Mercury Retrograde In Libra: Relationship Changes

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Mercury begins another retrograde process on September 27th which will last until October 18th/19th. This is when it appears to be moving backwards from our Earth based vantage point due to the positioning of the Earth and Mercury in each of their orbits around the Sun. This one is occurring completely in Libra.

In the weeks (and especially days) leading up to it, it can already start to feel like a retrograde and some of its themes can get seeded. This happens because Mercury slows down (again from our vantage point) and travels in the part of the sky it will be returning to after the retrograde begins. This is known as the ‘pre-shadow’ period which began on September 6th/7th.

If you have read my previous Mercury Retrograde articles, the remainder of this section and the following one are nearly the same. You can skip to the third section and beyond if you don’t want to re-read all the general themes associated with these periods. Those other parts are more specific to this edition of it.

Mercury retrograde is known for the problematic effects it often has on communication technology, transactions, motor vehicles, anything with moving parts, and commuting in general. Some people even get headaches near the beginning of it. We could experience some challenges, misunderstandings, and errors around our communications, numbers/details, and commerce, as well as changes, cancellations, or delays in our schedules.

Sometimes these issues could occur when we are excessively analytical without tuning into our internal guidance. Depending on how we flow with it and other variables, we may not always experience these surface level inconveniences, or they could just be minor irritants.

Mercury Retrograde can also be a good time to revisit or redo tasks, projects, ideas, or anything else that was initiated in the past. It can give us a different perspective or shift in thinking that can help us to approach these things in ways we wouldn’t have done before. This may also be a period of reconnecting with old friends, family, lovers, or others we haven’t seen in a while. When we reconnect with people during a retrograde, it sometimes can help to facilitate a shift in the relationship. In some cases, issues from the past can come up which may need to be hashed out.

The Deeper Purpose of Mercury Retrograde

Ultimately, Mercury Retrograde is a time for us to recalibrate and adjust specific areas of our lives as well as how we apply our minds towards these issues. It is a period in which we may receive important insights and see things in a new light. In most cases, it can be mildly transformational, but in some cases it can facilitate more major transformations depending on how it corresponds to your personal astrological chart.

During and following the retrograde, certain areas of our lives can go through changes or shifts, or we can experience a re-orientation of some sort which influences how we proceed over the coming months or in some cases, it can have a more long-term significance. In the three weeks afterwards, known as the ‘post-shadow’ period, we move forward with some sort of new awareness, adjustment, as well as new ideas and thoughts that have been seeded which will develop and become more defined as time progresses.

Certain things that have come up specifically in the weeks leading up to the start of the retrograde could determine where this energy could play out. It is also possible that there could have been changes or developments at that time which may go through a sorting-out process or shift in dynamics during the actual retrograde and in the two weeks following. There could be unknown variables, either positive or negative, that were either unseen or hadn’t been conceived yet, which may become apparent over the coming month.

The sign(s) and element(s) in which Mercury retrograde travels in shows the energy we are re-orienting ourselves with. More importantly, if you are familiar with your natal astrology chart, then your house(s) or any planetary placements being affected will show more specifically which areas of life you will be experiencing its energy in. For the astrologically literate, it begins at 25’28 degrees of Libra and will retrograde back to 10’08 degrees of the same sign before turning forward again.

Occurring In Libra, The Third Of A Series In Air Signs

Mercury Retrograde always happens in primarily one element for 1-2 years. This is the third of a series that is mainly occurring in Air signs which will last until Fall 2022. The first one was in January-February in Aquarius. The Air element is about intellect, objectivity, the mind, and social aspects of life. This period is about re-aligning ourselves with these qualities if necessary and ultimately expressing them in new or revamped ways.

With this retrograde in Libra, we may also experience or apply re-orientations, adjustments, developments, circumstances, or reflect on themes connected to relationships, partnerships, companions, balance, fairness, equality, justice, laws, art, aesthetics, beauty, creativity, or attraction. Libra is also about consideration of others, cooperation, compromise, peace, harmony, diplomacy, relating, and finding common ground.

Mercury Retrograde Significant Dates

Below are some of the dates and information for some of the major astrological configurations during this retrograde.

*The dates below are based on the Americas. The further East you are located, you may need to consider it as the next day.

September 27th Mercury Retrograde Begins September 27th at 5:10am Universal Time. 

