The Philippines, MacArthur, and Our Gold – International Notice

By Anna Von Reitz

This will be a very brief foray into a very complex subject, but it will suffice to clue you into the vastness and point sources of the corruption we wrestle with today. 
As my Readers know, following the Civil War, the British Monarch pulled a little Cuckoo Bird fraud trick on us, and substituted their Territorial States of States for our own American-chartered Federal States of States.  
That left the Federal Branch of our intended Federal Government incapacitated pending “Reconstruction”.  
Once the Territorial States of States were in place, it was easy for people to totally miss or overlook the difference between “The State of Maine” that existed before the conflict and “the” State of Maine that came into being after the conflict.  
The British Monarchs settled down to quietly reign over this new kingdom built on fraud and deceit, and the American People thought that the “Reconstruction” was finished instead of left dangling and still waiting for their States to complete. 
To pull this fraud off, the Scottish Government chartered a new commercial corporation called “The United States of America”—Incorporated, in 1868. 
By 1898, they had run up unimaginable amounts of debt against us and against our States of the Union and were running scared and looking for ways finish bilking us and run.  
So they bought the Philippine Islands — the actual land mass of the Islands — with our money, and took over the Philippines, literally.  This happened in 1898 and we have the proof.  
They then began building bunkers and shipping our gold to the Philippines, where it remained in storage while the “government’ — that is, the Scottish commercial corporation went bankrupt in 1907.  
The next interloper, “the” United States of America, Inc., sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church as a “religious non-profit” in 1925, had a Hit and Run program of its own, designed to collapse the American Stock Market, which happened in 1929 and which left us to sort out the bankruptcy of this second Usurper in 1933. 
In 1934, to keep the scent off the gold in the Philippines, the “Municipal Congress” voted to create an “independent government” for the Philippines.  This was done so that the Philippines “Government” could act as the Trustee over the American gold in storage there and the Creditors of the second fake USA couldn’t attach it. 
Enter World War II, and the Japanese took the Philippines.  
They discovered the American gold stashed there and began distributing it to Hellandgone all around the Pacific and even to Nazi Germany and Switzerland. 
This is what General Douglas MacArthur was on the spit for, and why he was so desperate to regain the Philippines and also why he was later murdered by the Cabal.  Ditto George S. Patton, who also knew what was going on. 
This is also how we wound up with Ferdinand Marcos and the Green Hilton Agreements and the Bilateral Minefields Agreements and JFK trying to clean this unholy Mess up. 
And this is still part of what we have to clean up.  
Not all of the gold stored in the Philippines is American, but a great deal of it is and always was.  It’s not “abandoned” though certain people and institutions have claimed and wished that it was.  
The Scottish Government and the British Monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain is liable for it being there, the Municipal United States Congress is liable for it being there, the Popes and the Holy Roman Empire are responsible for it being there, the Philippine Government is responsible for not sorting this out a long time ago, the US Military is responsible for being corrupt and expediting and covering up for all of this.  
The actual American People and the States who are owed back their purloined gold, plus all the interest on it, are still here.  
Just one more reason to jettison the phony British and Municipal “US Citizen” statuses and reclaim your “American State Citizen” status.  
It’s not that we are greedy.  It’s not that we want to hold the rest of the world feet first to any fire.  We want the truth to be known and for us to be at the table and making decisions about our own assets and future.  
We want our lawful government fully restored.  
We want the criminal elements that have been running these out-of-control commercial corporations removed from power.  And no, we are not allowing any more commercial mercenary “wars” to take place on our shores.  So just re-pack your 30,000 guillotines and shut down your 800 camps and your billions upon billions of rounds of live ammo in the hands of  Federal Agency Personnel (that is, Federal Subcontractors being used as Mercenaries) —-and everyone prepare instead to “decamp”.  
This is your International Notice, Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents, from the Lawful Government of this country, which has been at peace since 1814, that any such action promoting Civil War on our soil, precipitated by agents of the Queen or France or any Benelux country or any foreigner at all, including any United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States, will result in the perpetrators, their employers, and the respective commercial corporations responsible being held commercially liable, individually, jointly, and severally, and that we shall set the value of all losses down to the hairs on single heads.
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Confusion About Gun Control Legislation

By Anna Von Reitz

There are various Territorial and Municipal initiatives taking place now at both the Congressional level and the level of their respective States of States organizations seeking to enact gun control and gun grabbing legislation, and I am being queried about this by a lot of very confused Americans. 

