What’s in a Name? A Lot! As ‘Nationalist’ Becomes Trigger Word, The New Nationalist Becomes Winter Watch

When embarking on any venture, it’s important to clearly define your mission, perhaps even create a mission statement. Then, once in a while, it’s important to revisit that mission statement and evaluate whether you’re achieving it in the most effective way possible. From the outset, the mission of the writers at The New Nationalist has been to seek truth and report it. We call it “speaking truth to power,” as our tagline indicates. Our goal is to awaken “normies,” not just sing to a choir.,

Increasingly, we’re finding that the name of our website is interfering with our ability to share important information. Having the word “nationalist” in our website name constantly subjects us to ad hominem attacks. Rather than being able to debate the merits of our observations — say on a false-flag attack or hoax, for example — we wind up being summarily dismissed as “white nationalists” or find ourselves having to define or defend nationalism. “Nationalist,” it seems, has become a nasty trigger word, and that’s interfering with our mission of speaking truth to power and waking the normies.

Therefore, after much reflection, we’ve decided to change the name of this website to Winter Watch. This is just a name change, and here’s why.

A Little Background

When Russ Winter approached Torchy Blane about doing a news blog in early 2016, he had already been writing about finance for nearly a decade, including a blog called Winter Watch. Around 2014, through his research into the markets, he increasingly began to realize the pervasiveness of a Crime Syndicate both inside and outside of the financial sector, and he began to write about it. You could call it his “awakening.”

After a couple years, his interest veered almost entirely away from writing about finance. Russ became a truther and needed to create a new website for such writing. His objective wasn’t/isn’t money or fame or influence. He simply wanted to awaken others and engage in intelligent discussions about his observations — get feedback, if you will. Torchy, who had already been writing general news for 15 years, would also occasionally contribute articles, as would Thomas Muller.

Coming up with a website name wasn’t easy. Each writer had their own areas of interest and views. So Torchy looked for the common thread among each American writer’s world view, and the framework was best defined as “nationalism” — nationalism in a third-position/non-partisan, macro sense as juxtaposed to globalism, but not “white nationalism.” That said, we don’t disparage white nationalists, but we’re not waving flags for any groups either. We naively thought that perhaps adding the term “new” to the term “nationalist” would differentiate us a little bit.

The Faux-isms Associated With Nationalism

Months after launching The New Nationalist (TNN) in May 2016, the term “nationalism” became increasingly associated with Donald Trump’s political campaign. Six months later, obscure and well-intentioned truther site TNN found itself being called out as “fake news” by The New York Times (aka Slimes), Business Insider and other megastream media for its posts on Pizzagate.

Then, politicos and mainstream media maggots (MSM) began brainwashing the public to believe that all alternative media is “fake news” and all “fake news” is Russian propaganda in the political interest of Donald Trump. As politicos and MSM ramped up identity-politics rhetoric, it turned nationalism into a trigger word synonymous with abject racism.

The nationalist label has been hijacked by fakes like Donald Trump and his kosher alt-right posse. Accordingly, in today’s newspeak world, it’s associated with the Trump Movement of which we have been critics. It has also been co-opted by warmongering neocons of which we are the diametric opposition.

This movement to pervert the meaning of nationalism didn’t surprise us. Groups and their labels are often co-opted and manipulated to diminish the power of movements that push sound ideas that threaten the status quo. What did surprise was the infighting we witnessed among people who generally share the same causes or views. Nationalists were going after fellow nationalists for not being nationalist enough.

After the Charlottesville staged deception, nationalism became widely associated with violent extremism, and witch hunts ensued to out, shame and silence nationalists. Now, social media accounts are been scrubbed and websites are being taken down for “fake news” and “hate speech.” How long before TNN is targeted by algos, censors, ban clans and suppressors? Indeed, that is happening.

What Nationalism Means to Us

Writers at TNN are ethno-european centrists; but as true non-racist nationalists, we don’t believe that eurocentrism should be imposed on other countries and cultures. Each must defend their own — their own race, economy, culture and border. As Americans of European extraction, we defend our own. Whites in America, European countries and cultures, and basic Christian values are under constant attack by increasingly institutionalized cultural Marxism, weaponized migration and financial raiders.

Throughout history, if you peel back the layers of the movement to destroy what could be collectively described as “whiteness,” you will often find at the forefront people of Jewish extraction with globalist agendas. Identifying influencers as Jewish is not antisemitic. Rather, it’s basic and essential to identifying in-groups, group think, cabals and crime families. But that’s not to say that every Jewish person is a member of a cabal or that every member of the Crime Syndicate is Jewish. Sadly, it’s not that simple.

To be clear, we know all too well the importance of the JQ — but it’s not the only question, and it’s not the sole focus of the writers at TNN.

Going Forward

Winter Watch will be a truther, justice and revisionist blog. Russ is particularly proud of his deeper-dig hidden-history posts over the last year or so and believes these are among his best works. We also consider ourselves a hard-hitting anti-war and anti-warmongering publication. Issues like white rights and the white demonization and degradation assaults will continue to be core issues for us.

We highlighted warmongering as a huge problem in our post “HuffPo Poll Indicates Too Many (White) Trump’tards Are Brainwashed Warmongers.” War and peace are among the most important issues of the day, and blacks as a demographic are the most anti-war of all. Perhaps they are well aware that, per capita, their people will be sacrificed in a Zio war with Iran. Additionally, although we are strongly opposed to open borders, the Muslim demonization psyops has always been well covered here.

The name Winter Watch is a nod to the idea of watch persons, those who alert us to developing conditions, which is a far more accurate depiction of what we do and far less triggering. It implies that we are in a long, drawn-out battle, and we must constantly stay vigilant. The name avoids the distracting, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), canards and the raised eyebrows that we are subjected to by those who’ve never read a single word on the site.

If you’ve bookmarked The New Nationalist or enter the name into your browser in the future, it should automatically redirect to Winter Watch. All of our articles posted under the New Nationalist banner should also automatically redirect as well. Winter Watch will have the same format and appearance and the same comment section. Please bear with us while we make this transition. If you discover functionality problems with the site, don’t hesitate to let us know.

When Pigs Fly: Hurricane Florence’s Rendezvous with Carolina Hog Farms Won’t Be Pretty

Could Hurricane Florence be the perfectly timed event to topple the smoke-and-mirrors U.S. economy? Could the Fed delay its Sept. 26 rate hike, triggering a large retreat in the dollar and an inflation spike? Or, could they go ahead with the rate hike, pulling support at a crucial moment? Will there be a North Carolina hog and chicken production collapse and inflationary price spike on key meat and poultry staples?  Steve Troxler, North Carolina agriculture commissioner, said earlier this week that Hurricane Florence could threaten a severe economic loss of livestock, poultry and crops. Will the emergency cleanup and recovery funds required accelerate an approaching fiscal train wreck?