The common Mercury retrograde themes and complications may come up strongly at this time and in recent days leading up to this as it has been nearly stopped in stationary position. You may get some sort of indication of how it may be playing out for you over the next month based on how you feel or what transpires. It’s possible that certain things that happen at this time, which may seem insignificant, can somehow be connected to how this retrograde process will affect you. Also keep in mind that the pre-retrograde shadow began September 6th/7th and Mercury entered Libra on August 30th, so certain things that have come up since then may also be a factor in how things play out over the upcoming month.

September 30th-October 1st/2nd Mercury Square Pluto, while Mars opposes Chiron

Mercury made its first square with Pluto around September 21st-23rd and it has been close to it since, therefore its energy has been present since then but peaks during these periods when it is exact. At best, this energy can be good for deep thoughts and conversations, getting to the bottom of things, mental focus/concentration, addressing financial issues,  shadow work, and even therapy.

However, we can also be compulsive, obsessive, worried, pessimistic, suspicious, or fearful under this influence. Dark thoughts can also occur in some people. Conflicts, manipulation, forceful communications, or intense exchanges can also occur. Matters or dilemmas pertaining to power, control, authority, money, or sex may come up. There may be a correlation between what occurs now and things that happened around September 21st-23rd.

Mars is also opposing Chiron during this period. Issues around anger, aggression, physical energy, or how we (or others) assert ourselves may come up. This combined with Mars being in Libra  can play out as lack of direction when it comes to how we apply ourselves.

October 3rd/4th Mercury Trine Jupiter

Communications, thoughts, and connections with others can be expansive, educational, idealistic, optimistic, philosophical, big picture oriented, or could involve perceived meanings. Some people may receive positive news or be involved in a seemingly beneficial transaction. In some cases, there may be a connection with this period and things that occurred around September 20th/21st.

October 6th-9th/10th Mars Conjunct Sun & New Moon, Pluto Going Direct, Saturn Going Direct, Mercury Inferior Conjunction, Venus Conjunct South Node

We will be having a New Moon in Libra on October 6th/7th which will activate Libra energies even more so. Interestingly this New Moon occurs as Mars joins the Sun which happens approximately every two years. This is the beginning and ending of a Mars-Sun cycle and therefore things that occur at this time (and in the weeks before and after) are connected to transitions when it comes to areas and expressions ruled by Mars. This can have to do with how we assert ourselves, sex, physical activity/energy, competitiveness, courage, or issues pertaining to anger and aggression. It will be in Libra, so may be tied into relationships, partnerships, fairness, equality, fairness, balance, or justice/law related. Note: I won’t be doing an article for this New Moon and will be taking a break from articles for perhaps a few months. Join my mailing list here to be notified when I eventually have new content coming out. 

Pluto will also be transitioning to direct motion during this New Moon, as its energies will be very strong at this time as well as in the week before and after. Themes, developments, and shifts pertaining to power, control, hidden matters, empowerment, transformation, regeneration, purging, death, rebirth, shadows, finances, debts, taxes, or sex may be more prominent. In the coming weeks it can feel like there will be a forward momentum around these areas in comparison to previous months.

Another interesting thing is that all of this will be overlapping with the halfway point of this retrograde, Mercury’s inferior conjunction with the Sun, which can be a time of important insights. The themes or circumstances pertaining to how this retrograde is affecting you may come up more so during this period.

For some people, complications and frustrations can also be stronger during this conjunction depending on your circumstances or how you are applying yourself. Ultimately things that happen is part of a process of ridding yourself of certain thoughts, ideas, perceptions, old interests, expectations, or other things that are not serving you while the potential for new ones may be seeded. This will also somehow be tied into the themes of the Mars conjunction mentioned in the earlier paragraph.

Venus will be conjunct the Lunar South Node as the inferior conjunction is happening, on October 9th/10th. There may be some sort of endings or release around Venus areas such as relationships, friendships, love, pleasures, money, material things, or aesthetics. This can also be a time in which things from the past associated with Venus might come which ultimately can be something that we need to move on from.

As the inferior conjunction is ending, Saturn will also be transitioning from retrograde to direct. Themes, developments, expressions, and shifts pertaining to responsibility, commitment, discipline, duty, structure, boundaries, consolidation, or restriction can come up during this period and in the week before and after.

October 16th/17th Mercury Sextile Venus

Mercury will be sextile Venus in Sagittarius on October 16th/17th. This is a more mild transit but this can be good for social connections and reconnecting with friends or other relations. In some cases, positive developments pertaining to love, finances, material things, or pleasure might play out.