All those affected by such legislation are “US citizens” of some kind and “US citizens” have never had any constitutional guarantees of any kind, so the organizations adopting these provisions for their members are within their rights to enact gun control legislation in the same way that IBM or Sonic Hamburgers, Inc. could seek to establish Public Policies forbidding their employees from 
owning guns or bringing guns to work.  

American State Citizens and American State Nationals are not at all affected by their Public Policies and druthers, but many Americans have been misidentified as some variety of “US citizens” and so the legislation could be misapplied to Americans who are not naturally subject to Territorial or Municipal legislation either at the level of their “Congresses” or their “States of States”. 

One more argument in favor of reclaiming your birthright political status and explicitly expatriating from all forms of Territorial and Municipal Citizenship.  

I have also heard a lot of confusion about the Dick Act, which was adopted in the very early 1900’s by the Territorial Government and which applies by Succession to the current Territorial Government.  

Some people think that because it was enacted after 1860 that the Dick Act is “useless” but they are profoundly confused.  None of this current debate applies to us, American State Nationals or American State Citizens, either one.  But it does apply to Territorial “United States Citizens” and the Territorial Branch of the Federal Government.  

The Dick Act permanently settled the question of Territorial Branch Gun Grabbing and did so in such a way that it can’t be revisited. 

The Territorial branch of the Federal Government therefore can’t grab any guns or restrict any gun rights whatsoever, and what is so nice about this, is that the Territorial branch of the Federal Government is also responsible for protecting us from any usurpation or misapplication of legislation from the Municipal branch of the Federal Government.  

So the Dick Act though not applicable to American State Nationals or American State Citizens, is applicable to Territorial Branch Federal Citizens, and they are then also responsible for protecting us from Municipal legislation seeking to infringe on our gun rights.  

The Municipal Government has usurped grossly against the limitations stipulated by its Constitution and the Territorial Government allowed this in Breach of Trust, but we are now pulling both of them up by the proverbial hairs and this process of putting both back in their places about gun rights and many other matters must continue.  

So address the Territorial Congressional Delegations and inform them of their obligation as Successor organizations to honor the Dick Act and inform the Territorial State of State Legislatures of the Dick Act, and while making it clear that you as an American State Citizen are not subject to any of this frou-frou-rah in the first place, they are nonetheless prohibited from gun grabbing against their own citizens (by the Dick Act)  and obligated to protect us against any offer of gun grabbing or other usurpation by the Municipal Government, too. 