Hurricane winds could linger for 24 to 48 hours, sweeping away trees and power lines while dumping 20 to 30 inches of rain in coastal areas, the National Hurricane Center said. Isolated totals of 40 inches are possible. Power will be lost for 3 million. The entire state will be soaked with double digit rain totals.

Ryan Maue, a Weather.us meteorologist says Florence is forecast to dump about 10 trillion gallons of water on the Carolinas.

The mammoth, Category 4 storm was  expected to reach the Carolinas overnight Thursday.

A hog-waste  environmental disaster is a given. North Carolina is one of the biggest hog-farming states in the U.S., with about 10 million pigs being raised on some 2,300 industrial-scale farms. That equals more than 10 billion pounds of wet animal waste, according to the Waterkeeper Alliance. These are also known as factory farms.

The hogs are typically housed in long metal sheds with grated floors designed to allow the animals’ urine and feces to fall through and flow into nearby open-air pits containing millions of gallons of untreated sewage.

In most natural disasters, the state doesn’t hold farmers liable for the water quality violations. In terms of chicken farms, the state of North Carolina doesn’t always know where poultry farms are located, because they’re not required to apply for a permit.

Floodwaters that come in contact with hog and chicken feces and dead carcasses make for a toxic soup and raises fears about the potential for bacteria to contaminate North Carolina’s groundwater.

Andy Curliss, the CEO of the North Carolina Pork Council, told Bloomberg that lagoons can handle as much as 25 inches (64 centimeters) of rain without failing.

“If we get more than 25 inches of rain, then we’ll start to be concerned,” he said.

The reality is that if water is moving from wind and flood in this low-lying inundated region, unimaginable amounts of manure will seep and be upchucked out of the lagoons and surrounding flooded manure covered fields.

During Hurricane Floyd in 1999, those lagoons broke open and dumped waste into public waters, an environmental catastrophe that was later blamed for algal blooms and fish kills. During Hurricane Matthew in 2016, 14 lagoons flooded as shown in the photo above and millions of animals died. Yet in a blog post admonishing readers to “beware of misleading narratives and check facts,” the North Carolina Pork Council argued that the vast majority of lagoons operated as advertised during Matthew.

The lagoon berms in spots will breach as shown below. It seems disingenuous to say most of these lagoons can handle that much rain, wind, flooding and moving water. The surrounding fields have already been heavily sprayed with manure in anticipation of the impact and to reduce lagoon levels. There are 20 million gallons of waste water in a typical lagoon.

Computer models predict more 30 inches of rain in much of the hog-production concentration in the Cape Fear and Neuse river systems (see map above), a low-lying plain veined by brackish rivers and creeks with a propensity for escaping their banks.

Dead hogs killed by Hurricane Floyd

The end result will be a hell on earth wasteland. Two-thirds of all human sickness originates from animal waste. Once microbes are released in to the air, soil and water, they are extremely difficult to get rid of. Conditions in the Cape Fear and Neuse regions will be very hazardous.

If influenza breaks out, the larger towns and cities nearby — such as Wilmington with 107, 000, Lumberton with 22,000, Fayetteville with 200,000, Goldsboro with 36,000 and Jacksonville with 70,000) — (although not as directly impacted by animal waste) will have their own sets of post-storm sanitation, electricity and water supply challenges.

Many people have developed antibiotic resistance and have rundown immune systems from opiate use, etc. This is going to be a major test of the immune conditions of the people in the region. Additionally it is a given that the US is ruled by a kakistocracy and such as disaster is an invitation for them “to make shit happen.” The combinations could be a serious die-off or megadeath pandemic emanating from these hurricane flooded factory farms and the environmental conditions.

For our friends living in the Carolinas, you might consider clearing out of Dodge for an extended period, if possible.

In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday that it would be monitoring nine toxic waste cleanup sites near the Carolina coast for potential flooding. More than a dozen such Superfund sites in and around Houston flooded last year in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, with spills of potentially hazardous materials reported at two.

Complicating matters are the Brunswick plant’s two nuclear reactors right on the coast at Wilmington. They are of the same design as those in Fukushima, Japan, that exploded and leaked radiation following a 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Emergency plan now calls for installing nine temporary flood barriers in advance of a hurricane, to compensate for deficiencies in the original design.

Can Big Tech Social Media Keep the Truth from Coming Out?

Hat tip to Brabantian for the meme.

Little wonder that Big Tech social media suddenly banned Alex Jones, who was countering the coup d’état that The New Nationalist (TNN) identified — including that John Bolton, The New York Times (aka Slimes) and Mike Pence are behind it.

This coup was well discussed on Real.video with Dr. Steve Pieczenik. Where I differ is with the personal involvement of Donald Trump. He may be a dupe or a stalking horse actor; but, either way, he’s being played like a fiddle and has surrounded himself with snakes.

If Trump is just a dupe, who can he even bring in as staff to cover his back at this stage?

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon didn’t name names like Pieczenik does, but Bannon also called it a coup. 

“There is a cabal of Republican establishment figures who believe Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States. This is a crisis,” Bannon said in Rome over the weekend. He added, ” I have said there is no deep state. It is an in-your-face state.”

Revealingly, I am noticing a reaction, for instance, on this Facebook page about our Trump takedown theory, which is labeled as crazy, and that the op-ed piece didn’t originate out of the aforementioned high ranking people surrounding Trump. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. What naivety.

The Familiar Refrain We Are Asked to Believe

If the Trump administration had clout then it should have the intel to figure out the op-ed writer or that a coup is underway? But apparently it doesn’t- and is flaying around. Just who is intelligence protecting? Pence, Bolton and the Slimes? And perhaps Trump, the lifetime actor playing this takedown role?

Ironically, I suggest that Alex Jones might be worth listening to now for clues — and for the first time in years. Although he is still running distractions, he has definitely identified the tyrannical takeover by Big Tech, or the FAANGs. However, this is mostly characterized as censorship of the Trump base and conservatives. It’s much broader than that. At least Jones is not placating to the neocon narrative, something rare in media now.

Here’s a list of 100 million followers deleted by Facebook. Notice how many of these are not just political, they are alternative health pages. Could this mean that “big pharma” is also putting pressure on Facebook to silence alternative medicine? Big Tech seems to be following some combination of Kosher and corporatist marching orders. Nor are they just “right wing,” as claimed. Many are left-leaning progressives.

As a footnote, when I went to Pieczenik’s site to get caught up on his work, I was blocked and met with yet another endless Internet control trick. My IP address has apparently been put on a list of forum spammers and by the usual suspects is my guess. In typical run-you-in-circles fashion when I went to this con’s site to remove the IP address, I was told it was not on their list- so was unable to proceed.