October 18th/19th Mercury Goes Stationary Direct, Jupiter Goes Stationary Direct, Mars Trine Jupiter, Full Moon Building Up

Mercury will end its retrograde and be stationary on October 18th/19th. It will slowly begin to move forward and gradually pick up speed in the following days and weeks. As this happens, the areas of our lives that have been affected by this retrograde will start to become more increasingly clear, things will fall into place more easily, and we may experience resolutions depending on how it affected you. We can feel that we are in a better place to move forward in the areas of life that have been impacted and pertaining to how Libra themes played out for you.

However, usually the first few days after it ends can still feel like it is retrograde as complications may occur due to Mercury’s stationary position. It’s usually best to wait until at least 3 days afterwards before finalizing decisions, agreements, etc.

As Mercury transitions in motion, Jupiter will also be ending its retrograde that began in the second half of June. At this time, and in the week following this date, we may experience developments that can be expansive. This can be connected to Jupiter ruled areas such as education, travel, foreign countries, beliefs, perspectives, faith, media, marketing, or promotion. It could even be lucky for some people. As this is happening, Mars will be in a trine with Jupiter which can be good for applying ourselves in these Jupiterian ways mentioned or with some sort of optimism.

The Full Moon in Aries will be building up as it will be occurring on October 20th/2st, a few days after Mercury goes stationary direct. This will be an eventful time and some of the things that occur at that point will play a role in the aftermath of the retrograde. The Sun will still be in Libra and oppose the Moon in Aries. Therefore relationship matters can be in a push-pull dynamic with matters pertaining to self and individual needs. With the Moon being in Aries combined with four planets going direct leading up to that point, a sense of moving forward will be a part of the astrological backdrop at that time.

About six weeks later on November 28th/29th and/or in the days following, there can be even more clarity around certain things that have been seeded or occurred during this specific retrograde. From there, we can experience developments which can give us a better perception of where things are headed. In some cases, the circumstances at that point may also indicate lack of sufficiency or not what was anticipated. If so, the perception acquired at that time can help us to make necessary decisions on how to proceed with the aspects of our lives that are impacted by this Mercury Retrograde in Libra.

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New Moon In Sagittarius: Adjustments & Exploration

We are having a New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th in most parts of the world and on the early hours of the 27th in the time zones furthest East. This is initiating a new 29.5 day lunar cycle and new wave of energy for the coming month; however, the astrological configurations mentioned in this article will be more prominent over the coming two weeks. This cycle will include a Full Moon in Gemini on December 11th/12th.

This New Moon is a month away from the first of two Winter Eclipses, and therefore the effects of them may already begin to play out for some people. Eclipses facilitate changes and evolutionary developments in specific areas of our lives depending on how they are configured with your personal astrology chart. However, they  can also play out in the 3-6 months following and are not always noticeable around the time they are occurring. I will be writing separate articles on these eclipses, you can join my mailing list here to be notified when they are published.

Mercury also ended its retrograde on November 20th/21st and will be in its post-shadow period until December 7th/8th while still in Scorpio. This is a period in which we may progress forward and/or have more clarity in regards to certain themes, issues, insights, or developments that have come up during the retrograde.

New Moon In Sagittarius Quincunx Uranus, Trine Chiron

Sagittarius season began on November 22nd/23rd, however, this New Moon activates its themes even more so and imprints it into the Lunar cycle. This period is good for working with and co-creating with its energies and themes.

Sagittarius is about exploration, experience, learning, teaching, travel, foreign lands, philosophies, religion, beliefs, morals, righteousness,  idealism, luck, and optimism. It is also associated with things like marketing, media, and sales. As a fire sign it is passionate and instinctual. Negatively, Sagittarius energy can be excessive, blunt, egotistical, argumentative, opinionated, preachy, unrealistic, disregarding of consequences, and have a ‘know-it-all’ complex.

This New Moon is in a quincunx with Uranus which is separating from an opposition with Mars. This can reflect disruptions, instability, changes, shake ups, accidents, separations, rebellion, surprises, or losses that can be an annoyance and may require adjustments. This energy is strongest on the day of, and days leading up to, the New Moon.

This Lunation is also in a trine with Chiron which is slowing down to end its retrograde during the upcoming Full Moon phase. This month can be great for developments around healing, self-awareness, spiritual/holistic understandings, or the pursuit of wholeness and integration.

We can more easily make progress in addressing our wounds and shortcomings to help us unlock more of our positive potential. Chiron is also supportive for doing things in an unorthodox way and bringing things together that are usually separate from each other.