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To Comfort You

By Anna Von Reitz

I know many of you are suffering and distressed to learn the true condition of our country and to see and know for sure how generations of Americans have been hoodwinked, misrepresented, and defrauded. Many are angry, too. And at first, nearly everyone is confused, disoriented, and overwhelmed.
There’s so much to learn, so much to take in.
Here I am telling you that after a whole lifetime spent thinking of yourself as a “US Citizen” —- that you probably aren’t a “US Citizen” — and except for maybe a stint of military service, never were.
You’re an American State Citizen instead. You just haven’t known that and haven’t been made aware of the distinction. Or the advantages of being an American State Citizen, either.
Federal Titles 8, 11, and 42 give a pretty exhaustive listing (in different spots) of exactly who legitimately can be regarded as “US Citizens” of one kind or another:
1. People born in the actual Territories — Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, et alia.
2. People born in Washington, DC
3. African Americans (but not all African Americans)
4. Native Americans (but not all Native Americans, either)
5. Federal Civilian Employees
6. U.S. Military Employees
7. Dependents of Federal Civilian and Military Personnel
8. Federal Elected Officials
9. Foreign Political Asylum Seekers
10. Federal Subcontractors while on the job; includes Federal State of State franchise employees, and alphabet soup agency personnel.
11. Directly chartered Federal Corporations and their officials
It is this last category that has been applied to virtually all of us. Beginning in 1940, with the Buck Act and related legislation, the Municipal United States Congress conferred free franchises on all of us, and, upon our receipt of these “gifts” they then claimed that we donated our Good Names and all our assets to them.
This was done without any Notice to us, without disclosure to our parents, and then evidenced by deliberate falsification of our political status via the birth registration process and the creation of completely unconscionable “citizenship” contracts that went along with the registrations.
As babies we couldn’t know that all of this was being done “for” us by members of the Municipal United States Congress without our knowledge or consent. Our parents weren’t told either.
It was the perfect crime, until the rest of us figured it all out, and now there is Hell to Pay and a lot to be done.
These things were done with criminal malice aforethought by people on our payroll, acting under assumed contracts obligating them to abide by the provisions of our Constitutions and to protect our rights as material interests of the National Trust.
Fraud and breach of trust on a massive scale was thus perpetuated against the American States and People by our own employees. Millions of Americans have also been mis-characterized as Federal Volunteers of various kinds to justify claims that we are all Federal Employees.
For example, “Withholding Agents” are actually Warrant Officers in the British Territorial Merchant Marine Service, charged with collecting Gift Estate Taxes as an excise tax mislabeled as an “income tax”.
The Brits are taxing us for the privilege of “donating” our Good Names and Estates to the Pope — purportedly—- and on top of everything else, they are misidentifying us as their own “volunteer” employees and subjects of the Queen.
All of this is fraud against us, pure and simple, but in order to bring a stop to it and to enforce the Constitutional guarantees we are all owed, it requires us to wake up, see what has been done to us and by whom, and to take action.
I know that this can seem utterly overwhelming at first, but here we are, those are the facts, and yes, we can put a stop to this. You and your beloved country will come through this difficult time. The more of us who become educated and who take up the tasks involved, the better.
In order to correct your erring employees without fear of reprisals from them and their misdirected alphabet soup agency subcontractors, it is necessary to establish superior evidence on the Public Record of who you are and your correct political status.
That’s Job One, because until you do that, they have an excuse to presume the existence of Federal Persons/PERSONS subject to their jurisdiction and operating under your Name/NAME. This is how they harass people and steal their property. You have to debunk their presumption of ownership of your Name and also any derivative NAMES.
We’ve developed a simple process that anyone can use to establish superior evidence of your identity and political status.
For those of you who see the need to make this correction and reclaim your birthright political status as an American, information and examples are posted on my website , Article 928, and templates are available at 
Very soon there will be direct help available through a new service that will help those who are challenged by computers or other obstacles— and those that just want a little hand-holding.
If you are in financial straits, you can have these good folks record your claims and notices for you for the cost of the filing fees, but if you can afford a donation toward their time and materials, do what you can. They are volunteers spending their time to help us all move forward together.
Watch my website for the live link coming soon!
What else can you do? You can tell your family, neighbors, and friends what is going on. You can educate yourself about the history, about the law, and you can form your own local county and State assemblies.
You can take back your country and tell your employees how high to jump.
You can stop being afraid of what appears to be your own government. You can finally be at peace in your home on your own land.
In the days to come we will join together and demand the repeal of the Buck Act, the Maternity Act, and all other Acts of members of the Municipal United States Congress infringing and usurping upon the dignity, rights, and prerogatives of the American States and People, seeking to extend a foreign legislative monopoly onto our soil in contravention of the limitations imposed on the Municipal Government, mis-characterizing the political status and nationality of American State Nationals, and promoting fraud and false claims in commerce against The United States of America [Unincorporated] and its member States.
Remember that any “law”, any “Act”, any “Executive Order” that is repugnant to us, those who are the remnant of the People who are Party to the Constitutions, is null and void ab initio. This includes all the false commercial claims and repugnant legislation that members of Municipal and Territorial Congresses have passed.
We were never part of their vicious Civil War by definition and though they may be at “war”, we are at peace and are owed The Law of Peace.
The reckoning has come, but it must be done logically, intelligently, step by step, and one by one.
Every day I meet people who are disoriented, angry, and confused. Many of them want to attack the messenger — me, because the news I bear is unwanted and unpleasant to contemplate.
Who wants to admit that they have been gulled and pillaged by the British Monarchs and the Popes for six generations? Who wants to see that it may be the “land of the free”, but through deceit, betrayal, and guile of our own employees, we have been left permanently at sea?
Nobody wants to wake up to that, and yet, there is this comfort in it.
You can’t fix a problem until you know what it is and know that it exists.

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