 update issued by the Ohio Emergency Management Agency, some 7.9 million gallons of liquid wastewater have been removed from East Palestine so far.

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Trump declares politicized left-wing Manhattan DA has already dropped 'hush money' case against him

Image: Trump declares politicized left-wing Manhattan DA has already dropped ‘hush money’ case against him

(Natural News) Donald Trump was born, raised, and built his business empire in New York City, but the metropolis turned against him when he successfully ran for president in 2016 because he’s a conservative and the Big Apple is run by left-wing lunatics.

In the years since, various officials have abused their offices trying to ‘get’ him for one thing or another, though none of them ever managed to do so — because Trump doesn’t follow the deep state script.

The latest leftist to go after the former president is Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, whose campaign was financed by the king of leftists, billionaire George Soros. Only, Bragg now appears to be coming up short as well.

Trump said on Saturday night during a 2024 presidential rally in Waco, Texas, that the Manhattan DA’s office has dropped a criminal investigation into a hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels after he previously claimed that he would be arrested within days. According to Trump, recent evidence left prosecutors with no choice but to abandon the probe, the UK’s Daily Mail reported.

As he traveled back from the first rally of his campaign, Trump appeared relaxed, with an open-necked shirt and a bottle of Diet Coke by his side. However, he grew angry at any suggestion that he found his recent days “frustrating,” insisting that he had been enjoying himself.

“I have no idea what’s going to happen,” he told reporters traveling with him aboard “Trump Force One,” his private 757 airliner. “I think they’ve already dropped the case. From what I understand … I think it’s been dropped. But I believe that if anything ever happened with the case, it’s a fake case.”


Earlier on Saturday, Trump told supporters that Bragg had “nothing” on him regarding the hush money payment made to porn star Stormy Daniels. Trump continued to deny that the $130,000 payment, made weeks before the October 2016 election, was a campaign finance violation. He also denies any involvement in a reported one-night stand with Daniels in 2006.

Trump’s recent claims about the dropping of the criminal probe and the lack of an arrest have marked a significant turnaround. Just a week ago, he had posted a message on social media, expecting to be arrested on Tuesday, and calling for his supporters to protest. However, the day came and went without any such development. Additionally, the grand jury hearing evidence did not sit on Wednesday or Thursday, leading to speculation that the case may be faltering. As such, Trump continued with his routine, heading to his West Palm Beach golf course and presenting a business-as-usual picture.

Returning from the rally, with his aides claiming that he had addressed a crowd of 25,000 supporters, the former president dismissed the notion that the probe into his alleged hush money payment to Daniels had been a distraction.

“I’m not frustrated by anything,” he said. “I just did a speech for two hours. I’m not first frustrated to do that. I just had polls that came out where I’m 40 points ahead. See, this is what I hate about fake news.”

Still, Trump is facing an increasing legal risk from a number of criminal investigations, with the most immediate one related to a purported hush-money payment to Daniels during his 2016 presidential campaign. He was invited to testify before a grand jury in Manhattan, which suggests that the probe is nearing completion and could result in an indictment.

Trump alleged that the hush money case against him was politically motivated, and he has used it to raise money. Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is a Democrat, said on Saturday that he thinks the case against Trump is also political.

Meanwhile, Trump claimed that recent testimony from lawyer Robert Costello had cast doubt on one-time personal lawyer Michael Cohen’s evidence that he made the payment and was then reimbursed by the former president.

He added that a letter from Cohen’s lawyer in 2018 stating that Cohen had not been reimbursed had destroyed the case against him.

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U.S. is more than a DECADE behind in ammunition stockpiling but Biden is still giving it away to Ukraine

Image: U.S. is more than a DECADE behind in ammunition stockpiling but Biden is still giving it away to Ukraine

(Natural News) The New York Times isn’t known for being critical of Democrat regimes but the paper took a break from protecting Joe Biden and his party long enough this week to sound the alarm on a massive (and worsening) national security issue.

The Biden administration’s pledge to provide military aid to Ukraine to help it defend against the Russian invasion has reportedly caused concerns about the stability of the domestic stockpile of missiles and munitions in the United States. As part of the $33 billion military aid package sent to Ukraine so far, the US has promised to send a Patriot air-defense system along with over 200,000 rounds of artillery, rockets, and tank rounds, the outlet noted in its report.

