The Great Awakening: Doorways to Our Soul

(Barbara H Whitfield RT and Charles L Whitfield MD) Author’s note. As I reread this final chapter in my 1994 book Spiritual Awakenings, it struck me how far ahead of it’s time this writing remains. I had just finished six years of Medical School research on the after-effects for people like me who believed in nothing and suddenly awoke to Eternity filled with God’s Unconditional Love. Since then, we have learned of many other “triggers” for The Great Awakening. 

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The Near Death Experience in Iraq That Defies Belief [FULL VIDEO]

Natalie Sudman had quite an unusual near-death experience in the moment when her truck hit the bomb.

She did not experience the typical out-of-body experience where she might have been floating above the scene before rushing through a tunnel toward the light.

Instead, Natalie simply blinked from one environment to another instantly, finding herself on a sort of stage addressing thousands of other spirits who seem to be studying her experience vicariously. Natalie then describes a sort of download of information. She calls it a “transfer of information in the form of an inexplicably complex matrix”.

The information included “events, thoughts, incidents, individuals, and groups in all their relationship complexities: stories, concepts, connections, nuances, layers, judgements, and projections. It included kinetic equations and dimensions and symbols and flows.” or as she says later, “might be very broadly understood as cultural and political information.”
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A Manual for Developing Humans – With: PMH Atwater (Video)

(Jeremy McDonald) It's the third book PMH Atwater was told to write during her third near-death experience.  Based entirely on threes, each section covers the conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious aspects of the topic – every topic – for the Manual contains the basics for becoming fully human.  For the Manual contains the basics of every level of life ? from how to use your mind, develop and use intuition, understand color, sex, relationships, children, how to take out-of-body trips, interact with spirit beings, meditate, bend time, and rethink money.  Aliveness jumps from every page ? soil, rocks, mountains, vegetation, the air we breathe, our planet, our solar system, our universe ? even electricity and energy itself, along with the VOID (the ultimate cradle of creation). Each of six main parts is separated by thought form drawings. What she learned from 80 years of living and challenging every aspect of living is inter-woven into what “ The Voice Like None Other” showed her how to do. A Manual for Developing Humans is filled with surprises.
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Exploring the Soul Revelations of Eben Alexander, MD… (Video)

Wisdom he brought forth from his 2008 Near Death Experience. Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander answers questions about consciousness and how the world in it's view point of only seeing an individuals 3 dimensional body keeps us from seeing the vastness of consciousness. By going within through meditation we can begin to explore our own lives and release the shackles of bondage that our 3D mind can put upon us.

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