China approves AEROSOL-based covid vaccine – will they start spraying it like chemtrails?

Image: China approves AEROSOL-based covid vaccine – will they start spraying it like chemtrails?

(Natural News) Communist Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturer CanSino Biologics has announced the unleashing of a new “vaccine” for Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that instead of being injected like a typical vaccine is inhaled through the nose like cocaine.

On September 4, CanSino announced that “Convidecia,” as it calls the drug, is fully developed and ready for approval. China’s National Health Commission is said to be the entity that called for the development of an aerosol-based inhalable Chinese Virus inoculation. (Related: There have been other calls as well for an Operation Warp Speed 2.0 centered around aerosol rather than injectable vaccines.)

According to reports, Convidecia is made with a recombinant (a.k.a. genetically engineered) adenovirus that is supposedly unable to replicate. The drug, like pretty much all other “blockbuster” pharmaceuticals, has already been declared to be “safe and effective” and ready to go.

CanSino Biologics experienced a 98.69 percent drop in net profits right before unveiling Convidecia

The fact that Convidecia is a spray suggests that it will now be much easier to force-vaccinate people with it. If someone refuses to get the injectable shots, he or she could be assaulted with Convidecia in a manner similar to getting blasted with pepper spray.

There is also the possibility that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) laces geoengineering “chemtrails” with Convidecia, perhaps spraying entire towns, villages and even cities with the contents.

Whatever ends up happening with Convidecia, the drug is a boon for CanSino, which was down 98.69 percent in net profits for the first half of the year.


Reports indicate that reduced demand for injectable COVID injections along with lower vaccine prices worldwide really kicked CanSino hard in the profit department. Now it conveniently has this new drug to boost those flailing profits and keep the company afloat.

It was a similar situation for Moderna before the Trump administration activated that company as a key player in Operation Warp Speed. Moderna went from never having a single successful drug to becoming a world leader in Fauci Flu shots of the messenger RNA (mRNA) variety.

CanSino is the Chinese equivalent of Moderna or Pfizer in that it is the leading manufacturer of COVID vaccines in communist China. It currently has a market value of around $5.74 billion.

“On Aug. 28, CanSino Biologics, announced that its revenues for the first half of 2022 was $90 million, down 69.45 percent from the same period last year, and its net profit was $1.75 million, down 98.69 percent from the same period last year,” reported the Epoch Times.

The cover story for why this new aerosol COVID “shot” is necessary is that it fights the supposedly more prevalent “omicron” (anagram for moronic) flavor of Chinese Germs. Before that was delta, for which the injectables were marketed.

Communist China remains one of the most COVID-oppressive nations in the world. The country continues to force-“test” its citizens with swabs of all varieties; lockdowns are still a thing; and now these aerosol COVID drugs threaten to contaminate the country with another round of mystery chemicals.

“‘Con-videcia’ with emphasis on the first three letters,” wrote a commenter at the Times about the ironic name given to this new drug.

“These are poisons to humans and animals,” wrote another. “Vaccines have never been proven to cure or prevent any diseases but are the cause of diseases.”

Another emphasized that once Big Pharma runs out of vaccines and other drugs to peddle for a huge profit, “we will see COVID disappear.”

“Next will be forced vaccine gas chambers,” added another person ominously about what the future may hold.

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60% of Great Britain's manufacturing sector risks closure due to soaring energy prices

Image: 60% of Great Britain’s manufacturing sector risks closure due to soaring energy prices

(Natural News) The results of a new survey on the current state of the British economy are dire, suggesting that as many as six in 10 manufacturing businesses throughout the country are at risk of closing due to skyrocketing energy bills.

MakeUK, a manufacturing lobby organization in the United Kingdom, announced over the weekend that 42 percent of British manufacturing businesses have already seen their electricity bills double over the past year. About 32 percent have also seen their gas bills double.

Already, some 13 percent of British manufacturers have had to pare down their hours of operation to compensate for energy inflation. Twelve percent, we are told, have had to lay off workers as a result of ever-increasing energy costs.

