Samsung and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announce new INCINERATION toilet that uses grid power to turn your toilet contents into ash and recycled water

Image: Samsung and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announce new INCINERATION toilet that uses grid power to turn your toilet contents into ash and recycled water

(Natural News) In response to the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in partnership with Samsung has introduced a new prototype incineration toilet with the capacity to turn feces and urine into ash and recycled water.

The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) started working on the new toilet with Gates’ crew back in 2019. The core technologies for it were recently completed, and the toilet itself has been successfully developed and tested using a prototype.

On August 16, Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee met with Gates to talk about how the toilet can be distributed around the world. During that meeting, Gates shared his vision for getting the toilet to the four corners of the world, while Samsung presented a plan to offer royalty-free licenses of patents for the device.

There is still more work to be done to commercialize the toilet, and Samsung and Gates are working on just how to do that. Once the design and production process are honed and made more efficient for mass production, the new Samsung incineration toilet will be ready for global distribution.

“During three years of research and development, SAIT worked on the basic design and developed the component and modular technology, leading to the successful development of a prototype for household use,” a press release explained.

“The product is energy-efficient with effluent treatment capability, and meets the performance required by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for commercialization for a household-use reinvented toilet.”


Don’t be fooled: Bill Gates is still engaged in all sorts of eugenics operations

According to Samsung, the toilet incorporates unique heat-treatment and bioprocessing technologies that effectively sterilize human waste and render it safer for release into the environment as effluent and solids.

“The system enables the treated water to be fully recycled,” Samsung said. “Solid waste is dehydrated, dried and combusted into ashes, while liquid waste is treated through a biological purification process.”

The Reinvent the Toilet Challenge that led to the development of this new toilet was actually pioneered by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as part of a program they created back in 2011. The goal is to “develop transformative toilet technologies that can safely and effectively manage human waste.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF claimed that about 3.6 billion people around the world are still using unsafe sanitary facilities because they have no other options. Roughly half a million children under the age of five die every year from diarrheal diseases as a result.

This is one of the few projects from Bill Gates that actually makes a bit of sense and does not seem to involve mass genocide. There are no hidden vaccines inside the toilet (that we know of) and the project does potentially stand to help better protect the environment against the toxic effects of biosludge.

Gates is still not to be trusted, though. He recently obtained 2,000 acres of pristine farmland in North Dakota under questionable circumstances to add to his growing portfolio of American farmland. North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley wants to know why Gates bought the land, and there is a probe underway to determine if the purchase was even legal.

“Whatever his reasons, it can’t be good,” wrote a commenter at Natural News about Gates’ true intentions.

“It’s Bill Gates: laws don’t apply to mass murderers with this level of wealth,” added another about the suspicious land purchase.

“Gates is a mass-murdering psychopath, a synthetic robot in human form,” half-joked another – or maybe that second part is not a joke?

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LUNACY: Study in famed scientific journal claims 'climate change is making people angrier online'

Image: LUNACY: Study in famed scientific journal claims ‘climate change is making people angrier online’

(Natural News) Another lunatic ‘study’ has proven anew that Western “science” has gone completely woke and is no longer a useful part of our culture.

For hundreds of years, Western scientists made incredible discoveries and huge contributions to humankind, especially in the fields of medicine and technology. But today, clearly the Western scientific community is nothing more than a clown show pushing propaganda and narratives, as evidenced by a new ‘study’ published in the once-prestigious journal The Lancet.

As reported by Bloomberg News: “Climate change is making us angrier online. A lot angrier. Hateful comments spike on social media when temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit), researchers at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research have found.”

“It’s an indicator of how well people can adapt to high temperatures,” claimed Annika Stechemesser, lead author of the study earlier this month. “If temperatures go too hot or too cold, we found that there’s an increase in online hate speech, no matter the socioeconomic differences, religion or political beliefs.”

“Our results show that if September is particularly hot, we can expect to see more hate on Twitter,” said Stechemesser. “You’ll have more hateful behavior if you find yourself in a certain temperature range. The first thing to do is limit global warming, that’s the most obvious approach to solving this.”