This must be a new Orwellian scam out of the toolbox to slur somebody when you don’t like what they have to say. It’s what they used to banned us from r/Conspiracy, where we had 14,000 karma points. Identifying a commenter as a spammer is an option on TNN’s WordPress-Disqus software, but we’ve never used it on anyone we’ve banned. I’m old school that way. It just seems sleazy and low brow to call a commenter or troll, who I prefer not to give an audience to, a spammer for merely speaking.

Note that this abuse has nothing to do with commenting on the site but merely viewing the site. Who knows how many others among Dr. Steve’s following are subjected to this and other traffic-diminishing tactics. The Crime Syndicate is making it more and more difficult and challenging for the average individual to find the truth online.

A user forum comments on this crock:

Of greater concern is that Big Tech social media is covering for warmongering or a false-flag ahead. See “YouTube Shuts Down All Syrian State Channels As Idlib Assault Begins.

There is also the question of blow back to Facebook and its role in the monster financial bubble. FB has a $471 billion market cap and is no longer a one-way trade. TNN has been predicting that the FAANG bubble will burst. See “Will the Facebook “Ethical Dilemna” Trigger a Market Crash.”

Recent polling from Pew Research shows that the population is backing off Facebook in considerable numbers. This survey was taken before the more recent spates of heavy-handed censorship.

Spanish Wildcat Finance to Trigger Bust?

The term “wildcat banking” refers to non-federally regulated U.S. state banking between 1816 and 1863, also known as the Free Banking Era. It resulted in widespread bank failures. A modern form of this approach would involve the government backing or backstopping (bailing out) the poorly regulated crazies that wildcat banking tends to attract. This occurs after the central bank facilitated extractions are a fiat accompli.

Wildcat banking is pervasive. My larger parasite guild theory holds that certain institutions play the role of overplaying and thusly artificially inflating various markets. One particular trigger point of the behavior at present is manifested in several Spanish alpha banks. These are the muthas that rolled up smaller Spanish zombies during the “last” financial crisis. In 2012, the Spanish government requested a €100 billion bailout from the Troika (ECB, European Commission and IMF) to rescue its bankrupt savings banks, which were then merged with much larger commercial banks; in particular, BBVA and Banco Santander. This opened the way for some large concentrated wildcat finance.

Source: Williambanzai7

Then provided with nearly free overnight or short-term guaranteed funding from the ECB (since these banks cannot borrow on the capital markets), the wildcat bankster alphas piled into high yielding assets abroad, of course, with poorly hedged currency risk .

Since the Crime Syndicate also runs a wink-wink ECB kakistocracy, they looked the other way. Rather than use the cheap borrowing to shore up capital or lend to businesses in the local economy or Spain, the other Crime Syndicate patsies running the alphas dove into emerging and developing markets with spread-carry trades. Par for the course, this enriches a gang of kleptocrats and their crooked politicians. Theft pure and simple.

Now, even with the Fed baby stepping to just 2% Fed Funds (on Sept. 26) and with quantitative tightening (QT) only reversing 5% of its massive larded $4.45 trillion portfolio of inflated securities, the currencies favored by the wildcat finance gamblers are breaking. The carnage so far centers on Argentina (No. 21 economy), Turkey (No. 17), Indonesia (No. 16), Brazil (No. 8) and India (No. 7). Mexico has been spared by the controllers for now as they’ve played ball on NAFTA.

Why do national currencies trade like pork belly futures? It is a combination of wildcat bankster leverage, rigging, and stark and unscrupulous manipulation. These are rackets, not markets.

And in the fourth quarter of 2018, the Fed will ratchet up its QT to $50 billion per month. For some reason, the Fed trip wires the system by doing its reductions at a concentrated time. Take note that on Sept. 26, $15.2 billion is reduced; and a week later on Oct. 3, $19.0 billion is reduced. So $34.2 billion of QT is tightly packed into one week. On Oct. 31, just before the mid-term elections, $33.2 billion comes off in just one day. Curiously, the guildists with their finger on the wildcat blow-up button, Goldman Sach’s bear market indicator shows a crash dead ahead. Whodathunk? 

But back to Spain’s alpha banks. In the case of Turkey’s financial system, Spanish banks had total exposure of $82.3 billion in the first quarter of 2018, according to the Bank for International Settlements. That’s more than the combined exposure of lenders from the next three most exposed economies, France, the USA and the UK, which reached $75 billion in the same period. Spanish banks’ exposure to Turkey’s economy almost quadrupled between 2015 and 2018, largely on the back of Spain’s second largest bank, BBVA’s, purchase of roughly half of Turkey’s third largest lender, Turkiye Garanti Bankasi. Foreign currency loans (mostly in euros and US dollars) account for 40% of the Turkish banking sector’s assets.

In Mexico, Spanish banks have over $160 billion invested, which represents 42% of total foreign banking exposure. BBVA is now the largest bank in Mexico. It provided 45% of BBVA’s group profits in the first half of 2018. In Chile, Spanish banks account for 43% of total foreign bank-owned debt. In Colombia, it’s 32%; and in Peru, it’s 40%.

Banco Santander

In Argentina, where its currency continues to collapse and its economy is now spiraling down despite an IMF bailout, Spanish banks’ total combined investments amounted to $28 billion.

The Brazilian currency, the real, has already shed 20% of its value against the dollar so far this year. In Brazil, Spanish banks have total exposure to the economy of $167 billion, according to BIS data. That’s the equivalent of 44.6% of total foreign banking investments in the country. For Banco Santander, Brazil is by far its biggest market, accounting for 26% of its global operating profits, compared to just 16% in Spain.

In Spain itself there was a larger fall in local jobs than usual at the end of tourist season. Average social security affiliation fell during the month by 277,500 to 18.535 million people — a 1.47% drop. This was the worst performance in the month of August since 2008, when 244,666 jobs (-1.26%) were lost, just as the global financial crisis was beginning to bite Spain.

Smiley Face Murders: More Victims, A Mother’s Torment and Strange Parallels to Belgium’s Dutroux Murders

The Smiley Face death toll continues to climb, this time in Germany. On April 23 in Hamburg and the following weekend in Dusseldorf, the bodies of young men were retrieved from waterways. In both cases, and as per usual, police attributed the deaths to accidents before autopsy or investigation. Dozens more inexplicable cases have been reported all summer as the Smiley Face Killers continue unchecked.

As you will recollect from our April 29 post, around 200 healthy, athletic and attractive young men in geographic clusters have died under similar and highly suspicious circumstances during the last couple of decades — but the rate of incidents has grown rapidly during the last several years. Typically, these younger men go missing following a night out at a bar, party or event. Their bodies are then discovered days or even months later in a waterway. Autopsy often shows GHB or a similar date-rape drug in their system, and the death is deemed accidental drowning. However, some believe these men are being targeted, drugged, kidnapped, tortured and murdered. The term “Smiley Face” murders (or killers cult) came about because of the smiley face graffiti sometimes found in proximity of the body.

