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January 11, 2021

As many of us are well aware, the past weeks have been mounting with interdimensional spiritual warfare which also translates on the surface as covert military operations that are engaged in the end game battle against the globalist Controllers or Luciferian bloodline families, which is going to the next stage very quickly to reveal the beginning of the disclosure timeline.

Things will likely escalate into reports of news with assorted global conflicts that will sound extremely scary, as in reports of preludes to global warfare and nuclear weapon warring. When things are appearing to be really dire on the external, please remember that things are not at all what they seem to be. Right now, we are in the height of false flags, agent provocateur, controlled opposition, blatant lies and falsity, deep fake videos and every propaganda tool they can come up with to keep the public confused and terrorized. This is a momentous time for human liberation, but we will need to become more discerning, and be aware that the propaganda is military grade warfare used to target us with demoralizing fears. Do not succumb, work your tools, pray and meditate, this is time for radical self-care and knowing your limits and inner child issues.

Propaganda is used for the purpose of Psychological Manipulation, to generate mental fabrications and emotional reactions, that are intended for seizing control, power, benefits and advantages at the victim’s expense. The mainstream media is Propaganda, and it is not accurate. This is more aggressive than ever; the American public is being targeted with complex military grade psychological warfare and propaganda. If you find yourself being triggered, it may be best to retire from any mainstream outlet, as they are all owned and controlled by the satanic council members.

The outer reality of the mainstream controlled narrative is now crumbling and in a free fall. It does appear that the freefall towards exposing truth towards global disclosure has an epicenter which is within the United States, and to which the web of the transnational criminal syndicates is being exposed through several foreign countries that have major tentacles operating in the corporatocracy that control the United States through the shadow government.

The next stage will likely be finding alternative news channels, newly built social media platforms and online sites that transmit more accurate news to the masses of the current events transpiring. This requires the main six propaganda media corporations and their outlets be taken down systematically, while communication back channels and emergency broadcast systems are ready to go as the main news sources reporting to the awakening public. The only way accurate news can be given outside of CIA mockingbird intelligence mind control programming is to circumvent the controlled mainstream media sites, and this is now the phase where this behemoth can be toppled over successfully.

In this phase the darkness that resides in the minds and hearts of those corrupted by power, wealth and depravity is being revealed to the masses. This will send a ripple of shock and fear through those that are unprepared or have been asleep to these hidden events, when they are awakened to see the reality of Power Elite pedovores and criminal psychopaths that have been acting above the law and controlling the mainstream narrative of global society.

The lightning strike of shocking changes is upon us as the global dark night of the soul, in which the lies, delusions and falsity of the controlled mainstream narrative that gave us a false sense of security will crumble away.  This phase of spiritual growth can bring shocking inner and outer change and greater self-realization, it is a time of great personal turmoil when we go through the process of seeing blind spots and deceptions in many situations. When we see these lies and our blind spots, the places we were naïve or just plain wrong, now, what will you do with this new knowledge and how will you manage the changes happening around us while facing the shocking truth?

What is currently happening is a major lifestyle and cultural upheaval, life as we have known it in the past is ending. For many this is a major existential and spiritual crisis, bringing on normal reactions of grief, anger, sadness, confusion, sleepless nights and even facing confrontations with others that have been less than truthful. We are going to have an awful lot of very angry people when they find out how much they have been lied to and betrayed by those public figures they trusted.

When we are undergoing a change in the foundation of our sense of security and identity, it penetrates to the deepest core of our being, reverberating shock waves that force us to get out of personal comfort zones and to emotionally and spiritually grow beyond the current level.

Remember that the artificial façades, self-delusions and barriers are going to fall, whether you like it or not, because we have reached a collective limit in this area, and we can no longer live with it. Crimes against humanity must be accounted for and in order for humanity to heal, we must live to see true justice, in our society and at a cosmic level. Although this phase of spiritual growth is very hard, we all have to undergo this process of discerning and seeing the truth, no one gets away from this critical piece of spiritual ascension.

The mountain of ego, pain body, deceptions, facades, illusions, manipulations and emotional bait hooks must be destroyed so that you are free to face truth and gain an accurate sense of reality without false attachments.

There are some of us on the spiritual path that are holding space for others, loved ones around us that will be undergoing this intense process of lighting strike and shocking changes. Our loved ones, friends and acquaintances may be bewildered and confused about what is occurring. They may begin to show signs of trauma, projecting assorted images, they may have faulty memory, they may be acting out past life archetypes, they may feel threatened and terrorized with survival fears in the future. They are unable to deeply understand all that is happening because they are utterly overwhelmed with the intense energies forcing consciousness transformation, which surface deep emotional pain and grief.

To hold a clear and unconditionally loving space for such intense forms of spiritual alchemy, it is important to hold complete observer towards the process, even when it can be painful to watch people we care about endure such intense pain, confusion and grief. In spiritual community, this is a call for self-mastery in compassionate witnessing, and never, ever taking on another person’s emotional process or disjointed perceptions when they are in the deep and heated battle of the inner Armageddon, while the ego construct is flailing about in its death throes.

The most important relationships we have is with our higher power, God, and the inner relationship we have with ourselves.

We go within to find that all we will ever need is existing inside of us for the purpose of building an impenetrable connection in your direct relationship with God – by focusing on the highest service to God that you can be in this moment. In that, it is all that matters, this is a virtue building exercise that will build incredible spiritual power.

This is that moment. We must go within and rely on the inner feeling inside our heart, the truth as we know it right now, focusing on the inner connection and being aligned to one’s personal values, praying and meditating to strengthen our direct communication with God and our inner spirit, in all ways that we can. Stay awake as we traverse the valley of the shadow and death, on the other side of destruction is creation, which awaits the deeper illumination of higher consciousness that we lightworkers and Starseeds have worked so hard to achieve.

Be confident in your inner knowing that this is the event that we came to participate and witness on the earth, the massive transformation of global awakening, disclosure events and the process of catalyzing spiritual ascension of human beings on planet earth. Know in your heart that this is as it needs to be, and it is time now.

May the Spirits of Christ walk with you, in the Spirit of Purity, Generosity, Patience, Kindness, Discipline/Conservation, Diligence and Humility.

Do not be scared, we are all in this together!