No, this isn’t a joke, but it certainly reads like one.

Marc Morano of, which tracks the left’s insane ‘climate change’ claims, said in response to this ‘study’: “Climate science’ has finally jumped the shark! Wacky World of Climate strikes again! This is what passes for ‘The Science’! The new mantra from climate activists will no doubt be: ‘Support the Green New Deal or you are pro-violence & hate speech!’


“This is Bloomberg News reporting this drivel and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research backing the study, and the once prestigious journal Lancet actually publishing it. This wacky new study in Lancet is at odds with 1941 research showing that people get ‘more docile’ during warm weather. Maybe ‘global warming’ is the reason Americans did not push back harder on unscientific and draconian COVID restrictions,” he added.

Once again, literally everything either causes climate change or is affected by it, including online attitudes.

What is worse, however, is that the globalist elite are using bogus ‘scientific studies’ like this one to make all sorts of flaky and dangerous policies, such as ending the use of fossil fuels too quickly before they can be replaced with cheaper, viable alternatives (and it isn’t wind and solar).

Noted author Michael Shellenberger, who writes about and tracks this climate nonsense, recently testified before Congress and pushed back on efforts by the Biden regime and the Democrat-controlled Congress to rapidly shift to ‘green’ energy and electric vehicles at the cost of our current fossil fuel infrastructure.

“U.S. carbon emissions declined 22% between 2005 and 2020, global emissions were flat over the last decade, and weather-related disasters have declined since the beginning of this century. There is no scientific scenario for mass death from climate change. A far more immediate and dangerous threat is insufficient energy supplies due to U.S. government policies and actions aimed at reducing oil and gas production,” he testified during a recent House hearing.

“The Biden administration claims to be doing all it can to increase oil and natural gas production but it’s not. It has issued fewer leases for oil and gas production on federal lands than any other administration since World War II. It blocked the expansion of oil refining. It is using environmental regulations to reduce liquified natural gas production and exports,” he continued.

“It has encouraged greater production by Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and other OPEC nations, rather than in the U.S. And its representatives continue to emphasize that their goal is to end the use of fossil fuels, including the cleanest one, natural gas, thereby undermining private sector investment,” he added.

In other words, the Biden regime and Democrats are looking to destroy our economy for no good reason other than to push their climate change lie, using our ‘scientific community’ as cover.

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MyPillow founder Mike Lindell vows to sue DOJ, FBI after agency seized his cellphone: 'This has to stop'

Image: MyPillow founder Mike Lindell vows to sue DOJ, FBI after agency seized his cellphone: ‘This has to stop’

(Natural News) Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of the “MyPillow” franchise of products, has vowed to take unprecedented legal action against Joe Biden’s Justice Department and FBI after he was stopped, harassed by agents, and had his cellphone confiscated recently.

According to reports, Lindell discussed the incident during a recent live stream interview. The New York Times reported that Lindell was served a search warrant in connection with a Colorado county clerk named Tina Peters who has been charged by state officials regarding an alleged scheme to download information from election equipment following the stolen 2020 election.

“I have my own breaking news tonight,” Lindell told the audience watching on his Frank Speech social media platform. “This afternoon I was, I went down hunting in Iowa for the early teal season with my friend this morning at 4 a.m. We got up headed down to Iowa. We were coming back and we stopped to get — go through a Hardee’s in Mankato, where I was born, in Mankato, Minnesota. And cars pulled up in front of us, to the side of us, and behind us, and I said, ‘Those are either bad guys or the FBI.’ It turns out they were the FBI.”

He said one of the agents informed him: “Well, I got some bad news. … we’re taking your cell phone, we have a warrant for your cell phone.”

Lindell said he initially balked at handing over his phone.

“I run five companies off that, I don’t have a computer, my hearing aids run off this,” he said. “Everything runs off my phone.”

He added that he placed a phone call to a lawyer and the attorney told him he needed to hand over his phone.


The Daily Wire added:

The New York Times reported that the FBI asked him about an image that was copied from a voting machine in Colorado and appeared on a website that Lindell operates.

