New theory throws out Einstein’s theory of general relativity



“Using newer mathematical tools, my colleague and I have demonstrated a new theory that may accurately describe the universe.”

A pair of professors fr0m North Carolina State University are proposing an entirely new model of physics that could rewrite the way we think about matter.

Their extremely ambitious proposal, as outlined in an essay for The Conversation, does away with particles or waves, both fundamental building blocks of matter, and suggests instead that all the physical stuff in the universe is made up of “fragments of energy” instead.

Larry Silverberg and colleague Jeffrey Eischen’s theory would even end superceding Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which has been used for over a century to explain physical phenomena, most prominently the warping of space and time.

“Using newer mathematical tools, my colleague and I have demonstrated a new theory that may accurately describe the universe,” Silverberg argued in the essay. “Instead of basing the theory on the warping of space and time, we considered that there could be a building block that is more fundamental than the particle and the wave.”

The duo posit that rather than particles and waves existing as counterpoints, “it made logical sense for there to be an underlying connection between them.”

The theory is based on the fundamental idea that energy keeps flowing through space and time in never ending streams that never cross.

“Working from the idea of a universe of flowing energy lines, we looked for a single building block for the flowing energy,” Silverberg writes. “If we could find and define such a thing, we hoped we could use it to accurately make predictions about the universe at the largest and tiniest scales.”

Their new most basic unit of matter, dubbed a “fragment of energy,” is “a building block that looks like a concentration of energy – kind of like a star – having energy that is highest at the center and that gets smaller farther away from the center,” according to Silverberg.

The pair put their new theory to the test by evaluating two prominent astronomical observations that were used to confirm Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

The first was Mercury’s unusual orbit. Einstein suggested that space and time were being warped to cause the planet’s orbit to shift, thereby explaining shifts in light observed by astronomers.

The second was concerned with how light bends as it stretches across warped space time near the Sun.

Silverberg and Eischen argue that their fragment of energy theory solves the first problem by modeling the Sun as one giant fragment of energy, while Mercury is a much smaller fragment of energy orbiting it.

As for the second, they propose, the Sun retains its giant fragment of energy status while the light passing by is modeled as massless matter traveling at the speed of light.

Will it all hold up? Only time will tell — but it’s not every day that researchers challenge Einstein.

Vitamin D: The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment of CV

Very thorough discussion on the benefits of Vitamin D including many studies, reports, charts, and fairly easy to understand explanations.  From MedCram:

Professor Roger Seheult, MD explains the important role Vitamin D may have in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Dr. Seheult illustrates how Vitamin D works, summarizes the best available data and clinical trials on vitamin D, and discusses vitamin D dosage recommendations. Roger Seheult, MD is the co-founder and lead professor at He is an Associate Professor at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine and Assistant Prof. at Loma Linda University School of Medicine Dr. Seheult is Quadruple Board Certified: Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine Interviewer: Kyle Allred, Producer and Co-Founder of

Is CBD beneficial to fight COVID-19

From one of our subscribers:

It’s been almost a year and we are still not seeing Covid-19 dying out. The Covid-19 pandemic has become a reason due to which millions of people have lost their lives; its atrocity has affected masses as well held the world on hold. We are all well aware of the popularity of CBD and while we hope that this pandemic may vanish out soon, let’s take a look at how CBD can help us in combating it. Before we dig further into the subject we would recommend you to visit the website, “”, it won’t be wrong to say that during these hard times this site will lead you towards much-needed optimism and peace in your life. It also has to offer various programs, volunteer work, and a healthy blog with a lot of useful information.

We have seen a lot of people living in New York wondering if the status of Cannabis has become legal there or not. So, we want them to know that after many campaigns related to medical marijuana ny, a bill was passed and cannabis use was decriminalized in New York but you also need to know that the use of weed for any purpose is still illegal.

Firstly, let’s take a look at CBD and its origin

CBD is also known as Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound. It is directly derived from the hemp of the Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD was first discovered in the late 1940s. It was mainly launched into the mainstream at the beginning of 2019, and after discovering its incredible and effective benefits many scientists and researchers started their research on it. Today it is being used for medicinal purposes for both humans and animals; it is also being used by the cosmetic industry and generally being used to treat a wild number of complex diseases.

Can CBD help in battling Covid-19?                                    

The question here is if CBD can help in fighting the Coronavirus or not? The answer is that mainly CBD can’t cure Covid-19 but it can help in reducing its effects and symptoms. To understand it better let’s take a closer look.

Significant Role of CBD to fight Covid

CBD can help in reducing the symptoms of Covid-19.

One symptom that has become most common in patients who tested positive for Coronavirus is anxiety and fear. Not only the patients but many other people are suffering from various mental health issues since the outbreak of this pandemic, so a study was conducted on the use of CBD since the virus outbreak and you would be surprised to know that Covid-19 became the reason for the increased purchase of CBD to an average of 91%. Generally, CBD has such properties that can help you relax and relieve stress.

CBD can also be taken to improve the quality of your sleep, because of Covid-19 our routines have been disturbed. Most people are not able to sleep because of fear of the future and uncertainty, which is also a reason that leads to anxiety. According to a study conducted in 2019, when patients suffering from lack of sleep and anxiety were given CBD, then as a result 80% of the patients reported sleep improvement.

CBD to reduce the severity of Covid-19

Because of the Covid-19 disease, there is a phenomenon introduced known as cytokine storm syndrome, according to which cytokine proteins are released in the body that can attack lungs and affect the immune system badly causing hyper inflammation. CBD targets these cytokines and ends the respiratory distress to save the patient from further damage. We also are aware of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties and recent studies have shown that CBD can be proved beneficial in the treatment of patients whose body’s inflammatory response has become pathogenic.