Love eternal,



Final Battle Update

Galactic Confederation and Resistance forces are making good progress in eliminating the Draco fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC). The vast majority of the Draco ships and also the majority of negative Secret Space Programs ships have been cleared already, with very few remaining in the Low Earth Orbit. Many of the Dracos are fleeing the Draco fleet and trying to hide in underground bases, where they are cleared anyway a few days later.

The Resistance is clearing the underground bases with full force, with Neu Berlin and most other Antarctic underground bases already liberated.

Positive Military sources with no access to Resistance intel are reporting unusual seismic activity in Antarctica. Those military sources are also reporting evacuation of surface US, Russian, Chinese and Argentinian military bases in Antarctica for unknown reasons.

The Light Forces have also begun the full force operation of clearing the Chimera fleet that was until now hidden in quantum superposition state in sublunar space. They have already managed to clear the majority of Chimera forces from sublunar space and now most of the Chimera fleet is gathered in Low Earth Orbit. Draco military commanders are surrendering all their highly advanced technology to the Chimera forces just before they get cleared by the Galactic Confederation. Draco military high command is now in a state of panic, smelling defeat.

Chimera fleet is using the so called quantum black goo as their defense weapon against the progress of the Light Forces. Quantum black goo is simply compressed form of quantum primary anomaly that has been exposed to extreme entropy and is now being released by the Chimera in Low Earth Orbit and is being very effectively cleared by the Light Forces. Yet, it still does contribute to the overall primary anomaly around the planet and to general feeling of doom and gloom which surrounds the Earth:


Chimera beings were once highly evolved angelic beings who chose to subject themselves to controlled toplet bombs explosion experiments long time ago in the galactic past. This, and numerous genetic experiments has mutated them into spider beings of unimaginable darkness:


Soon, they will all be finally dealt with.

Nothing can be said yet about the operations of the Light Forces on the surface. The probability of real Draco fleet invasion on the surface is now less than 1%, probability of fake alien invasion less than 5%, probability of China-USA war about 7%, probability of USA breakup around 20% and probability of civil war in USA at 27%.

The main problem right now on the surface are the engineered covid lockdowns, especially in Australia and Europe:


These lockdowns are being implemented despite the fact that now even senior WHO officials are speaking against them:


Therefore it is still very important for as many people as possible to join our daily anti-lockdown meditation:


More and more people are aware that the official pseudo scientific narrative of covid lockdowns and masks is crumbling:



And real scientific debate is gone:


Because there is a deeper, more sinister agenda of global control:


And of financial gain from confirmed covid cases:


Where is the compassion?


Where is the beauty of life?


Since the Resistance has destroyed in spring of this year all advanced biochips that were meant to be put into the covid vaccine, now DARPA is developing a cruder version of vaccine biochips:



The dark forces are also working on spreadable bioweapon vaccine:


To counteract all this, Saint Germain is now sending strong energies to empower the implementation of the Constitution of the United States:


The Constitution is a legal document that forms the legal basis for the creation of New Atlantis before the Galactic Codex can be implemented.

Saint Germain was deeply involved in the creation of the United States and in the creation of the Declaration of Independence.



Both Constitution of the United States and Declaration of Independence are legal documents that will have important role in the events which are about to occur in the United States in the next few months and which will have global impact.

Our Flower of Life meditations are already manifesting into the physical:


Beauty of the universe is being revealed:


With music of the spheres from the Galactic Center:


We are now in the midst of the Final Battle:

We remember our past:

And envision our future.

The best is yet to come:


Victory of the Light!

Source: Cobra Update http://2012portal.blogspot.com/


By John Vibes,

In most of the world, the cities and their architecture were not designed with the environmental impact in mind. Until quite recently, humans were unaware of the effect that they had on the environment, but now that our capabilities to cause damage have become so great, the fact has become impossible to ignore.

Experts are finding that there are more efficient and sustainable ways to organize our cities, but there aren’t many real-life examples of these ideas in action. However, an architecture firm based in Milan called Stefano Boeri Architetti is hoping to change that. The firm is working on designs for what they are calling a “nature-infused smart city,” which they hope will provide an example for future sustainable designs.

Photos Courtesy of Stefano Boeri Architetti

They are currently bidding for a 557-hectare site in Cancun, Mexico, with the property developer Grupo Karim. It is not certain that they will gain control of the site, as there are also other plans to turn the area into a shopping district. However, if the “Smart Forest City” is picked, it will become the home of up to 130,000 humans, along with 7,500,000 plants.

Photos Courtesy of Stefano Boeri Architetti

“Thanks to the new public parks and private gardens, thanks to the green roofs and to the green facades, the areas actually occupied will be given back by nature through a perfect balance between the amount of green areas and building footprint,” a press release said.

Photos Courtesy of Stefano Boeri Architetti

If it comes to fruition, the city will be surrounded by a ring of solar panels, which the German company Transsolar has already offered to help out with. There will also be an agricultural field belt that wraps around the center of the city, with a channel of water that will run along the crops to keep them watered.

“In particular, water is a key element in the project: it is gathered at the entrance of the City in a huge basin, where there is also a desalination tower, and it is distributed by a system of navigable canals in the whole settlement up to the agricultural fields belt that surrounds the urban area. A series of water gardens are designed to fight floods as a model for resilient landscapes,” the press release said.

These features are what will make it possible for the city to be entirely energy and food self-sufficient.

Photos Courtesy of Stefano Boeri Architetti

About the Author

John Vibes is an author and journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture, and focuses solutions-oriented approaches to social problems. He is also a host of The Free Your Mind Conference and The Free Thought Project Podcast.


Source: https://www.wakingtimes.com

The Russian Navy Divers who were Attacked by Aquatic Aliens [Lake Baikal Humanoids]

Located in southeastern Siberia, towards Mongolia’s border, sits the planet’s oldest and deepest lake. Nearly one-quarter of Earth’s fresh water is contained here. Astonishing depths of over five thousand feet have been measured in certain areas. A myriad of unique plant and animal species inhabit the frigid territory, many of which exist nowhere else in the world. Scientists estimate this massive basin formed as an ancient rift valley more than twenty-five million years ago. For centuries, Lake Baikal has been home to a plethora of unexplained phenomena. Locals claim countless peculiar UFO encounters frequently occur within this remote region of Russia. Some theorize an extraterrestrial base is lurking beneath the picturesque exterior.