Since publication of April’s post, I’ve had some Twitter exchanges with one of the principal researchers investigating these haunting cases and have looked in greater detail at the Dawsonville, Georgia, deaths. On Jan. 1, 2014, four young men went missing: Mason Cox, David Wood, Cody Bohnet, and Russell Sutton Jr.. The bodies of three of them were later found in water. The primary focus of this post will be on the Mason Cox case.

Cody Bohnet, 18, went missing for five days before his body was discovered in a shallow stream with smiley face graffiti nearby. Though his death was reported as a drowning, the coroner said there was no water present in his lungs. Russell Sutton, Jr., 26, was found on the side of a road after leaving Graveyard Restaurant. Was it a failed abduction attempt? (Note: I can find nothing whatsoever online about this case.)

Dawsonville is a small town 70 miles north of Atlanta in the rural Appalachian hills. Thus, abduction opportunities would be different from SFK cases involving city bars and venues. In all cases, the police declared the deaths accidents. In one case, two young men drowned together in shallow water eight days after their disappearance and after the cove had been searched. Police put forth a theory that one fell into shallow cold water while fishing at 3 a.m., and the other healthy young man drowned trying to rescue him. Both were swimmers. Neither were dressed for cold weather.

For those trying to get to the bottom of these cases, we recommend visiting the Facebook page of LeaAnne Cox, the tormented mother of Mason Cox. She calls her page “Justice for Mason Cox,” and there’s valuable information there that you won’t find in the media or police statements. You will also see what this mother, who has limited resources, is up against.

For researchers out there: LeaAnn, on Dec. 6, 2016, provided the case number and permission to access it, though it is a public record. I would encourage our readers to test the system with a request. She says: “I’m moving forward on Mason’s Case #20140000019, Dawson County, Ga., Sherriff’s Office.”

We can start with her May 18, 2016, Facebook post on the condition of Mason’s body. David (Wood) was Mason’s friend found in the water with him. But first, the autopsy report covered by CBS46:

DAWSON COUNTY, GA (CBS46)An autopsy was performed Monday on the two men found dead in Lake Lanier on Friday after disappearing during a fishing trip. The medical examiner ruled the cause of death for Mason Cox and David Wood, both 20, as drowning. The autopsy revealed that there were no internal or external injuries.

LeaAnn posts: Still cant believe the police/gbi — he lost 3 teeth,blunt trama to back head, eye so beaten, body beaten around groin —David nothing —- so many unanswered questions!!!! Why ????

A little more color from her Nov. 5, 2015, post:

My son was beaten… 2-3 teeth missing .. Blunt trauma to back of his head.. His eye so horrible… His stomach … Black and blue… The other boy no trauma … Except for drugs.

And again on Dec. 28, 2017:

Freezing– Found in Lake Lanier- Fredricks Cove 8 days later!! Right behind the house??? No coat, hat,gloves,cellphone anything! Brutal injuries, he was a great swimmer, could have walked out of this cove.

Next we track her experiences with law enforcement. She states she had photographic and visual evidence that caught the investigators in an obfuscation about Mason’s body condition.

A Caveat

I have asked through the researcher for permission to publish this evidence, but so far without success. Thus this article has that caveat. Also consider that posts such as this one are risky for us, too. But, if LeaAnn has more efficient venues to come forth with the visual evidence than The New Nationalist (TNN), it is my belief that she should do so. It has been three and a half years since she made her initial claims.

Feb. 9, 2015, LeaAnn post:

I’ve got pictures of Mason’s face... No teeth, busted eye, nose! Even his dentist see that his teeth are missing! And bruises in his stomach!!!Yeah accidental drowning! ???

March 8, 2015:

I’m still fighting hard!!! Tired and exhausted ...I want to post pictures …but I won’t!!! Unless you … Have connections that can help me! Then send or call me 706 429 7706

Once a case is closed and the fatality is declared “accident,” as opposed to “open” or “unknown,” then forensic evidence and CCTV footage can be disposed of. On March 14, 2015, she writes:

I sent a lot of pictures to the Forensic LabThat his words stating that there was no damage to Mason Cox face and lower stomach! It’s wrong ! Waiting until Monday to get a response, then back to Dawson County and GBI! I’m trying to take the right steps but April 20th… The lab will destroy Masons blood, all fluid that is stored there!!!! Please someone come forward!

So apparently the mother has to intervene to save bodily evidence of her own son? Incredible. On March 26, 2015, Lea Ann posts that she went to the media for help and they blew her off.

I’m going to Fox. News !!! North Georgia police, GBI, forensic lab in Decatur won’t answer!!!’so. For you Mason Cox! And this bites!!! Have to go in this direction! But I’m a Mom…and I have to come up with $$$ to saved his fluids !!! Because it’s called accidental!!!! Questionable.. They keep it !!! This next month is going to be busy!!

Are we seeing a pattern of disposing of important evidence? On March 22, 2015, she posts:

I sent pictures and questions to the Forensic Lab .. Decatur…. Week 1/2 ago…. GBI …. Just answer my questions … I’m doing my own research! The way my son looked… I want his death report changed to non accidental . 706 429 7706!

Can you even imagine this treatment? Also on March 22, 2015, she wrote:

Dawson County Police, Chris Murphy told me today… Pretty much, I have no hope! In changing Mason Cox, death to non accidental ! He doesn’t even want to try, … Just said No! Didn’t even want to see , or know the names of people that have come to me, just plain out! It was accidental ! Gosh I wish I could post pictures, or names!! Well .. I’m not done, next move !

In another post that same day (March 22, 2015), note her reference to pictures and audio. Two of those taunting pictures follow, a snapshot photo, and a sick, evil 1:43 a.m. message (33 minutes after the first one) that could only have been written by the perpetrators. The photo of the young men looks taken surreptitiously, or perhaps by someone they know – hard to tell. Mason Cox is on the left. Does this look like a fishing outing?

Yesterday, the detective…. That I was rescheduling the apt with… And I’m sure he was taping… Told me flat out, that unless someone comes in and confesses! The case is closed. And they are leaving it as accidental drowning! I I’ve even got people that have questions about the cars, yells, book bag found 3 months later, the inconsistency of certain people…wish I could post the pictures, and the audio on Facebook! But it’s too graphic! Well I guess the News is next! Maybe find someone with an open mind! Pictures speak a million words!

Her entry on Dec. 28, 2017:

I was told by the Sheriffs dept that they thought this was a good idea to maybe get leads on Masons death, went to Dawsonville News was told it would run Dec 23 or 27. Just a mothers plea for info/help! Then told by news paper— Aawwhh well decided not to run— but if I wanted to pay! That was my intention to begin with, they offered for free. They said, that the Sheriffs dept told her different from what I was told. My hope, for closure, has been crushed! My son didn’t go fishing Jan 2nd 2014 at 3am— freezing! To be found yards from shore..beaten– Shallow cove…behind his house—– and info from neighbors never investigated! Video, audio info…. Very Disappointed in the county that I and Mason live in.