CBD to reduce lung damage

As told earlier, CBD can treat inflammation. So, it has been observed that CBD can reduce the excessive lung damage caused by Covid-19. It then also improves lung function and oxygen levels. When induced in the body, CBD normalizes and regulates the amount of apelin. Apelin is a peptide that decreases in quantity in a patient suffering from Covid-19, which as a result contributes to deteriorating health, so here we can see CBD as a helpful agent.


While CBD can’t combat Covid-19, we still can see some of its beneficial effects to control this disease. One fact that is worth noticing is that we need more studies and evidence on CBD to know its valid treatment for fighting Covid.


**SkyView Astrology** Full Moon Reading 30 Nov 2020 Moon Eclipse – The Awakening is happening!

From our friend Katharina:

**SkyView Astrology**

Full Moon Reading 30 Nov 2020

Moon Eclipse – The Awakening is happening!

by Katharina Bless


The full moon is reaching form Taurus into Scorpio and the Moon is in addition connected with a quincunx and a one-and-a-half square. This is a very powerful constellation and shows that now the transformation is coming to a peak soon.

The ideas of the world as we knew it are transformed in a dramatic way. There will be nothing left of the “good old ways” because they were not so good at all. Humanity wascontrolled and manipulated since centuries. If we look back now with the real information,the truth of the Kali Yuga is revealing itself –even tough many thought that it wasn’t so bad. It was! The forces who want to control the world did every thing to steal our souls! And now with the trans-human agenda they would literally make us to half robots who can’t feel empathy anymore.

Now we can observe a great awakening and people are bewildered and stunned! What happened? Many have lived a “normal” life and didn’t realize what was prepared in the background for many years to take over humanity and activate the “trans-human” process with a mandatory “Vac” they have ready. It’s only a very small elite that plans and the big masses are the sheep they want to sacrifice for their experiment.

But… fortunately, the big awakening is happening. People start to realize that we have in fact been prepared for many decades with films and propaganda to see what they planned, but those who realized it were ridiculed as conspiracy theorists. So the elite did what was required: inform people what they plan, but at the same time made a fool of every one who “got it”. Did you know that it was the FBI that came up with the expression of “conspiracy theorist”? Well, my research shows that this was planned since very long time.

Now it’s time to come to the surface. Our whole world is a living organism and sensitive to energies. If you compare this act to a disease that creates puss in a system, then at one point the pus is coming to the surface, because the organism can’t hold it back anymore. This is what is happening and the constellation of Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn are the ones that are pushing it out from the underground cover.

It is very interesting that most people don’t realize that every thing is a circle, or better, a round of a spiral, that is moving. Like ever year the seasons are changing, when fall is ruling and the leaves are falling for the “sleep” of renewal to enable a new spring, this is happening also in bigger cycles.

Saturn is the first planet to move into Capricorn where the structures are revealed, like the shape of the tree when the leaves have fallen. The structures are clearly visible and there is nothing that can be hidden in that kind of landscape.

The moon is facing the sun in Scorpio, the consciousness that is undergoing a transformation and is deeply disturbed by the impact of the one-and-a-half square from the Pluto/Jupiter and Saturn conjunction. The lining up of these planets symbolizes the plowing in the field to uproot every thing that has grown there to prepare it for a new crop.

The triangle connects also a half square and these “orange” aspects are karmic aspects that usually have a big impact in one’s life. The half sextile and quincunx connecting Venus, will give us the strength to see the end of the tunnel and withing the chaos of revelations, show us the way out to the light. Venus helps to balance the forces at work and Mercury is helping us to open our mind to the truth and possibilities that arise in every chaos.

One end is just another beginning. After the winter the spring will come back and the days will get warmer again. You might know that our sun system has moved into the photon belt and since this is a light energy as the word indicates, things are coming to the light and transparency is our future. The ways of darkness have no chance to prevail, we are in the process the “harvest” where the rotten fruit is put on the compost to transform into new soil.

Nothing is ever wasted, many negative forces have been at work because they were allowed to and we even gave our consent. Not very conscious, but still we did. Now it’s time to look at what was created and also take responsibility because we all are part of it. The negative and positive have many ways to play out, both are part of our life experience. If we are not separated, we can’t experience. What has taken over is Duality, and now we are moving into Unity consciousness.

We still live in polarity, we need to breath in and out, have day and night, times awake and asleep which are the positive and negative poles of our life. But we can move our consciousness into a higher dimension and understand one-ness of all that is.

The moon in Taurus represent the womb of Mother earth ready to receive the seeds of a new life that will spring from the chaos, like phoenix from the ashes. In the time of the declining of the moon, the seed will take hold and die on the next dark moon to make room for the little plant to grow. The seed has to die so new life can sprout.

The orange karmic aspects show that there is no choice, this is a process that has started long ago and now it plays out in the right time quality. It could not have happened earlier or later, the beginning of something also determines the end. In the next couple month we will see the old structures fall and I have the image of an old house torn down to make place for a beautiful new one. Or we also can use the picture of the stage that we play our game: we need to go off stage and allow a complete new scene to be set up for the next act.

Uranus is retrograde again until mid January, therefore the light might not be so visible for many, but as I mentioned before, it always comes back! The revelations of what is happening now might not be totally clear until then, we need to be patient, send light and love to our precious planet, no matter where you live, and hold that light! Many have started to light a candle every evening to symbolically send this gentle and soft light out into the darkness. This is a very good way to remind oneself also not to fall into fear and meditate on the new world that will rise soon.

Many blessings,

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