One of the most bizarre reports occurred in 1982 during a routine Soviet military training dive. While navigating the foreboding aquatic realm, Navy personnel noticed anomalous figures swimming nearby. Perplexed, they watched in bewilderment as several curious creatures approached them. Despite being stationed at a depth of over one hundred and sixty-four feet, these humanoids wore no modern equipment. Each donned tight-fitting metallic suits complete with a helmet-like apparatus completely covering their heads. Upon closer inspection, troopers noticed the aliens were nearly ten feet tall. However, the colossal loch-dwellers soon disappeared back into the murky abyss.

Seven Russian Navy divers were attacked by a group of hostile extraterrestrials.

Following this eerie run-in, the intrigued commander ordered his recruits to capture a subaqueous alien. Seven Scuba divers entered the glacial lake and began their harrowing descent. Soon after navigating an elevator of declining temperatures, multiple entities emerged. One frogman attempted to catch the unearthly specimen in a large net. At that moment, all hell broke loose for the unsuspecting flotilla group. Suddenly the nonhuman brutes fought back by shooting intense sonar waves from strange devices. A powerful force rendered every crew member unconscious and rapidly propelled them to the surface.

Catapulting upwards from extreme depths can have devastating effects on our bodies, resulting in a condition often called “the bends”. Three of the squadron were seriously injured but did not succumb to this affliction. The remaining fellows needed immediate transfer to a decompression chamber. Unfortunately, there was only one recompression chamber in the region and it was designed for merely two people at a time. Out of sheer desperation, four men entered simultaneously in an attempt to save their lives. Tragically, this last-ditch effort did not go as planned. Three individuals perished as a result of their superior’s hasty decision. Those who survived the terrifying ordeal would be left with life-altering disabilities.

UFO sightings occur at extremely high rates throughout the Baikal area.

Following this harrowing catastrophe, KGB agents ceased further attempts of USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) acquisition. For decades the horrifying events which transpired remained hidden by high-ranking authorities. Vladimir Azhazha, former Soviet Naval officer and esteemed ufologist, declared Russian government executives recently released declassified files. In these documents, the Baikal aquanauts are described in great detail. Unsurprisingly, Navy commanders had been extensively monitoring numerous underwater vehicles navigating the lake. Such technological capabilities greatly intrigued them; if engineers could replicate the vessels’ inconceivable speeds, unprecedented militaristic advantages would be gained.

Throughout the eras, Baikal has been no stranger to mysterious UFO activities. During the late 1950s a TU-104 jet crashed into the lake after it was pursued by an unknown metallic vehicle. The frantic pilot radioed a distraught message to air traffic controllers informing them of this alleged attack. According to informants, all staff on duty at the time were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements. Numerous community fisherman attested to viewing the frightening areal attack. Anglers described how a silver flying saucer chased a plane until it plummeted into the water and disappeared from their sight. Despite considerable testimonies, no conclusive evidence or official records of this event have ever surfaced.

NASA released photos taken from the International Space Station in 2009. Some believe they show a USO emerging from the water.

In April of 2009 the enigmatic Siberian sector made global headlines yet again. Astronauts aboard an international space station photographed two circular convection breaks, thought to be produced by enormous aquatic crafts. One was located near the lake’s center while the other was positioned towards Baikal’s southern end. Both appeared to be created by something ascending beneath the thick ice-laden outer layer. The pair of disk-shaped cracks were perfectly symmetrical and astonishingly measure three miles in diameter. These immense fractures were so precise making them impossible to manufacture or replicate. Certain researchers believe the NASA-produced images are evidence of spaceships emerging from the dark waters below.

Yet another unsettling occurrence took place in 2011 when an alien body was discovered. Footage shows one Irkutsk resident guiding the camera man towards a forested area. Atop the snow-covered ground lays a small extraterrestrial. It possesses an enlarged cranium, opaque grayish body and dark eyes blankly staring ahead. Something appears to have ripped off the creature’s right leg. Amid this expletive-laden footage, our winter-clad host explains how his dog sniffed out the captivating cadaver. Mere weeks before the chilling scene was filmed, dozens of villagers witnessed unidentifiable lights hovering above their homes. Conspiracy theorists speculate a UFO crash may be responsible for the macabre martian corpse. Viewers are torn regarding the authenticity of the video; some believe a genuine unknown species was uncovered while others blame crafty cinematic hoaxers.

An bizarre video surfaced in 2011 which appears to show the corpse of a small extraterrestrial.

As time progresses, onlookers continue to be dazzled by the obscure skies. Intriguing incidents take place at staggering rates across the district’s vicinity. In this technological era where most people are never without their smart phones, more of these perplexing crafts are captured and shared via the web. One such example happened in October of 2016 while spectators observed extraordinary green flashes above their rural town. Bystanders and experts alike were baffled by the unusual scene. Such remarkable sightings and otherworldly happenings have even caught the eye of famed director, Steven Spielberg. The film tycoon intends to create a documentary titled “Depth 211” which will explore Lake Baikal’s baffling history.

Only four years ago, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev made a shocking announcement at the World Economic Forum. In his public statement he lamented how “the time has come” for the world to know the truth about extraterrestrials visitors. In fact, Mr. Medvedev believes aliens are already living amongst us and have been doing so for quite a while. Even more brazen, the political leader warned if United States officials refuse come forward with this monumental information, Russian representatives will do so themselves. Given recent ufology-related announcements and unveiled files, it is entirely plausible that the Kremlin is gearing up for full disclosure. Perhaps sooner than we may think the astounding truth of interplanetary beings will finally be acknowledged by those who have known all along.

Lake Baikal has been home to a plethora of unexplained UFO activity for decades.

Do you believe that Lake Baikal is harboring an underwater base? Share your opinions in the comment section and let me know your thoughts on this fascinating topic!

By Ash,


Source: https://downthechupacabrahole.com

Notes from COBRA Taipei Ascension Conference from November 30th to December 1st 2019

Below is a note being taken during The Taipei Ascension Conference which was held between November 30th and December 1st, 2019. The note was written by members of the We Love Mass Meditation Admin Team who attended the conference.

Disclaimer: This note is a personal interpretation of what Cobra said at the conference, such interpretation may NOT correctly reflects what Cobra actually meant to said at the conference. Only 50% of the conference materials have been written down. Cobra has given approval for the following note to be published. This disclaimer MUST BE INCLUDED if you want to share this note on your blog, website or other platforms.

