Notice to The Casino Royale and Pope Francis

By Anna Von Reitz

We are going to go to an alien world today, one that I call the Casino Royale Multi-Verse. It looks like this world in many respects, except that like the Land of Oz, it has its own peculiarities. You would, however, be able to navigate well enough. There is still a sky overhead and ground underfoot, and things familiar enough so that you can cope.

In this strange land that resembles the Earth you are used to, nobody works for a living. They make their living by gambling, instead.

When you first arrive, you notice that there are many small countries and each one of them has their own casino, plus a few franchise casinos from other countries operating within their borders. The casinos all have their own distinctive casino chips, just like the big casinos in Las Vegas, stamped with their own logos. They all use casino chips as money.

The casino owners are happy to see a newcomer, so they give you chips and set you loose to play all the classic games any way you like: roulette, Black Jack, Poker, Slots, whatever. Not having anything else to do, you become a Player and like every one else, you learn the rules of the games and how to play and you wander around from casino to casino trying your luck.

There is one really big, successful casino in a neighboring country, called the Casino Royale. It’s the biggest casino around and it has franchise operations in all the other countries, so that you can cash in chips from the Casino Royale, and exchange them for local casino chips.

This makes Casino Royale casino chips very handy, because all the other casinos will accept them in trade.

Time goes by and one by one, the other casinos start selling out to the Casino Royale. It continues to run its own franchise casinos in the other countries under its own name, and runs the local casinos that it buys under their own names, so people think that nothing has changed— like acquiring a brand name. Nobody knows the ownership has changed.

Eventually, almost all the casinos are being run by the Casino Royale, and it appears that there are still a lot of local casinos in operation, when in fact, there are fewer and fewer independent casinos. Finally, there are only six left in the entire world.

About this time, the Casino Royale announces a new policy.

From now on, when you lose, you will be given black chips, and when you win, you will be given white chips. The black chips are debts and the white chips are credit against those debts — and you can use either one to buy stuff.

The only difference is that when you use the black chips and receive something in return for them, your debt increases. When you play with the white chips, and receive something in return for them, you give up white chips, but your debt decreases.

Some people just can’t get this through their heads.

They think that “more chips is more chips” and so they hoard up black chips as well as white chips, and because both can be used to buy things, they think black chips are the same as white chips and vice versa, even though the use of one leads to more debt and the use of the other leads to breaking even.

There are even people known as “Debt Mongers” who go around collecting and buying up black chips on purpose. This makes people think that, hey, there must be value in these black chips. So they buy more and more stuff using black chips and they start collecting black chips, too.

Their anthem is: “The More Debt, the Better”.

Sound familiar?

These confused people use black chips in exchange for just about everything, and as a result their overall debt just continues to grow. They start out with minus five hundred dollars and buy a hamburger with black chips, and now they are $506 in the hole. And so it continues, day and night, night and day.

Did I mention that interest accrues to every penny of this debt?

The value of everything they receive in exchange for black chips gets added to their debts as more debt. Plus interest.

But some people don’t care if they are trading on debt or with credit, so long as “it spends the same”.
One day, Casino Royale sends out an army of Bill Collectors to collect back all the black chips.

There’s panic, because the people are used to using black chips “as” money, and they think that black chips are valuable because of this. They never realized that the black chips were just a way to transfer and accumulate debt, debt, and more debt.

And now they are left holding a lot of debt that they don’t want to give up. In fact, they cling to their chains even tighter. Crazy as this is, they get possessive about it. Nobody is going to take away their debt without a fight!

And when one of the Bill Collectors comes to take their home or their business in “payment” of their debts? What do these people do? They pay him off with black chips and increase their debt some more!

Casino Royale is loving this. Every turn of the wheel, and no matter how it spins, the House wins.
But, finally, the Gambling Commission catches on and takes action.

Casino Royale has to send out Circuit Riders with bags of white casino chips and make offers to trade them, one for one for the black chips. A dollar of credit in exchange for a dollar of debt, and upon acceptance of this trade, the people who would otherwise be harmed break even. The debt is “offset”.
Some people still aren’t getting the drift of this, but it was always an in-house Zero Sum Game.

Federal Reserve Notes are the black chips and United States Notes are the white chips.

Neither one meets the definition of a United States Dollar.

We bought the United States Municipal Government with recorded silver United States Dollars posted as Bonds, accepted by the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT in Anchorage, Alaska, and posted upon the Public Records of the State of Alaska Recorder’s Office.

Each such bonded silver United States Dollar is pegged against $40,000.00 of United States Debt, and as the actual Priority Creditors and Lien Holders, even a penny would be sufficient equitable exchange.

The contest is over. Jesus won.


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