Recently, the U.S. Navy admiral in charge of procuring ordnance for the East Coast-based fleet angrily denounced defense contractors who have been under-delivering ammunition for years. Specifically, the guided missiles used by Navy ships, submarines, and warplanes.

“Look at me. I am not forgiving the fact you’re not delivering the ordnance we need. OK?” Adm. Daryl Caudle warned contractors during an industry meeting in January. “We’re talking about war-fighting, national security, and going against a competitor here and a potential adversary that is like nothing we’ve ever seen. And we can’t dillydally around with these deliveries.”

His angst highlights a concerning issue that has become increasingly apparent as the Pentagon sends its own arsenal of weapons to aid Ukraine in repelling Russia and the US cautiously monitors for signs that China may provoke a new conflict by invading Taiwan. The problem is that the US is facing a shortage of capacity to produce the arms necessary for the nation and its allies during a period of heightened tensions among superpowers, the Times noted.


“Industry consolidation, depleted manufacturing lines and supply chain issues have combined to constrain the production of basic ammunition like artillery shells while also prompting concern about building adequate reserves of more sophisticated weapons including missiles, air defense systems and counter-artillery radar,” the paper reported.

The Pentagon, White House, Congress, and military contractors are working to address the problem of the US lacking the capacity to produce the arms that the nation and its allies need at a time of heightened superpower tensions. They are taking several steps to address this, such as increasing procurement budgets, offering suppliers multiyear contracts to encourage companies to invest more in their manufacturing capacity, and dispatching teams to help solve supply bottlenecks, the report continued.

The Pentagon is also abandoning some of the cost-cutting changes embraced after the end of the Cold War, including corporate-style just-in-time delivery systems and a drive to shrink the industry.

“We are buying to the limits of the industrial base even as we are expanding those limits,” Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks said this month at a briefing on the Biden administration’s 2024 budget plan.

The changes being made are expected to take some time to have an impact, which leaves the military with the challenge of monitoring its dwindling stocks of certain crucial weapons.

During the 10 months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, prompting the United States to provide tens of billions in military aid so far, so many Stinger and Javelin missiles were sent from the US stocks to Ukraine that it would take 13 years and five years, respectively, to replace them at recent capacity levels, according to Raytheon, which helps make the missile systems.

To that end, the Pentagon is focusing on munitions procurement especially.

“In munitions alone, we’re investing $30.6 billion in FY24, a nearly-12% increase above FY23 enacted. Compared to the Defense Department’s budget request from just five years ago, we’re putting nearly 50% more money into munitions,” Hicks said during the briefing. “Almost one third of our munitions dollars are specifically for long-range fires to increase procurement and improve the capability of not only hypersonic missiles but also our most lethal and survivable subsonic weapons, including those we’ve been buying at or near maximum capacity for several years.”

Let’s hope it all comes quickly enough — before Biden draws down our weapon stocks to a level where we can’t even defend ourselves, because Ukraine isn’t going to return the favor.

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Thousands of Slovenian farmers join Dutch-led tractor protests – end the EU green agenda now

Image: Thousands of Slovenian farmers join Dutch-led tractor protests – end the EU green agenda now

(Natural News) The tractor protests that began in The Netherlands last year to fight the European Union’s “green” agenda have since spread to Germany and Slovenia.

Reports indicate that around 5,000 farmers participated in a Slovenian tractor protest over the week, which was primarily aimed at a recent ruling restricting the use of pesticides in certain areas due to concerns about water sources becoming polluted.

Farmers are also angry at EU leaders for the special protections they are giving to wolves and brown bears throughout the country, which are attacking livestock. All in all, nearly one-third of Slovenia’s total land mass is under the control of EU environmental protections that farmers say negatively impact their operations.

Those who participated in the protest have given their government an ultimatum: either do something within 10 days to reverse all these “green” restrictions or the protests will escalate.

“We expect they will receive us within 10 days,” said Anton Medved, president of the Trade Union of Slovenian Farmers, adding that his country’s farmers have been “sacrificed for the environmental experiments of activists and civil servants. “If not, we will step up our activities.

“Green countryside and national prosperity are the results of the work of farmers,” Medved added.

(Related: Check out our earlier coverage about how EU restrictions are forcing some farmers to cull upwards of 95 percent of their herds to minimize nitrogen “pollution.”)

Pro-farmer political parties winning big in The Netherlands, gaining traction elsewhere

So far, the Slovenian protests have remained peaceful. That could change, though, if the government refuses to listen to the demands of the people for whom it works – the people who grow the food that government bureaucrats imbibe on using taxpayer dollars.