Day 1

First part

Planet Earth is a jail. 25,000-26,000 years ago, one precessional cycle ago, many huge sectors of the galaxy were liberated. Only a small section of Galaxy, comprising of less than 1,000 lightyears, remained in the grip of the dark forces. Most of them were gathered in this sector of the galaxy. There were two headquarters – Rigel and Earth. This was a custom zone, the border. The Orion overlords, the Orion fleet was patrolling this system. They welcomed only the dark forces (Dracos).

The Light forces kept some bases on the Moon, on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede and in the Kuiper belt. In certain key moments, some physical people were contacted by them: Jean d’Arc, Templars, Middle East, the founding fathers of America, etc.

Vaccinations (obligatory in Congo for example) open your energy field for reptilian entities to enter your body.  Earth is a multilayered prison. It is not easy to disable it, it takes time to deconstruct it. We are deconstructing this prison for the first time in human history.

In the time period of 1993/94/95, many star systems were liberated. Planet Earth was meant to be liberated too. The dark forces decided to move their headquarters to Earth and surrendered Orion to the Light forces. Since 1996 the process of liberation accelerated drastically. The dark forces did not expect that the intel will come out. Information is power.

Details into physics – we will go deeper into details than ever before:

The Primary anomaly: it is opposite of sense

The Source= full of harmony, of everything positive.

This opposition… The Primary anomaly exists as physical (note: phenomena)

Nobody understood the primary anomaly because it doesn’t make sense. There is a strong potential between the primary anomaly and Source. This energy potential, the tension between Source and the primary anomaly, created the universe. We entered into this as Source to transform the primary anomaly. Every time we began to be conscious of the primary anomaly, we dissolved it. In terms of physics, this is the field which exists as a quantum fluctuation field. The quantum field around the Earth is an energy vortex, a quantum hole.

Atomic explosions not only create the chain reactions on an atomic scale but also cause distortions in the quantum field. The dark forces created dark portals with many such explosions. In January 1996 there were 200 explosions in the plasma field, enough to create a negative portal to bring all of Orion’s primary anomaly in. Quantum fluctuation is a random energy field. It exists even in vacuum; vacuum is full of quantum potential, which can be used for good or for bad. This is the picture of this field:

The Light forces are bringing Light to the quantum field. The quantum field is influenced by our consciousness – by our mass meditations. The same coherent focused intent changes the quantum field. We have changed the destiny of this planet with our meditations. We have prevented many negative things from happening, we changed the timelines many times, even maybe (prevented the third world war – unclear)… that we are still alive. But we need to have a unified field and not let division and separation, which were implemented by the dark forces, to divide us. Mass meditations are very important, they produce a coherent field to change the timelines and… Only our consciousness can transform what is happening on the planet. Each time we reach critical mass, we achieve a huge victory. We need to continue with this process within a unified field. “Quantum field is the key to liberation.”
Plasma is still almost under complete control of the reptilians.

Avatar is an ascended being who does not incarnate.

Second part

The structure of the quarantine
The structure of the quarantine is described in the secret gnostic teachings:
“The seven concentric spheres around our Earth are “the seats of the Archons who collectively rule over the world [as] wardens of the cosmic prison” (ibid, p.43). More than a few Wanderers and other sensitive souls have had the same idea, in the same terms as depicted here and in the movie Matrix. That film, by the way, is an extremely Gnostic presentation.” ~2000 years old gnostic teachings

Defense layers

  • The innermost layer is the surface of the planet. This is the area around human beings. Each and every human has been implanted. The radius of 30 meters is the innermost sphere of the quarantine, of the cosmic anomaly. This is a spherical toroidal field which rotates and emanates the plasma anomaly. Those implants are connected to each other through plasma filaments. 11th dimension – filaments that connect plasma. Each filament is actually a flow of top quark particles. They are the tunnels of Set. They are keeping the global consciousness in a certain energy field. The mass meditations are the most effective thing for dissolving this field.
  • The second layer extends up to 14 kilometers (8.6 miles), it is full of Reptilians on the plasma plane. There are billions upon billions upon billions of reptilians, watching people and jumping them.
  • The third layer extends up to 220 kilometers – it is also full of negative entities, but there are fewer of them.
  • The fourth layer extends from the surface to the Moon.
  • Actually, there is one more layer, the 5th layer, but I will not be talking about this.

Each layer is more dense towards the surface.

A picture of the solar system [is being shown to us at the conference]

Voyager 2

All the satellites are moving around just a little above the Earth’s surface.
That’s the sharp inner edge of the plasma anomaly.

The dark network was completed in 1996. The main representation of the Chimera group is the spiders, they are controlling the grid: picture of the Earth with spiders.

The octopus (Yaldoboath) is almost dissolved. Spiders are a maximum of few kilometers wide, the bigger ones are gone already

On the surface of the planet, you have Dracos incarnated in space programs, in Air Force Space Command to prevent positive ET contacts. The purpose of military bases is to monitor the skies and check for any extraterrestrial activity.

A picture of the network of military bases 

Another network is the HAARP network (picture)
This is an extremely low-frequency electromagnetic radiation network, created to prevent any spaceships from landing.

Toplet bombs

Basic Physics:

A picture of an atomic nucleus; an up quark, neutron, and a down quark

Strong nuclear force keeps those quarks together so that matter exists. Ordinary physical matter – different elements are made from different numbers of protons and neutrons. Mass is a waveform, a wave in the quantum field. Up and down quarks are not the only quarks in the universe. We have also other quarks named charm and strange quarks, which are heavier. If you use force (high speed, high pressure, high heat, high electromagnetic force) you get those strange quarks. If you put them together you get a strangelet bomb, very small, but very efficient. They react and begin to eat all down quarks, first slowly, but then the process accelerates. Theoretically, they could eat up all of the universe in a chain reaction.

Top quarks eat strange matter and ordinary matter. Primary anomaly is distorting the quantum field and the Light forces are not able to deal with those bombs. All matter of this planet would be transformed into a black hole the size of two halls (the hall we were in during the conference).

The Light forces have a protocol to dissolve this. The progress they’re making is quite nice. They had resolved the issue with strangelet bombs and now they are dealing with toplet bombs.