A letter that agents gave Lindell asked him not to disclose the existence of the investigation but he decided to reveal it during his show’s livestream.

“Although the law does not require nondisclosure unless a court order is issued, we believe that the impact of any disclosure could be detrimental to the investigation,” the letter, signed by Aaron Teitelbaum, an assistant U.S. attorney, said.

Now, Lindell says he’s filing a massive lawsuit against Biden’s politicized Justice Department.

During an interview on Steve Bannon’s Real America’s Voice broadcast, the MyPillow CEO said he has put together a team of “some of the best lawyers in the country,” including Alan Dershowitz, Andrew Parker, and Kurt Olson, “amongst others.”

“We are suing the United States government and the FBI. This isn’t just to get the phone back, this is my First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights were broken… We aren’t going to put up with this, we aren’t going to be the Gestapo like in Nazi Germany. We’re being proactive,” Lindell told Bannon, then-President Donald Trump’s former top political adviser who himself has been targeted by Biden’s DOJ.

“I was on the phone with these attorneys, I said ‘no, I want to sue.’ … We have all the lawyers on the phone, they looked at all these statutes, we are going to go to places that no man has gone before. This will set a precedent. This has to stop,” Lindell stated further.

BREAKING: Mike Lindell Announces he is Suing the US Govt and the FBI for seizing his phone

Support Mike’s fight against the corrupt regime!

— Jack Posobiec ?? (@JackPosobiec) September 15, 2022

It has become apparent that Biden’s politicized law enforcement agencies are not going to stop until they have every one of Trump’s inner circle — including Trump himself — behind bars. The country will explode.

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Pain in the pocketbook: Inflation worsened in August as grocery prices continue to skyrocket in Biden's economy

Image: Pain in the pocketbook: Inflation worsened in August as grocery prices continue to skyrocket in Biden’s economy

(Natural News) If you are feeling like your food dollar isn’t stretching as far as it used to during the Trump administration, you’re not imagining things.

In fact, the pain in your wallet and pocketbook is very real, based on newly released government economic figures.

Inflation continued to rise in August, with core inflation jumping up slightly even as overall inflation fell just a tad as gas prices slipped. But overall, the August inflation rate was 8.3 percent year-over-year, down from a peak in June.

And food prices are part of the inflationary equation, as Big League Politics reported:

Per its most recent report, the overall cost of food increased by 11.4%. Similarly, the food-at-home category went up 13.5% on a year-over-year basis.

In the case of the overall food category, this represents the sharpest increase since May of 1979. However, for the food-at-home category, this is the largest increase since March 1979, per Steve Reed, a US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) economist.

From July to August, the grocery costs surged 0.7% month-over-month. According to a Yahoo Finance Report, cereal and bakery products were leading the way in boosting inflation with an increase of 16.4% on a 12-month timeframe. Flour and prepared flour mixes increased by 23.3%.

Food costs across the board are up, but the worst is yet to come: According to a new economic assessment, prices are not likely to decline anytime soon, at least not until the current recession worsens and joblessness rises.

“The annualized inflation rate fell from 9.1% in June to 8.3% in August, but that’s not the full picture. I’m paying closest attention to month-over-month inflation, which rose 0.1% in August. It may not sound like a lot, but consider the background: most prices are still rising, but the only reason we saw a muted 0.1% month-over-month rise is due to falling oil and gas prices,” said Forward Observer’s Mike Shelby in a note to subscribers on Thursday.


“My takeaway is that inflation is nowhere near being done, and the Fed has a long way to go. The standard theory since last year has been that the Fed needs to destroy demand. That means putting people out of work. It also means undercutting the housing market. My key assumption is until we see a sustained reversal in home prices, we’re unlikely to see inflation come down significantly,” he continued.

“Fed chair Jay Powell is still dealing with the ‘wealth effect,’ where Americans still feel comfortable enough to go out and spend money,” he added. “I’m not seeing demand destruction yet, and this is Powell’s big problem: as long as Americans still feel wealthy enough to go out and spend money like they have been, we’ll continue to see higher inflation.”

