Not an A4V Process — A Substitute Process

By Anna Von Reitz

The A4V process was set up in the 1930’s as part of The Great Fraud.  Its actual technical name is “Mutual Offset Credit Exchange”.  What this involves is an exchange of debts — you owe me ten dollars, but I owe you five, so we “swap debts” and at the end of the day, you only owe me five dollars. 

That system ended except by implied succession contract in 1999 with the settlement of the 1933 bankruptcy. 

That is, the organizations that acquired the underlying assets and stepped in to provide the services still got tagged to honor A4V processes because they had an implied responsibility to continue to provide the same deal as remedy, otherwise the whole situation is patently illegal and inequitable. 

So between 1999 and now, some A4V processes were accepted and worked on a quid pro quo basis, however, all that stopped when both the Municipal and Territorial organizations went bankrupt between 2015-2017 and the Bankruptcy Trustees appointed by the big banks refused to pay up and it all got dumped back on the IMF functioning as the “US Treasury”.  

You can’t bring an A4V against a bankrupt entity, even if they owe you and even if you owe them.  The bankruptcy locks down their assets including their credits and so far as the Bankruptcy Trustees are concerned, you are just a debtor not necessary owed anything.  So when you bring forward a claim against the bankrupts, they say you are acting in contempt and asserting a fraudulent interest against a poor, little, old bankrupt entity that is owed all the protection of the court.

So even though there was sporadic success presenting A4V claims prior to the bankruptcies and somewhat still some success because of the need to provide remedy-or-face-criminal charges, what I have suggested and provided for is not and has never been an A4V process.  

It looks like one, but it is in fact an insurance claim process, not a Mutual Offset Credit Exchange. 

What we did is that we claimed all the assets of the bankrupt “States of States” organizations, including those assets that are being held in trust by these organizations, supposedly “for” us, and we exercised our guarantees under the Lieber Code and Hague Conventions that require that we are indemnified against loss or damage, by establishing a Private Registered Indemnity Bond to cover the actual States and People.  

Think of it as an insurance policy with an insurance policy number that is lodged in their system, and when you make a proper claim against it by “accepting” their Court Order (Bill) and signing off on it, they have to provide the insurance to cover the loss and balance the books. 

It’s really pretty simple, though the process of getting to this point has been anything but simple or straight forward. 

In order to do this properly, the “person” making the claim must be operating as a “Natural Person” and have their ducks in order with a recorded claim to their birthright identity and political status and Testament of two Witnesses proving that they are “the” man or woman born in such and such a place to such and such parents, etc. 

A Lineage Treaty going back to before the Civil War establishes absolute “grandfathered in” status for the claimant, but anyone born on the land and soil of this country or properly Naturalized as a “US citizen” and then adopting State nationality, qualifies. 

It is my understanding that the rats have suspended “Equal Civil Rights” as part of the bankruptcy, which leaves federal employees and federal dependents and people of color in harm’s way, but they won’t want to admit that they have suspended equal rights provisions and I would suspect that if people claim their equal civil rights the Trustees will be hard-pressed not to honor their claims on the same quid pro quo basis that A4V exchanges were honored sporadically after 1999— because these commercial pirates have to offer remedy for their crimes or be recognized as pirates. 

So — the indemnity bond works despite the bankruptcy and hooks the underwriters instead of the bankrupt organizations, which clears up the whole conundrum created by their bankruptcies and gives people remedy that is simpler and easier to enforce. 

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