Picture of the toplet (charm and bottom quarks are transformed into toplet quarks) 

LHC – Large Hadron Collider cannot do much. The one on Long Island is more dangerous.

Chimera has had enormous colliders, which they transported to Earth 25,000 years ago and between 1996 and 1999, the physical ones are being removed. Plasma colliders are still here and are in the process of removal.

Most scientists do not understand what they are doing with colliding those nuclear cores.

False Vacuum Metastability Event 

Regular matter (the world that we know)

Dark world to eat up the whole universe

Metastability means that cosmic stability can change.

Vacuum Metastability Event means that all darkness can become Light or all Light becomes darkness.

Syntrophic equation (an advanced Pleiadian theory)

Pleiadian quantum physics reveals that …. determine the “plank unit”

They’ve discovered a vector equation that determines the flow of time. Time is a vector, which was established through the interaction between the primary anomaly and Source.

Pleiadians can determine and understand the flow of time. They discovered that time passes in one direction, from past to future. They’ve discovered the irreversibility of this time process. What has been created once, cannot be removed. They can direct timelines from dark to Light universe. The flow of timelines is ingrained in the basic structure of the universe. The dark universe will be evaporated. When? The free will of the key people will make it slower or faster. It is easy to calculate the time vector of for example Hilary Clinton. There are only a few people on the planet who are unpredictable, on both sides. When the dark forces decided …

2011 – Orion to be liberated (plan)
2003 – Orion liberated
1999 – Earth liberated (plan)

The defeat of the dark forces is a mathematical certainty. The Pleiadians know the equation. The only thing they don’t know is when, because the free will of the key players is the key.


The big transition of our universe, which is affecting our lives directly, is ending the old cycle of 13 billion years. The universe will begin to contract again. We are in the middle of the pause between breaths. “Soon” means different things. A new cosmic cycle is the moment when the Source sends its pulse into the middle of the toroidal field (the universe is a torus), which has no center, this toroidal field is in constant movement… The pulse goes through the center, gets filtered through the cosmic stargate, like a very strong wind which cleanses everything at the atomic level. This change does not reach all areas at the same moment. It is very similar to what happens at the magnetic polar shift or what is happening with our Sun right now. One part of the Sun is in the new cycle, another is still in the old cycle. All this is happening all over the universe. A new cycle is the cycle of paradise without any anomaly. This reality exists already now in some parts of the universe, the energy is already detectable.
After the toplet bombs are removed, this process will accelerate, it will be a surprise for everyone. People will not be ready and will go through a process of shock. The only way to get there is going through this shock. Now we are only in the preparation process. Things are getting real; the scientists and central bankers are speaking about it. They will talk about Pleiadian quantum physics. This is pure panic for the dark forces.

On January 21st, 2019, there was a breakthrough with the Return of Light Activation. The Cosmic Central Race has responded because they found a coherent signal. They’ve sent their representatives to Earth. They are instructing other Light forces. They have solved some things which were unsolvable, there are big things happening behind the scenes. They are coordinating all the fleets – Jupiter-, Ashtar-, Atlantis command, Galactic Confederation, Pleiadians, etc.; they are coordinating the energy grid around the planet. There were some big dangers in 2017 (?), there was a very dangerous moment when the toplet bombs were triggered but then they were prevented from exploding by the Light forces. This situation is much better than it was a year ago.

There are big changes happening in the world’s financial centers (London – Brexit, Hong kong – 4th biggest financial centeredness of the world). If you affect the quantum field, you affect the plasma. If you have a critical mass of Cintamani stones placed, like in 2017 when Hurricane Irma was about to hit the US. Cintamanis buried + mass meditation + 2 tachyon chambers in Florida and Irma was downgraded to category 2 and 1 in a span of a few hours.

Question: Where to burry Cintamanis in Australia?
Answer: In the main cities: Sidney, Brisbane,.. + special places like the Great Reef, Uluru Lightning Ridge.

Question: Does time still exist in the higher realms?
Answer: Yes, in a different way, the perception of time is changed.

The Great Central Sun

The Dog Star Sirius is a focus point of the Great Central Sun in our center of the galaxy.

The Flower of Life 

The Flower of Life is the basic sacred geometry of space-time continuum.

Torus is actually liquid crystal.

The Flower of Life is actually an interlocked hexagram. It is the most positive structure of space and time emanating Light, which aligns everything in harmony. Light forces are using this structure everywhere. We are aligning with the cosmic Flower of Life. The 144,000 are the resonance field of the Flower of Life in the quantum field of the planet. Also, our individual body is aligned and arranged in Flower of Life pattern. It can be a tool for your ascension body. Cintamani stones put on the ley lines are transforming reality. You can even position your group in the Flower of Life pattern. This presents the birth of a New Atlantis energy grid. A subproject of the New Atlantis project is tachyonized cintamani stones put on Flower of Life locations, this way we really influence the energy of those places. The other tool is to put tachyonized Flower of Life patterns everywhere, use common sense.

St. Germain has been working for hundreds of years on this project of the New Atlantis. Below is his best picture available on this planet:

This tachyonized picture is available to purchase.

He asked us to bring a certain stone of his awareness to the planet – violet flame tachyonized amethyst stones. Tachyonized amethyst stones of 10 kg pieces will be available to purchase.

Event Support Groups and Sisterhood of the Rose groups are asked to do the Violet Flame Meditation purifying the surface of the planet when the Event happens, visualizing the violet flame descending from above in an anticlockwise rotation downward to the center of the Earth, cleansing all chaos, cleansing the whole planet.

The end of the first day.

Day 2

First part

The planetary Reset 

There is going to be a slight change in the program. Depending on the acceptance of the group, new intel is going to be released at the beginning to start a certain process.

A picture of the future – this is how the future will look like for those who will stay on the planet. Planet Earth will be home to the most advanced beings on the planet.

In the last 25,000 years, every possible criminal was welcomed to this planet. Planet Earth is supposed to be a sacred planet, in perfect harmony between technology and nature aligned with our spiritual purpose.

Our dragon friends have some interesting things to say.

Afterward, there was a presentation of the Light Mandalas by the representatives of the company in Thailand: https://www.light-mandalas.com/ (comment from the author of these notes)

Light mandala

Light Mandala crystals produce harmonizing light fields. Pulsing light is creating a shield protection.

