Where We Go 1 We Go All 12-4-19… “Through The Looking Glass … and Beyond”

Just started watching this video, and I’m posting it here because I felt strongly “drawn” to do so. I’ve not watched anyone else’ “Through the Looking Glass” type videos, but this one definitely “rung the bells”. Around 15-20 minutes, he makes some interesting connections between Q and devices for time-travel described by Andrew Basagio.

A WWG1WGA production.


Published December 4, 2019
Sit back and relax as I take you on a journey of what has basically consumed my life for the past 3+ weeks. I got to revisit many old rabbit holes and add them to new ones of the past few years and had a lot of fun doing so! This is one of my more theoretical videos so not all of it of course is certain but I will say that after looking into everything I am a good 90% sold

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Dan Burisch 2007: https://youtu.be/g-h4XjGQFKE
Andrew Basiago 2013 https://youtu.be/OV3fW5jBG7Y

Were Tesla’s Ideas about Free Energy and Communication with Aliens Exploited by His Enemies?

(Corbin Black) In 2019, Serbian-American Nikola Tesla has never been more famous or appreciated, yet in his day he was ridiculed as a mad scientist. Why? As anyone who has ever explored the idea of extraterrestrial life knows, it can be a taboo subject of scorn by mainstream society. That’s changing rapidly, as the US government has finally admitted that the study of unidentified aerial phenomena is ongoing and progressed to official changes in reporting procedures.

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