It is probably not a good idea to become the enemy of farmers if eating and not starving are something you hope to maintain. All EU politicians would do well to remember this as they steamroll the will of the people with their egregious “green” agenda.

According to reports, none of the protests that have occurred last year had much effect, but things are starting to change in 2023. The tractor protests in The Netherlands led to a pro-farmer political party that was founded in 2019 outright winning the Dutch regional elections earlier this month.

“The FarmerCitizenMovement (BBB) party is now set to hold the single largest number of seats within the country’s senate, with some [parties] within the ruling Dutch coalition now expressing a desire to see EU rules aimed at putting farmers out of business curtailed in response to the party’s extremely strong polling,” one media outlet reported about this.

“Slovenian officials so far appear like they will be far more willing to listen to the concerns of the country’s farmers however, with the country’s minister for agriculture insisting that the ‘farmers know that we are on their side,’ even if ‘not all’ of the protest’s demands ‘can be solved overnight.’”

In the comments, many encouraged these brave farmers to stand strong and continue the fight, with one of them emphasizing that they “can win against the idiots because you are producing items essential to life.”

“Those who enjoy eating should stand with the farmers,” one wrote.

Another warned that Americans need to do the same thing because “the war against farmers will be coming soon to America” as well.

“Farmers and ranchers have it tough enough without having to deal with a bunch of parasitic bureaucrats and enviro-whack jobs who have never raised so much as a radish,” said another.

The EU’s green agenda is unpopular, to say the least, among farmers and other regular folks. To keep up with the latest, visit

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World's largest seller of carbon credits EXPOSED as scam operation

Image: World’s largest seller of carbon credits EXPOSED as scam operation

(Natural News) South Pole, the world’s leading seller of so-called carbon “credits,” is not what it claims to be.

When it was first hatched, the operation, co-founded by Renat Heuberger, branded itself as a solution to the climate problem of deforestation. By selling carbon offsets to businesses bound by “green” mandates, South Pole would generate a profit to funnel back into local communities and organizations aiming to conserve the environment – or so South Pole told its customers.

In practice, South Pole hurtled towards a valuation of $1 billion while its clients were left holding the bag. Such is the nature of the market for carbon credits and other green scams.

The company’s biggest project right now is called Kariba, located in Zimbabwe. South Pole claimed that it would help prevent the annihilation of a forest nearly the size of Puerto Rico, but this has not happened.

Several outside experts conducted an analysis of Kariba and found that it vastly overestimated the extent of preservation actually taking place. Companies like Gucci, McKinsey, and Nestle that purchased Kariba credits to offset their own contributions to “climate change” and “global warming” are now having to backtrack their own climate claims “because the Kariba credits they bought haven’t generated enough real atmospheric benefit,” to quote a report from Bloomberg about the scandal.

“Most of Kariba’s €100 million in proceeds have gone to South Pole and its project partner, a company called Carbon Green Investments, not – as both companies previously indicated in interviews and public blog posts – to people in the rural communities who do the work of fighting deforestation,” that same report indicates.


(Related: In 2016, we reported that climate change profiteers had already at that time created a $53 billion market based on fear and fraud.)

Multinational corporations ditching South Pole and its Kariba scam

Many of South Pole’s biggest customers are now regretting their decision to ever get involved with the Kariba scam. Barclays, L’Oreal, and McKinsey, all told Bloomberg Green that they have either used up their Kariba credits or have no further plans to purchase more.

A Dutch energy company called Greenchoice that purchased more than four million Kariba credits said it was “unpleasantly surprised” to learn that nothing beneficial for the environment was actually accomplished. Greenchoice indicated that it is launching an investigation to determine how to proceed.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals, which used 75,000 Kariba credits back in December in order to reach its own climate targets, says it is “pausing any future investments with South Pole.”

By all appearances, South Pole is simply pocketing cash while claiming to fight global warming. The company claims, however, that there are “complex forces” at work, specifically with deforestation, and that Kariba credits are still credible somehow and follow industry standards.

“We are genuinely proud of the project, which has protected over 750,000 hectares of forest and benefited many thousands of people in a rural area in Zimbabwe,” South Pole said in an unsubstantiated statement about its business.