  1. A mandala wand: produces thousands of different frequencies; 6 lasers: 2 red, 2 violets, scalar field antenna, periodic table of elements, libraries of frequencies; it has a screen that can be connected to a smartphone.
  2. An element activator: made of pure silica (shifting from carbon to silica during the ascension process), achieving a state of superconductivity, another purpose is also as a crystal activator – it amplifies the crystal energy. It is also a water activator, it has 90/180 prisms.
  3. A harmonizer: this is a joint work between the Light Mandala and the Siberian scientists. It uses sound, light and the magnetic field. It creates a shield to protect us against all kinds of interferences. It has the potential of transmitting energy, creating an antiaging field in your personal space – projecting a vibrational resonance of the object into space.

Cobra continues:

During the last 25,000 years, human society was not stable because it was based on principles of suppression. This suppression causes a certain tension – this is a force, a vector. This is an unstable system and because of this, it can only exist for a certain amount of time. It is the same as the principle of boiling water. The Galactic Central Sun is adding energy to the system. The dark forces are trying to block these energies with different technologies, like HAARP for example. The energy is entering on a quantum level and adding kinetic energy to the system. The dark ones cannot influence this process. Everything is happening faster and faster; things were moving as fast as they are now in the 18th century for example. This energy is heating up everything. They (dark forces) cannot control the quantum field, every time you try to change something, it reflects back. All that drama accelerates the general drama even further. The daily rhythm is very (fast?)…

When we reach the 3rd phase, things will be visible externally in the society, in the media. We are close to the third phase.

The author’s commentary: Cobra is speaking about the phase transition:
More explanation is available here:


How systems collapse 

These are the symptoms which appear before the crash:

  1. End time madness
  2. The polarization of society
  3. Climate doomsday, global warming scam
  4. Transgenderism
  5. Financial instability

The same things appeared before – before the collapse of Roman society and the French revolution.

A picture of crisis trajectory:

The yellow movement in France was triggered by the kundalini activation on the surface by the Resistance Movement. The dark forces burned Notre Dame out of revenge.

Why are there suddenly so many protests around the world? Because the Galactic Central Sun is triggering the kundalini energies of the surface population and because the dark forces are enforcing even more control and suppression. The crisis is rising exponentially. A breakthrough happens when the kundalini force of the people equals the amount of suppression by the cabal.
The New financial system 

The Secret space program (SSP) – history – funding

The purpose of the SSP was to set a stage for the draconian/reptilian takeover of the planet. It started in 1934 with the confiscation of privately owned gold through the Gold Reserve Act of 1934. With the victory of the allied forces, the Draconians settled for a more covert approach.

The Yamashita gold was spent on building the underground military bases. The Draconian invasion was planned for the year 2000. The population was used as a slave force to build the Draco empire. The USA is spending one trillion dollars every year on SSP.

Sidenote: Cobra also mentioned that the Earth’s core contains diamonds (made up of about 50% – 90% of the core) and it’s about the size of the moon.

Japanese general Yamashita moved the gold to the Philippines. That gold was later relocated to the USA, put in the secret trading programs and went directly to SSP. It was used for building the underground bases which were used in 1996 for the Draco invasion.

After WWII that gold was transported to the USA. In 1971 president Nixon decoupled gold from money, so the system could be manipulated. The transition from paper money to digital computer money was happening during the 1970s and 1980s, centralized with the main computer in New York, in JP Morgan headquarters. The Organization hacked the mainframe computer in 1977 and took hundreds of dollars for their own project. They contacted the Andromedans. That was the initial phase. Later the Resistance Movement (RM) developed quantum computers. Quantum computers are not exactly computers, they are more like simulators. Quantum computers can influence the quantum field. You can put certain impulses into the quantum field and the quantum field shapes according to those impulses. Quantum computers can hack into anything. The RM hacked the financial system many years ago and they can, when everything is ready (when toplet bombs are cleared and the surface population gets ready), just press the button and the financial system is theirs.

The crash of the financial system is inevitable because we have two main forces: the controllers and the controlled.

The uncertainty of the financial system

Graph (Soviet Union Collapse – 9/11 – 2008 Lehman brothers – Brexit – September 2019) 

November 11th, 2019 – The Silver Trigger 

In September 2019 the central bankers began to panic. The situation in the last few months has led to the point when one central bank does not trust other central banks anymore.

Usually, they lent money to each other, now they will not do it anymore, because most of them are on the verge of bankruptcy. They don’t trust each other anymore. In September 2019 the Federal Reserve had to intervene. Otherwise, the system would have collapsed two months ago. The Zionists and the Rothschilds don’t want a crash, they are afraid of the financial collapse because they are not trusting their overlords anymore, who promised them, that at the time of the collapse they’ll take them to the underground bases. They’ve been lied to that they will be saved. The Jesuits want the crash to happen, but on their own terms, creating digital money (cryptocurrency) – You would pay through the central banks with your phone; there would be no more bank accounts or physical cash. The financial crash has to happen but within the terms of the Light Forces.

All of them (bankers) are talking only about this (the financial crash). Some of them, who are not connected too much with the cabal, are advising people to buy gold, this is public advice to people, which are warning people about the crash. More and more signs of this crash will coincide with the Event. The RM will take over the computer system. Banks will be closed for 1 to 2 weeks.

The signs of the Event are now in the mainstream media as bankers are speaking about this.

7 defense layers – key – (?)

The Black dragon dynasty – the Ming dynasty. One part of this family went to Japan and is tied to the Green dragons who contacted Nazis.

Question: White dragon society?
Answer: One of the most important missions of this dragon family is to cut off the financial sources of the cabal. White dragons have been very successful in some of those operations.

Part 2

The Age of Aquarius

The year of 2020 – Stargate

Some important cycles are going to be completed next year.

Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto cycles 2010-2040.

A triple Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction

The last Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment occurred in the 13th century at the time of the Templar movement. It happens every 700 years. The same configuration will happen next year.

This represents money issues. The whole banking idea was conceived by the Templars.
Next year there is going to be a financial revolution.

Astrologically speaking, there will be many cycles converging next year. In 1999 there was a Grand Cross in the skies and since then not much happened (from an energetic point of view, we basically slept over December 21st, 2012).

Saturn-Pluto cycles last 37 years. Their conjunction creates big shifts behind the scenes. This energy is already here. Two cycles ago the CIA was created – in 1947.