“I think recession fears will kick into overdrive as we get closer to 2023. And as we get closer, consumer demand falls, and the Fed will likely curb inflation – nowhere close to their target rate of 2%, but I do think the Fed will be able to take the edge off and get closer to 5% annual inflation. Pending any black swans, of course – additional global shocks or a reversal in Fed tightening could send inflation higher again,” Shelbe added.

Other experts are worried, too.

In an interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Thursday, Barry Sternlicht, the chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital, said he believes the U.S. economy will lapse into a major recession if the Federal Reserve continues raising interest rates in order to curb inflation, which appears to be the central bank’s plan.

“The economy is braking hard,” Sternlicht told the financial news outlet, according to the Daily Caller. “If the Fed keeps this up, they are going to have a serious recession and people will lose their jobs.”

The CEO predicted that continued Fed rate hikes will lead to “cracks everywhere” throughout the economy, particularly the fragile housing market.

“This is the steepest increase in rates in history — especially since Volcker – but the background of the country today is so different than when Paul Volker was chairman,” said Sternlicht.

“Look at the housing market, [the Fed has] caused a crash of unprecedented proportions,” Sternlicht told the outlet. “500,000 single family home sells, new sells, is the lowest since 1952. We are going to have a major crash in the housing market, and housing prices are going down. You are seeing housing prices correct.”

He went on to say that the expected Fed rate hike of .75 percent at the central bank’s next meeting will hit middle America the hardest.

“Take the consumer that you just mentioned, he is paying higher rent. He is actually paying more for food. And he is paying more for gas,” said the CEO and investor. “They [the Fed] are attacking the economy with a sledgehammer, and they don’t need to.”

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Energy prices in Germany soar 1,000% as companies go bankrupt

Image: Energy prices in Germany soar 1,000% as companies go bankrupt

(Natural News) Remember back at the start of the covid plandemic when the media generated mass hysteria about toilet paper hoarding? It looks like that was a foreboding of things to come as German toilet paper manufacturer Hakle, along with a growing number of other producers in Deutschland, is closing up shop due to skyrocketing energy costs.

Citing a “tenfold increase in gas and electricity prices,” the German manufacturer says it simply does not make sense to continue producing toilet paper at these prices because it would not sell for a profit compared to cheaper toilet paper produced somewhere else where energy costs are more normal.

Shoe retailer Görtz is in the same boat, announcing closure due to low sales. Then we have automobile supplier Dr. Schneider, steel producer ArcelorMittal, and many others. (Related: Check out our earlier coverage to learn more about the dire situation in Germany with energy inflation.)

“With a tenfold increase in gas and electricity prices, which we had to accept within a few months, we are no longer competitive in a market that is 25% supplied by imports,” says Reiner Blaschek, CEO of ArcelorMittal, which is closing down plants both in Bremen and Hamburg.

“We see an urgent need for political action to get energy prices under control immediately.”

Germany’s bakery industry, which relies heavily on affordable energy, facing extreme hardship

Another important sector that often gets overlooked is the bakery industry, a staple in German culture. Bread and pastry manufacturers have long relied on affordable energy, and staying in business without it is going to be a challenge, if not impossible.


“For bakeries, the energy crisis is now worse than the Corona pandemic,” an industry source and affected baker from Heilbronn is quoted as saying.

“We have the problem as a micro baker that we have to adjust our prices to the raw material and energy prices, of course, which also burdens the customer, if he is also a bit tighter on cash.”

One area baker saw his monthly gas bills go from 3,000 euros to 11,000 euros, a nearly 400 percent increase.

Needless to say, insolvencies are on the way. A business simply cannot afford to remain operational when energy prices nearly quadruple, especially in a global market where other countries can produce similar items with much cheaper energy.

“What we are seeing now is just the tip of an iceberg,” one report explains.

“Increased energy prices are affecting all industries, whether directly, as in the case of steel mills and bakeries, or indirectly, as in the case of shoe retailer Görtz. If politicians do not take countermeasures here, Germany will fall into a severe and long-lasting recession, with mass unemployment and a massive loss of prosperity.”