It doesn’t appear that the story in the local paper was ever run. TNN is willing to run any actal explanations from the parties involved (sheriff, coroner, GBI and newspaper) for the public record. But be forewarned, gaslighting doesn’t work with us. In fact, you may address any of the details mentioned here. But know that we do not consider to be valid rationales involving Hanlon’s Razor namely: “Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity or incompetence.” That is nonsense.

Although she doesn’t elaborate on Nov. 14, 2016, the following comment was posted. Are Mason’s friends being pressured or compromised into silence?

I havent given up!! Just sad that no one–even one—of Mason Coxs friends wont come forward– you know and I know– it was murder! Help a mother move on, please, I beg!

June 3, 2016:

Kim williams— was head of his investigation– No Help– I went to her several times?
No and even talked to Kim Williams – GBI-Cleveland, GA– not any help!

Early on, March 8, 2015, LeaAnn speculated about rumors of a “Mexican cartel.” My theory is that this narrative was put out as a misdirection. The snapshot image above doesn’t look written by an uneducated, English-as-a-second-language gangbanger. The best suspect is a cell of Smiley Face Killers (SFKs) who operate with stunning efficiency.

Heard from a customer at work… That of course that the police GBI … Knew that the boy that cause Masons death… Involved in doing drugs. That something about Mexican cartel, out of Gainesville, Ga and Virginia. Beat up my son, and at gun point were made to tread water in ice cold weather.. Jan 2 2014 until hyperthermia set in and drowned. Even in police reports neighbors heard early am 530am someone screaming for help! Why won’t anyone do anything?

Sinc the Cox and Wood cases there have been more young men foun in water in Georgia (a hot spot) and elsewhere.

Similarities to the 1996 Belgium Dutroux Affair- Is That the Model at Work in SFK cases?

“I look at him [inspector De Baets], and I really want to believe him, but somewhere, I know that I will never make it. The people I have known are too powerful, too influential, too untouchable. I realize that; but the investigators not yet.” –– Victim-witness Regina Louf (X1) from Belgium describes her thoughts when she first began to testify in secret in September 1996 

This kind of SFK pattern is not in isolation. The notion that law enforcement wouldn’t be involved in a cover up or involvement at some level in this type of murder is patently false. Anybody interested in these unsolved SFK cases needs to examine the Dutroux cases.

Marc Dutroux was the procurer of sex victims for powerful and influential people in Belgium and in the NATO apparatus during the 1990s. Law enforcement really fell down on the job — and far beyond mere incompetence. In fact, incompetents were promoted and diligent police were shuttled away from the cases. A number of government officials involved in the inquiries conducted themselves as utterly corrupt and/or compromised.

The Dutroux case points to the certainty that compromised individuals are actively recruited into positions of power — particularly within deep-state intelligence, law enforcement, military, judiciary and media. In the course of my research, I discovered that it goes far beyond just compromising enforcers and gatekeepers. Pedophiles, rapists, sadists and killers are put into the control grid not just because they can be easily corrupted by the Crime Syndicate, but typically because they are completely lacking in any moral scruples. Par for the course, BBC reports that child abuse files on hundreds of U.K. cases were “accidentally deleted.”

The shocking and sordid story of Belgian child murderer, kidnapper and rapist Marc Dutroux provides a matrix or background of how this works. As those who have tried to expose the deep state have learned, these criminals are ruthless at quelling witnesses, whistle blowers and reporters, and have a large and organized “defense league” to do their bidding. In child abuse cases in particular, death squads are sent after a shocking number of people, as shown in the documentary within the Dutroux post.

How did Dutroux and his handler, Michael Nihoul, manage to slip through Belgium’s justice system? I suspect they left a cache of evidence with a trusted custodian that could implicate powerful people in “sex slave” parties. Nihoul admitted as much.

Et Tu, Brute? Trump Was the Stalking Horse for “Lodestar” Pence All Along

We knew it all along. We laid it out succinctly in our March 16, 2017 post Nothing Redeeming About Trojan Horse Mike Pence– read em and weep.

Now comes the revealing chess moves. Who if anybody uses the word “lodestar’ with any frequency if ever? Only one guy- Vice President Michael “Lodestar” Pence. In what has to be a super contrived psychology operation as part of a coup d’etat, the unnamed snitch and New York Times aka Slimes op-ed writer used the word in his piece, praising neocon warmonger McCain. You can’t make this stuff up. For those still confused about who Pence is, he has claimed that Dick Cheney is his role model.

We may no longer have Senator McCain. But we will always have his example – a lodestar for restoring honor to public life and our national dialogue. Mr. Trump may fear such honorable men, but we should revere them.

Yes it could be House of Cards sabotage, but we think not. Here is Lodestar man himself using the term again and again.

The New Nationalist (TNN) holds that Donald Trump was elected as a stalking horse for Mike Pence. Pence is the perfect globalist, bankster minion and evangelical Zionist neocon. And he already has most of his cabinet in place, which will be useful when the 25th Amendment cabinet removal of Trump from office is invoked. Whether Trump is in on it or is the patsy is subject to debate, but we suspect the former. But it doesn’t really matter. The die is cast.

The role playing couldn’t be more obvious, as almost daily Trump engages in erratic, mentally unstable World Wide Wrestling Federation behaviors. If he isn’t rattling Mexico’s cage, it’s Sweden’s, or Canada. Tomorrow some other national leader will be insulted, or he will dislocate somebody’s shoulder with his alpha WWE handshake. Trump was the wrecking ball- the set up man.

Meanwhile, Lodestar Pence plays the perfect straight man and acts the steady statesman. Pay close attention because his image is being buoyed by the same elements and usual suspects who make sure Trump’s stature is brought down. All by cognitive design. One day, Pence goes to Munich to hobnob with globalists. The next, he’s in a desecrated Jewish cemetery speaking out against antisemitism. And we have this contrived scene in which Bono offers Pence “his friendship” because of his great humanitarian work on “AIDS in Africa.” Yes, it’s hats off and hands off to the great untouchable statesman Michael Pence. Meet your next president. He will be BAD news, and an errand boy of the worst sort.

A country with $22 trillion in debt and a phony and fraudulent AAA rating is a sitting duck for a downgrade in this climate and situation. It is begging for a crisis. Look for that to happen. Then watch Trump say something that triggers a further negative financial reaction right when the cognoscenti is waiting for the standard bailout meme. To top it off, Trump is threatening a government shutdown. This act is no longer sustainable- Pence is coming off the bench. Pence is the ideal weak, easily controlled functionary and puppet.

This scheming and the political/economic crisis will finally take out the stock market bubble, a situation that has lulled far too many people asleep. It will only take a few weeks of full-blown color revolution to finish the job.