Every 600-700 years Jupiter joins this conjunction, so those plans will be exposed. Many fractions are expecting big changes.

There is another conversion happening next year: the synodic cycles. Here is the 2020 – 2045 timeline. If you look from the side of the Sun towards the ecliptic of the planets, you can sometimes see those planets coming close to each other, meeting – these meetings are called synods. Next year many planets will be meeting. Usually, there are 1, 2 or 3 such meetings or none at all, but now 14 planets are meeting. This means that the solar system will be extremely active. This is huge.

Furthermore, there will be Pluto – Eris square in 2020, Saturn-Pluto Cycles are converging around January 10th. What will happen is the apocalypse (apocalypse = revelation, uncovering, from ancient Greek). Everything will become known.

Below is a description of the aspects for the next year:

  1. December 26th, 2019 – Christmas solar eclipse, which will be visible in Asia. Eclipse conjuncts Jupiter, which is a very good sign. This solar eclipse is going to prepare us for what’s coming up in January 2020.
  2. January 11th, 12th 2020 – January is the trigger point, (elections in Taiwan) Conjunction of Ceres and Pluto, Sun and Mercury, Saturn and Pluto conjoin while being on their South Nodes. We have a Penumbral Lunar eclipse on January 10th, 2020. Uranus and Erida move direct (Uranus brings the energies of Kundalini to the Solar system). This day is the trigger that moves us into the Age of Aquarius. November 11th and January 11th have a special connection. On November 11th, 2019, we had Mercury transiting the Sun, on January 11th, 2020 they will be in conjunction. January 11th, 2020 is the most important day of the year – it is the day to change our destiny. (There were four important things that happened on January 11th in the last few decades: January 11th, 1992 – activation of the 11:11 portal, January 11th, 1996 – Archon invasion, the last two dates are classified at the moment).
  3. January 26th, 2020 – First Pluto-Eris square (this configuration brings tension to everything which is hidden, to everything that cabal tries to hide)
  4. March 22nd – July 1st, 2020 – Saturn begins entering the house of Aquarius. This is the home sign of Saturn, there can be disclosure, new scientific discoveries.
  5. April 4th, 2020 – Jupiter-Pluto conjunction – a new cycle of Jupiter and Pluto – an opportunity for the surface population to say something about the financial system.
  6. June 14th, 2020 – second Pluto-Eris square
  7. June 21st, 2020 – Annular solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer – another opportunity for the surface population to empower itself in regards to the financial system.
  8. June 30th, 2020 – Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.
  9. November 12th, 2020 – the last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of 2020
  10. December 11th, 2020 – third and last Pluto-Eris square (more pressure)
  11. December 14th, 2020 – Total Solar eclipse
  12. December 17th, 2020 – Saturn enters Aquarius
  13. December 18th, 2020 – Sun conjuncts the Galactic Center
  14. December 19th, 2020 – Jupiter enters Aquarius
  15. December 21st, 2020 – Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius – astrologically this is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Mars in Aries squares Pluto at 23° Sagittarius.

Second part

The galactic wave of Love

The galactic wave of divine Light is approaching us.

A Living Mandala” – drawing – is restoring society back to its perfection, reactivating the true nature of star seeds.

Galactic society will be created with the awakening of the Lightworkers through the breakthrough of their implant structures. Their implant structures must be broken down. Many timelines will collapse. Reawakening will happen only at the time of the Event. Lightworkers are kept asleep. There will be a re-establishment of the contact at the time of the Event; before the Event, not much will happen. The most prominent members of this group will be contacted. At the time of the Event, a daily meditation with the violet flame will be necessary. The plan now is that certain codes are transmitted to the advanced members.

A re-awakening of the soul families: will be done by the Pleiadians, however inner work should still be done.

  • Phase 1 – soul memory reactivation – the memory of the soul family. Members of the soul family will begin to meet physically and start building Islands of Light.
  • Phase 2 – actually building the Islands of Light
  • Phase 3 – Islands of Light become entry points for the First Contact.

Between the Event and the polar shift, in this time frame, the Islands of Light will be built to stabilize the energy grid of the planet for the time of the polar shift as the final purification of the planet (1,500m high waves) arrives. A base built under Taiwan is the central location for Asia and can host 3.5 billion people.

  • 1st wave of ascension – a few years after the Event,
  • 2nd wave of ascension – 1 to 2 years after the first wave,
  • 3rd wave of ascension – just before the polar shift.

There are also 3 phases for the creation of the Islands of Light.

A removal process of implants: After the Event, there will be an intense implant removal process. When the implants are gone, the delusion is over. The practical work of implant removal was presented in Cobra’s workshops in the spring of 2019. By clearing those implants we go through reunification with our soul family and the Galactic family.

Astrological aspects are actually resonance fields that resonate throughout this Solar system. Each planet emanates an electromagnetic field, scalar field, quantum field, and plasma filaments.

Besides all those celestial bodies, there is a vast cosmic fleet present inside our Solar System.

The 3 rings of Galactic Fleet:

  • The outer ring expands between Jupiter and the heliopause (the Kuiper Ring). This ring belongs to the Jupiter Command. Its mission is to transmit the energies of the Galactic Central Sun (GCS) to the Solar System (it reduces the intensity, otherwise we would be fried). The Jupiter Command is also processing captured members of the dark forces on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede, which are then taken to the GCS.
  • The middle ring represents the Ashtar Command and is located between Jupiter and the Asteroid belt.
  • The inner ring represents the Atlantis Command, which is located in the sublunar space, around the Moon, and on the Moon. Its purpose is undisclosed.

The main command center for the planetary liberation is positioned on the light side of the Moon. The Moon is liberated now, that is a recent development. All Dracos and Reptilians are being removed. The main command center is located in the Tycho crater.

There is a lot of activity in the sublunar space now. The Chinese want to clean up the sublunar space, as they’ve stated recently.

This year we reached a solar minimum – a very quiet part of the solar cycle (humanly quiet). Solar maximum is coming in about 5 years, there will be an increase in the activity by 12 times.

The Disclosure process has already started:

A Picture of a triangular ship of the cabal 

A Secret space cigar 

Galactic Super Wave and Polar Shift 

Simulation: galaxy pulses like a heartbeat. Each beat takes 25.000 years.