If things continue on the current hyperinflationary trajectory – and there is no reason to believe otherwise – then at least 50 percent of British manufacturing businesses will have to close up shop entirely in the coming months.

“Out of control energy bills are now business threatening for 60% of manufacturers,” tweeted Make UK Campaigns about how the figure is likely even higher. “We’re calling on Government to look at introducing an Industry Price Cap to freeze energy bills at an agreed rate.”

Goldman Sachs says UK inflation to reach 22 percent next year

MakeUK has proposed a 100-day plan for the new incoming prime minister, Liz Truss, that lays out a roadmap for navigating the crisis. It includes:

  • A call for an emergency budget
  • A demand to commission the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to review the Shortage Occupation List (SOL), which outlines key job roles in high demand throughout the UK that could be recruited from overseas more easily
  • An overhaul of the Apprenticeship Levy “to ensure British people are among the most productive and highly skilled workers in the world”


As wholesale energy prices continue to soar, banking giant Goldman Sachs has issued a prediction that inflation in the UK could reach 22 percent next year. This is what MakeUK is trying to plan ahead for by pushing energy price caps.

Keep in mind that a major driving factor in the energy crisis is the UK and Europe’s aggressive push for “green” energy. Going green, it turns out, means going lean on everything, including the national economy.

An energy bill protest is also on the way come October when tens of thousands of Brits are expected to just stop paying.

Goldman Sachs says that the energy sector could see another more than 80 percent price increase before the next review in January, which, combined with other sectors of the economy, “impl[ies] headline inflation peaking at 22.4 percent.”

“Inflation in Britain reached double digits for the first time since the 1980s in July, and if Goldman Sachs estimates were to be realized, the cost of living in the UK would come close to hitting the country’s post-war record of 24.5 percent inflation set in August 1975,” reported Remix about the situation.

“In the U.S., we should be refusing to pay taxes until the government cleans up their act,” added a commenter at Natural News about the situation here, where gas prices remain artificially spiked while industry stakeholders and corrupt government officials (i.e., 10 percent for the “big guy”) rake in record profits.

“It’s far beyond time for a tax revolt.”

Another person agreed, emphasizing that the criminals in charge do not deserve another penny from the taxpayers they have already raped and pillaged with their wicked policies.

“There should be riots everywhere with people everywhere making their voices heard loudly and clearly,” suggested another.

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United Nations BEGGING Russia to export fertilizer so Western nations don't suffer a worsening food collapse

Image: United Nations BEGGING Russia to export fertilizer so Western nations don’t suffer a worsening food collapse

(Natural News) In a bid to prevent a global food crisis, the United Nations has resorted to begging Russia for mercy concerning its export of fertilizer to Western countries that need it for crops.

Right now, a pipeline that once transported ammonia from Russia to Ukraine’s Black Sea port of Yuzhny (renamed “Pivdennyi”) is offline due to Western sanctions against Russia. Consequently, much-needed fertilizer has stopped flowing.

Before the war, Russia accounted for about 20 percent of all global exports of ammonia, a key ingredient in fertilizer production. The ammonia pipeline in question has been closed since the February invasion began. (Related: The UN was warning back towards the start of covid that a “famine of biblical proportions” was soon to come.)

The pipeline is capable of transferring 2.3 million tons of ammonia per year, which would be really nice right about now amid skyrocketing fertilizer prices.

“Talks are moving in the right direction and every effort is being made by all parties at every level to ensure a positive outcome,” announced Rebeca Grynspan, a UN trade official.

Putin blasts UN for earlier grain deal, says EU took most of it rather than the poorer countries for which it was intended

If the UN’s proposal is a success, some two million tons of Russian fertilizer worth $2.4 billion will make its way from the former Soviet Union through the same sea corridor that was recently unblocked following a grain deal forged between Russia and Ukraine.