And where is Mike Pence in all this? Looking very calm, collected and presidential while Trump the clown ramps up his wild-man act to the nth degree. Soon enough, even Donald’s most fervent supporters will be howling for a problem-reaction-solution to this misery.

Greece: the Model for Mental Demoralization in Neofeudal Looting Operations

In the following passages, The New Nationalist (TNN) cherry picked and abridged a lengthy article by Greek writer Michael Nevradakis to give our readers a synopsis of how Greece fits into the scheme of wildcat parasite guild globalization.

John Perkins, author of the bestselling book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” described how “economic hitmen” from institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank, as well as from the private sector, coordinate their economic takeover of an indebted nation such as Greece with a process of mental colonization:

… [T]hat’s part of the game: convince people that they’re wrong, that they’re inferior. The corporatocracy is incredibly good at that … It’s a policy of them versus us: We are good. We are right. We do everything right. You’re wrong. And in this case, all of this energy has been directed at the Greek people to say “you’re lazy; you didn’t do the right thing; you didn’t follow the right policies.”

This collective guilt has been strongly encouraged by Greece’s political class, who ironically are responsible to a significant degree for Greece’s present-day crisis. Greece is very much a victim of a planned kakistrocracy put in place by usual suspect Crime Syndicate operatives. Somehow, as if by osmosis, criminally incompetent leadership is installed that sets about utilizing the age-old bankster trap: debt, mostly spent on consumerism, waste, fluff and lining kleptocrat pockets.

Purchasing habits are shifted via brainwashing so that ordinary Greeks reveal a marked preference for foreign products, even when similar (and often higher-quality) domestic products are available.

In the early 1980s, Greece’s borders were opened up to imports from other European countries and particularly Germany, Europe’s export powerhouse. Greece’s previously successful industry, which produced everything from buses and tractors to refrigerators and stoves, was wrecked. Many industries were bought out, shuttered or operations were outsourced. Under the dictates of Greece’s so-called “bailout” agreements, many remaining industries were slated for firesale privatization to foreign corporate interests or closure.

Greece entered the EEC (European Economic Community) in 1981. EEC regulations, such as its common agricultural policies, dictates to member-states what to grow, what not to grow, what seeds and crop varieties are permitted or prohibited, where to export and at what prices, and where not to export. Greece’s agricultural base has, as a result, been battered since 1981.

During this same period, increased foreign influence and the arrival of “easy money” from “Europe” led more and more people to desire what they perceived to be a more “European” lifestyle and career. Working the land was old-fashioned and backwards; a desk job or studying to become a lawyer or doctor was the thing to do.

Greek academics at all educational levels are infamous for their love and support toward the pan-European economic alliances and values. Many are negatively selected for anti-national beliefs and are bought off via various European funding and grant programs, scholarship and mobility programs.

The cultural and mental colonization of Greece has also resulted in the phenomenon of mimicry. The behaviors and habits of the “civilized West” are increasingly being adopted and naturalized. Since the 1980s, students have been taught that they are “European first, then Greek.”

Approximately half of Greece’s population has piled into the greater Athens area. The debt binge did little to deal with infrastructure and livability issues there. There is little multi-generational place affinity to bind a community. About 600,000 Greeks have departed Greece and have no intention of ever repatriating.

Greece’s kakistrocrats seemed to work right out of the 1944 Wild Bill Donovan CIA handbook for demoralizing a nation and its population. Is this Greek Model employed elsewhere? You betcha.

List of Timeless Tips from the Simple Sabotage Field Manual

Managers and Supervisors

  1. To lower morale and production, be pleasant to inefficient workers; give them undeserved promotions. Discriminate against efficient workers; complain unjustly about their work.
  2. Demand written orders.
  3. “Misunderstand” orders. Ask endless questions or engage in long correspondence about such orders. Quibble over them when you can.
  4. Do everything possible to delay the delivery of orders. Even though parts of an order may be ready beforehand, don’t deliver it until it is completely ready.
  5. Don’t order new working’ materials until your current stocks have been virtually exhausted, so that the slightest delay in filling your order will mean a shutdown.
  6. Order high-quality materials that are hard to get. If you don’t get them, argue about it. Warn that inferior materials will mean inferior work.
  7. In making work assignments, always sign out the unimportant jobs first. See that the important jobs are assigned to inefficient workers of poor machines.
  8. Insist on perfect work on relatively unimportant products; send back for refinishing those that have the least flaws.
  9. Employees: Work slowly. Think of ways to increase the number of movements needed to do your job: use a light hammer instead of a heavy one; try to make a small wrench do instead of a big one.
  10. Organizations and Conferences: When possible, refer all matters to committees for “further study and consideration.” Attempt to make the committees as large and bureaucratic as possible. Hold conferences when there is more critical work to be done.

The resulting divide-and-conquer hatred and disgust that many in the Greek private sector and the populace at large feel toward the public sector and its employees has helped pave the way for the acceptance of firesale privatizations of key public assets, utilities and services, such as airports, harbors and telecommunications infrastructure into the hands of private foreign investors and kleptocrats.

It’s assumed and ingrained in the national psyche that Greece must be aligned with some power, operating as a vassal state in exchange for some marginal benefits and “protection.”

The end result of this wildcat savage globalization racket, is that Greece ranks No. 4 on Bloomberg’s misery index.

Greek actress Katerina Moutsatsou produced a YouTube video titled “I Am Hellene,” a production that was meant to raise the spirits of the Greek people and to express some pride that was (and still is) sorely lacking. The video quickly went viral, soliciting a tremendous response from the media and the public – largely consisting of derision, insults and vitriol. Some accused Moutsatsos of being a “fascist,” others mocked anyone who would even consider saying anything positive about Greece.

Anything depicting the Greek flag, is a swift and certain way to be branded the ever present slur “far-right,” a “nationalist,” an “ethnocentrist,” a “racist” and a “xenophobe.”

Rancid Reddit is an Orwellian Cesspool of Usual Suspects

Reddit now ranks third among social media platform, just behind Google and Facebook. The site recently banned The New Nationalist from its popular (up til now) r/Conspiracy subreddit for spamming. Spamming is defined in the dictionary as posting unsolicited, unwanted or irrelevant articles. All articles there are unsolicited. We regularly posted our material there and received 14,000 karma points, which should refute the real definition of spamming.

Nevertheless, some “partner” elected to invent his own doublespeak for the word “spam” to dispense with us and numerous other truth posters. We were even banned from the obviously captured r/Palestine sub, among others. Dozens of posters I tended to follow are now purged, and the value of r/Conspiracy as a resource for “speaking truth to power” has been greatly diminished and is corroding by the day.

The power of Reddit resided in popular subreddits. There was a power grab to become moderators of these subreddits. Additionally, there is a large presence of not just social justice warriors, but a more despicable breed of pervert justice warriors (PJW) that I do not believe is organic.

