News for Westminster

By Anna Von Reitz

The rats misused and abused our Patent Office and our Copyright Office to implement their entire system. 

All of these Municipal and Territorial Government corporations worldwide have been chartered right here.

And all their franchises are then franchises of ours, too.  

So, now, all the assets of the Municipal and Territorial Government corporations have been rolled over into the Federal State Trusts as of 2016.  

This protects American assets from seizure, and in the process saves everyone else’s assets, too.   Why?  Because they are all franchises of ours by default. 

Because the Federal State Trusts are land trusts and land trusts are not subject to bankruptcy, everything stabilized and continued on.  The bankers weren’t able to initiate the worldwide cataclysm they wanted to create and profit from as a sort of giant version of The Great Depression. 

Sheltering the States of States and STATES OF STATES in the Federal State Trusts automatically sheltered all the various Territorial and Municipal Governments worldwide, plus all their franchises— their banks, their commercial corporations, too.  

We saved our own bacon, and we saved everyone else’s bacon in the process.

Okay, fast forward. After taking breath to pause, the perpetrators tried to boot up another round of the same old fraud.  Whereupon, we politely moved the “cheese” and rolled the Federal State Trusts back in-to the sovereign unincorporated States.  

We also gave Notice and Demand for the return of control of all our assets to the Trustees responsible for the Mess: the Pope and the Queen.  By Operation of Law, the Delegated Powers returned to us the moment all three levels of the Federal Government were declared incompetent.  We acknowledged and accepted their return to the Delegating Power. 

End game. 

All the assets attached to us are now back on the land, worldwide, where they function under Public Law.   All assets of the States of States and STATES OF STATES belong to the actual States and the actual People and they are claimed and returned.  

Westminster is put on Notice of these facts, and the International Bar Association right along with them. 

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