According to Ecosystem Marketplace, the carbon credits market quadrupled in value in 2021, reaching an astounding $2 billion. However, persistent questions about the legitimacy of this market as a real solution for climate protection is progressively exposing the scheme as a money-making scam operation.

“No one who buys a five-kilo pack of potatoes at the supermarket wants to end up only having one kilo,” says Jürg Füssler, a carbon market veteran who currently heads up the environmental work department at INFRAS, a research and consulting firm located in Zurich.

“That’s what’s happening now. The basic market confidence is shattered.”

The latest news about the green energy scam can be found at

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The drug being readied for the avian flu plandemic causes side effects that include BELIEVING false narratives, making it perfect for social control

Image: The drug being readied for the avian flu plandemic causes side effects that include BELIEVING false narratives, making it perfect for social control

(Natural News) Former CDC Director Robert Redfield recently warned that gain-of-function research and bioterrorism will inevitably bring about a future avian flu pandemic. The US government is already mapping out a suspicious new bird flu strain that is passing from wild birds to mammals and causing strange behaviors. Strangely enough, a blockbuster drug is already being readied to “treat” this upcoming avian flu. This drug is called Peramivir and goes by the trade name Rapivab.

The drug company behind the treatment, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, has already prepared a list of common side effects for their blockbuster drug. These side effects include: “holding false beliefs that cannot be changed by fact” and “seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there.” The drug’s insert sheet might as well say that “other side effects resemble a zombie apocalypse.”

Upcoming influenza drugs and potential psychological experiments

With side effects as crazy as these, the drug company is openly admitting that their drug is a psychological experiment on the population. Traditionally, antiviral compounds and medicines do not cause psychological effects, let alone cause an individual to believe something! This drug has the potential to not only make you believe something, but to make you believe something that is FALSE. This means there is more to this drug than basic antiviral compounds. These drugs are being designed to manipulate memories and beliefs! If this drug can make you believe falsehoods, it must be interfering with certain proteins, enzymes, neurons, and synapses to manipulate objective experience, memory, and emotion.


Psychological research like this has been going on for decades. In the early 1990s, neuroscientist Todd C. Sacktor and his colleagues discovered an enzyme known as protein kinase M-zeta (PKMzeta), which was suspected at the time of playing a role in long term memory formation and retention. The enzyme works by catalyzing a reaction that enables certain proteins to be transported to the synapses.

In 2006, Sacktor and his team injected a drug to block the PKMzeta enzyme activity in the hippocampus of rats. The rat received an electrical shock and was trained to avoid an area of a room; however, after the drug was administered, the rat was unable to remember what area to avoid, and was shocked again. Sacktor and his team proved that they could block the PKMzeta enzymatic process and delete a rat’s memory of a traumatic event.

In 2012, Sacktor and his colleagues were also able to reverse the process, enhancing memories in rats. The researchers used a genetic manipulation that causes the hippocampus to produce additional copies of the PKMzeta enzyme during memory formation. Theoretically, the researchers demonstrated how a person could consciously recall a traumatic memory, be injected with this experimental drug, and then have that memory deleted. The drug forces the brain to break down the PKMzeta enzyme connected to that memory, stopping the brain from restocking that memory.

Forced psychological experimentation using “life saving drugs” is plausible

Could you imagine if a memory-deleting process like this was built into a worldwide treatment program for a new “pandemic?” The governments of the world have already proven that they can declare a “pandemic emergency” into perpetuity to force experimental drugs and protein-rewriting vaccines onto populations. So, covertly forcing a psychological experiment onto the population under the guise of “saving lives” is plausible.

Now, can you imagine a population suddenly being told that they are in the middle of a new pandemic? The memory of covid-19 lockdowns would come flooding back. Just as before, all the news channels and social media feeds would be programmed to push people back into the same mental hell of lockdowns and isolation. Imagine if there was a mandated protocol — like there was during the covid-19 plandemic — that didn’t just kill people off like Remdesivir, midazolam, and ventilators did, but also rewired people’s brains to believe false narratives, and to “see, hear or feel things that are not there?”

The people who took this new drug could have their pandemic memories of the past erased. Consequentially, this submissive population would be dumbed down further and made apathetic, with no coping skills to deal with out-of-control governments and medical tyranny. They would dutifully, obediently fall in line with the next plandemic, all memories erased. Hive mind group think would abound, as people took up false narratives about their past and present. These new mind control programs would resemble a zombie apocalypse, even worse than before.

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