At the polar shift, when big tsunamis start happening, there will be an evacuation of the surface population and some, the “lucky ones”, will ascend.

The old equator represents the evidence of the past polar shift. There are power spots on the old equator: Nazca pyramids, Baalbek in Lebanon, Giza, etc. The old equator existed 75,000 years ago, between 75,000 and 13,000 years ago, marked with all those power points and vortices. Then the rotation axis changed. Goddess leyline goes through Baalbek, Syria, Stonehenge, Paris. There are geological evidences of a cataclysm that happened 12,800 years ago when many species went extinct.

This time there will be a real Return of Light and a Galactic Reunion, a re-integration of the human society into the galactic society.

Now it is time to reactivate our mission!

It is time to share the Light!

Everything was impossible until someone did it!

The Time is Now!

The end of the second and the last day.


Source: https://www.welovemassmeditation.com

Ascension Series Interview: Adrian Vallera Activating Ascension Keys

Prepare for Change releases our sixth interview from our Ascension Series Interviews done at the Portal to Ascension Conference – this one with activist and organizer Adrian Vallera of DisclosureFest and the Mass Meditation Initiative.

We discuss doing the Good Work to activate your Ascension Keys. Adrian uses his experiences that he learned in the Music Industry to organize activists in his charity work which organizes beach cleanups, homeless encampment cleanup, rivers and streams and work with children in their Starseed Initiative. He explains that each area of work that the DisclosureFest.org organization works in aligns with chakra tuning.

We interviewed Adrian at Portal to Ascension Conference in Irvine in October. Vallera also explains how doing this type of volunteer work is great for clearing out traumas to be able to better receive Ascension Codes.

Learn more about Adrian and the DisclosureFest initiatives at: disclosurefest.org

Our Ascension Series of Interviews took place this past October when Prepare for Change attended the Portal to Ascension Conference in Irvine, CA put on by PortaltoAscension.org. The weekend conference focused on speakers that presented information about different aspects of Ascension from its historical significance, the cycles of time, what it means to humanity, how it will lead to changes in consciousness, how to discern claims, and more fascinating topics.

We held interviews with seven presenters of the conference including Rey Hernandez of the Edgar Mitchell FREE FoundationBilly CarsonJohn DeSouza, Rob Potter, Drs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak, and Adrian Vallera. We also sat down with Neil Gaur who founded Portal to Ascension and who has been organizing the conference for the past few years. 

Prepare for Change and Portal to Ascension have been pleased with our series and the reactions to our videos. The Ascension Series Interviews with conclude with interviews with Neil Guar on January 7. Gaur, the driving creative force behind Portal to Ascension. The Portal to Ascension brand was created to help humanity navigate through the range of awareness regarding consciousness, human empowerment and the paradigm shift of our society. Through live and online events and a library of webinars viewable at portaltoascention.org, Neil with help from wife Sol, present many thought leaders in the Ascension, ancient history, consciousness, and ET fields.

It is with great pride that we join together with Portal to Ascension to present these “Ascension Series” interviews for our Prepare for Change and Portal to Ascension community members and the public. Please like and share when they come online.

Check out all the interviews at our YouTube channel, found here.

The Truth About Zero Point Energy Generators

Free or Cheep energy solutions for the average home owner. From the simple to the extreme ill bring you some of the most cutting edge ideas and try to explain it in a way we all can understand.


Zero Point Energy Nikola Tesla Secret Generator

The electricity companies might not be happy with this book launch: the Nikola Tesla Secret. This is about a genius person’s discoveries about the ability to generate free electricity. Even one of the reviewer of the book stated this is all about the utilities companies has kept away, because it could potentially end their independence.

Well, it’s great to have a look at the book and examining whether or not it can give us many great benefits as promised.

The Nikola Tesla Secret shows you how to set up a circuit that can be used to save your pay for electricity. The Tesla generator is able to generate free radiant energy that can be used for many electrical purposes. This system simply cuts your dependence on electricity generated from the companies since there’s no need for you to acquire any expensive batteries to store excess electricity.

The easiness in setting up the machine can be another big plus point; you can find all the spare parts in any local electronics store and you will not pay more than $100 to fully build. Isn’t it interesting?

The Tesla Secret device does harness energy from the sun, so it will give you an emission-free system which is completely environmentally friendly. The most interesting part of the build is that you can take profit from it. The electrical devices that you are powering up using this device will automatically save you more money. Even the heavy device like refrigerator, plasma TV and clocks can be included into the list of devices powered by the Tesla Device you’ve built.

Nikola Tesla worked intently upon developing his electrical technology in his laboratory in Colorado Springs. His produces remarkable findings , one of them is the high voltages and currents with his electrical devices that sparks fly about the lab while from the antenna thick blue lightning streaks upwards 100 feet into the sky and thunder claps are heard over 15 miles away.

1. TRANSFORMER comprising:

a. Thick Coil of short length and few turns, which acts as the primary in the transmitter and as the secondary in the receiver.
b. Thin Coil of longer length and many turns, which acts as the secondary in the transmitter and as the primary in the receiver. This coil would be 50 miles in length or one fourth the wavelength of a lightwave whose circuit was 185,000 miles long.
c. Magnetic Core attached to the earth and elevated terminal.

2. POWER SOURCE deriving energy from coal or a waterfall.


4. CONTAINER OF LIQUID AIR (-197°F) which causes “an extraordinary magnification of oscillation in the resonating circuit[s].”

5. ELEVATED TERMINAL or bulbous top for accumulating stored charge. To obtain highest possible frequency, a terminal of small capacity (like a taught spring) and high pressure is employed.

Figure 1. The sending and receiving magnifying transmitters are built essentially the same way. The length and size of the tower and transformer is in a harmonic relationship to the electromagnetic properties of the earth. It has a multipurpose function. Standing k waves generated in resonant relationship to known earth currents could be used as carrier frequencies for transmitting electrical power.

Real scientists have known for centuries that the earth is a giant electromagnet having a North and South magnetic pole. Tesla was using this knowledge to broadcast electricity just like radio and TV waves are broadcast.

You can learn more about Nikola Tesla and his famous, phenomenal findings in his life. The details might be too long to explore here. Thus, you can google it, and get your answer outside.


Source: https://thetruthabout1111awakeningcode.blogspot.com