That deal was made back in July as part of a UN-brokered deal similar to the one now being negotiated for ammonia. Part of that agreement included a promise from the UN to help lift international sanctions on exports of not just fertilizer but also food products.


Vladimir Putin agreed to that deal under an agreement that the grain would be sent to poorer developing countries most in need – countries that got caught in the fray of Western sanctions. A bulk of it, however, ended up being rerouted straight to the European Union.

“Almost all the grain exported from Ukraine” ended up in the EU, Putin is quoted as saying in condemnation of that deal and how it was handled.

With that in mind, one wonders if Putin will even consider the new UN proposal about fertilizer, seeing as how that, too, will likely end up being sent to the likes of Germany and France as opposed to Africa and the Middle East.

“How about the UN urge the United States of Endless WAR to STOP sending arms to the Nazis in Ukraine!” wrote a commenter at RT.

“To whom, UN?! Africa or EU?! As you did with grain exports,” wrote another about where all the fertilizer in question will be routed once all is said and done. “Out of 89 ships that departed from Ukraine, 87 finished in EU, and only two in Africa. Bloody liars, thieves, and hypocrites.”

Several others emphasized that the EU is “owned and controlled by the enemy,” adding that the UN is the “largest terrorist group in the world” and needs to be immediately defunded.

“Beware the UN,” wrote another. “They want Europe to help steal the fertilizer just like they did the grain.”

“Not selling fertilizer to EU and NATO states might be a better deal than Russia selling fertilizers to them,” someone else chimed in. “They are, after all, engaged in a proxy war against Russia, and Russia doesn’t owe them anything.”

Another thing to consider is that fertilizer inputs can also be used to make explosives, which is another concern that Russia will want to consider before complying with the UN’s request.

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Health Ranger Report: Cancer cases up by 1000% since COVID-19 vaccine rollout, Jonathan Landsman tells Mike Adams

Image: Health Ranger Report: Cancer cases up by 1000% since COVID-19 vaccine rollout, Jonathan Landsman tells Mike Adams

(Natural News) In a recent guesting on the “Health Ranger Report,” Natural health expert Jonathan Landsman told host Mike Adams that cancer cases have increased by 1,000 percent post-Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine era.

“That’s why every single one of these integrative health care providers is talking about exploding rates of cancer,” Landsman said. “These clots are actually very much related to causing this increase in cancer rates.” (Related: EXPERTS: Some cancers have exploded by 1,000% since the release of covid “vaccines.”)

Landsman said the spike proteins from mRNA vaccines are causing tremendous damage in the body because they are attaching and decreasing the ACE2 receptor expression.

“These spike proteins are spreading and infecting all the cells in the body. This is allowing those infections to attach to the outside of the cell, and then inject themselves inside the cell, causing organ damage and severe illness … and is especially increasing the risk of advanced-stage cancers,” he explained.

Adams added that the claim the COVID-19 shots stay in the injection site is a hoax as these mRNA instructions end up penetrating the heart, lung, spleen, vascular and brain cells. “These mRNA instructions are everywhere in the body where they’re not supposed to be.”

Worse, the mainstream media is still lying to people and telling the public not to worry about this mRNA technology. “It’s absolute lies. People have been wondering why others who got the shot all of a sudden get cancer and people that were in remission get their cancers back and this time, very aggressively,” Landsman said.


Glyphosate intensifies damage brought by mRNA COVID-19 vaccines to the human body

Elsewhere in the show, the Health Ranger shared to Landsman what he and renowned molecular biologist Dr. Judy Mikovits talked about during the latter’s recent appearance on the “Health Ranger Report.”

“She told me that glyphosate in the blood potentiates the penetration of the mRNA into the cells. So [it’s] because of the presence of glyphosate,” Adams said. “One of the explanations for why some people may be more damaged than others could be the presence of glyphosate from eating non-organic foods.”

Landsman added that glyphosate, a widely used herbicide that controls broadleaf weeds and grasses, is present in processed wheat products. “If you’re on these kinds of products, and you take one of these shots, you are in serious trouble, and you need to stop right away,” he warned.