In the comment section, someone pointed out that Germany is just the first domino to fall.

“What happens in Germany doesn’t stay in Germany,” this person wrote. “Expect the same.”

“And it is not yet winter,” responded another.

“Massive loss of prosperity, massive unemployment, long-lasting recession: sounds like the 1930s all over again,” said someone else. “Dangerous times.”

Keep in mind that the United Kingdom currently faces similar shutdowns as upwards of 60 percent of factories throughout the island country risk going under – if they have not already.

“Trump warned the Germans about being dependent on Russian energy – they giggled,” another commenter pointed out about how all of this was predicted. “Who’s giggling now?”

“Seems the eco-nutjob in charge of the failure to supply electricity is looking at diesel powered generating barges the likes of which are found in Third World countries that can’t afford – or get finance for – power stations,” wrote another about how Germany is trying to handle the issue.

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NEW NORMAL: New York State runs ad campaign about children's myocarditis awareness

Image: NEW NORMAL: New York State runs ad campaign about children’s myocarditis awareness

(Natural News) The prevalence of myocarditis among young people is now so high that a hospital system in New York has created a commercial that aims to normalize it as just another childhood pathology.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, which operates more than 200 locations throughout Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester and Putnam Counties, as well as 10 hospital campuses, created a video called “Pediatric Patient Story – Suri (30s version)” that was published on September 6 – you can watch it below.

As you will notice, a caption in the video explains that the patient featured, Suri, thought the condition was just a “bad stomach ache,” but that it later “turned out to be myocarditis, a serious inflammation of the heart.”

“Our multidisciplinary pediatric critical care team worked to regulate her heartbeat – and got her back to feeling like herself,” the hospital brags in the video. (Related: A Nordic study found that covid injections greatly increase a person’s risk of myocarditis.)

Critics blast NewYork-Presbyterian, telling hospital: “Do not normalize myocarditis in children”

The sad reality is that this promo video has undertones of trying to normalize myocarditis in children, even though the condition was never a problem before Operation Warp Speed.

Before the Trump administration unleashed covid “vaccines” at the behest of Tony Fauci and Big Pharma, myocarditis in children was virtually non-existent. Today, it is rapidly spreading among the “fully vaccinated.”


One account on Instagram called “cops4freedom” posted a clip of the NewYork-Presbyterian video along with a caption about “Do Not Normalize Myocarditis in Children.” Many others on YouTube and elsewhere had similar criticisms.

“This makes me sad and angry,” one of them wrote about the video.

“Absolutely disgusting,” added another.

“Geez and now they are making it sound ‘Oh! It’s normal and you’ll be fine!” wrote someone else.

There is absolutely nothing normal about heart inflammation in a child – except, of course, if that child was injected with experimental gene modification chemicals such as those in Pfizer and Moderna’s messenger RNA (mRNA) shots.

As you may recall, the “authorities” have been telling everyone for going on almost two years now that myocarditis in the fully jabbed is “mild” and “rare.” They also systematically buried any and all evidence suggesting otherwise.

Now, out of nowhere, a New York hospital system has decided to normalize myocarditis in children because apparently it is not quite as mild and rare as previously claimed.

According to the data contained in the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), upwards of 90 percent of all myocarditis cases end up requiring hospitalization. Does that sound mild to you?

VAERS data also shows that cases of both myocarditis and pericarditis, the latter being another form of heart inflammation, have skyrocketed ever since Operation Warp Speed was launched.

Those at greatest risk of developing myocarditis or pericarditis post-injection are young, adolescent males, according to a study that was recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

That study looked at data in VAERS, which shows that the primary outcome post-injection is myocarditis, while the secondary outcome is pericarditis.

“According to the study, VAERS received 1,991 reports of myocarditis (391 of which also included pericarditis) after receipt of at least 1 dose of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine and 684 reports of pericarditis without the presence of myocarditis,” reports The Gateway Pundit.

“Of the 1991 reports of myocarditis, 1,626 met the CDC’s case definition for probable or confirmed myocarditis.”

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