The Boston Bombing subreddit, the Pizzagate subreddit and Bernie Sanders subreddit have been removed. Sandy Hook posts are usually removed. Reddit permitted the Las Vegas Harvest event and other events to be astroturfed with hundreds of shills and bots claiming to “know somebody” or “know somebody who knows somebody” at these events. We covered this in “The Shills’ Chorus: ‘I Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy Who Was Shot in Vegas.”

This week, the Reddit cesspool showed its true colors, and what a shit show. But first, let us get the usual suspects part of the picture out of the way.

Reddit’s majority stockholder is Advance Publications. Advance also owns Condé Nast, has a 13% stake in cable company Charter Communications as well as cultural debasement rags like Vogue and Teen Vogue. See our post “Condé Nasty Scales Back Degenerate Rag Teen Vogue.”

The president of Advance Publications is Donald Newhouse (1929- ). Per Wikipedia, Newhouse’s father, Samuel Irving Newhouse Sr., was born to Jewish immigrants on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and began the family media business. His mother hails from a Jewish silk tie merchant. The Newhouse clan has been at the publishing game for nearly a century, acquiring smaller newspapers nationwide.

With the agenda clearly established, it is easy to see how and why Reddit has gone deep-end Orwellian. Conferred with “third parties.” LOL. I betcha did.

Last week, FireEye made an announcement regarding “the discovery of a suspected influence operation originating in Iran and linked to a number of suspicious domains. When we learned about this, we began investigating instances of these suspicious domains on Reddit. We also conferred with third parties to learn more about the operation, potential technical markers, and other relevant information. While this investigation is still ongoing, we would like to share our current findings.

“This group focused on steering the narrative around subjects important to Iran, including criticism of US policies in the Middle East and negative sentiment toward Saudi Arabia and Israel. They were also involved in discussions regarding Syria and ISIS.”

Next comes the doozy. Notice use of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Bagelian Dialetic to paint those with the gall to publicize wholesale slaughter of civilians in Yemen as “far-left” or far-left” political communities. And these “communities” did so by posting truth bombs. Oh, the humanity! Put the handcuffs on.

Unlike our last post on foreign interference, the behaviors of this group were different. While the overall influence of these accounts was still low, some of them were able to gain more traction. They typically did this by posting real, reputable news articles that happened to align with Iran’s preferred political narrative — for example, reports publicizing civilian deaths in Yemen. These articles would often be posted to far-left or far-right political communities whose critical views of US involvement in the Middle East formed an environment that was receptive to the articles.

Vigilance of Reddit community is code for algos, bots, AI, harrassers, hired trolls and Hasbara snitches that run amok on this Reddit platform now. This is all couched in the Orwellian newspeak of “threat.”

Through this investigation, the incredible vigilance of the Reddit community has been brought to light, helping us pinpoint some of the suspicious account behavior. However, the volume of user reports we’ve received has highlighted the opportunity to enhance our defenses by developing a trusted reporter system to better separate useful information from the noise, which is something we are working on.

We believe this type of interference will increase in frequency, scope, and complexity. We’re investing in more advanced detection and mitigation capabilities, and have recently formed a threat detection team that has a very particular set of skills. Skills they have acquired…you know the drill. Our actions against these threats may not always be immediately visible to you, but this is a battle we have been fighting, and will continue to fight for the foreseeable future. And of course, we’ll continue to communicate openly with you about these subjects.

Reddit finishes up with examples of claimed “threats.” In the ultimate in audacity, it invites readers to examine the banned “foreign influence” posters’ account activity. They do this knowing full well that no one will bother to look — except for the likes of me. And what did I find? By and large, to my eye the Reddit slime balls have silenced a group of anti-war activists.

To give you more insight into our findings, we have preserved a sampling of accounts from a range of karma levels that demonstrated behavior typical of the others in this group of 143. We have decided to keep them visible for now, but after a period of time the accounts and their content will be removed from Reddit. We are doing this to allow moderators, investigators, and all of you to see their account histories for yourselves, and to educate the public about tactics that foreign influence attempts may use. The example accounts include:


For those not fluent in newspeak, allow me to translate all this skulduggery to English.

Join rancid Reddit’s team of 17-year-old  “threat” anal-yzers

Reddit launched an ambitious campaign with select (((partners))) to control the narrative and mold public perception. However, even limiting free speech was not enough to keep from foiling their efforts. Thus, the controllers must double down before the next phase of Middle East warmongering and destruction of the 1st Amendment.

If they determine that brigading, vote manipulation, harassment, bans, post removals and/or astroturfing are insufficient to counter certain news stories or ideas (“threats” in newspeak), then they will resort to more extreme measures to ensure that only Kosher-approved talking points from their masters and corporate media/Lugenpresse owners remain on this thoroughly corrupted Reddit platform.

TNN Takeaway: Reddit is a rancid cesspool. Saidit.net is up and coming, and I am contributing posts there now. Support them and alternatives as long as they are on the up and up. Boycott, avoid and badmouth Reddit at every opportunity.

The Mystery of the Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend

A Note from Russ: “I usually write the TNN posts on the general topic of what we consider staged deceptions, sometimes called false flags. Torchy has done a deep dive into one of the more dicey characters of these events. What follows is the Crime Syndicate running a full court press of misdirection and confusion.

I personally consider Danley to be a cutout and her beau Stephan Paddock to be a patsy or a cutout. I lean toward cutout due to bizarre acting and behavior of Paddock’s brother Eric. [See ‘Shooter’s Brother Linked to Crisis Communications Management PR Firm and Pulse Nightclub‘] I believe the reference to killing whites in a witness statement below is just racial agitprop thrown into the mix. The multiple shooters story line that gained traction is likely more misdirection, although I wouldn’t entirely rule out some targeted individuals being hit at the venue. I have closely examined nearly all of the stunningly few videos from this so-called ‘mass casualty’ event and am hard pressed to see even a handful of people down. [See ‘Las Vegas Police Release Mandalay Rooftop Footage of Route 91 Massacre‘]”

Other than a brief stint as a “person of interest” immediately following last year’s Vegas massacre, the perpetrator’s long-time live-in girlfriend, Marilou Danley, has inexplicably managed to extricate herself from the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history despite evidence and eyewitnesses’ statements that place her at the scene. How? Why?

The official narrative is that gunman Stephen Paddock put Danley on a plane to the Philippines to visit family two weeks prior to the Oct. 1 massacre, and he wired her $100,000. The FBI learned of her whereabouts the day after the shooting and arranged her return to the U.S. for questioning. But she didn’t just go to the Phillipines. She also made short trips from there to Tokyo and Hong Kong, passport records showed. Agents reportedly met her at the airport on Oct. 3 and sneaked her out the back in order to avoid the media. The following afternoon, Danley supposedly released a written statement through her attorney in which she professed her innocence and her ignorance of Paddock’s intent. Then she simply disappeared, as though she never existed — if she ever existed.