“A poor lifestyle is making the cells more permeable in a negative way. All these comorbidities, the poor health that people are in and then they flood their bodies with these experimental shots with some false hope that it’s going to protect them from some infection, this is not the logic that’s well grounded in good science.”

He also pointed out that whatever people put in their mouth is very important. “The sicker the digestive system is, the higher the risk you have to any toxins that you’re exposed to. Then on top of that, you throw the shots in and people are truly playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette,” he said.

The two also tackled how people are being coerced to take the shots.

Landsman cited a world-class tennis player who pulled out of a big event just before the U.S. Open because he got dizzy and can’t breathe. The athlete had to take the injection to get into the U.S. and be able to play in the event.

Adams, on the other hand, reminded the listeners that the best way to deal with COVID-19 is not to just accept the vaccine mandates but to trust real science, the good science that is not sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.

“This is about us all getting back to trusting and having a strong faith in our own ability to take care of ourselves and the ones that we love with good food, good healthy attitudes, positivity, the right mindset, good emotional wellness, getting outside into the sunshine becoming more active getting grounded,” he said.

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UK data: Deaths from COVID shots have surpassed fatalities from all other vaccines reported within the last two decades

Image: UK data: Deaths from COVID shots have surpassed fatalities from all other vaccines reported within the last two decades

(Natural News) Data from the United Kingdom revealed that deaths from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines administered within 19 months surpassed fatalities from all other vaccines within a period of over 20 years.

The revelation came from the U.K.’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the British counterpart of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It served as a response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request submitted on Aug. 6, 2021 by an individual who went by the name Mr. Anderson. The MHRA’s Sept. 6, 2021 response showed alarming data regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.

“The MHRA has received a total of 404 U.K. spontaneous suspected [adverse reaction reports] for any vaccine between Jan. 1, 2001 and Aug. 25, 2021 associated with a fatal outcome,” the agency said. “Please note this number excludes reports received for the COVID-19 vaccines.”

Data from the U.K.’s Yellow Card reporting system – the British counterpart of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System in the U.S. – showed significantly higher number of deaths linked to COVID-19 vaccines.

The Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 vaccine was associated with 808 deaths in the country, while the Moderna shot was linked to 62. The home-grown vaccine from AstraZeneca was linked to 1,294 fatalities.

NaturalHealth365 staff writer Sara Middleton could not help but draw comparisons, outlining them in a Sept. 10 article.

“Note that none of these shots were available prior to December 2020 at the latest. If all these reported deaths are indeed caused by adverse reactions to the COVID-19 shots, then this suggests the [vaccines] are 7,402 percent more deadly than all other vaccines currently available in the U.K.,” she wrote. (Related: COVID vaccines are 7,402% deadlier than all other vaccines combined, warns UK Medicine Regulator.)


Interestingly, the British regulator mentioned a caveat in its response to the FOI request. “A reported reaction does not necessarily mean it has been caused by the vaccine, only that the reporter had a suspicion it may have.”

VAERS reporting system shows similar trend

A similar trend of COVID-19 vaccine deaths exceeding those caused by all other vaccines was also observed in the United States. Brian Shilhavy of Health Impact News shed light on this back in March 2022.

“One does not have to look very far to see the damaging effects of COVID-19 vaccines,” he wrote. “There are unprecedented increases in recorded deaths and injuries … since they were issued emergency use authorizations (EUAs), as compared to all FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 30 years.”

Shilhavy cited figures from the 31-year history of VAERS ending March 28, 2022.

All other vaccines caused the death of 9,066 people, while the COVID-19 vaccines caused the death of 26,059 people. The clot shots also permanently disabled 48,342 people – more than double the 20,096 people suffering permanent disabilities from other vaccines.