Jupiter Finishing It’s Run In Sagittarius Before Entering Capricorn

The ruler of this New Moon, Jupiter, is at the end of its own sign Sagittarius which really strengthens and amplifies the Sagittarian qualities mentioned above as well as overlapping Jupiter themes. It is near the Center of the Galaxy which is a highly significant part of the sky.

The Galactic Center is associated with aspirations, divine inspiration, higher consciousness, evolution, and spirituality. However, its energies can also sometimes trigger pressure, crisis, and challenging situations to help facilitate a needed change. It may be connected to beliefs or higher perspectives.

Jupiter then enters Capricorn on December 2nd/3rd where it will stay until mid December 2020.  Traditionally, it is considered to be challenged in Capricorn as it doesn’t express itself in the way that it likes to. Jupiter is naturally boundless and idealistic while Capricorn is a Saturn ruled Earth sign oriented towards achievement through hard work and discipline within the constructs, limitations, and realities of the physical world.

However, there are still  benefits to Jupiter in Capricorn. In this sign, it can reflect expansive energy towards goals, ambitions, structures, duties, and traditions. It can be good for learning things to help us with achieving, entrepreneurship, pursuing mastery, managing aspects of our lives, or being more productive.

Jupiter will also be moving towards the South Node which will be exact in January. This can also reflect some sort of endings in connection to how Jupiter and Capricorn is expressed in a specific area of our lives. I will be covering this in my upcoming Solar Eclipse in Capricorn article, join my mailing list here to ensure that you receive it.

Neptune Going Direct, In A Trine With Mercury

At the time of this New Moon, Neptune in Pisces is transitioning out of its retrograde and starts to slowly progress forward in the following days.  I generally don’t put much emphasis on the actual retrograde periods of the ‘outer planets’ in my articles, however, in the weeks and days near the transition the general energies of that planet can become more noticeable.

It is also possible that certain things that occur at this time may be connected to something that transpired in the second half of June when the retrograde began. Neptune themes that may be highlighted could have something to do with creativity, imagination, visual arts, film/photography, fantasy, dreams, spirituality, divinity, soul mates, compassion, as well as practices and substances that induce psychedelic experiences.

Neptune is also associated with escapism, drugs, alcohol, and behavior that is flaky, delusional and deceptive. Some people may start to realize (or began to realize in June) that they were not seeing a situation clearly or perhaps projecting illusions onto something going on in their life.

With Mercury now moving direct while in a trine with Neptune, we may have a better perception around a situation. This configuration can also reflect heightened intuition, inspiration, or thinking and communicating in a way that is spiritual, creative, or compassionate. This is strongest on November 27th and 28th.

Venus Square Chiron, Trine Uranus, and Conjunct South Node While Sextile Mars

Venus in Capricorn is in a square with Chiron which is strongest on the 26th and 27th but can play out through the Lunar Cycle. This can trigger wounds, blockages, or perceived inadequacies pertaining to values, relationships, appearance, pleasures, or money. However, this can also be an opportunity to bring awareness or potential healing and growth to these areas.

Venus than moves towards a trine with Uranus which is exact on November 28th. This can be stimulating when it comes to our relations. There can be something new, unusual, exciting, insightful, or positively surprising which can play out socially, romantically, financially, creatively, or in regards to fun activities. This can also be a good time for aesthetic developments such as changing the appearance of something or even obtaining things like clothing or other material items.

Venus will then align with the South Node while in a sextile with Mars in Scorpio from December 2nd-3rd.  This can be a good time for activities with others, creative pursuits, or romance. However, there may be something pertaining to old behaviors or aspects of love, friendships, values, or pleasures that are no longer serving us and getting in the way of our growth. It’s possible that what transpires at this time can bring some sort of realization to something that we need to let go of. Mercury will also be in a sextile with Pluto at the same time which can help us with a depth of understanding.

Making Intentions And Things To Consider

What has come up for you during the previous Mercury Retrograde (from Oct 31st – Nov 20th) and in this last week following it? How should you proceed based on realizations or developments that have transpired? Is there anything coming up now to help you grow spiritually? Are there new perspectives coming into your life that may influence your beliefs and awareness? Is there anything that you feel like you need to learn? How are your wounds or blockages affecting your relationships and what can you do to help improve the situation?

These are just some examples of what to consider or focus your intentions on at this time; however, it is good to reflect on anything else that is coming up for you. It is generally best to make any intentions within the first 24 hours following a New Moon. The exact moment of it will be occurring at 3:06pm Universal Time on November 26th.  You can click here to see what that is in your time zone.

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