Reports of the mass shooting made international news, yet there’s not one photo of her, not one interview with her and not one sighting of her anywhere since. There’s only one, brief, grainy video clip of an unidentifiable woman with face blocked that we are told is her being escorted unrestrained in wheelchair at Los Angeles International Airport. Her escorts appear to be two local cops and one airport worker, though news reports claimed an army of law enforcement and FBI agents met her plane.

Where’s the army of FBI and law enforcement agents that reportedly met her plane?

Marilou Natividad Virata Bustos Danley

It should be noted that Danley had multiple last names, two social security numbers, two different ages, multiple nations of origin, multiple husbands. Russ note: classic footprint of a cutout. 

A Newsweek reporter did some real records digging on her right after the shooting. Then, for some reason, the magazine walked back its own report without reasonable explanation (unknown comment from unnamed source). What hasn’t been refuted: She was born in the Philippines. She moved with her mother to Australia. In 1990, she married an American man and moved to the United States. She(?) traveled around Asia from Sept. 15 to Oct. 3 using her Australian passport. So, the question is this: Could she have multiple passports (Philippines, Australia and U.S.) and have done a switch?

Image result for danley valet ticket
Media companies filed a joint suit against Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to have records unsealed.

It should also be noted that Paddock was a pilot and owned two planes. Danley reportedly met Paddock while working as a high-hostess at the Atlantis Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada, in 2013. Given details about the Vegas shooting that are now being revealed, it’s all the more strange that the FBI so quickly stated and continues to claim that she’s not an accomplice or involved in any way to the mass shooting.

Danley Placed in Vegas Days Before the Shooting

Hotel records indicate Danley checked in to the Mandalay Bay Resort hotel in Las Vegas using her ID. A valet ticket below shows Danley parked her gray Chrysler at Mandalay on Oct. 1. The official story is that Paddock checked in to the hotel using her name. Why would he do that if he was trying NOT to implicate her in his plot? He was a Platinum Club member and high roller, which means he would have special benefits (not her); so again, why use her name? It doesn’t make sense.

And I’ve never heard of a hotel allowing someone to check in using an absent person’s ID — especially an expensive suite like Paddock had. Standard policy at U.S. hotels provides that for a person to get a room key, they have to be present, show their own ID and a credit card. Furthermore, at least two people told police they saw Danley, or someone matching her description, in the days prior to the shooting, local news channel Fox 5 in Las Vegas reports:

A waitress at Noodle Shop said she recognized Paddock and Danley from the news, but she paid more attention to Danley when she reported seeing the couple eating together on September 29th. “I just joking around with the hostess and I tell her, ‘I bet – I bet that lady’s a Filipina,’” she said. “I don’t focus on him too much. I was lookin’ that lady. You know, women, we criticize each other sometime … from far away, uh, she looked so young but when you go close that why I recognize her in the – in the picture because, uh – uh, she got, uh, the root – the white hair.” … Another witness, a female Uber driver, said she picked up Paddock and a woman at the airport before dropping them off at Mandalay Bay. She described the couple have blue suitcases and talking about a terrorist attack at the Mandalay Bay, but claimed that she could not remember what day or time this occurred.

Blurred image of “Paddock” entering the Mandalay hotel with luggage at 12:30 p.m. on Oct. 1, 2017. IMAGE: Screenshot from CCTV video

Multiple Mandalay Bay employees told reporter Laura Loomer than an Asian-looking woman was seen walking at night with Paddock in front of the Mandalay Bay valet center on Saturday, Sept. 30, the night before the shooting. Various CCTV snippets and images have been released that show Paddock at various locales around the Mandalay hotel, often handling luggage. None show him with a woman. However, is it possible that Danley — a tiny, 4’11”, 111-lb. woman who claimed on Facebook that she keeps in shape by doing Zumba — stowed herself into the hotel in one of Paddock’s large suitcases?

Danley Possibly Seen the Night of the Shooting

The 2 “Mexican” women?

Adam Herberts of Fox 5 actually did some digging into the thousands of eyewitness reports that were released by Las Vegas police department via court order. One of the reports from a security agent just hours before the shooting states she overheard two suspicious women making this damning statement. The women are described as “Mexican-looking” with straight black hair and no noticeable accent. The first woman is described as about 5’5″ 200 lbs., the other “petite” and “5’4ish” but “standing on highest pile and Ofholding cell up.”

In a Sky News interview, another witness said an hour before the shooting, a crazy-acting Mexican-looking woman near the stage screamed at concert goers, “You’re all going to f***ing die.” She and her boyfriend were then escorted out of the area by security.

Eyewitnesses Recount Multiple Shooters

In May, police released about 2,000 pages related to the Oct. 1 shooting. The documents can be viewed here:

Witness statements 1
Witness statements 2
Witness statements 3
Witness statements 4
Witness statements 5
Witness statements 6
Witness statements 7
Witness statements 8
Witness statements 9
Witness statements 10

Perusing only about 30 pages quickly revealed consistent stories of multiple shooters, including at least one seen on the ground either on or near Reno street. Hmm, in what other event do we recall witnesses reporting gunfire on the ground while the official report told us to believe that there was only one lone gunman in a tower?

Evidence of Danley After the Shooting

Paddock had two adjoining rooms on the 32nd floor: room 32134 and Vista Suite 32135. Each with their own bathroom, bedroom and door to the exterior hallway, as the following diagram shows: Image result for paddock mandalay bay room diagramPolice report that when they arrived, they “breached” (broke through) the double doors of the suite, where they discovered Paddock’s body, an arsenal of weapons and a broken window. A lengthy seven minutes later, police “breached” the interior adjoining/connecting door (5) into room 32134, where they discovered more guns and another broken window. The adjoining door to the connecting room was locked from the opposite side. How? Why? Image result for paddock mandalay bay room diagram We are asked to believe that the second room was a second sniper’s nest — but then why would you lock yourself out of it? It makes no sense, unless there was a second shooter. Intellihub notes that there also appears to be a pair of women’s sandals on the floor.

Was the small towel on the bed used to wipe her fingerprints from the guns? PHOTO: Intellihub/LVMPD

As previously reported — and we’re asked to dismiss — police also discovered in the room a cart with dinner service for two, Danley’s casino card and Danley’s fingerprints on the ammunition.

And Now This

Last week, someone posted a Youtube that showed Intellius search results for one Marilou Lou Danley. The video was then quickly scrubbed, of course. Fortunately, we have a screen shot of the result. Under the “Worked At” section of the page, it shows Danley’s employment as not only Atlantis but also the FBI and British news website One News Page Ltd. Can we believe it? Well, it sure would connect a lot of dots.