VAERS data also revealed that 76,992 people were hospitalized after being injected with other vaccines. Meanwhile, 143,198 people were hospitalized due to the COVID-19 shots. There were also 13,572 people who suffered life-threatening injuries after getting non-COVID shots – less than half of the 29,443 who experienced life-threatening injuries after their COVID-19 vaccination.

“The majority of cases now found in the [more than 31-year] history of VAERS are from Dec. 1, 2020 – when the FDA granted EUA for the COVID-19 vaccines.” wrote Shilhavy. “This is mass murder and genocide”

Head over to for more stories about fatalities caused by the COVID-19 vaccines.

Watch this video that talks about the COVID-19 vaccine deaths reported in VAERS.

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More vaccine deaths and injuries reported in 10 months following COVID-19 shots compared to all other vaccines over the past 30 years.

COVID-19 vaccines result in far more deaths in just 10 months than all other vaccines combined for the last 30 years.

FETAL DEATHS due to COVID vaccines are almost 2,000% greater than deaths associated with other vaccines.

COVID vaccines are at least 75x deadlier than all other vaccines combined according to Medicine Regulators.

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Smoking gun? FDA refusing to provide key covid “vaccine” safety analyses, suggesting massive coverup

Image: Smoking gun? FDA refusing to provide key covid “vaccine” safety analyses, suggesting massive coverup

(Natural News) Government regulators at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) say they will not release any of the agency’s Covid-19 “vaccine” safety analyses for independent review because their findings are allegedly part of internal discussions that are protected by law.

Back in July, The Epoch Times submitted a request to the FDA for all analyses performed using a special method called Empirical Bayesian data mining. This method involves comparing adverse events recorded after injection with a Fauci Flu shot to adverse events recorded after injection with some other non-covid vaccine.

Whatever data these analyses produced was used by the FDA to foist Chinese Virus shots on everyone, including infants and toddlers. (Related: Check out our earlier coverage about the FDA’s suspicious secrecy to learn more.)

The operational procedures laid out by the agency and its partner in January 2021 and February 2022 stipulate that the FDA is to perform data mining “at least biweekly,” if not more often than that, to identify adverse events “reported more frequently than expected following vaccination with COVID-19 vaccines.” That data was to come from the official Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Fast-forward to today and the FDA is now refusing to release any information about this data mining, claiming an exemption to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that allows governments to withhold inter-agency and intra-agency memorandums and letters “that would not be available by law to a party other than an agency in litigation with the agency.”


The FDA also cited the Code of Federal Regulations, which states that “all communications within the Executive Branch of the Federal government which are in written form or which are subsequently reduced to writing may be withheld from public disclosure except that factual information which is reasonably segregable in accordance with the rule established in § 20.22 is available for public disclosure.”

Why doesn’t the FDA want us to see its covid injection data?

The FDA is refusing to release even redacted versions of the data, which strongly suggests that the agency has a lot to hide. It really, really does not want the public to see these analyses, presumably because they expose Fauci Flu shots as dangerous and ineffective.

“The secrecy is unacceptable for an agency that said it is transparent with the public about vaccine safety,” says Kim Witzcak, co-founder of the non-profit advocacy group Woodymatters, which wants the FDA to be stronger and more transparent.

“What’s the point of having VAERS if you’re not releasing it to the public?”

Witzcak, who also sits on one of the FDA’s outside advisory panels, says her own concerns about the injections are also highlighted in a recent paper from Dr. Joseph Fraiman, which identified higher rates of serious adverse events in people who took the mRNA (messenger RNA) shots from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna versus those who took a placebo.

“If this data is available, shame on you for not making it known to the public,” Witczak said about that data. “It’s as if they don’t trust the people to make their own best decision for what’s good for them and their families.”

The Times says it is appealing the FDA’s decision to withhold the analytical data, which will hopefully at some point in the future force the agency to comply with the request.

“Hiding the evidence … again,” wrote a Times commenter about the FDA’s shady behavior.

“Didn’t your parents warn you not to trust the government?” asked another. “The swamp is a cesspool. Power corrupts people. Term limits are desperately needed.”

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